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Father, we thank You for striking down many of these vaccine mandates. We pray that You would continue to prevent states from violating our freedom and forcing us to vaccinate.
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Even in a leftist bastion like California, vaccine mandates have struggled to survive due to pandemic fatigue. We must pray that God continues to destroy these mandates before they ever reach the public at large.

From U.S. News. In January, progressive California Democrats vowed to adopt the toughest COVID vaccine requirements in the country. Their proposals would have required most Californians to get the shots to go to school or work — without allowing exemptions to get out of them.

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Months later, the lawmakers pulled their bills before the first votes.

One major vaccine proposal survives, but faces an uphill battle. It would allow children ages 12 to 17 to get a COVID-19 vaccine without parental permission. At least 10 other states permit some minors to do this.

Democrats blamed the failure of their vaccine mandates on the changing nature and perception of the pandemic. They said the measures became unnecessary as case rates declined earlier this year and the public became less focused on the pandemic. Besides, they argued, the state isn’t vaccinating enough children, so requiring the shots for attendance would shut too many kids out of school.

Political pressure from business and public safety groups and from moderate Democrats — along with vocal opposition from anti-vaccine activists — also contributed.

Now, even as case rates start to balloon again, the window of opportunity to adopt COVID vaccine mandates may have closed, said Hemi Tewarson, executive director of the National Academy for State Health Policy. “Given the concerns around mandates and all the pushback states have received on this, they’re hesitant to really move forward,” Tewarson said. “Federal mandates have stalled in the courts. And legislation is just not being enacted.”

Other states have also largely failed to adopt COVID vaccine requirements this year. Washington, D.C., was the only jurisdiction to pass legislation to add the COVID vaccine to the list of required immunizations for K-12 students once the shots have received full federal authorization for kids of those ages. A public school mandate adopted by Louisiana in December 2021 was rescinded in May.

The most popular vaccine legislation has been to ban COVID vaccine mandates of any kind, which at least 19 states did, according to the National Academy for State Health Policy.

In California, the landscape has shifted radically in just a few months. In January, a group of progressive Democrats unveiled eight bills to require vaccinations, combat misinformation and improve vaccine data. Two were sweeping mandates that would have required employees of most indoor businesses to get shots and added COVID vaccines to the list of immunizations required for schools….

But the legislation imploded almost immediately….

About 60% of eligible Californians are fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot, while only 35% of kids ages 5 to 11 have received their first two doses, according to the California Department of Public Health. Boosters were approved for children in mid-May.

Instead of implementing mandates, the state should focus on educating and reaching out to parents, said Assembly member Akilah Weber (D-San Diego), an OB-GYN who was among the legislators who introduced the package of vaccine bills. “It’s hard to make that argument that right now we need to be mandating when you have a good number of people who feel like we are past the pandemic,” she said….

Weber’s suggestion to better engage parents helps explain why the legislation failed, said Robin Swanson, a Democratic political consultant based in Sacramento. State and local officials never clearly communicated with the public about vaccinating kids, she said, and didn’t effectively reach out to vulnerable populations from the outset. “You can’t build a mandate on top of distrust,” Swanson said….

How are you taking a stand against vaccine mandates? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from U.S. News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Darlene Estlow
June 6, 2022

Father, we ask that this rule will go down in flames! We pray for your protection for our babies against this regulation. Thank you for hearing our prayer and we praise you that you are working in our country!

June 6, 2022

Oh, please Lord God, give us the strength and power to pray and fight against the demonic forces that are deceiving so many throughout this YOUR world. Help us, Holy Spirit, in JESUS NAME. Amen

June 6, 2022

There is an FDA attempt NOW (brief window for comments) to require jab for 6mos-4 yr olds. Plus put on the school etc required jabs list. Here is what I received and the file is out on FDA website:
On June 15, 2022, the FDA will be holding a meeting to seek approval of the Emergency Use Authorization for the Covid-19 vaccine to be administered to pediatric patients aged 6 months up to 4 years of age.

Per the set guidelines the FDA will be accepting comments from the general public in regard to this matter. These comments may be for or against the approval and administration of the Covid-19 vaccination but MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE MIDNIGHT JUNE 7, 2022.

In addition, if this measure is approved it could allow for the Covid-19 pediatric vaccine to be added to the Early Childhood Vaccination Schedule, meaning it would be required for infants and children to attend daycare, school, camps, sports, etc.

It is also important to note; once a vaccine is added to the Childhood Vaccination Schedule the pharmaceutical manufacturers are released permanently from any and all liability and cannot be prosecuted for any negative effects resulting from the use of the vaccine.

We need each and every one of our fellow freedom fighters to use this opportunity to make your voice heard. This will be the ONLY opportunity we have at protecting our children from this experimental vaccine that has failed to prove the benefit would outweigh the risk.

Attached pdf file w/complete instructions for submitting your valuable comments to the FDA.

    Darlene Estlow
    June 6, 2022

    Thank you I was able to submit my comment against this awful regulation.

June 6, 2022

First, nobody can force anyone to do anything, or are we in nazi Germany? Second, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! No more government mandates, EVER! FATHER GOD thank YOU for striking down these bills that were written for control, period! If legislators cared about Americans they would stop trying to force transgenders down our throats! FATHER GOD please let YOUR people continue to resist these evil governments, both state and federal in JESUS NAME! Give us discernment to know the plan of satan behind legislation in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen!


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