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IFA Contributing Writer assembled these prayer and praise points from today’s prayer bulletin (March 18, 2022) on Ukraine and Russia from Peter Oswalt of Arise:Life. He shares daily updates on their Facebook page which you can see HERE.

Praise Points

  • Ukraine
    • Major Victory at Voznesensk – Blocking Russia from invading the Western Heartland
    • Mariupol – Direct hit on Theater where 1000+ people were sheltering. Initially thought all dead, they are digging through the rubble and find many if not all alive! 11,000 people have been able to flee while under fire
    • Melitopol Mayor – Released from abduction.
    • Human Traffickers –  are being stopped, revealed and captured
    • Refugees – 3+ million – have been able to flee
    • Evacuation – 3000+ have escaped Mariupol
    • Limited Loss of Life – considering the number of rockets, the type of cluster and thermobaric rockets used and the overwhelming amount of artillery involved
    • Unity & Courage – the people continue to rise up as one both on the frontlines and in occupied territory
    • Arms & Supplies – coming from the West, fresh batch was promised from the US yesterday including 100 UAVs
    • Protection – of Zelensky and other leaders. So far at least 3 assassination attempts were foiled
    • Intel – the amount of intel that is flooding in from allies and from people on the ground is allowing for accurate strikes on command posts and the ability to take out generals and other high-ranking officers
  • Russia
    • People – protesting and being arrested. The numbers are rising, including high profile Russians
    • Navy – Crimea Fleet’s 2x failure/refusal to attack Odessa
    • Air Force – Failure to establish air superiority –miraculous
    • FSB – Putin turning on the FSB – putting the supreme commander of external operations and his deputy under house arrest
    • Generals – Putin is turning on his generals – fired as many as 8 (out of 20) – many in his inner circle questioning his decision-making ability/paranoia, while four generals have been shot
    • Oligarchs – suffering great loss and children and now wives speaking out
    • The Church – beginning to speak out, even Russian Orthodox priests arrested
  • Europe/US
    • Czech Republic, Poland & Slovenia – their Prime Ministers at great risk to their lives traveled to Ukraine (in blatant contrast to the “great powers” of Europe) to meet with Zelensky and to demonstrate that they believe that their fate is inextricably tied to that of Ukraine
    • UK – more sanctions coming with 50 more oligarchs and family members included
    • US – more military & humanitarian aid, senators calling for planes and high-altitude missiles
  • China
    • Unwilling – in spite of 8 years of developing a mutually beneficial financial relationship with Russia, China is still attempting to maintain plausible deniability, meaning they are not certain Russia will succeed, and therefore withholding real support

Prayer Points

  • Highlights
    • Putin – sounding increasingly unhinged Soviet and calling all who oppose the war traitors and working for the West – Pray for a Daniel to stand by him & bring him to God (Daniel 4)
    • Mariupol – Russia continues to bomb with impunity and the loss of life and the suffering is great. Pray 2 Kings 6-7 – that there would be a sudden collapse of the Russian army and the be saved.
    • Ukrainian People – pray against exhaustion and despair – Pray Isaiah 40:31 & Jeremiah 29:11-13 – that the people would turn to the Lord and He’d renew their strength 
    • Slovakia – has changed and said it will only give the missiles if NATO will backfill their arsenal, the same situation that Poland had, pray they release the missiles to Ukraine
    • NATO – pray they stand with Ukraine providing it the high-altitude defenses it needs – Pray Psalm 82 and that they rise up against the horrific injustice rather than try to wait Russia out
    • Putin’s Address – he spoke by TV Wednesday for 30 minutes and he rambled, became incoherent and struggled for words, and looked puffy and ill.
    • Russian People & Churches – to be encouraged to speak out and rise up – Pray Ezekiel 33 for them to have courage to war for the soul of their nation
    • Russia’s Allies – will turn on each other – Pray 2 Chronicles 2
  • Ukraine
    • Protection of the Weak & the Refugees
    • Food for the Hungry – only 3-4 months’ supply is left
    • Supplies for the Doctors
    • Supplies where they are needed on the front
    • Infrastructure Protected – water treatment plants, power, etc. An estimated 900 small towns and villages are without access to electricity, gas or water
    • Mariupol – for a breakthrough for humanitarian aid, for the army defending it, and supernatural provision and protection for the people suffering without food, water or electricity in freezing temperatures and unceasing attacks, for maternity hospital to be returned and for the all people in the theater to be saved
    • Kharkiv – for supplies to reach the people under siege there and for protection from unceasing attacks
    • Kherson & Melitopol – for protection of public figures, and for the people to continue to resist
    • Kiev – for protection for the people and courage and wisdom on how to stop the tanks from advancing
    • Church – continue to rise up and run to the battle in worship, in prayer and to the front lines with care for the least of these
  • Russia
    • The Russian People – RISE UP, SPEAK OUT, discover and believe the truth
    • The Truth – for the truth to get out, whether by hacking TV stations or TV anchors speaking out – by every means!
    • Oligarchs, FSB & Military – to turn on Putin
    • Economy for sanctions to effectively turn the allies of Putin against him
    • Military – surrender arms or be so confounded that nothing they do works
      • In the South – that their advances would be stopped
      • In the North – that their tanks and their bombs would not work and supply chains would break down
      • Black Sea Fleet – would once again return to Crimea without making an amphibious assault
    • Europe & the US
      • No-Fly Zone – that Europe & America will close Ukrainian airspace to Russian planes and missiles
      • Polish MiG-29s – allow them to get to Ukraine
      • European & American Will – for the bravery of Poland, Czech & Slovenia to reveal the cowardice of the rest of the West and for a line to be crossed that galvanizes the people of the West to demand that a no-fly zone for Ukraine, like was done in Northern Iraq
      • Planes & High Altitude Missiles – provide the means to reach and stop the bombers and missiles that are ravaging Ukraine
  • China
    • Divide China – Turn them on Russia overtly
    • No Arms – let them provide no arms or other military supplies (like MREs)
    • No Financial Support – that the somewhat independent banking sector would refuse to risk international sanctions and that all loopholes would be closed
  • India
    • No Support of Russia – that they would cease abstaining in the UN
    • No Financial Deals with Russia – that they would purchase no oil
    • Modi to Fall – that this would expose him and his party
    • The World – all would turn on India for attempting to circumvent sanctions
  • UAE
    • No Support of Russia – that they would cease abstaining in the UN
    • Sell Oil to Europe – to increase production to replace dependence on Russian oil

Prayer Strategies

  • Truth
    • Lyubyanka  – that the KGB Archives would be taken and the truth of the past 100 years for the entire former Soviet Union would come out and cause a massive reset in Truth
    • Practical Preparations and Strategies for the Church – that they would be ready to come to the harvest while providing for the weak and vulnerable
  • Revival Harvest
    • Ukraine – would be set ablaze with the Gospel
    • Russia – would ignite
    • Former Soviet Union – would be consumed
    • The Rest of the World – would burn with God’s Love
  • A Future
    • Food – Joseph-like strategies to prepare food and to ensure a harvest in 2022
    • Rebuilding – Finance and resources would be being allocated and prepared for rebuilding Ukraine
    • Resource Independence – that the world as a whole will move away from sources that prop up oppression and violence

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Jessie La Starza
March 19, 2022

Praise God for his Army of Light fighting the evil in the conflict. We give him all the glory for the positive results. We continue to pray for we fight against spiritual darkness verses the Light of God.

Jessica Renshaw
March 18, 2022

Hallelujah! For every life spared in Mariupol >Mariupol – Direct hit on Theater where 1000+ people were sheltering. Initially thought all dead, they are digging through the rubble and find many if not all alive!<

For Putin's increasingly bad decisions and radical behavior that is turning even former allies and his own people against him. For support for Ukraine from the international community.

For God's intervention and protection–of Biblical proportions. For God's protection of brave President Zelenskyy!

For the salvation and faith of Ukrainians remaining in or escaping from their country.

For God being glorified by all those trusting and surrendering to Him!

March 18, 2022

Thank you very much for this summary, sharing the list of prayer and praise. Very helpful!


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