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Lord, please continue to protect the unborn. "Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from him." Psalm 127:3

A new report comparing abortion laws across the world found that American regulations are on par with the laws found in some of the most restrictive and diabolical regimes.

Last month, the conservative Family Research Council released a report titled U.S. Abortion Law in Comparison With the Globe, and the results are pretty damning.

“Alongside Canada, China, Vietnam, and both North and South Korea, the United States is one of only six nations in the world whose national law allows abortion at any point through the entirety of pregnancy,” reads an FRC explainer. “The vast majority of nations restrict abortions at least to some degree.”

The report from FRC, which opposes abortion, specifically found that just three European nations — Iceland, the Netherlands, and Sweden — allow abortion past 15 weeks. But even countries like Iceland, the Netherlands, and Sweden (along with Singapore and New Zealand) protect the unborn past 24 weeks gestation.

These regulatory revelations are stunning when juxtaposed against America’s hands-off approach to the abortion issue, particularly the policies that put the U.S. on par with China and North Korea. . . .

The most glaring takeaway from the report is that the majority of nations across the globe restrict abortion to some degree. Thus, despite being the most advanced and prosperous nation in human history, the U.S. is out of pace with the abortion restrictions instituted by most other countries.

FRC rhetorically asked why these international differences exist, and the organization said the answer stands within a deeper, more introspective look at abortion.

“[Abortion] is either the killing of an innocent unborn child in the womb, or it is not,” the conclusion reads. “If it is not, then the abortion restrictions of all but six nations do not make logical sense. But if — as scientific research indicates — abortion kills an innocent unborn child, then it should be banned across the globe.”

People will undoubtedly have diverse opinions on policy recommendations surrounding abortion. However, FRC’s robust look at the issue, including these relevant questions, creates ethical problems that must be more fully explained. Read the full report here.

As Faithwire previously reported, this year is especially notable for the pro-life movement as the Supreme Court is preparing for a monumental abortion ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, which could derail portions — if not all — of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 law that legalized abortion in America.

What are your thoughts on this information about Abortion laws around the world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

(Excerpt from CBN News. Article written by Billy Hallowell. Photo Credit : Getty Images )

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Dr. Alma
February 10, 2022

From the moment of conception when the zygote is formed. It has all the unique human DNA that determines traits such as hair and eye color, sex, and personality. This is scientific evidence of when life begins. Father make this truth be known throughout the world so that repentance from murder can occur and Your forgiveness can heal us from this spirit of death.
In Jesus’ name. Amen!


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