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Father, we pray that You would guide and restrain our elected leaders, especially our president. We ask that You would keep these environmental protections from wrecking our economy.
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To help our environment, President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency is forcing manufacturers to sell more electric semi-truck. However well-intentioned this move is, it will likely cause far more harm than good.

From American Thinker. “We’re facing an unfunded, $1 trillion mandate that carries enormous consequences for the American consumer.” At least that’s what Chris Spear, American Trucking Associations President and CEO has to say about one D.C. diktat coming down from on high in particular …

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Here’s the context, from March of this year:

On March 29, 2024, Good Friday, Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rolled out its new electric truck mandate, which will require that electric semi-trucks make up an increasing share of manufacturer sales from 2027 through 2032 …

There’s a new report out though, from Roland Berger and published by the Clean Freight Coalition, which stresses the unaffordability and impracticality of the rules and regulations, as they stand:

… Full electrification of the U.S. commercial truck fleet would require nearly $1 trillion in infrastructure investment alone, according to a new report from Roland Berger released today by the Clean Freight Coalition. …

… And to make sure this is abundantly clear, this $1 trillion price tag isn’t the total cost of a transition to “full electrification” of the trucking fleet in operation throughout the nation, this is just the cost for the necessary infrastructure (charging stations and chargers, grid network updates, etc.) …

That expenditure also doesn’t include increased insurance costs, or any remediation expenses environmental damage done (excess particle-pollution, burning lithium battery storage warehouses, water and soil contamination from mining practices). Here is what Berger concluded:

Over the next two decades, a full transition to BEVs would require a substantial and direct expenditure shared by both fleets and utilities, with unknown consequences for the American consumer and ratepayer. …

What do you think of this mandate? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from American Thinker. Photo Credit: Possessed Photography on Unsplash)

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Neil Sogge
June 2, 2024

Lord on High, we pray and ask for Your intervening hand against the ungodly rulers over our country, evil and wicked men who either do not know the damage of their policies or exert it anyway for their own nefarious power gain. Those who follow the wicked have been blinded and persuaded by their deceptive environmental arguments, for plenty of evidence has come out that the EVs will do much more damage than good. We pray the Holy Spirit will enlighten the reasoning of the people, so they will no longer walk in blindness, that they will see the great harm being done in the so-called name of the environment, and, most importantly that they will walk in Your light and salvation. We pray that the bad environmental policy will collapse on itself, and thereby come to a halt. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

George Leaf
June 2, 2024

Father God Almighty, Torn on the full light of your countenance upon this nation
. Let no motive, dealing, propose, be hidden in the shadows and darkness. Make fully visible to all that which is done, in government, business, finance, and the homes of this nation. Make fully and clearly visible every intention. Let nothing hide from the eyes of the people any longer. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen Amen Amen

June 2, 2024

The Native Americans taught Europeans how to live green. That cut in to pharma cult. The attempted genocide ensued. The Cap and Trade promise crippled Europe and made legislators rich(er).
Now, the fake green movement is both unsustainable and an ecological disaster. Electric vehicles are heavier than their fuel counterparts. Recycling them is a nightmare. The used vehicle market for electric vehicles will be worse than aircraft boneyards.
The book, “The Long Game” by Rosh Doshi explains how China’s leaders are enamored with Leninism (for the masses while they enjoy Capitalism) and play weak leaders until they’re caught the spider’s trap.
Father, expose the truth about the electric vehicle push and if it’s harmful to the United States of America, get rid of it.

June 1, 2024

This deceptive “green” mandate is not designed to improve our environment. It is designed to destroy the strength of America, as well as to transfer our wealth to China.
The foolishness of man is on stark display, as so many have totally swallowed the fake “science”.

June 1, 2024

May our FATHER in Heaven remove Joe biden and all of his crooks from the offices they are in! Let them get saved as they are being removed! I bind this biden dictatorship in America and command him gone far away in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Karen Secrest
June 1, 2024

Isn’t this in the same category as the floating dock that now driftwood in the sea

Only a billion taxpayer dollars down the tube of forgetfulness

Darlene Estlow
May 31, 2024

Father, we have run ahead of science in this reckless ride to change to EV. I pray you would stop this ride that will crash and cause untold harm. Open the eyes of our leaders. If they choose to remain blind, may the stumbling blocks be in their way to fulfillment of their mandates. Save us Father from this foolishness.

May 31, 2024

Father God, what is impossible with man is possible with you. I pray that all regulators and sciences etc. will take a good look at all the negative consequence of mandating an EV infrastructure, More research has to be done that is not available at this time. Allow the science and technology to be set in place – to do no harm and not cost the America people such a large amount monies. Show us your wisdom In Jesus’ name.


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