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Father, we thank you for this good news! Continue to show people the truth behind the trans agenda and the horrors of "gender-affirming" treatments, Lord!

The FDA has started adding warning labels to puberty blockers. Although the fight is far from over, this is a huge answered prayer!

From The Washington Stand. Puberty blockers earned a warning label from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this month after six minors (ages 5-12) experienced severe symptoms. The puberty blockers in question are known scientifically as “gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) substances” The minors, who were all biologically female, suffered from symptoms of “pseudotumor cerebri” (tumor-like masses in the brain), including visual disturbances (seeing bright lights that aren’t there), headache or vomiting, papilledema (swelling of the optic nerve), increased blood pressure, and abducens neuropathy (eye paralysis).

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“We’re just going to keep seeing more bad reports,” Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, Family Research Council’s director of the Center for Family Studies and a licensed clinical psychologist, told The Washington Stand. “Our bodies were not made for these drugs.” So, the unscientific campaign to push these drugs on children “isn’t going to have a good outcome.”

Bauwens said she was “a little surprised” by the FDA’s announcement because the medical establishment has suppressed information regarding the harmful effects of puberty blockers….

“At the same time, there comes a point when they [the FDA] have to do something,” continued Bauwens. “We already have studies showing the negative effects of both puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones,” but “any time we see more evidence and more publicity on the damage that these drugs do to kids, it’s helpful.” She added, “Good science is on our side. Truth is on our side. Those things always prevail when given the opportunity.”

While Bauwens believes the FDA’s warning for puberty blockers is good news, she doesn’t think this is the end of the debate….

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(Excerpt from The Washington Stand. Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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Allena Jordan
August 1, 2022

Lord, the children will no longer be “killed.” Save them from this atrocity. Amen.

Polly v Walker
July 31, 2022

These drugs should be removed . Destroyed. Father thank for this victory , We know the battle isn’t over ,help us stand strong agai st all this evil and do not give e up for the battle is your ,

    Sue Tracy
    July 31, 2022

    Lord these.drugs are influencing our children and causing them to deal with things they never were meant to. Thank you your are not a God of confusion; speak your truth into the hearts and minds of these children. Thank you Lord for your ways are so much higher we trust in Jesus save our children.


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