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Father, we pray that You would preserve our free speech everywhere, including on the internet. Prevent this policy from being misused, Lord.

Twitter recently announced its “Crisis Misinformation Policy,” which will censor posts or accounts containing “viral misinformation.” We must pray that this power is not misused to silence our freedom of speech.

From National File. Twitter recently announced its new “crisis misinformation policy” which will seek to suppress posts the company deems “viral misinformation.” The update will allow Twitter employees to label, and censor posts they determine to be misleading or false. The company claimed that the new tools will only be used in the case of a “humanitarian crisis.”

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“Today, we’re introducing our crisis misinformation policy – a global policy that will guide our efforts to elevate credible, authoritative information, and will help to ensure viral misinformation isn’t amplified or recommended by us during crises,” Twitter wrote in a blog post Thursday. “In times of crisis, misleading information can undermine public trust and cause further harm to already vulnerable communities.”

Twitter went on to define such crises as “situations in which there is a widespread threat to life, physical safety, health, or basic subsistence.”

“This definition is consistent with the United Nations’ definition of a humanitarian crisis and other humanitarian assessments,” the company added.

As part of its new “misinformation policy”, Twitter will employ a variety of tools, including the removal tweets from recommendations and disabling engagement on “misleading” posts. In addition to a label, users will not be able to like, retweet or reply to flagged tweets….

Many believe Twitter’s “crisis misinformation policy” will be yet another policy that is selectively applied to conservatives….

What do you think of this policy? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from National File. Photo Credit: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash)

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Darlene Estlow
June 6, 2022

Father, we pray you would stop this attempt to stop freedom of speech. Thank you that you made our nation free and we pray for your arm of strength to stop the enemy of our freedoms. Thank you for what you are doing to save our country and thank you that revival is coming and many will come to the knowledge of the truth of Jesus.

June 6, 2022

I think I will leave Twitter to its lying policy and take my social media needs to Rumble or Truth Social! Just like the biden/hitler acting regime attempting to force schools to let fake trans boys use the girls bathrooms by withholding lunch foods from schools that don’t institute this policy. Has anyone figured out why first obama and now biden are supporting perversions so strongly? Could they actually be involved in these abhorrent perverse lifestyles? These perversions are a very small minority of the American population, yet the majority of Americans are expected to accept and make provisions for these perverse lifestyles! I don’t think so! So is Elon Musk still buying Twitter? FATHER GOD I bind satan and all of his demon agents wrecking havoc across America! I pray that all of the corrupt social media platforms be struck out of business immediately! Take all power out of the hands of these wicked owners. Expose all of their wickedness openly in JESUS NAME! Amen!

    June 6, 2022

    In agreement! Praying all these corrupt businesses go bankrupt. As well as all those who are perpetrating corrupt policies of those in authority. In JESUS NAME. Amen.


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