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Father, we pray that You would mobilize Your church to vote in these upcoming elections. Encourage Christians to support your values, both in their personal lives and on the ballot.

Christian nonprofits are mobilizing believers for the upcoming midterms. IFA hopes to assist in bringing the Bible to the government.

From The Christian Post. With less than two months until the midterm elections, a prominent Evangelical political advocacy nonprofit looks to spend upwards of $40 million to mobilize the Christian vote as Democrats and Republicans vie to take control of both houses of Congress this November.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, a social conservative national grassroots organization headed by longtime Christian activist Ralph Reed, estimates that his organization will spend between $36 million and $42 million on a nationwide effort to target Christian voters.

The organization will reach voters from a precleared list using direct mail, phone messages and home visits.

“We are engaged in 24 different states on the grassroots level,” Head told The Christian Post in an interview. “For this election cycle, we’ll actually hit 8.2 million doors in those 24 different states.”

The Nov. 8 midterm elections will determine which party controls both chambers of Congress for the final two years of President Joe Biden’s first term. All 435 U.S. House of Representatives seats will be on the ballot and 35 U.S. Senate seats. Also up for grabs are 36 governorships and more than 80% of state legislative seats.

Some states Faith & Freedom Coalition is focusing much attention on are Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California and Colorado.

Of the aforementioned states, all but North Carolina have a gubernatorial election this year and all but Texas have a U.S. Senate race. Of those Senate races, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have Senate races classified by Real Clear Politics’ senate election tracker to be toss-ups.

“Those U.S. Senate races and then several of the coinciding governorships are our main focuses,” Head said.

The FiveThirtyEight Deluxe Model, which predicts the outcome of elections “based on polls, fundraising, past voting patterns” and the opinions of political experts, gives Republicans a 72% chance of taking control of the House of Representatives while giving Democrats a 71% chance of maintaining control of the U.S. Senate as of Sunday night.

Republican control of one or both chambers would impact the ability of the Biden administration to enact its desired agenda into law for the next two years.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition executive director predicted that the “U.S. House is probably looking at … between a 30 and 40 seat pickup … for Republicans.”

“Republicans will end up with between 28 and 30 governorships when this cycle is over,” Head predicted. He categorized the battle for the U.S. Senate as a “jump ball at this point” that will come down to four races in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan group that “motivates, equips and activates Christians in America to vote in every election,” told CP that they are budgeting over $3.5 million to spend on this election cycle.

My Faith Votes has a nine-state focus where they want “to see Christians engage,” Yates said. Those states largely overlap with the states where the Faith & Freedom Coalition is focusing most of its efforts. Specifically, My Faith Votes is investing the most in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“We’ve got a budget of $3.5 million that we’re spending,” Yates said.

My Faith Votes held its fourth annual National Voter Registration Sunday on Sunday, two days before the annual National Voter Registration Day.

“When I learned about National Voter Registration Day, I said, ‘Well, that’s great, but let’s create National Voter Registration Sunday,'” Yates recalled.

Although My Faith Votes is concentrating its efforts in certain states, National Voter Registration Sunday is a national effort.

Yates said National Voter Registration Sunday is an opportunity to lead churches across the United States in “encouraging their congregations, their bodies of believers, to be involved and to be voting.”

My Faith Votes compiled a toolkit to assist churches that want to hold voter registration drives.

“There’s about 15 million Christians in the United States that aren’t registered to vote,” Yates said.

Yates thinks some Christians may not be registered to vote because they believe that the separation of church and state means that they “shouldn’t be involved” in the political process.

He believes Christians failing to vote has negative consequences, such as “a “federal deficit above $30 trillion” and higher abortion and divorce rates.

“Those are symptoms of a government that isn’t prioritizing biblical values, and so I think there’s an incredible amount of opportunity,” he said.

“When we vacate the public square, when we leave that, what we’re doing is we’re abdicating that to people who don’t share our values. So in a sense … the regulations, the policies, the laws that are established aren’t representing biblical values. We’re not talking about becoming a theocracy in America, but we do know that our values are good.”

Yates believes that the U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overruled the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide, is “absolutely motivating a lot of people who want to see continued access to abortion happen.”

“What we’re seeing right now from a voter registration perspective is voter registrations for Democrats have really skyrocketed while Republican voter registration has not, and a large portion of the registrations for Democrats have been females in their 20s and 30s,” Yates said.

“I think Christians, especially those who are pro-life, need to recognize that they have a voice and that if that’s a primary issue for them, then Dobbs wasn’t a decision to sit back on our laurels if you will and do nothing or feel satisfied that the battle is over.”

Yates urged pro-life Christians to “show up.”

“If they want to know that their biblical values are being represented, they’ve got to vote this year,” Yates concluded, adding “there’s a lot of energy on both sides” of the abortion debate.

Head of Faith and Freedom Coalition assessed the current political climate as having “fairly high” enthusiasm among Christian voters.

Both Head and Yates cited concerns about crime as a prominent issue for Christian voters their organizations have spoken with.

“By a small but significant margin, it’s actually public safety and crime is the No. 1 issue so far in our phone and our door-to-door program,” Head relayed.

Head cited “significant upticks” in the concern Faith and Freedom Coalition is hearing in urban centers “about violent crime.” He said the “violent crime uptick” becomes “a prevailing issue pretty quickly” in suburban areas due to the intensive media coverage.

“So in suburban areas, for instance, crime has not risen. It’s only in heavily urban areas, but suburban areas are obviously close to urban areas, and they’re very aware of and frankly concerned about crime kind of diffusing into those suburban areas,” Head said.

“It’s not uncommon actually to see when there’s kind of a crime uptick in eight or 10 or 12 urban areas that the suburban areas across the country immediately become very aware and very concerned about that.”

Although homicides and rapes have decreased in some urban areas across the U.S. compared to 2021, a survey of 70 responding law enforcement agencies by the Major Cities Chiefs Association finds that violent crime has increased by 4.4%. The survey finds that the rate of violent offenses has greatly increased since before the pandemic began in 2020.

Just under 237,000 violent crimes were reported in those cities during the first half of 2022, an increase of about 44,000 violent crimes from the first half of 2019.

Yates agreed that “security, whether it’s in our streets and just rising crime or if it’s at the border,” has emerged as a top concern for Christian voters. He also characterized the economy and abortion as key issues concerning Christian voters.

In addition to National Voter Registration Sunday, My Faith Votes launched a “Write Now Campaign” to write “letters to other Christians in these battleground states encouraging them to vote.”

“Right now, we have about 500,000 letters committed as we’ve identified Christians in these states who are not voting consistently, and we’re just sending them nonpartisan messages encouraging them to be involved and to vote,” Yates said.

My Faith Votes also has a “Because I Care” campaign to reach students at Christian colleges and universities.

The initiative is a collaboration to help educational institutions encourage students to vote, many of whom would be first-time voters.

Yates indicated that My Faith Votes will have a heavy footprint in media leading up to the election.

“[W]e’re going to be on radio. We’re going to be on TV providing [public service announcements] encouraging the body of Christ to be voting,” he said.

The My Faith Votes website offers a resource called “My Voter Hub,” which Yates described as “the most comprehensive set of resources for the Christian voter.”

The resource allows Christian voters to check their registration status, register to vote and access a “personalized online voter guide that covers every ZIP code in the United States from federal down to local elections.”

Are you prepared for the midterms? Share your prayers and scriptures for the upcoming election below!

(Used with permission. By Ryan Foley from The Christian Post. Photo Credit: Intercessors for America)

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Ken Schwendemann
September 21, 2022

During the last election, you sent two hundred, “Vote Your Values” and so if you have anything that nice or even less; please send that type of literature. My wife Jeanie and I are Precinct workers here in Olathe, Johnson Co., Kansas; for the GOP. We will be walking door to door with literature for the winners of the Primary election.
Thank you in advance. Grace be with Him!!

September 21, 2022

Heavenly Father, you are our God who directs and controls the hearts of kings and placed a conscience in the souls of mankind. I petition you to extend that same control to the consciences of all who have been given the right and privilege to vote . That they would be charged and convicted to pay attention, address these horrific problems of corruption, and take needed action. That they would stop calling it “politics”, stop being afraid of “bad” news, and face up to the realities that are plaguing our nation and the future for our children. Be Calebs, if God has given us the right to speak and vote, pray that God would be with us as we take action in obedience to His will.

September 20, 2022

May each of us propose the idea of getting the voting resource kit to the head pastor of our church. What happens in our government concerns every one of us Christians. How can we live in a moral way and share our faith if our country’s leaders are promoting socialism,communism, and a one world government?? God will speak to our hearts and the Rapture will come when our Heavenly Father declares it’s time.That’s when we will accept the one world government as God’s will. Until then, it is our Christian obligation to vote. Separation of church and state actually means that we should not all be forced to submit to one religion chosen by the government with no say from the people of the country. Let’s get out and vote for the good candidates that share our values!!🗳😃🙏 Glory to God in the highest!!

Mark Matta
September 20, 2022

PRAY for God to stir and agitate pastors and Christians to RISE UP for Jesus and His principles (in our Elections and beyond), as we’re waiting for Jesus’ to COME DOWN for His church!

Want free PRACTICAL TRAINING via ZOOM that provides you with REAL EFFECTIVE WAYS to help RECLAIM AMERICA for CHRIST in the coming Midterm Elections (Nov. 8, just 49 DAYS away)?
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● QUESTION: Do you feel that we’re in a spiritual and cultural war where America’s Christian foundation and our God-given liberty are under attack (AND want to DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVE about it)?
● ANSWER: YES, and this “cliff’s notes” Zoom training equips and encourages busy Christians and pastors with a menu of many effective options (● ANSWER: YES, and this “cliff’s notes” Zoom training equips and encourages busy Christians and pastors with a menu of many effective options (working with organizations including MyFaithVotes.org) to help move America back toward her Biblical foundation. ) to help move America back toward her Biblical foundation.

● To join this 45-minute practical training, simply CLICK the ZOOM link on the TRAINING page at PreserveLiberty.com EVERY THU. EVE, at 6pm PT.

–PRAYING and WORKING with you to reclaim America for Christ,
Mark Matta

September 20, 2022

This mid-term election is the most important election in my opinion. We cannot fall for the lies from the politicians anymore. Im talking on both sides. You have Democrats which some are radicals, some are moderates and then you have those who pretend to be moderates which are really radicals. Then on the Republican side you have the same thing honestly. I believe it’s the lust and greed for power and money. Somewhere a long the way our leaders have forgotten that they are elected officials who serve us and protect our values and the Constitution. Instead they only look to serve themselves and try and seek bigger government and programs to sucker us into thinking that now we serve them. All I can say is we definitely need to wake up and stop thinking oh politics is boring and annoying. It is but we have seen what happens when we all turn a blind eye. Just look around you. It’s all over in Hollywood, Profesional Sports, Big Corporate Businesses which choose to cancel products just because of political options. Example is Mike Lindell and MyPillow. I feel so bad for Mike and MyPillow because they have had retailers and banks cancel him just because he decided to fight for election integrity and support Donald J Trump. Or you have Big tech (Facebook, Twitter, etc. Censor users if they use terms like hydroxychloroquin or stats about the vaccine, or the famous New York Times Hunters Laptop story that was censored. The mains stream media have their bias and spin to the point to where we don’t even get the full story anymore. All it is one sided. I mean if they were really truth reporting then why don’t they report on Hunters laptop (just an example) or actually do their jobs as journalists. All I’m saying is please do your research and make sure you know the full story before just believing what you see on TV or the web or hear on the radio.

Lord Heavenly Father we thank you for what you provide us with. We are thankful for your miracles. We thank you for providing away and a light to follow us out of darkness. You are amazing and we thank you and pray that you continue to bless us with the discernment that you put in our hearts to lead us to make good decisions that serve and glorify you God. In Jesus name we pray amen

Gail Wood
September 20, 2022

Soldier Of The Cross.

I am so sorry to hear that your Assembly of God and others that iare more afraid of losing their 501C3 status than fearing God and that they choose to place Him and His word last.
I knew that my AG had taken a wrong turn when the beautiful cross that had long been displayed by the busy highway was taken down about five years ago. It was said that they wanted more people to come and they didn’t wish to offend anyone.
How could anyone be ashamed of the Cross ? Jesus hung there long ago and suffered for our sins so that through Him we would have a friend and advocate here on earth . Jesus gave all so that He would become the remission of our sins so that we one day would take our place beside the Father , Son and the Holy Spirit.
If the Cross makes anyone uncomfortable or a Pastor or Church does not wish to make anyone uncomfortable by it’s presence or by preaching the truth of God’s word then you need to go with great weeping and sorrow before the Lord because something is seriously lacking in you. You have not fully given over to God.
Tax deductions received at the sake of being willing to not preach the truth of God’s word is going to have to be given account for when you come before God.
I live in a very liberal and political city and county and though we have more Church’s than you can imagine it has gotten ever increasingly difficult to find one who are following God’s word and preaching to the Congregation what God’s word is trying to tell us. More than ever we need to hear the truth preached. America is at a crossroads where we stand to lose everything we have always held dear and these are the things that Jesus hanging on that Cross so long ago did for us as He gave up His life so willingly for us and for our freedoms to speak and spread the Gospel.
I often wonder how Jesus and His Father feel when the Cross , the symbol so precious comes down in order to keep from offending someone and when the Pastor and those running the Church choose a 501C3 over preaching the word of God then we had better look up because we are being watched and there will always be repercussions of wrong actions, Jesus said that if we were ashamed of Him that He would be of us.

Father God in Jesus beautiful and Holy name we pray for the Pastors and members who have lost their way and who have chosen to follow man and what man wants and thinks above what you want for us and want us to do.
Father you are so beautiful and we ask you to forgive us and to lead Soldier Of The Cross and their Church as well as all of those who have turned away from Your perfect will. Show us the way back Daddy and guide us homewards as we follow your will and not that of men.
We pray for every county and every city in every stage in America that our eyes would be opened wide and that Churches would return to you in mass.
We ask Daddy that you would help those of us who are labouring for you through all of this turmoil and hold us close to you and keep
our footsteps right behind yours , following your every step. Give comfort to those in fellowship who are trying to make a difference in the body of Christ and please touch the hearts of those who have taken that wrong turn and draw them back to you.
We love you precious Lord and we recognize the symbol of the Cross and what price you paid there for all of us. We glorify your Holy name and we know that when we trust in you and stay true to you and your word that we can be alive and prosperous for your glory.
In Jesus Holy name we pray .

Soldier of the Cross
September 20, 2022

My husband and I have belonged to a large CA church for over 30 years. It is the largest church in the Central Valley, with about about 4,000 in attendance on Sundays. There is good Biblical teaching, but, our current pastor has become silent on issues that he deems to be political, even though they reflect antiBiblical values. I tried unsuccessfully to start a CWA group, but I was not allowed to have it at church, and could not even announce meetings that were to be held in my home in Sunday school. I recently had an opportunity to ask for prayer in Sunday school about CA’s AB 2223, Proposition 1, bills to give medication to and surgery for children to mutilate their bodies in an attempt to change their gender, and the Respect/Disrespect for Marriage Act that is before the US Senate. Some knew about these heinous legislative attempts to enact antiBiblical laws, but many were unaware. I think that most were shocked and outraged, but I’m not sure if they were upset enough to do anything. Everyone in our class is of retirement age, and many of these folks don’t realize the power that they still have in Jesus, the same strength that raised Him from the dead. I wrote my prayer request out in a prayer card, and asked our class leader after class if he would be allowed to send it out in his email. He said that it needed to be sent, and that he would send it in a way that would not offend anyone. I’m not sure what that means, but I do believe that God is opening doors. Our church is affiliated with the Assembly of God Church, so I called their headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, to ask what their stand on these issues is. They said that they allow pastors to decide how they want to handle antiBiblical issues that are considered political. I asked how they could be silent on issues that are so obviously antiBiblical. The reply was that some AG pastors are silent because they are afraid of losing their 501C3 status. This is so tragic, and my first impulse is to jump ship and leave the church. My husband doesn’t want to leave, so my only choice is to stay and fight with my voice and on my knees. May God wake up our pastor to realize that our father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and with or without the 501C3 status, God will prosper us as long as our pastor speaks the Truth of how a handful of demon possessed legislators are steering our nation away from God and towards the road to destruction. May God bless our nation and restore the Biblical values that we were founded on.

Christine Scott
September 20, 2022

Father God, You said that if Your people should humble themselves and pray, that You would heal our land. You didn’t say how many people… You said ,Your people… here we are Lord God. We come to You boldly and in humility acknowledging that we do not deserve to be saved. Many of us have taken Your commandments as optional rather than directional. We confess this sin and the sins that have happened because we did not truly fear You. Lord, forgive us of our trespasses. Lord, we release those who have hurt us and we forgive them of every intentional and unintentional crime against us and You, in Jesus name. We ask that You direct us in You ways as we repent of our ignorance and lack of courage to be bold in the market place. In our families, and in the buildings that we call churches. Lord, we ask for endurance, tenacity, and bold faith to move with You and as You lead us into this new season. We thank You for revival. We thank You for favor and grace. We give You honor and glory. We hallow Your name! Lord Jesus, thank You for interceding even as we sleep. We acknowledge that we are here today because You have never abandoned us.

Heal our land, Lord. Guide us to do better. Show us Your glory, my God. And we will be careful to give You ALL of the glory.

We ask this in Jesus name, amen

Joseph Evans LeBlanc
September 20, 2022

Father LORD GOD in Heaven, we pray against the liberal leftist agenda to steal our nation. We speak destruction upon all their plans to steal the upcoming election. LORD Father, we ask that YOU reveal all the lawlessness that transpired in 2o2o that seated an ill-equipped man in the Oval Office. We pray the HOLY SPIRIT change this man’s heart and remake him, so that he serves people by doing YOUR WILL; but if he continues to reject YOU and YOUR covenant, Father, we ask that YOU remove him from office, along with all those who support his agenda. In the name of YOUR Son, Jesus Christ, we declare, America Shall be saved! AMEN and amen!

Brian lynch
September 20, 2022

This is a wonderful way to encourage Christians to get out and vote. It is so important for this to happen. Our vote is our voice, and we need to make sure that we are voting for candidates who are committed to returning this nation to its former glory. I ask the Lord daily to send us revival in America. This election would be a great place to start taking back the direction that our nation is going in. Please, Lord, by the power of Holy Spirit, guide American Christians to stand up to the moral decay that has infiltrated America. Give us wisdom and guidance to vote for the people that YOU want to see voted into office. Thank you Jesus.

Gail Wood
September 20, 2022

There was a time when women were not allowed to vote in America. Those women took a stand and demanded the right to vote. Those women , the Suffragetts have passed now but we , their granddaughters and great granddaughters and our children are here to continue on in their footsteps.
A very large percentage of Christian’s still do not vote today.
God speaks about the Law and Government in the Bible. We do have a responsibility to vote because as God’s children we must take advantage of the privilege that we have been given through the efforts of those who came before us that fought for the legacy they left us .
Husband’s and wives teach your children early in life to love this wonderful nation and to understand what the right and responsibility to vote mean and it’s importance.
If we do not stand now and the majority vote then we may never have another opportunity again and we may lose our nation as we know it.
We are all weary and the Bible talks about the Saint’s being weary and worn out. I know I have been at times but then we must grab hold of God’s hand even tighter and have faith that He can and will bring us and our nation through,
If you know people who don’t vote then we must pray and encourage them.

Heavenly Father , we pray for the men and women who have been lax in voting and we pray for them that you will touch their heart’s and conscience to take a stand for their country.

In Jesus Holy name,

September 20, 2022

Our small Anglican Church has begun a weekly prayer group focused on prayers for our government leaders, the elections and revival. We are blessed to know that our Lord promises to heed our prayers when only 2 or more are gathered in His Name. It is good to know that we are not alone in the Spirit.

    Roxanne Rice
    September 20, 2022

    To are so blessed to have such a church! My heart yearns for the same.

Virginia Drastata
September 20, 2022

I wanted to send all this info to as many as I could but when I tried to send the site would not allow???????????
Virginia Drastata

Marsha Bashor
September 20, 2022

Dear Lord I pray for the upcoming elections that the polling places all over will be swamped with people who go to vote, I pray that they will vote righteously, that godly people will be elected for governors, senators, and representatives in all states. Ones who revere you and want you to be the head of our individual states. Let your Holy Spirit prevail in this election, let it be a true election with no cheating, no fraud , let it be done with integrity. In Jesus’ name I ask it.

September 20, 2022


September 20, 2022

Eternal Father, please motivate all Christians to vote and defeat the forces of evil that are ruling the country in Washington, DC and elsewhere. Please help us elect Christian men and women to public offices everywhere.
in Jesus name I pray,

September 20, 2022

God, You say “If my people pray, You will hear our voice and heal our land. I pray today Lord, that many new voices will raise through the efforts of these voting ministries to support Your values over the pagan forces that threaten our nation. Hear our cry Lord, to revive the hearts of Nominal Christians to stand against the evil by being active in our right to vote. Rise up the voices of the Godly candidates to sing louder for righteousness in this land. Amen.

E. J.
September 20, 2022

I am pleased that My Faith Votes is featured in this article. If you feel there is nothing you can do to make a difference in our country’s elections, I encourage you to participate in My Faith Vote’s writing campaigns. You will enjoy the satisfaction of taking action and helping others reflect on how important it is that they vote based on their biblical values.

Carol Black
September 20, 2022

Prayer for Christ to move over America bringing revival!


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