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Lord God, we repent and we return to You. May our nation repent and return to You.
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As a nation, we must stop our worship of modern-day Baals. We intercessors must call for these idols to fall. We must call for an immobilization of the enemy’s camp. Speak confusion and mutiny to it. For there is only ONE God. And He is on the throne and has already defeated Satan.

In ancient times, Baal, while sometimes used more specifically to refer to “a Canaanite and Phoenician deity and the son of the chief god El”,  was a rather generic term used to refer to gods all over the area.  It is the god/gods men turned to when they turned their eyes away from the Living God.  Idols were made to stir up their worship.  It was an allowance of pagan ideas and practices to permeate culture rather than worship the one true God.

Consider this in light of the prayer Congressman Emanuel Cleaver offered on January 4, 2021 in the Capitol:  “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and ‘god’ known by many names by many different faiths.  Amen and awomen.”  And THIS was spoken by a man who served as a United Methodist pastor for 37 years.

We are walking a very slippery slope when we “change” our values, our truth, and even our words to engage with and agree with the public narrative.

In Scripture, we are reminded of how quickly even those who follow the Lord can avert their eyes.

The Golden Calf

In Exodus 24-34, we read an account of Moses and the Israelites.  The people had once again recommitted their lives to the Lord.  They had been witness to miracle after miracle in their lifetimes (deliverance out of slavery from a maniacal ruler, a Passover, parting of the Red Sea and a crossing over, manna and quail in the wilderness, water from the rock, a battle won simply by arms raised, and more), miracles that pointed to a GOD who heard and answered prayers, a GOD who made a way when there was no way, a GOD who cared deeply and intimately and called His people to be set apart, to be free. 

These same people, after hearing the Ten Commandments and the laws given to mark these people as ones truly “separate,” affirmed the covenant that had been made between them and God.  Then, for forty days and forty nights, Moses went up the mountain to be with the Lord to learn about the building of the tabernacle.  Forty days – that’s it.  And in those 40 days, an entire people averted their eyes away from the ONE who had led them by fire and cloud through the desert, the one who paved the way toward freedom.  These same people urged their priest, Aaron, to make them a “god” who would go before them, for Moses was nowhere to be seen.  The next day, their priest led them before this golden calf to worship and offer sacrifices.

I think about the many ways I see this in our world today.  Many believers have taken their eyes off our King and put their hope and their faith in another.  Christian leaders have led many astray, drawing focus away from the ONE we were created to worship.  Many priests/pastors/prophets have used their platforms to provoke allegiance and emphasis on agendas that don’t line up with Scripture, agendas that bring the people before idols rather than our King.  

The Lord was quick to alert Moses in the moment of idol worship and called him to go at once to the people who had corrupted themselves.  The Lord was ready to destroy them.  Moses implored the Lord to remember how His mighty hand had led His people to spare them their due destruction.  Mercy was extended temporarily.  But then judgment was executed within the Lord’s camp – among His people, set apart for Him and His Glory – a people prone to wonder, hard-hearted, stubborn, and rebellious.

Then the Lord called Moses to pick up again and go the land sworn to his forefathers.

[Moses said], “Now therefore, I pray you, if I have found favor in Your sight, let me know Your ways so that I may know You [becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with You, recognizing and understanding Your ways more clearly] and that I may find grace and favor in Your sight. And consider also, that this nation is Your people.” And the Lord said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest [by bringing you and the people into the promised land].” And Moses said to Him, “If Your presence does not go [with me], do not lead us up from here. For how then can it be known that Your people and I have found favor in Your sight? Is it not by Your going with us, so that we are distinguished, Your people and I, from all the [other] people on the face of the earth?” The Lord said to Moses, “I will also do this thing that you have asked; for you have found favor (lovingkindness, mercy) in My sight and I have known you [personally] by name.”  (Ex 33: 13-17 AMP, emphasis mine.)


Pray for this deep intimacy of knowing Him more clearly.  Pray that we would be distinguished in this nation, as a people that walk with the favor of the Lord Almighty.

Moses then returned to the people with two new tablets with the Ten Commandments (the first set Moses had smashed in righteous anger against his own people).

Then the Lord passed by in front of him, and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth (faithfulness); keeping mercy and lovingkindness for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin; but He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting (avenging) the iniquity (sin, guilt) of the fathers upon the children and the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations [that is, calling the children to account for the sins of their fathers].” Moses bowed to the earth immediately and worshiped [the Lord]. And he said, “If now I have found favor and lovingkindness in Your sight, O Lord, let the Lord, please, go in our midst, though it is a stiff-necked (stubborn, rebellious) people, and pardon our iniquity and our sin, and take us as Your possession.”

 Then God said, “Behold, I am going to make a covenant. Before all your people I will do wondrous works (miracles) such as have not been created or produced in all the earth nor among any of the nations; and all the people among whom you live shall see the working of the Lord, for it is a fearful and awesome thing that I am going to do with you.  (Ex 34:6-10 AMP, emphasis mine.)


Enter into our midst Father.  Pardon our iniquity and sin.  Take us as Your possession once again. 

We must not shrink in fear but must stand emboldened, emblazoned, and ready for battle. We are fighting to take back the hearts of our children and this nation from the agendas of tolerance and godlessness… We are fighting for the return of this nation to its roots, roots that were entrenched in religious freedom and founded on God.  We are fighting for our civil liberties.  We are fighting for truth and justice.  We are fighting because there is ONE name above all other names and we will NOT bow our knee to another.  We are fighting for the freedom of the Church, for the protection of family values and for our rights to freely worship our King.

Behold, He has wonderous miracles awaiting the Church and this nation – ones such that NO man can take credit for, a supernatural explosion of His hand and His glory!  It is a “fearful and awesome thing that (He) is going to do”!


We have turned our back on the Lord who had done mighty miracles in the establishment of this nation.  Our answer is always to go back His throne of grace and pray.

  • Pray for a return to our first love – untangled from political persuasion and agendas
  • Ask the Lord to reveal impurity in our hearts and motives and turn us wholeheartedly back to Him
  • Appeal to heaven on behalf of our families, our churches, and this nation – for a fear of the Lord to fall once again upon this nation; for the Church to be marked with boldness and holiness
  • Repent of any ways we have allowed to enemy to lie and steal from God’s people; repent of our own partnership of averting our devotion; repent of fear and any distrust (doubting that the Lord’s ways are higher than how WE would have answered our prayers)
  • Beseech the Lord to “[come into] our midst, though it is a stiff-necked people, and pardon our iniquity and our sin, and take us as Your possession.”
  • Then praise the Lord for the work He is going to do!

Our Allegiance

Watch yourself so that you do not make a covenant (solemn agreement, treaty) with the inhabitants of the land into which you are going, or it will become a [dangerous] trap among you. But you shall tear down and destroy their [pagan] altars, smash in pieces their [sacred] pillars (obelisks, images) and cut down their Asherim —for you shall not worship any other god; for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous (impassioned) God [demanding what is rightfully and uniquely His]…  (Ex 34:12-14 AMP)

We need to call an end to the worship of false idols.  Call this nation back to its first love.  We serve a jealous God.  Call this nation back to the godly principles it was established upon.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.  For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. (Ps 100:4-5)

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.  (Heb 4:16)

While we are citizens of the United States of America, we are first and foremost citizens of another Kingdom.  Our citizenship is in heaven.  We are adopted sons and daughters of a King.  As God’s children, we have rights and authority here on this earth.  Press in.  Pray boldly.  Believe in the God of miracles.  He is not done yet!

Author Suni Piper is a prophetic intercessor who blogs at A Surrendered Life

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Abigale Barnabas
January 13, 2021

This has been my prayer lately in my own life— to destroy idol worship. I thought I had always been with Him, but with a good daily look at my life, I found I was putting other things before dedicated prayer and intimacy with Jesus, my Love. My heart broke when I saw the truth that everything that distracted me was an idol. I had not really loved Him First. I was giving way to worldly activities and putting them before Him. God says, “Little children, stay away from idols.” I would see other people so involved in the world and daily things and I went and did those things with them instead of praying for this Nation. We are called to pray for the Nation of America, and I was not disciplined to stay on task. It was a battle against my flesh. With my eyes I saw the garden needed weeding, and house cleaned, and things to do for family, and I couldn’t stay on my prayer post. I repented, committed, and changed. It is good, and the Lord is answering prayers. Heb. 11:1, but NOW I see so much more prayer is needed. Half my friends are deceived. I must pray and Roar as David Bartin said: https://youtu.be/xo_MjvT6NOc. I must not only be dedicated to prayer, but dedicated to tear down the idols in my life and others by repentance, confession, declaration, the blood of the Lamb, casting out all fear, discouragement, distraction, etc. a long list,… then speaking the Word of my Testimony and not loving the flesh of the old woman to its death. Then when the beam is gone, intercede for the speck in others. I know there is a time to be a Martha, but in my spirit, I stay before the Lord and pray always. I love the Truth, I continue in the ways of Truth, always going deeper and closer to God…His ways are always higher than my ways. I learned a lot from the free book on http://www.administrationoftruth.com. called “The Truth in Deliverance.” I give thanks and listen to my Love, Jesus, and obey with joy. When He says, “No. I’ll take care of those things, they are only worldly and will go to dust.” I receive it. His House is a House of Prayer and I am at Home in it. Thank you for an opportunity to speak my testimony to others besides my husband and family. I have the most Godly, patient husband for 55 years. He prays every night from 11pm. to 5am and said God called him to be a night watchman. He sleeps until noon. I would not seek to change his schedule. God hears him.

Ron Greene
January 13, 2021

God has become obsolete in our society. People now worship a silicon calf, born of Intel and Apple.

Technology will turn on us like a snake and destroy us. Appreciate it for what it is, but do not give it undue power, nor submit to it. That privilege is reserved for God alone.

Carole Ann Neve
January 12, 2021

I remember when I was babysitting a child and told him to say Amen at the end of the prayer. He didn’t get it, and said, “A man”. So, I think we really have to explain what our prayers and what Bible reading meanings are about. It is too bad about what happened at the capitol with the Methodist pastor.

Andrea G . 27502
January 12, 2021

That person prayed in Congress does not need to pray any more in public. He needs help, and i am praying for him.
He needs Jesus. The person that called him to pray needs Jesus as well. WE NEED jESUS back in Congress again.
This usted to be a Christion Nation. What Happen. We took God out of schools and every other place. And it
started with you People.

Vashti Monica FORD
January 12, 2021

It is an example of how far from God those who profess to lead people spiritually have drifted from God and Truth.

January 12, 2021

Intercessors, be encouraged- remember that OUR GOD REIGNS!!! And “He shall reign forever and ever…and the government shall be upon His shoulders…and His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, the Everlasting Father- the Prince of Peace!!!” (For more encouragement, listen to Handel’s”Messiah” to hear these powerful words of God set to uplifting music!).
He IS the Deliverer of His righteous remnant- stay strong as you stand on His Word!

On deliverance-(from “Speak the Word” by R. Parsley) [anything in brackets is me changing the pronouns, or a comment I have inserted]:
“…Please remember that a letter is never delivered when it leaves your hand, it’s only delivered when it shows up where it’s supposed to be. God wants to not only bring you [and the USA] out, but take [us] all the way in! Some of [us] have come out but [we’ve] not yet entered- [we’ve] come out of sickness, but [we’re] not living in health; [we’ve] come out of bondage but [we’re] not living in freedom; [we’ve] come out of poverty, but [we’re] not living in prosperity. Allow these words from God’s Word to BIND UP THE HINDERING FORCES that are keeping [the United States of America] from [her] inheritance [given by our Mayflower ancestors and our Founding Fathers].
And remember, as I have always shared with you- freedom is never granted voluntarily by the oppressor- it must be DEMANDED by the oppressed!! It’s not [our] effort that will produce [our] freedom, but God’s. So, receive these words into your life now: Psalm 34:17 declares “the righteous cry, and the Lord heareth and delivereth them out of ALL their troubles.” …God intends for NOTHING to bind [the USA], NOTHING to hinder [the USA], nothing to block [the USA], nothing to stop [the USA]- [the USA] SHALL be delivered from ALL [her] troubles! Psalm 34:19 declares, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous…” You didn’t know how scriptural you were, did you?! You didn’t know that you are actually being scriptural when you’re bombarded or when you’re buffeted. Jesus said that “in this world, you will have tribulation, you’ll have persecution” -but He didn’t leave us there, He said “but remember, FAITH overcomes the world!” Your faith right now is being expressed as you receive these words into your life. So it’s all right! You can square your shoulders, & you can declare “many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them ALL!!!”
Psalm 25:20 declares, “O keep [the] soul [of the USA] and deliver [her]; let [us] not be ashamed for [we] put [our] trust in thee.”
Psalm 144:7 declares, “send thy hand from above…” Oh, I pray that for [the USA] right now! I pray that God will extend His mighty right arm of power over the sapphire sill of heaven’s gate; that He will lay His nail-pierced hand into [the USA’s] situation right now from above, and deliver [her]… He’s doing it -don’t you sense it, even now?! He’s placing that hand upon you and [the USA] according to Psalm 144:7. That hand, that anointing, is ridding [the USA] and delivering [the USA] out of great and overflowing waters, & from the hand of strange children!
Joel 2:32 says, “and it shall come to pass…”…do you hear that in your spirit? What’s the devil going to do with [remnant] folks that KNOW “it SHALL come to pass”?!! You say, ‘but pastor, [we] don’t have it right now, it’s not manifesting right now’ -friend, just square your shoulders and receive this word from God: “IT SHALL COME TO PASS that whosoever [that means us!] shall call on the name of the Lord SHALL be delivered!!!”
Jeremiah 15:21: “and I WILL deliver [the USA] out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem [the USA] out of the hand of the terrible…” Some of you are going through a lawsuit[s] right now…please hear this, please hear that word- God WILL redeem you out of the hand of the terrible! Psalm 18:19: “He brought [the USA] forth also into a large place; He delivered [the USA], because He delighted in [the USA].” Please understand, [the USA, the only country founded on the Word] hasn’t done anything to [irreparably] separate [her]self from the love of God, and His power to deliver! Psalm 119:153: “Consider [the USA’s] affliction and deliver [her], for [she does] not forget thy law.”
Proverbs 11:21: “Though hand join in hand…” you know, there are those that are conspiring against [the USA]; but hear what God’s Word says: “the wicked shall not be UNpunished, but the seed of the righteous [Founding Fathers] shall be delivered!”
2nd Corinthians 1:10: “…who delivered us from so great a death and doth delivered, in whom we [,the USA] trust that He will yet deliver us!” If He ever delivered [the USA] before (and [we] know He has!) He will deliver [the USA] NOW!
Colossians 1:13: “…who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and have translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son…” Friend, you are not going to the Kingdom of heaven, you’re LIVING in the Kingdom of God even now [“on earth, as it is in Heaven…”]!
Exodus 15:6 declares “The right hand of the Lord is become glorious in power; the right hand of the Lord hath dashed in pieces the enemy.” It’s not GOING to happen, it’s happening NOW as this Word comes into your life.
Psalm 91:3: “Surely…” Surely (without DOUBT, without RESERVATION, without EXCEPTION) SURELY He shall deliver [the USA] from the snare of the fowler and from the noisesome pestilence…”[America,] receive your deliverance in the Lord NOW, from the word of the Living God!!”

pat dipalma
January 12, 2021

until now i have not read a description of the prayer offered at the Capitol! Didn’t that make it vulnerable??? Lord, have mercy.

Joan Richardson
January 12, 2021

And as the darkness falls, I trust there are some among us who will do mighty feats in His glorious Name. (Dan. 11:32, 35; 12:3) It’s time to shine.
I am very encouraged by the articles IFA posts in these mailings. Sometimes I feel so close to the writers, like family to them. I’m greatly encouraged. No matter what the future holds, after the fire, the glory!

Sandra Hogur
January 12, 2021

I stand in total agreement with the prayers and position of God’s faithful prayer warriors…..this is indeed a Red Sea moment in His-story…..God is mighty to save us, keep us in His will, and show us His ways of “resurrection” for America! To God be the glory…..Amen!

January 12, 2021

Father God, You are our God and we are Your people. We pray to You this day to ask that Your presence would cover this nation. Don’t allow Your saints to fall away from Your truth and may the vipers that choose to create chaos be exposed. We pray for repentance of all Your believers and that many would be called into worship of You and come to Your Son Jesus Christ and ask for salvation and repent of their ways.
The worship of false gods is a trap many fall into, Lord we ask that You would open their hearts and eyes to the folly of their ways. You are the only way Jesus to defeat these lies. Please Lord forgive us and guide us to bring You and Your ways back into focus to save this nation.
In Jesus Precious Name we pray, Amen

January 12, 2021

That”minister” also INVOKED/INVITED Hindu god,Brahma into OUR HOUSE! WHAT did they think would happen!?

January 12, 2021

Lord, please help us repent and turn from our sins so that You can heal our nation. Help us to worship the One True God and not worship false gods or anything else that keeps us from having a relationship with You. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

John Loflin
January 12, 2021

Praise to you Lord God and Almighty Father! Praise to you Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God! And praise to you Most Holy Spirit, who manifests the Love between God the Father And Jesus Christ, His Son! Amen

Deborah Hawkins
January 12, 2021

just wrote this today it lines up with what we see. our weapon should be prayer.

January 12, 2021

You are the God of miracles!! You are the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob 🙌🏻

David L
January 12, 2021

My Lord,Truely we find ourselves as a nation in a terrible time of darkness.I pray that our elected leaders will look to You for wisdom and truth.only You Lord can protect us as our nation looks to all the false God’s of this world.

January 12, 2021

Lord, I command in Jesus name that the effects and power of the prayer that Congressman Cleaver prayed in the name of other ‘gods’ be broken and be blown out of atmosphere of our Government. May we and Christian leaders reject and NEVER say ‘amen’ to any prayers offered up by anyone in the name of other ‘gods’. Lord God, you alone established this nation. The signers of our Declaration of Independence even acknowledged that you are our Creator, Law-giver, Protector, and Judge. Lord Jesus, YOU ALONE are our Savior and King. Have mercy on us and save America Lord. Turn us back to you I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

    pat dipalma
    January 12, 2021

    I wonder if any shouted out any words of condemnation/disagreement/any words at all. lets go to the video tape…

January 12, 2021

A friend of mine noted that the prayer was addressed to Brahma, and then the very desk from which the prayer was offered was in the place that was stormed in the 1/6 violence. I remembered a picture that was sent to me of the individual standing victoriously behind, I believe, that desk… He was arrested, but the pic is the man with the horns. He calls himself a “brahman” Interesting…

Donna Hellman
January 12, 2021

Dear IFA Leaders,

May we have a letter appealing to our congressmen to reject the opening of Congress under any other God but the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the God who built this nation and established our Declaration of Independence by which we stand. Or, offer no opening public prayer at all.

Thank you!

    Pat Marrs
    January 12, 2021

    Yes we need to do that !! There is only one God !

January 12, 2021

The King of glory will not let his children down,
I praise you, I bless you I thank you Lord of Lords King Jesus.

Delila Mayer
January 12, 2021

Bless you for your Honest heartfelt prayers!!! I am unable to walk in a nursing home from French polio ! I offer this inconvenience up to the Lord for all you prayed for today! Jesus use it to humble your people to be honest and repent fully! In Jesus name I pray!

    Pat Marrs
    January 12, 2021

    Sweet Delila I pray in Jesus name for your healing and speak to your body to walk!! And stand ! The Word of God declares it so ! You are fearfully and wonderfully made , created in the imagine is God !! Lacking nothing ! Healed and whole !💕🙌🏻🙏

DR / Prophet Choo
January 12, 2021

Something is happening to us the spirit of God is speaking expressively in these latter days. We returning back to the pen, of the ready writer and the Gospel is being preach by the spirit. I saw this word PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE as I lay on my bed of December 30 my greatest concern was what was in God’s mind for this last day of the year. And there it came to me upon my bed, in a blessfull sleep.
THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE,the three kisses.

What is Allegiance, and what does kisses has to do with it.

January 12, 2021

At last, People!!
May Salvation come to Catholics who choose to see the very ugly shocking Truth, Lord comfort them.
The vatican has been corrupt for decades.
We have been deceived, lied to, poisoned by satan’s minions. Makes me want to vomit.
Sickening abuse, money laundering, social engineering, secret deals, political scandal hard to believe!
Most have done our research by now, faced the truth.
Time to lift up others and shine the light for them to see clearly.
Our mighty 45th Pres went to vatican, but refused to kiss the ring, bow down & give in to EVIL!
Thank You Jesus!
God please have mercy on America. We repent, we turned our back on You & Israel but that is being reversed. Eyes are opening, hearts are softening, ears are opening….Only by Your Abundant Grace!

January 12, 2021

Jesus Is Lord! Lord of All.

What a privilege to be His!

Thank You IFA. You are Mighty in God’s arsenal.

Sonya Yassa
January 12, 2021

I was truly appalled by the brazen display of paganism in that prayer. I recognized many years ago the corruption of our government and how they left the faith of Yeshua way behind and were riding the fence in the world and in faith. But this prayer was truly more than I could bear and I could not stop sobbing. May God forgive us all and bring our nation out of this darkness.

    Delilah bruch
    January 12, 2021

    I agree. I heard it myself. No wonder what happened on the 6th happened, after that prayer to a false god on the 5th. God is hearing every word we say.

January 12, 2021


Dorothy Cameron
January 12, 2021

The king also sent letters scorning the Lord , the God of Israel. He wrote, “Just as the gods of all the other nations failed to rescue their people from my power, so the God of Hezekiah will also fail.” The Assyrian officials who brought the letters shouted this in Hebrew to the people gathered on the walls of the city, trying to terrify them so it would be easier to capture the city. These officers talked about the God of Jerusalem as though He were one of the pagan gods, made by human hands. Then King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz cried out in prayer to God in heaven. And the Lord sent an angel who destroyed the Assyrian army with all its commanders and officers. So Sennacherib was forced to return home in disgrace to his own land.
2 Chronicles 32:17‭-‬21 NLT

Oh LORD our God, It is with a humble spirit we beseech You to do a work today as You did in the time of King Hezekia for Your name’s sake. We are undeserving, LORD. We have allowed our possessions to be our gods and have served ourselves. Forgive us Father. Have mercy on us LORD. we repent of our desire for material gain. Change our hearts and grant us, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, to seek You first, Your kingdom and Your righteousness! That You are our First Love and that we love others as You love us. May the name of Jesus Christ be exalted and glorified in Your church in this nation. We pray in His powerful name. Amen

January 12, 2021

Thank you God that you’re not done with our nation. Therefore every demonic activity that is targeted against the enemy of our souls. Destroy the works of the enemy. Move on behalf of your children now Lord in Jesus Name Amen.

    Lois Taritas
    January 12, 2021

    Amen and amen
    Who will I find faithful on earth! I have prayed repented and prayed! I will fight again. Where is the people of the kingdom of God! We have authority given to us by jesus to destroy all idols and abominations to our God! Donot lay your armor down, its not over!


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