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Father, we pray over this new scheme to harm our kids. Prevent these drugs from reaching our children, God, and secure our southern border.
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Colorful, candy-like pills have been seized at the border. This is likely a way to market fentanyl to kids. We must pray for our children.

From The Daily Wire. Rainbow-colored fentanyl pills resembling candy and sidewalk chalk pouring over the southern border are plaguing cities nationwide.

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Over 15,000 rainbow-colored fentanyl pills that look like a small piece of candy were seized Wednesday after authorities found the deadly drugs strapped around a person’s leg at the Nogales Port of Entry for the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona….

Authorities believe the multi-colored pills may be the start of a trend with Transnational Criminal Organizations targeting children….

However, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials said they had seized similar-looking pills in the D.C. region over the last 18 months.

“My biggest concern, and I think the biggest concern of DEA nationwide, is that the pills seem to be marketed specifically to a younger age group,” Jennifer Lofland, field intelligence manager for the Washington division, told Fox 5 D.C….

Kelly Sloop, a pharmacist and executive director of the Need 4 Narcan organization, told Newsweek that the new pill style is used because drug dealers and cartels want to reinvent the wheel to find another means of appealing to kids and young adults.

“And if you actually look at it, it does have the consistency of sidewalk chalk but it kind of looks like a taffy, saltwater taffy, and it is very appealing because it does look like candy,” Sloop said….

How are you praying against this attack on our children? Share this article to raise awareness of the dangers of fentanyl.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Canva)

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August 22, 2022

LSD was put on surfaces that children would likely encounter, like child lick stickers or stamps they put on their skin.
The question we must ask is “which cartel is the worst, the one in office or the ones trying to breach our borders?
When President Washington was faced with countries wanting to assemble a little Europe in the yet to be discovered USA, He said no. Why? He was in constant communion with God.
The point is that the USA gets in the way of evil because we support:
– Israel (every single time we did something to hurt Israel we incurred God’s promise in Genesis 12:3 and elsewhere);
– God (spreading His word to the world, including Israel);
– Liberty (contrary to popular lies, our involvement in foreign nations has been to ultimately defend and protect Liberty, a gift from God).
Father, thank You for a time such as this to pray for so many lost souls. Thank You for exposing corruption, lies, deceit, murder, treason and economic warfare. Now, Father, give us leaders who love You, life and our nation which You established for Your great purpose. Standing on the authority You gave me in Your holy word, I bind every evil thought, word and action against the USA (1 Kings 22:52 CJB) and I loose Your peace, health, wealth, well being, joy and Liberty (that’s what Shalom means) upon the USA.
Rebuke, bind, cast down, expose and expel every stronghold and principality that has tilted its haughty chin against You, and replace it with heavenly powers.
Father, we need You. We want You in our midst. Forgive us for marrying foreign gods which are non gods (1 Kings 11:2).
Abba, please give us one more chance!
In Jesus’ name.

Darlene Estlow
August 21, 2022

Father, we pray against this plot to harm or children. We declare it dead. May all these be found and disposed of and may the border be closed. I pray that no more border patrol will unlock the door and let illegal immigrants access.


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