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Father, we pray for those who are being unfairly prosecuted in the January 6 trials. Protect them, God, and save them from those who wish to manipulate and harm them.
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Analysis. We had dinner last night at a local restaurant where CNN was on the big screen over the bar the entire time.  I was gobsmacked.  As if the riots occurred the day before, continuous coverage of the January 6 events rolled endlessly across the screen for the entire 2 1/2 hours.  Do people sit in front of their television and watch hours of this simulation on a loop?

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Once home, I quickly checked CNN again:  4 1/2 hours later and still going!

As you watch the January 6 Inquisition, ahem, hearings, it is imperative to rightly acknowledge what you are seeing — and not seeing.

First, America has carefully designed an adversarial system of justice.  This means anyone charged with a crime has clearly enumerated rights which include: the right to confront their accusers, the right to make a defense, the right to present and scrutinize evidence, the right to cross-examine witnesses, and the right for opposing parties to freely challenge one another as a judge presides.

These hearings are the exact opposite of a trial and adhere to none of our formularies of law or justice.  Instead, it is a carefully produced media montage fertilized with a fierce political purpose.  I am not saying you shouldn’t watch it. I am saying be aware of what you are watching.

Not only are these hearings a sham simulation, the committee itself is governmentally illegitimate.  The ranking minority leader was not permitted to appoint a single member and the only two Republican members were appointed by the majority leader.

Allow me to state the obvious before continuing:  I unequivocally condemn any rioter who broke any law at the Capitol on January. 6.  It is confounding this needs to be stated, but there it is.

Second, as the assertions are made and video clips replayed, be sure to ask some basic questions — questions that have been wholly avoided so far.

Why did Speaker Pelosi, who has jurisdiction over the DC Capitol Police, and Mayor Bowser deny and reject the President’s offer to send a thousand National Guard troops to help secure the Capitol during the day’s proceedings?

What is the status of the investigation of the alleged pipe-bombs?  With over 14,000 hours of surveillance video, surely there is a hint who placed these devices at the RNC and DNC headquarters?  Why did the government attempt to cover up that Kamala Harris was not at the DNC during the time the alleged pipe bombs were found?

They used geospatial data to knock down the doors of innocent tourists in pre-dawn FBI raids, but can’t find the actual terrorists who placed these alleged bombs with the intent of blowing up government buildings and killing innocent people?

Were these lethal, detonatable devices or decoy duds designed to distract?

They keep telling us people were killed at the Capitol. Consider this:  How many of those arrested have been charged with murder?  The answer is roughly between minus one and one and rhymes with Nero.

How did Rosanne Boyland actually die?

Why was the name of the officer who executed Ashley Babbit fiercely concealed until persistent journalists revealed it?  Are you comfortable that Lt. Michael Byrd exercised proper and legal use of force given there is video footage of Ashley being welcomed into the Capitol by DC Police?

Meanwhile, we are forced to watch countless clips of Jacob Chansley playing dress-up in the Rotunda.  (Jacob was not charged with assault nor destruction of property yet was sentenced to 41 months in prison after an extended and illegal solitary confinement.)

Which media publications corrected their original reporting that Officer Brian Sicknick was bludgeoned to death by Trump supporters?  (His cause of death was not bludgeoning nor was it related to tear gas or poison.)

How comfortable are you with the FBI, DOJ, DOD, CIA, NSA, CSS, etc?  Are we comfortable with the number of doors broken down in the wee hours of the morning by tactically armed teams of agents?  Most of the people hauled away had no prior record and did not enter the Rotunda that day.

If you have read the opening chapter of The Gulag Archipelago, you should have chills right now.

Is this committee carefully explaining to us why dozens of fellow American citizens are still being held in deplorable, solitary confinement under “Pre-trial detention orders?”  These cases continue to be intentionally delayed, some toward the end of 2022.  (The Gulag Archipelago.  Ibid.)

Why was instigator extraordinaire Ray Epps not charged with incitement of a riot, violent entry, or obstruction of an official proceeding?  You can readily watch footage of Epps demanding that protestors must enter the Capitol. Isn’t that the precise definition of incitement?

If that wasn’t convincing enough, Epps later made good on his rallying cry and violently led the charge through the first breached barriers.  (Note: While DC Police attempted to restrain Epps’ warriors on the West side of the Capitol, Brandon Straka recorded a video of police removing barriers and welcoming people into the Rotunda on the East side.}

Epps was barely questioned while Straka was wrongly imprisoned and now faces three years of probation.  He was also placed on the terrorist watch list.

Straka never entered the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Why were  hundreds of undercover FBI agents commingling with the crowds that day?  Do you remember when Gov. Whitmer’s alleged “kidnappers” were announced and arrested?  (Hint:  It was the day early voting began in Michigan.)

Be sure to know the final rulings and verdicts in the Whitmer case and how the FBI was exposed and humiliated for entrapment.

As you watch, keep in mind the primary reason why angry people gathered in DC on Jan. 6 in the first place.  They gathered to protest the numerous illegalities and profound anomalies of the 2020 election.

Whether you have personally taken the time to research both the machine and ballot issues or not — no one should accept the dereliction of our press and justice departments to ignore and dismiss blatant corruption, fraud, and illegal processes of our election system.

The more the regime attempts to gaslight half of the country, the further from healing we drift.

If 2020 was the safest, most secure election in American history, why is irrefutable evidence swatted away with bogus debunked stickers?

Perhaps the most important question to ask is this:  If American citizens were incited to riot by false claims of election fraud, why haven’t Mike Lindell, Catherine Englebrecht, Dinesh D’Souza and Gregg Philips been arrested and charged with the appropriate crimes for propagating the evidence that continues to fuel suspicion?

Seems to me they should have been the first to be arrested in this draconian dragnet.  Then again, maybe the grand puppeteers know full well that a prime-time trial held in a court of law would fail and cause an insurrection of a different feather.

How are you praying for those who are being falsely accused in the January 6 trials? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Used with permission. The Wine Patch, by Keith Guinta. Photo Credit: Harold Mendoza on Unsplash)

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Patricia Garrison
June 27, 2022

Dear Lord, show all the truth. Stop the tongues of lies about Jan 6. Protect and comfort those being held without jyst cause.
In Jesus name. Have mercy

Karen Secrest
June 23, 2022

Reminiscent of the pastor held without cause in a Turkish jail..
May they be vindicated by the Almighty who says: vengeance is mine.
M as you He act swiftly against the ungodly..

Winona Lee
June 23, 2022

Lord, we cry out to you for the shortage of food supply in the USA and the world. You word says that you will supply all our needs and no one shall lack. Let us hold dear to your promise Lord. We ask that no one shall have lack of food due to the government trying to control the massiveness of people but we will all turn from our wicked ways and cry out to you Our Heavenly Father . We will pray without ceasing and glorify your Holy Name in Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏

Gloria McCarthy
June 22, 2022

May God Please Help Us! Our Nation and the Whole World Is Being Destroyed!

Mary Ann Mertz
June 22, 2022

As I stand and put the armor of God on each day, I lift up those being held in jail from the J6 incident and put the armor on them as well. I pray for their continued strength and courage. I ask for God to release them from being held illegally without due process. I give thanks to the Lord for His truth and righteousness to prevail.

Kathleen Laverick
June 22, 2022

Father God I ask you to reach out your strong arm of justice and free the political prisoners being held because of January 6th entrapment. Stir the conscience of members of the Justice Department. Break through the layers of deception and free these individual. Restore what has been taken from them. Protect and provide for their waiting families. May they turn to you for comfort and assurance. Jesus I ask in your name. Amen

Maggie H
June 21, 2022

Another thought:

Maggie H
June 21, 2022

Thank you, Keith! I always appreciate your skillful and well thought out writings!

Sally J Hanson
June 21, 2022

I am greatly frustrated by the illegality of all the above. The media has stayed silent on those wrongly arrested and detained. All are political prisoners. How many have died? I can only say that GOD above all those whom would desire to be treated as gods, sees all the evil. None of whom are practicing godlessness will escape His Wrath. These evil people pretend God doesn’t exist beyond their evil desires. Remember, Satan hates mankind and desires to destroy mankind in any way he can, including those who practice Satan worship and witchcraft. People fool themselves in believing worshipping Satan will save them from utter Hell where there is no escape.

Jacquelyn Miller
June 21, 2022

This is a Christian Forum. Let’s face it: What we witnessed was downright disgusting on January 6th. God would never condone such behavior and I am amazed that so many Christians are riding that train. First of all, God raises kings, and He deposes them. Therefore, He allowed Trump to be president and He allowed him to be removed. God is in total control. No one can ‘steal’ anything from God. These are facts from God’s Word that we don’t want to hear. God is Sovereign over the whole earth. He has the final say. He allowed Saul to be the first king of Israel: He removed him from his position. Also, two wrongs don’t make a right.
We need to start seeing things as God does. We love men so much that God makes no difference. He is going to judge each and everyone. America, we are in deep trouble and time is winding down. Our babies are dying while we continue to whine over something that is so hideous. America, wake up!

    Patricia Garrison
    June 27, 2022

    You need to get the facts. U do not know the truth

Linda k Rice
June 21, 2022

If My people…is still the solution. An waiting for justice.

June 21, 2022

“I unequivocally condemn any rioter who broke any law at the Capitol on January. 6.“

As Christians, we must remember to condemn sin, but not people. Such a statement above is not in line with Christ. Christ alone condemns people at the last judgment. I realize such language is very popular today, but as Christians we cannot capitulate to it. Condemn sin, yes, but do not usurp Christ’s role (ergo play God) and condemn people.

Carolyn Simms
June 21, 2022

May heavenly throne room vindication be visited upon those who have been and are being falsely accused, in the most holy and faithful name of YESHUE JESUS, our LORD and SAVIOR!!!

Sian Watts
June 21, 2022

Lord I pray for Your justice to be done. I pray for Your people to speak truth and for all evil forces at play to be defeated.

Ann Hucke
June 21, 2022

Our system of checks and balances has been replaced by the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. It didn’t happen overnight and was done with intent and direction by BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE. The devils strategy is always DIVIDE. As long as we continue to fall under this spell, we ALL lose. The points you have made SHOULD BE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE presented by EVERY NEWS AGENCY but it is not! We talk truth and lies within our own circles, until THE LORD decides enough is enough He will give us all the room we need to REAP what we SOW. We have forsaken HIM and hued out cisterns broken cisterns that can hold no water. The safest place for us, followers of the LORD JESUS CHRIST is IN HIM. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. We may in the good ol USA begin to experience what much of the WORLD has experienced for centuries- PERSECUTION. Are we ready? Will we HUMBLE ourselves enough to HEAR WHAT HE IS SAYING – to SEE WHAT HE IS DOING so WE CAN DO THAT? Jeremiah lived through the destruction and carrying away into Babylon and suffered greatly, the LORD preserved him through it all. He never quit speaking the Truth. May we as His followers take heart and do the same. This life is a flash in the pan, we are ALL, without exception, heading into ETERNITY. Let’s build from that perspective.

June 21, 2022

The truth will come out. Those that have been part of this fraud and evil (and there are many) will suffer the consequences here on earth and/or eternally.

Susan Eddlemon
June 21, 2022

These false flag operators will be caught in the same traps that they have set for others.

Sally Yorke
June 21, 2022

Father, our eyes are firmly fixed on you. Expose truth, reveal unrighteousness. Turn peoples hearts back to you. Lord, I pray for the Supreme Court judges and all judges throughout the land. I ask, Lord, that the judges take a look at their hearts throughout our land. That their eyes are opened to the truth in our nation. I pray that they take seriously their roles in deciding true justice. I ask that they examine all evidence, prick their consciences to decide always in favor of Your truth, in Jesus Name. We desire to see truth in the inner most being in all judges.

Roscoe Conklin
June 21, 2022

PLEASE restore justice to the United States of America. We cry out for mercy for those unjustly charged and held prisoner, and we cry out for release!! Father, remove those who lie and scheme to destroy this nation and our Constitution that has made us the safest and most prosperous nation on earth. TURN OUR HEARTS back to YOU, Lord God. I PLEAD, in JESUS’ NAME, for TRUTH and JUSTICE to be restored in our Courts and in our Congress. The wickedness in high levels of leadership.

Connie White
June 21, 2022

Father in Heaven, PLEASE restore justice to the United States of America. We cry out for mercy for those unjustly charged and held prisoner, and we cry out for release!! Father, remove those who lie and scheme to destroy this nation and our Constitution that has made us the safest and most prosperous nation on earth. TURN OUR HEARTS back to YOU, Lord God. I PLEAD, in JESUS’ NAME, for TRUTH and JUSTICE to be restored in our Courts and in our Congress. The wickedness in high levels of leadership is so great that we don’t know what to do, but LORD, our eyes are on You.

June 21, 2022

Praying for TRUE JUSTICE to be done. This is definitely NOT THAT!! The American people are being force-fed such huge lies. Thank God, the truth is being exposed for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see it. Thank You Holy Spirit for TRUTH!!!

June 21, 2022

It’s difficult to understand why judges throughout the land refuse to even look at evidence that to many of us is irrefutable. It’s also hard to understand how differently those arrested in connection with January 6th are treated in comparison with others being detained often for more serious crimes.


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