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Lord, we pray that repression operations of authoritarian regimes on U.S. soil would fail. Please give our law enforcement leaders courage and wisdom to uncover and defeat such schemes.
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Federal prosecutors unsealed charges on March 16 against five alleged agents of the People’s Republic of China for their involvement in “transnational repression” activities on U.S. soil. The FBI uncovered the targeting of Chinese nationals in New York City and elsewhere, including a Christian candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives who had been a leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests.

Matthew G. Olsen, assistant attorney general for national security, announced the charges at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, DC. He said, “Transnational repression is part of the range of tactics our adversaries employ to try to undermine our democracy, our economy, and our institutions.”

“These cases expose attempts by the government of the People’s Republic of China to suppress dissenting voices within the United States. They demonstrate how the PRC seeks to stalk, intimidate, and silence those who oppose it,” he added.

Court documents accuse all five defendants of pursuing schemes against U.S residents of Chinese descent whose voices are perceived as troublesome to Beijing. One scheme involved a team spying and spreading disinformation about dissidents in New York, California, and Indiana. Another centered on a Queens-based scholar who used his position of respect within the Chinese diaspora and a pro-democracy organization to act as a mole for China’s secret police. He collected information about prominent human rights leaders, and DOJ indicates at least one Hong Kong activist was subsequently arrested by Chinese authorities.

And then there was the startling targeting of a Christian congressional candidate.


Federal agents allege Qiming Lin of China hired a private investigator to harass and disrupt the campaign of a Brooklyn resident. DOJ refers to this candidate only as “the Victim” but notes that he was a student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations that were brutally suppressed by Beijing. The victim then fled to the U.S. where he became an American citizen and served in the military.

The New York Times identified the candidate as Yan Xiong, who last year entered the Democratic primary race for a Long Island seat being vacated by Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.).

Yan was a student at Beijing University in 1989. Recalling the Tiananmen Square protests, he told a U.S. House committee in 2014, “As we approached, we saw the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) had tanks, vehicles, and troops moving into Tiananmen Square. Soldiers with helmets and AK47’s were randomly shooting at protestors as they chanted slogans and tried to hold their ground. My friend and I crept forward, the sound of bullets, shooting, crying, and tanks blended together.”

Yan spread the word about what was happening at the demonstration and was subsequently arrested by Chinese authorities. After two years in prison, a member of an underground church introduced Yan to Jesus, whom he accepted as Savior.

After witnessing his first Independence Day soon after his arrival in the U.S., Yan said, “I saw then the meaning of freedom – the freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and freedom from fear that all Americans enjoy. Since the time of my baptism as a Christian, I also found the freedom that knowing God provides.”

Expressions like this continue to leave Yan, who became a U.S. Army chaplain and a veteran of the Iraq war, in Beijing’s crosshairs. DOJ states that Qiming Lin, an agent for China’s Ministry of State Security, originally hired a private investigator to gather information about Yan. He then asked the investigator — who was actually an FBI source — to find something damaging about Yan. If the investigator couldn’t find anything, Lin encouraged manufacturing something like a prostitution scandal. He also suggested the violence like beating or a “car accident” would be fine, too.

Lin told the FBI source, ““Whatever price is fine. As long as you can do it.”  Chillingly, he also promised the private investigator that “we will have a lot more-more of this [work] in the future.”

Will you pray for voices for freedom, especially fellow Christians like Yan? May transnational repression schemes in the U.S. be uncovered and defeated by our law enforcement leaders.

Share your prayers for fearless Christian leaders and national security in the comments.

Aaron Mercer is a Contributing Writer with two decades of experience in Washington, D.C.s public policy arena. Photo Credit: Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash 

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Renee McMichael
March 20, 2022

Father confuse the efforts of those who target Christian’s in or running for government office. Do not let them succeed for they know their evil will be exposed. I pray you would continue to open the eyes of the American people to the deception and manipulation occurring at all levels of our society.


Barbara Powell
March 19, 2022

I so agree…America need to WAKE UP!! To keep free one must understand the world and certainly pray, believe in God and voice the truth!! Stand up for human rights and not back down. The evilness of the world has always bent to crack christianity. Don’t let it happen!! God Bless!

March 19, 2022

The American people had better wake up NOW and realize that China and the Russian government hates our way of life and the freedom we have. People came to our country to be free that God has given to us. Our great constitution give us these rights. They want to destroy our economy and rule over us. Our so called leaders in the White House is doing nothing to make our country great. Our schools need to start CIVICS teaching to educate our young people about our country and government. Our education is terrible and many countries are so more advanced than our school teachings. Nikita Khrushchev told our President at that time was John F. Kennedy that the only weakness the United States has was our education, so true.

Pamela Theobald
March 19, 2022

My prayers and respect for these brave Americans of Chinese heritage. They have a better grasp on the value of freedom than most who were born here!

March 19, 2022

Not sure why Yan would run as a democrat, considering they stand for all he has ran from, to come to the USA.
I pray that he wakes up to see truth . To GOD be all the glory, power and praise. The fed law enforcers may not have stepped in , if this were a Republican being harassed. Sad to say.

    March 19, 2022

    Totally agree, Reba. Too many people (probably Yan included) still think of the Democrat Party as the party of JFK that most of us remember, but they are NOTHING like that anymore. They are the party of the lunatic fringe Left (trans surgery, celebrating abortion and infanticide, cancel culture, gay sex taught in elementary schools, parents under fire at school board meetings, etc.,) and will take away all the freedoms Yan admires America for.

    Democrats need to wake up and take a good, hard look at the evil they are supporting and perpetuating. America’s next generation will have lost all their freedoms, and once lost, how will they ever get them back?

Barbara Janicki
March 19, 2022

Except for information like this, I would have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes in our government and elections. I, too pray for evil to be exposed and defeated everywhere it attempts to silence good people trying to do the right thing and play by the rules when it comes to elections etc. only to be threatened by those who have no regard for the rule of law or God. I pray people will no longer believe the lies about Marxism, CRT, COVID, BLM, or the Chinese government but see the truth about the agendas of each of these things, to steal, kill and destroy. God, as we repent and turn back to You, please save us from ourselves, the wrongs we have done and from our enemies who see our weakness when we no longer acknowledge Your name as sovereign over all. Forgive us, save us, restore us – even though we don’t deserve it, but You are a compassionate God. (You spared Nineveh when they repented) http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

March 19, 2022

Father God,
In the name of Jesus I ask for the complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party and all forms of Marxism in America and around the world.
I don’t ask for death, but I pray for people to be convicted of their personal sin by the power of Your Hoky Spirit. I ask that You lead them to repent and turn to Christ with their whole heart. I ask You to protect Chinese dissidents both within China and abroad.
Thank You for the Department of Justice investigating and prosecuting these crimes. I pray for the protection and integrity of our law enforcement officers and our courts.
I praise You that You are bringing about a Divine Reset in this nation and around the world. Nothing and no one can stop Your will from being accomplished.
“My soul will make its boast in You. The humble shall hear of it and be glad. O magnify the LORD with me and let us exalt His name together! “ Psalm 145: 2-3

    Walter Lamphere
    March 21, 2022

    It becomes obvious why knowing the Hebrew language and words enables us to Speak and Pray without making mistakes… such as Rroche;lle did inadvertently mis-nameing THE RUACH The “Hoky” I know, and we all know she meant Holy Spirit… but who knows that the Holy Spirit is not a spirit, or ghost, but the WIND of YAHOVAH doing what Our Heavenly Father wills… So I pray, Heavenly Father, THY WILL be done and forgive us our errors, mistakes and sin against, contrary to your will. I Pray in YESHUA’s Name that we will all seek to Do THY WILL. Shalom.

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