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Father, we pray that You would bring peace to the Taiwan Strait. Give Biden and our leaders wisdom in all of their dealings with China. Above all else, Lord, empower our leaders to keep us safe.
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President Biden stated that American soldiers would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, although the White House disagrees.

From The Daily Wire. President Joe Biden (D) declared during an interview on Sunday night that the U.S. Military would engage in war with communist China if China attacked Taiwan, a statement that was quickly walked back by the White House.

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Biden made the remarks during an interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” with leftist host Scott Pelley.

“On the same day we spoke to the president, Putin met with China’s leader, Xi Jinping,” Pelley said while narrating. “There’s concern that Russia’s attempt to force reunification with Ukraine could inspire China to attack the island of Taiwan. U.S. policy since 1979 has been to recognize Taiwan as part of China, but remain silent on whether the U.S. military would defend the democratic government there. This is among the places where our interview runs into controversy.”

Pelley asked Biden, “What should Chinese President Xi know about your commitment to Taiwan?”

“We agree with what we signed onto a long time ago. And that there’s one China policy, and Taiwan makes their own judgments about their independence,” Biden responded. “We are not moving — we’re not encouraging their being independent. We’re not — that — that’s their decision.”

“But would U.S. Forces defend the island?” Pelley asked.

“Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack,” Biden responded.

Pelley said that after the interview a White House official told the show that U.S. policy has not changed and they refused to say if the U.S. Military would defend Taiwan. …

What do you think of Biden’s statements? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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September 21, 2022

Lord, reveal who this unnamed Whitehouse official is who has more authority in foreign affairs than President Biden. The American people have a right to know.

Marc Carr
September 20, 2022

I wish Biden had kept silent. Silence is often wiser than impulsively making public bravado statements about extremely delicate topics such as war – of any kind.
Biden’s statement reinforces his lack of wisdom, lack of diplomacy and lack of common sense, all displayed so many times previous – leaving Afghanistan the way he did, cutting off our own gasoline supply, paying off student debt. . . And the border! Just to name a few heresies

September 20, 2022

I pray for the President
Still dint trust what he says
I trust God to do what God needs to do for our country and around the world 🌎 God I pray that you continue to protect our country 🙏 ❤️ in all areas God I truly believe in you God is for who can be against us we need to be on guard praying without ceasesing especially now .
In Jesus name I pray Amen!
God bless everyone 🙏 ❤️

Brian lynch
September 20, 2022

Biden is a lot of hot air. Personally, I have a hard time believing anything that the man says. Time will tell. I hope and pray that we DON’T have to find out if he really means what he says in this matter.

Peggy Moss
September 20, 2022

Joe Biden has a twisted tongue, not to be trusted. His own words throughout the years have proven this.


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