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Lord, remove confusion in Michigan, and prompt those to vote for righteousness who are against infanticide and the criminalizing of parents for preventing their children from cutting off healthy body parts!
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What is a matter of life and death? Abortion on the ballots of five states and as a major factor in every race across the nation. Author Janet Porter, the architect of a heartbeat bill, is speaking throughout Michigan to make people aware of that state’s Proposal 3. The Michigan Catholic Conference warns that this measure seeks to create an amendment to the state constitution to:

  • legalize abortion at any time in pregnancy for any reason.
  • allow abortions to be performed by anyone, even those without a medical license.
  • allow any person to help teens obtain abortions without their parents knowing.
  • protect abortion providers from penalties for killing or injuring a woman during an abortion.
  • revoke state law that requires abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected.
  • require taxpayers to pay for abortions.

Connect with others in your state in prayer.


USA Today recently published a major article on how Porter conceived and helped pass the heartbeat bill, and she cites the words of Martin Luther when explaining why she’s spending time in Michigan: “If you are fighting on all battle fronts, besides where the battle is the hottest, you are a traitor to the cause.”

Porter was willing to do an interview while driving between speaking engagements. She said:

In Michigan the school board was caught … training teachers to hide their child’s gender confusion from mom and dad. … In the American Psychiatric Association textbook … Gender Dysphoria is listed still as a mental disorder. So, you’ve got the Drag Queen Story Hour, all the transgender and homosexual agenda books in the schools. If Johnny happens to pick up a doll instead of a truck one day, these teachers are telling him: “You might be a girl.” And now, what Prop 3 would do is, it would give power to those same school teachers or counselors to go in and take Johnny — without mom and dad ever knowing — to be castrated, to be sterilized, to have healthy body parts cut from them. This is how extreme this is — and if mom and dad get wind of it … if they want to try and protect their child from being … mutilated in this way, then guess what? The law enforcement is coming after the parents. That is what is on the ballot on Tuesday. We need a stark NO to Prop 3 and Prop 2, which is election fraud. Both would be emblazoned into the state constitution, which makes it nearly impossible to remove it. It’s not just like passing a law.


Porter’s team has been outspent 44 million to 1, and she says: “George Soros just dumped another $24 million into this campaign to confuse Michigan voters. When they go into the ballot, the description of Proposal 3 is nothing like it really is.”

But Porter is undaunted. “We’re facing a lot of money and a lot of giants,” she said, “but we’ve got a God who towers above every giant we face!” She says she is expecting a “Michigan miracle.”

Here are links to the sites Janet mentions in the interview: www.F2AMichigan.org, and www.MyFaithVotes.org, and on www.iVoterGuide.com, you can type in your address and see where your candidates stand on life and other important issues.

Now that Roe v. Wade has been abolished, we have a chance to save lives in many states through our votes. Even if there is no constitutional amendment on the ballot in your state, electing officials who share our values is important. “Christians nationwide vote at only a 2% higher rate than the country at large,” reported Christians Engaged. But Tim Head, executive director of Faith & Freedom Coalition, says in the documentary Free and Fair: “The faith vote remains the single largest demographic in American politics. It’s larger than the union vote, it’s larger than the minority vote, and larger than the gay votes all totaled together.”

If we make the effort to cast our votes in alignment with God’s priorities, we can literally save lives and transform the landscape of America and the world.

Porter says she hopes those outside Michigan will pray and take action to support F2AMichigan. “If they succeed with this abortion until birth and beyond measure that mutilates children without parental notice or consent, then guess what? They’re going to take their dog-and-pony show and they’re going to move it to where you live. We’ve got to stop them here so it doesn’t spread like a cancer.”

In our interview, Janet spoke about how the righteous are as bold as lions. I hope you’ll get clean before the Lord Who longs to forgive you, and then boldly share how life is on the line this Election Day.

Here are clips of Porter speaking in Michigan:

This dramatization exposes the nuances of Proposition 3:

How are you praying against Proposal 3? Share your prayers and scriptures for the unborn below.

Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations on six continents, mostly with his own one-man plays. He will report on New York election results on www.Brighteon.tv on Nov. 8, between 6 and 11 p.m. Rich and his bride, Joyce Swingle, another contributing writer for IFA, now have 37 screen children. The Swingles live in New York City. www.RichDrama.com. Photo Credit: Rich Swingle.

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November 9, 2022

Father God I rebuke the evil contained in Michigan’s proposition 3 and command it to crumble in the Name of Jesus. I also rebuke any similar legislation on ballots of other states. May God’s wonderful and glorious will be done and our children and babies be treated with great love and protection as Father would have us do. They are the future of our country !! They are first in God’s heart before His throne!! ❤️❤️🙏🙏

Sue Tracy
November 8, 2022

Lord we stand on your word, every life is precious. Thank you for the victory in the Supreme Court 7/24/22 we ask you to help us stand for life and we pray for politicians to stand for life and biblical values. Lord you’ve given us freedom to choose may we seek Your Will and follow Your plan for our lives. Lord come and lead us back to You again. Let Your will be done and allow this election to demonstrate Your Supreme Authority for each of us. We love you Lord save souls bring us to repentance that leads to forgiveness. Amen

November 8, 2022

Dear Lord, may the people of Michigan know the truth when they go to vote, so that these evil propositions may be defeated and the children of Michigan, both those in the womb and those in school, may be protected. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Marsha Bashor
November 8, 2022

I pray to the Lord for righteousness to prevail in Michigan. I pray over all children who are being attacked by the enemy in these ways of abortion and transgenderism. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy and he is putting up a great effort regarding our innocent children. Please Lord destroy the enemy and his ways regarding our children and those in Michigan. Come to their rescue and wipe out these devastating ideas from their minds. Take these ideas out of the schools and help the parents to defend their children. Turn Michigan into a righteous state through this election of righteous leaders.

November 8, 2022

This is an amazingly powerful article with its poignant clips! Praise God for raising up eloquent, passionate and anointed people like Janet, IFA and so many others to stand and kneel on the frontlines of this intense national warfare. May this powerful IFA piece be quickly electronically shared all over Michigan (and the rest of the Nation as a wake up call) to assist voters in truly understanding the demonically inspired and deceptively written Prop 3. Your Kingdom come Lord Jesus as you open up the eyes of the blind and remove the veils over the eyes of the uninformed. Pray for unprecedented numbers of Biblically valued voters to come out of their complacency and make a true difference in shifting our Nation back to God!

Barbara Janicki
November 8, 2022

Praying against this evil, which some are trying to make the law in Michigan. Praying that voters will be discerning and recognize what these laws would do and vote against these proposals. It sounds like they have to lie to voters via “the description on the ballot being nothing like it really is” even to get this passed. Again TRUTH is so vitally important to us, for us to make wise decisions we have to know the truth – we have been enslaved because we have not been given truth from our media about so many things including covid, vaccines, election integrity etc. Praying for many truthtellers to rise up and speak out. Praying for truth to prevail in Michigan and praying for Janet as she proclaims truth that voters need to know. May many receive the truth and vote accordingly, so that many lives will be spared. Lord God, intervene in these elections, even as we look to You as our hope for now and our hope for the future. You alone are Sovereign over the affairs of men. We look to You to hear our cries and be mighty on our behalf in this battle. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

November 8, 2022

Lord we stand with Janet in Michigan and other states where abortion is on the ballot today. Father in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, we bind ALL evil, lies, the attempt to cover up what evil wants to do, anything that goes against Your Truth. Thank You for the angels manning the voting places and watching over Your servants. Thank You for letting us see Your mightiness at work! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Linda k Rice
November 8, 2022

Mercy Abba

November 8, 2022

Covering the state of GA Senator Raphael Warnock is very strong
in this state
Massive Government is ignored and
The man is winning.
Raphael Warnock is a grassroots politician
The democrats are combing back unless
We stop Raphael Warnock

November 8, 2022

Clearly, this is a war between Good and Evil. God wins!

November 8, 2022

I join in agreement with the prayer as we pray and praise please confuse the enemy as our warfare is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers……through Jesus Christ I come

November 8, 2022

Last night I was praying and I opened my Bible and wouldn’t you know it. It was David picking up his stone and slaying the Giant. I believe that God wants us to speak truth over proposal 3. Father God you have given us the victory over prop 3. As we praise you confuse the enemy. Send clarity to all voters in Michigan about what this really is. Remove the deception off their eyes. Your word says that you go before us. You have set a table before us in the presence of our enemies . Send your Holy Sprit to hover over Michigan today. Open up the floodgates of heaven and saturate us Lord. Forgive America for even proposing such abominations to You we praise you , praise you praise you. We worship you Lord and we thank you for declaring NO to prop 3 and prop 2.

Bernadine Guidry
November 8, 2022

Father GOD mobilize the body of Christ to flood the election polls with an unprecedented number of your children to vote a resounding no on propositions 2 and 3 and vote for candidates that represent your Biblical Values. Give all of the citizenry of Michigan as well as all of the United States the wisdom to discern the truth from ads, debates, pundits, and the news media and have clarity when they go to vote. In the name of JESUS, Amen!

Marie Eisbrenner
November 8, 2022

Thank you all for praying for my state of Michigan! I was encouraged to hear so many voices praying in unison last night, and thank my God in advance for planting the stone that we slung, through our ptauets, right between the eyes of proposal 3 in the name of Jesus!

Rich Swingle
November 8, 2022

After praying with the State Prayer team in New York, I jumped on the Michigan prayer call to pray for the defeat of Proposition 3, and there were four of us on who all called in after the main call ended. It felt like the Lord specifically called us together to intercede! The others all knew what Prop 3 was about, and one had a “No on 3” sign in his yard! Glory to God! Mary many lives be saved!

Then I got on the prayer call for Oregon, the state I grew up in. A woman in Astoria made a very interesting observation: The legacy press for years has been labeling Washington, Oregon, and California as Blue States, though geographically all three are Red. She knows elections have been stolen in all three states for decades. Praying today the votes come in for biblical values in all three states!

Oh, and in my bio I said election coverage will start at 5 p.m. Eastern on http://www.Brighteon.tv, but it’s been rolled back to 6 p.m.


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