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Father, we pray for migrants to know You, that they would be provided for and not fall into harm. We also pray that You would wake up our leaders to address this crisis instead of ignoring it.

Now, the rest of the country is getting an idea about the struggles of border towns. We must pray that action is taken to solve this crisis.

From Fox News. Sheriffs dealing with the crisis at the southern border are taking aim at Washington, D.C., for declaring a public emergency over the migrants that have been bused into the sanctuary city by Texas and Arizona — and bristling at claims that the buses have turned D.C. into a “border town.”

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“They have seen nothing. They are not a border town. They don’t know what a border town is,” Goliad County, Texas, Sheriff Roy Boyd told Fox News Digital.

Mayor Muriel Bowser on Thursday declared a public emergency over the migrant buses which have been coming to D.C. from Texas and Arizona since April. She said the move would allow the city to create an Office of Migrant Services to provide migrants with accommodation, health care, transportation and other services.


“We’re putting in place a framework that would allow us to have a coordinated response with our partners,” Bowser said Thursday. “This will include a program to meet all buses, and given that most people will move on, our primary focus is to make sure we have a humane, efficient, welcome process that will allow people to move on to their final destination.”

She is one of a number of liberal mayors and officials of self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” who have sounded the alarm over the influx of migrants — which represent just a fraction of those encountered at the border. A D.C. councilmember sparked pushback when she declared that “in many ways, the governors of Texas and Arizona have turned us into a border town,”

Texas has sent less than 10,000 migrants to D.C. since April, while Border Patrol has so far encountered over 2 million migrants this fiscal year, with monthly encounters regularly hitting the 200,000 mark. …

“‘Welcome to our world’ is what they say,” Jonathan Thompson, executive director and CEO of the National Sheriffs’ Association told Fox News Digital. “Welcome to the everyday problems we are facing, and you have been ignoring and that you continue to want to blame someone else for.”

“The sheriffs on the border right now are living this every day,” Retired Texas Sheriff Clint McDonald, the executive director of the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition, told Fox News Digital. “And they’ve been criticized for asking for help with what they’re going through. And now that major cities are starting to feel this pressure, it seems to be a whole different scenario for them than it is for the people who live it every day.” …

Boyd said he supported the move by Abbott, saying it had made the border crisis — which he said has been ignored by liberal media outlets — back into focus. …

Thompson urged D.C. to stop blaming border states and turn their focus on the Biden administration. …

How are you praying over the crisis at the border? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Greg Bulla on Unsplash)

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September 13, 2022

Thank You, God for Texas. Texas should not have to be burdened with the extreme numbers of border crossers that are destroying our economy. Please help people to take the legal steps required to be Americans.

Darlene Estlow
September 13, 2022

Father, the border is a mess; we pray you would change it. Stop the illegal things that are happening, end the sex trade that is coming in, stop the drugs, change the hearts of those who are doing this. I pray for the children who are sent alone, away from their families. May we minister Jesus to those who come across our border. We praise your name and ask that you woud touch the world with revival by your Holy Spirit.

Jim Vandegriff
September 13, 2022

Send illegals back to their own nation. God birthed them there for His purposes. Follow President Donald John Trump’s policies concerning this matter.

George Leaf
September 13, 2022

Obviously the sanctuary cities should be sanctuaries as they have declared. They should glory in the opportunity to prove what they say to be true.

Frances Grafton
September 13, 2022

Lord God,
You are our fortress, our God in whom we trust. Bring your light and truth to our leaders, our citizens, our children. Loose the armies of heaven to fight with and for us. We choose you, Lord. Call your people to stand, to prepare , to face evil with your mighty power. Touch every leader in America to know and follow you.
You are our praise, our glory, our eternal truth and rest. Fortify your people with your Holy Spirit.Bless those in IFA to stand strong. Grant them courage, provision, unwavering faith!

September 12, 2022

” . . . Thompson urged D.C. to stop blaming border states and turn their focus on the Biden administration.”


September 12, 2022

God of Israel I pray for your grace to us that those who want open borders realize that kind of emotional unthinking policy is like unlocking the front door of our house and putting a sign in our yard of ALL ARE WELCOME HERE

    Roxanne Rice
    September 12, 2022

    Or a sign saying, ‘drug cartels, sex traffickers, violent criminals, and pretty much anyone else in the world welcome here. Free food! Free health care! Free everything! And don’t worry about wiping your feet at the door. We’ll clean up after you.’

    O Lord, grant us a swift return to common sense!


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