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Father, we pray that You would keep China from affecting our food supply. Prevent them from buying any more of our farmland, Lord.

China is still buying our farmland, and politicians are only just starting to wake up to this fact. We must pray.

From The Wall Street Journal. Alarms went off in Washington when the Fufeng Group, a Chinese agricultural company, bought 300 acres of land and set up a milling plant last spring in Grand Forks, N.D. The plant is a 20-minute drive from an Air Force base that, according to North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven, hosts a space mission that “will form the backbone of U.S. military communications across the globe.”

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.

The deal shouldn’t have taken the federal government by surprise. U.S. Department of Agriculture data show that Chinese ownership of U.S. farmland leapt more than 20-fold in a decade, from $81 million in 2010 to $1.8 billion in 2020. Beijing hasn’t outlined a strategy, but large-scale state backing for these investments indicates there is one. In 2013 the government-owned Bank of China loaned $4 billion to Hong Kong-headquartered WH Group, the world’s largest pork producer, to buy Virginia’s Smithfield Foods. WH now controls much of the U.S. pork supply and revenue because of the deal. …

Government transparency on these investments falls short of basic standards. Until a few months ago, USDA’s online reports went back only as far as 2004 and the data required special software to extract. Information on older purchases could be obtained only through Freedom of Information Act requests. …

Congress should authorize the USDA to cut through byzantine ownership structures and find the true foreign owners of farmland. The recently introduced Farmland Security Act of 2022 would require the department to release all data on foreign investments in American agriculture. The agriculture secretary should be added to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., which reviews flows of foreign money into sensitive businesses such as surveillance-camera equipment and semiconductors. …

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(Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: Yan Ke on Unsplash)

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Mary D
September 21, 2022

Awake Awake, OnAmerica the Beautiful to who you are called to be! You were not called to an “American Dream” of things, money, and greed but so much more! You have wandered and broken your moorings to Me! Awaken to Be A City on a Hill Shining for all to see! Awake! Repent, Turn and Return to Me! I Am your Only Hope and I Love You.

Rebecca Houze
September 13, 2022

Yes, Lord. I agree with this prayer and more. Please keep China and all the players of the One World Order from purchasing our farmlands and food companies. Thank You, Father.

Karen Secrest
September 12, 2022

The Chinese are. Zbuying land that contains “rare earth” elements needed for the manufacture of electronics, LED, batteries,etc. If gates cooperates, they will end up with a major portion, thus control of manufacturing.
The potential for harm goes beyond food. We can live without 25 varieties of potato chips but even electric cars so far need batteries.

Allena Jordan
September 12, 2022

Father, I am asking a big request. Put in the hearts and minds of our lawmakers to change the laws of this country that our lands cannot be owned by foreigners – that they can only rent. It’s a big request, but You are a big God. Nothing is too difficult for You. By the blood of Jesus and for Your glory. Amen.

Karen Kendrick
September 12, 2022

Lord You see what’s going on with China..it is no surprise to You..
Let Congress & appropriate committees intervene in this plan to destroy America & let farmers wake up & beware & put country first ahead of their pocket books..🙏🙏🙏


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