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Lord, we praise you for the confidence You gave your people to vote and run for office when Edward Durr, a truck driver, unseated one of the most powerful politicians in New Jersey. We’re overjoyed that Durr announced that he wants to save babies with beating hearts! Now that ballots have been “found” we  pray anything unholy about this discovery will be brought into the light and that the rightful winner will be sworn into office. 

IFA reported on November 5 that it looked like Edward Durr, who drives trucks for a furniture store, unseated Stephen Sweeney, President of the state senate. Politico called Sweeney the second most powerful politician in New Jersey.

The Politico article indicated that Durr wants to bring the Heartbeat Bill to New Jersey. I sent that news to Janet Porter, architect of the bill, and she wrote back, “THAT’S FANTASTIC!!!  PLEASE LET HIM KNOW WE WILL HELP!”

Now this encouraging news is dampened by a report that the race may not go to Durr after all. The Epoch Times reports: “NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Won’t Concede to Truck Driver, Says 12,000 Ballots ‘Recently Found.’”

The article also reports that tens of thousands of ballots have yet to be counted for the governor’s race in New Jersey.

Pat Bellan commented on the IFA November 5 story, saying, “Please pray for my state. In record time, over the needed amount of signatures on a petition demanding an audit was generated.”

Here’s a link to the petition for an audit of the governor ‘s race:

Demand a forensic audit for the NJ Governor election. They have set a new goal of 75,000 signatures, and as of November 8 they’ve reached over 67,000.

November 8 marks the last day that mail-in votes postmarked by November 2 can be counted in New Jersey.

I’ll close with Bellam’s prayer:

Holy Spirit, move, uncover and deal with lawlessness, fraud, manipulation and deceitfulness. Hold accountable those responsible. Grant them the gifts of humility, conviction and repentance, and remove them from their spheres of authority and/or influence, in Jesuss mighty name!


Post your prayers for election integrity below. 


Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations on six continents, mostly with his own one-man plays. He’s also performed in more than forty film projects. He and his bride, Joyce Swingle, another contributing writer for IFA, now have 37 screen children. The two of them live in New York City. www.RichDrama.com

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November 10, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, we praise Your Holy Name and thank you that you have power over all! And that You work for our good always. Please remove all fraud, deceit, and sinful actions from the New Jersey elections (and all others). May your will and purpose be done in all elections and may all Christians everywhere bind the evil one from our choice of leaders. In Jesus’s most powerful name…forever and ever!

Patricia Wenzel
November 10, 2021

Thank you for praying for our State of NJ. Yesterday the NewJerseyGlobe.com reported that Senator Sweeney conceded loss. Thank you Jesus. We are very thankful that this man has been removed from leadership in the Senate of NJ. Sadly, he will continue to serve in the Senate until mid January. The agenda of the majority party is absolutely not in agreement with our Judeo/Christian values. Please pray that their entire anti-God agenda fails. Please also pray that former Senator Sweeney would have ears to hear, a heart to receive and a mouth to confess Jesus as his Lord.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our state. Democrats are scheduled to meet to choose Sn. Sweeney’s successor on Friday. Please pray that the Lord would bless us with a new Senate President who can be drawn by the Spirit of God and make decisions in agreement with the will of the Father.

Thank you for standing with the Garden State of New Jersey.

Patricia Wenzel

Jerry Edwards
November 10, 2021

I think it’s in Jeremiah 50 were the lord said He and only him will bring the HAMMER down. There are 3 names for the cheating voting they used and One is HAMMER. We will so see our Daddy do this. We have FAITH or FEAR and Faith is Love and love doesn’t judge. Pray all those in the DEEP STATE come out and some WILL. God Bless you all

    victoria Z
    November 10, 2021

    I totally agree with you Jerry, & regarding judging, i believe this is one of the major areas that has given the enemy a foothold, because most sincere believers are vigilant to avoid blatant sin but there are some secret sins of the heart that i feel may be holding up total victory for the church such as judging, coveting, unforgiveness, & hidden hypocrisy toward people such as being nice outwardly but harboring malice in the heart. I also feel that overlooked sins such as gluttony & sloth probably do not help our cause either as we see those mentioned in Proverbs. Father in the name of Jesus i pray for a lasting full, heavy, & complete Holy Spirit conviction to rest upon your true chosen people regarding any & all sins that may possibly be holding back us from walking in our full spiritual individual & governmental authority in the earth. I pray that your conviction would come to each person in such a divine way as to bring a deep revelation of all sin & compromise with a true sadness & complete regret for it & seeing how much Jesus suffered for our COMPLETE salvation including all the phases of it from conviction, repentance, cleansing, freedom & finally full manifested victory over ALL sin in this life, & attainment of everlasting glorious life with you, i pray this divine Holy Spirit experience would entice us & lead us to full lasting Godly repentance & full victory over sin, spiritual sloth, compromise turning us to You & your word earnestly & completely in spirit & truth to gain the living waters, the Godly one-on-one from You of wisdom, understanding, might, the proper fear of the Lord, discernment, discipline, discretion, revelation, & how to abide in you & in love toward you & others so that we sin not, Father i pray for unity among your chosen true worshippers including the other Abrahamic religions & all your chosen who are not religious but are seeking Truth & living lives of obedience to the true God given law of the conscience and love & i include those who are reaching out to a divine creator but are ignorant of your word regarding your name & identity as the God of Israel, the one true God, & your appointed True Messiah Jesus Christ, i include in this prayer that you draw us all into this Godly Holy Spirit revelation unity & awakening to teach the world once for all these holy truths that can only come through a divine Holy Spirit anointed revelation of your word which will fully & properly teach your word, your covenant of grace, your laws, statutes, judgments, and principals, such that there will be no more no more denominational or religious divisions or compromise, or misunderstandings, or false religions leaning on the arm of flesh or idolatry or in inadvertently trusting teachers or doctrines instead of You fully. Father we need these things in our day to overcome the evils of Communism, atheism, hedonism, sorcery, false religion, & all forms of debauchery and scoffing against God, against true holiness, true righteousness & true salvation in you so that the weapons of war of the nations will be turned into ploughshares, & the planting of the Good Seed of Your word & the pure & living waters to nourish & quench the thirst of the nations & cleanse us as well. Father reach & properly teach all who who were turned off to you by misunderstanding your word or people who claimed to be yours but who were in error, in religion instead of relationship with you, or living in compromise. Father i pray that this outpouring would lead your chosen to the spiritual & financial prosperity necessary to feed & clothe the poor as well so that the Socialists & needy will see that you oh God alone are the Divine Provider not government programs & subsidies so that all will look to you not government or the arm of flesh. Father cleanse and raise up your divinely appointed righteous government & leaders in all the nations, heal the nations Father & glorify Jesus Christ in us. i believe this prayer is word based & is the desire of your heart so that Jesus can be fully & accurately proclaimed & worshiped in all the earth in such a way that even your enemies will marvel & submit themselves to you, inJesus name we pray your will & WORD will cover the earth & bring lasting healing & true Holy Spirit revelation to the nations. Father may YOUR word & will be done in us & in all the earth & we call it done as your word proclaims & thank you for it.

Jerry Edwards
November 10, 2021

I have decreed and declaired everyday since 2015 that the lord remove all those who are in authority that are not doing the moral right thing from small local formans to the president of the united States and replace them with people who will.. they don’t have to be Christian but do the moraly right thing. And send the Holy Spirit to convict those who are not saved in Jesus mighty name!!! It takes time but the lord is doing it. Praise him praise him praise him. We haven’t seen nothing yet..our father papa daddy ABBA will soon expose ALL injustice World wide then it will be the last of the trenity to have his turn. Abortion done away with, cancer cures revealed that has been kept from us, Bill Gates handcuffed, ALL fake News etc. God is giving this window of time so we will pray for Biden and all likes repent because some will be shot for treason God loves Biden as much as you… Fear Not Trump will be in his STOLEN seat soon. We are witnessing the greatest move in mans 6000 year history they will sing a song throughout eternity for those of us to prayed and Never feared or doubted.. praise the Lord for all you all are doing

    November 11, 2021

    I am a resident of New Jersey who has prayed much, & who continues to pray & fast much.
    In my heart,
    I do not believe Phil Murphy won the re-election. May an audit reveal that.
    As for Sweeney being dethroned, my earnest prayer is that he was.
    New Jersey needs honest elections, as does this entire nation.
    New Jersey & America need righteousness to rule this land, that the name of Jesus many be exalted & the unborn saved, along with children receiving an education that is built on morality. We fight for the young ones on our knees. We will not quit!! God’s spirit bids us on.
    Meanwhile, I continue to cry out to Jesus for His justice, His truths to prevail.
    He is the One I trust. May God arise & scatter the enemies. Amen.

November 9, 2021

I see an opportunity in the state of N.J. for someone to print and pass out large bumper stickers that say “DURR WON – NO MATTER HOW THEY TRY TO CHEAT”.
* Lord God – there continues to be people working with the enemy Satan to try to steal and destroy our elections. We ask You Lord to stand next to us every second as we defend honest elections. We need Your holy hand to tear apart the dishonesty that seems to rear up in “designated areas and elections at certain times”. We cannot do this without your help Lord. Bring transparent truth, honesty, accountability and Your holy and perfect justice to the N.J. election as well as every election that has been questionable in the last year. We long to see honest elections again in our nation. We also ask for You Lord to expose anyone violating election laws and defrauding the voting citizens. Amen.

Linda Madrigal
November 9, 2021

Dear Lord Jesus I pray we will have an honest election. We pray the rightful Governor will be sworn in. Prayers for the Holy Spirit will uncover fraud and hold them countable. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

November 9, 2021

This is not surprising, considering the political shenanigans that have happened in recent elections throughout this country. Election integrity somehow, someway, needs to be brought back to this nation, along with many other aspects of a democratic society with integrity in its scope. This is of utmost importance if we are going to survive as a nation. Lord Jesus, I fervently pray that honesty and integrity would be the hallmark of every decision made in this nation. I pray too, that anyone who has gained political office in America via fraudulent measures, would be removed from office immediately, including our “president”, Mr. Biden. In Jesus’ name.

Hala Whitley
November 9, 2021

When will the corruption ever end? Lord you knew the outcome of the previous election in 2020 and Lord you knew the corruption and the fraudulent votes that went through. Please Lord don’t let this same snare happen again in New Jersey. None of this comes as a surprise to you Lord and we are thankful for the election results in Virginia. May your name be glorified through all of this and let the corruption be bought to light and all of those who have any part in the evil that we are seeing. I am fully in agreement with my brothers and sisters in IFA. Let the corruption be bought to light to bring glory to your name. For you alone are worthy. Thank you Jesus that you always hear our cries. May God bless every one of you on here and those who are in agreement on this matter. Your sis in Christ, Hala Whitley

John F. Newman
November 9, 2021

May Americans across political lines rise up, sign the fix2020first.com petition to the US Supreme Court on the Mike Lindell frankspeech.com site so the case on election integrity evidence by the States Attorney General will be heard and acted on. May the 2021 mess in NJ be stopped and corrected for Your Glory. In the strong Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen!

November 9, 2021

Here we go again! I bind satan and every lying spirit in NJ and command the truth to come out in JESUS Name! Before Nov 2020 I have not heard of “ballots being found AFTER an election. I bet they are all for the democrat! I believe we should have a method of voting that cannot be cheated with! Help us all FATHER GOD, YOUR children are calling! In JESUS Name! Amen!

    Herb Johnston
    November 9, 2021

    What I don’t understand is, – how is anyone expecting us to have Fair elections when Dominion machines are still being used – -, and nothing is said about it- everything is just going on like it’s normal

      Herb Johnston
      November 9, 2021

      Lord I come before you lifting up the New Jersey election and Edward Durr-the bold truck driver.. I thank you for his goodness Lord and courage. Lord, I pray that the stronghold’s that are rooted into the election system.. into the Earth even-of our country-would be rooted out, Lord- and exposed for what they are.. and that the truth will told about the election in New Jersey. Lord I come against this evil-and bind it in the name of Jesus- in the New Jersey election.. in the Mighty Name of Jesus,Amen

      Herb Johnston
      November 9, 2021

      Pray for return to paper ballots.
      In Jesus Name..Amen

November 9, 2021

Father God I pray in the name of Jesus that any nefarious purposes or dark and demonic strongholds would be bound and silenced in the state of New Jersey in the name of Jesus. I pray that anyone who voted for candidates who stood for righteousness, every single person who voted for them, would be convicted by the power of your Holy Spirit to rise up and either pray after election board or pray at the state capital… I also pray that they would write their representative and demand a forensic audit. We speak your word of swift justice over the situation of the governors race and Ed’s race and any other race that stands for righteousness in the state in Jesus name. We pray for a saturation of your Holy Spirit throughout the entire state that a spirit of conviction would come across every citizen and anyone involved in any nefarious activities would be exposed in Jesus name. Amen.

Nancy Bryda
November 9, 2021

I decree and declare audits of voting in all 50 states and a total clearn of in Jesus name of our elctions and voting process. I declare that corruption is bound and honesty and audits are loosed over America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

November 9, 2021

Dear Father, I pray that evil deeds being performed will be brought to light and that the rightful winner will be sworn into office. Holy Spirit, I pray please move and uncover lawlessness, fraud, deceitfulness, and manipulation and hold those accountable who are responsible. Remove them from their spheres of influence and/or authority and touch and change their hearts to be more like You. In Jesus Name and Authority, Amen.

November 9, 2021

He has made known the strength of His arm and has scattered the proud of heart
He has put down the mighty from their thrones. — from The Magnificat
Mary knew well the power of God. We would do well to remember her words. No injustice will go unrewarded.

Tanya Williams
November 9, 2021

Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Sovereign over all. Your Word says “A
false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will perish.” – Prov 19:9
We thank you Lord that we can stand firm on your promises. We ask that all deception attempted in this election be exposed, and your annointed leaders be named, in the mighty name of Christ Jesus…Amen!

November 9, 2021

THANK YOU JESUS for your omnipotence and your sovereign power, continue to expose the evil in our politics, and remove the ones that are causing the Unholy actions and corrupt leaders who are greedy for power and self. Your Holy spirit overtake the darkness in this world, specially the ones who are in power over the counties, the state and the country…! in JESUS’ name

Marsha Bashor
November 9, 2021

I add my Amen to these prayers. Bring forth your mercy and justice O Lord to these two men, if they have been cheated out of their rightful wins of the election.
Thank you for working and I pray they receive all the signatures they need for an audit. We ask for your righteousness to prevail.

November 9, 2021

The new “normal” in many election races that Democrats lose is they will “find ballots”. This is most likely “code” for ballots that were “mailed in” – which is code for “duplicated fraudulent ballots” that were created “just in case”.
I don’t like to say new normal but follow the patterns that have been created by states that are democrat run or strongholds with weaker and/or looser election rules. They find more ballots when they lose. If they win, those ballots don’t need to be found and they don’t appear. Fraud, deception, cheating, etc. have become new normals for political gain or to hold onto power. The spirit behind this, along with the people who practice this deception – simply do not care about truth, honesty, fairness, character, etc. They have given themselves over to the selfish depravities that accompany lust, power and control. Their goal is to damage our election system to the point where people give up completely on it. If they can get our election system to a place where people no longer trust it, then it’s over. They will achieve what they set out to do, which makes “takeover” so much easier.
*Lord we ask for Your intervention in New Jersey and in any state within question. People everywhere in our nation are fighting to elect good people in office – people who will honor You, protect unborn life, listen to the citizens, uphold our laws, etc. But we cannot achieve these victories without Your help. We ask for Your help in exposure, truth, conviction, accountability, perseverance, courage and the tools to fight back fiercely against this ongoing evil. Raise up Your hand against those people trying to steal and purposely deceive. Lord God bless and show favor to those who have legitimately been victorious in elections. Let Your holy name be glorified through all of this – amen.

    November 9, 2021

    Praying in agreement with you, CN, and all the IFA intercessors here, in Jesus’ mighty name.

    (I am SO tired of the evil machinations of the Democrat party; new “normal,” indeed.)

    “The LORD is known by his acts of justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.” ~ Psalm 9:16

November 9, 2021

Almighty Heavenly Father, In the Righteous powerful name of Jesus Christ we ask for JUSTICE to prevail in the NJ elections. Let the truth prevail! Reveal the plans of deceit and those who have done so. Let your SPIRIT MOVE mightily & fiercely over those who are committing fraud & cheating. Give them unending unrest & convict their souls without end that they have no recourse but to admit defeat and that they did wrong.
Let your power filled righteousness surround & confound their attempts at a fraudulent win. We look to you, our Almighty GOD to defeat this enemy and allow the win for the election results. We trust the forces of Heaven to protect & strengthen those who are fighting for your Kingdom. May YOUR WILL be done & all glory be upon you!!

Tracey Powers
November 9, 2021

Father in Heaven, We praise You for Mr. Durr and his historic win in this election! Please fight this battle for him and for the people who voted for him! Only You are able to bring truth to light and bring Mr. Durr into office to serve the people of New Jersey! We praise You, Lord, Oh come and reign over us! Let Your will be done in this and all elections in the United States of America–Let Freedom Ring once again in our beloved country! We cry out to You, Righteous Judge of all the earth, to bring repentance and salvation to our land, in the mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

Kristina Estep
November 9, 2021

Dear LORD,
We ask that you would reveal any deeds of the darkness, anything deceitful going on in New Jersey regarding the counting of votes, or the “finding” of votes. We pray for a watchful eye on the people involved… expose anything that needs to be brought to light. May truth and justice prevail in the election process in New Jersey for Mr. Durr & the Governor race. You are in control of all things and we know you are moving in the hearts of your people across this nation. Thank you Jesus! May you be glorified in our nation once again. In Jesus Name, Amen

Susan CC
November 9, 2021

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the perversity of the faithless destroys them. Proverbs 11:3

Righteousness guards the man of integrity, but wickedness undermines the sinner. Proverbs 13:6

May integrity and uprightness preserve me, because I wait for You. Psalm 25:21

Dear Heavenly Father, Your word says integrity guides the good and righteousness guards one with integrity. I pray You are guiding Mr. Durr and Mr. Ciattarelli as they wait. I pray against the deceit intended and ask for You to continue exposing those individuals who are planning fraud in elections. All of them, everywhere, forever. Let freedom ring, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen


    Susan CC
    November 9, 2021

    I should have looked more closely before using this lyrics site. My apologies!

Allena Jordan
November 9, 2021

Father, raise up a standard against this flood of potential wrong-doing. New Jersey’s motto is “Liberty and Prosperity.” Let freedom ring. Bring forth the signatures needed for an audit. Oh, let liberty and truthfulness ring true in this state. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

    Susan CC
    November 9, 2021

    I just read your comment after posting my prayer Allena. The Lord has us in alignment, let freedom ring was placed on my heart as well. We serve an awesome God!

Bob huseby
November 9, 2021

Father we unite our prayers across this nation against this Antichrist spirit we are battling.
Thy kingdom come and thy will b done!! We pray only in Jesus mighty name Amen.


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