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Father, we pray that You would continue to bless this effort by Pastor Jesse Bradley. Use this special event to bring glory to Your name, God.
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As untold scores of people gather for the World Cup, a former soccer player is using the event as a stage for the gospel. Praise God!

From CBN News. A former professional soccer player-turned-pastor is on a digital mission to reach World Cup fans with the Gospel.

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Jesse Bradley, a preacher at Grace Community Church in Auburn, Washington, told CBN’s Faithwire he’s seen thousands of soccer fans embrace Christ since launching his effort.

“We’re able to create content where we share the Gospel. I share my story, and people are making decisions to follow Jesus,” he said. “We’re reaching millions of people. We’re seeing over 18,000 already make first-time decisions.”

But it’s not limited to simply counting decisions made. The effort also has a discipleship element, with Bradley partnering with Global Media Outreach, a company leveraging technology to spread the Gospel, to ensure people are connected to a Christian community.

“They … follow up, and we help those people find a church,” he said. “So, it’s not just decisions; it’s disciples.” …

Watch him explain the ministry outreach and offer his testimony:


Bradley’s digital campaign relies on creating content that “leads to conversations and even conversions,” delivering these messages to mobile phones, among other personal locations.

The less-than-60-second videos speak about the World Cup before going into Bradley’s story.

He was once a professional soccer goalkeeper who had a tragedy, which creates interest in the viewers. …

As for the massive reaction to the Gospel message, Bradley is deeply encouraged.

“It’s so fulfilling,” he said. “I’ve been in ministry now for two decades, and we’ve never seen more fruit than we have in the last two years.” …

How are you praying over Bradley’s message? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from CBN News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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December 14, 2022

I recall in the 80’s and 90’s pastors talking bout revival that was coming where whole stadiums of people would get saved. Wonder if this was part of it and prayer being answered? Praise God!

    Ethel Schumer
    December 16, 2022

    I was it Argentina in 1978 when they won the National championship title. Went with YHAM, large group of us were there for five weeks, the group I was with went to Cordova Arg. We spent our days praying and witnessing and being taught and instructed from the leaders of YWAN. Many people were saver and Cor. Ar. won the World Title that year. What a Blessing to be a part of what God was doing. I was a soccer Mom from St. Louis with five boys each of them won scholarships to play at St. Louis, Edwardsville, Il, Quincy IL and Rock Hurst in Kan. City. All four schools went to the playoff for the national, I think that was in 1934 title that year. God loves soccer players and has answered our prayers of what is happening now.

Laurel Fowler
December 13, 2022

This looks like a wonderful ministry. I have a son-in-law in Spain that is an avid soccer player and soccer fan. He needs to be reached with the gospel. Is there a link to this ministry somewhere?

Sharon Magnus
December 13, 2022

Father, we praise you for what you are accomplishing! Please continue to soften hearts, and open eyes, preparing souls to receive your gift of salvation, Jesus! Strengthen your servant, and bless GMO with the resources needed, to continue to spread the Gospel, and provide discipling in the lives on new and young believers. We are in awe of all you are accomplishing, Abba! All praise be to you and to you King Jesus! We ask this in your Name, Amen.


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