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2030 People Prayed
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I, along with many other believers, felt that President Trump’s declaration for an Easter breakthrough last week was prophetically inspired. Though a long shot compared to the statistics, people of faith were stirred to align with the promise. But earlier this week the President announced that the Guidelines for social distancing have been extended beyond Easter by two more weeks. Because of the counsel from his advisors, President Trump backed off his initial declaration. It appears his prophetic promise has now been postponed. The work of rats?

. . . Even as we pray for those being negatively affected by this “invisible enemy” (as the President calls it), we must not forget the real enemies – principalities and powers determined to destroy this nation at any and all costs.

And yet, even in the midst of this demonic rat infestation, God is working something deep within our hearts to prepare us for what is ahead. He is using everything the devil is throwing at us to equip us for our future. How we respond in this season will determine our readiness and ability to succeed in the seasons ahead. I also believe God is positioning President Trump for a spiritual upgrade that is going to strategically prepare him for the next four years in the White House.

Kim Clement prophesied in 2007 that there would be a President who would come into office as a nominal believer but leave as a Spirit-filled man of power. I believe this crisis has the potential to launch Trump into an encounter with God that will promote him from a savvy businessman to a spirit-emboldened presidential prophet! Realizing the limits of his own skills and abilities to fix things, Donald J. Trump can walk in a personal revelation of the resurrected Christ and the limitless power of His Spirit. Just think of the exploits this President will do knowing the spiritual implications of his mission beyond an economy, health benefits, or national infrastructure! I believe we have only seen the beginning of what God wants to do in this nation under Trump’s leadership. It could be that this worst-case scenario might be the very thing that ushers in a miraculous move of God, starting with our President.

It is critical to pray for intercessors to pray for President Trump right now.
You can send him a message that you are praying–just click below and follow the instructions.

We must pray that the controlling spirits working by remote would come to light. There are political puppeteers out of the public eye who must be brought into the light. These strongmen must be expelled and forever disempowered for the sake of our children. We must also pray that the President’s heart would be protected from those seeking to take advantage of his compassion for the American people. He has let down his guard and opened himself to counselors with a mixed agenda. The rats must be dealt with and wise counsel restored.

If being brought to “nothing” brings us to our knees, it only means the best is yet to come. Regardless of what challenges lie ahead, I believe that what seems like a demonic setback to many might actually be a divine SET UP for glorious days ahead! Even as the adversary uses witchcraft to conjure up predictions and manipulate minds, so can the Holy Spirit fall in great power to nullify every curse and cancel every scheme from the dark side! If we can allow this time of stripping and humbling to purify our hearts and sanctify our priorities, we will be perfectly positioned for a manifestation of God’s glory and resurrection power, regardless of the timing.

Easter, after all, isn’t about a date on the calendar, but a timeless reality of the Spirit. Let’s align ourselves with THAT.

Wanda Alger has been a field correspondent with Intercessors for America and written for Charisma, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and The Christian Post. She is an author of numerous books, including “Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God.” Follow her blog at

2030 People Prayed
36701 People have read this article

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  2. In view of what is happening in the world today: There is a message for us all! I have asked God & I pray that everyone that reads this, do the same: Ask God what am I doing that I Should Not be doing and what am I Not doing, THAT I SHOULD!! We all must make sure we are PLEASING GOD!!
    Lord I want to please you, help me & others to hear from you, then follow you. AMEN!! Brothers & Sisters, I LOVE YOU & may GOD BLESS and KEEP US ALL..

  3. With Easter passed, we now enter the week before Divine Mercy Sunday. During this week, many of us are praying in unity, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, begging God’s mercy reign down upon all nations and our world. It is said that there will be a time for our Lord to show us his great mercy, before he renders the terror of his “just” judgement of we we all truly deserve because of our sinfulness and the evil that runs rampant throughout our world.
    We pray – Eternal Father, we offer to you, the most precious body, blood, soul and divinity of your most dearly beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world!!! Please cover our President and his administration with the protection of your most precious blood. Give him the strength, courage, wisdom and humility to defeat all evil and demonic attacks that will try to paralyze and impede his ability to defend and protect our nation.

  4. I am praying the president is re-elected and then Mike Pence will run and win the two consecutive terms after so we could have 12 more years with Spirit filled believers. Not sure if Trump would be VP for Pence but it could have benefits regarding a United front:) God only knows who will be his sovereign choice in office for such a time as this!

  5. This is absolutely awesome! I have been praying that President Trump’s eyes would be opened to see the enemies next to him! The rats! Praise God! Praying with you for our President!

  6. This is an absolutely excellent article. I too, felt President Trump heard from God about reopening our Country by Easter (though he does not yet realize he heard from the Lord) and I most definitely felt his “advisors” polluted his thinking. They are humanists and do not listen nor care for the desires of our God.
    I will be in prayer with you – and I will be reviewing your article as it is full of much needed information for this chaotic time.

  7. Dear President Trump.
    I am praying for you.
    God’s Word says: “Fear ye not for I am with you
    Be not afraid for I am your God
    I will strengthen you
    I will help you
    I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness”. Isa 41:10
    President Trump, you are loved and appreciated.

  8. Donna (Canada)
    I’m agreeing with your prayers Wanda. Love your comments and prayers. Lord of the angels armies protect your president and his family and expose all the rats in the Whitehouse and abroad! Thank you angels who listen to the voice of His Word and are energized as we also are energized!
    Blessings & Shalom

  9. Praise God for God is Good!, even fore knew us and our loved USA President before being born. Mr. President Trump has the approval and blessings from God, our Heavenly Father to lead this country AND by The Lord’s Holy Spirit, God has called theBody of Christ Intercessors to lift our USA President Mr. Donald J. Trump before Him in prayer. Father Godwe pray for Mr. President Trump to feel your presence, place all faith and trust in you leading this country, and that only the wise godly Council from his advisers/ cabinet would be heard with a open receptive heart! May the preaching of The Gospel of ChristMessage (power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth) prick his heart towards the choice of choosing to be Born Again, In Jesus Name. Amen. I love the USA President and his Family knowing that God loves them more! Yes, Mr. President I am praying for our Nation and God, our Heavenly Father, working through you to carry out His Good Works in leading this country- USA. Ro.1:16.
    Love&Support from: Buffalo (Amherst), New York. Sis.JLG,BA

  10. We also need to pray that God would raise up an Esther to expose the rat, like Haman, that “he” would be hung on “the gallows” he prepared for Mordecai, and that the edicts to destroy God’s people would either be overturned, or we would have the “weapons” to fight back.

    1. Amen Julie ….. That’s right The Esther is Trump and Haman is the democrats that like Haman were passing laws to destroy GODs people. Trump exposed the democrats and the liberal media as being anti Christian haters of GOD to the king (The American people)

      Democrats have been passing laws That are against the laws of GOD with Godless judges.

      That’s why the democrats hate trump and are now trying anything to impeach him again. Christians who voted for democrats hurt this country, betray the GOD of heaven and are the Pharisees of this day (who they are so just and righteous) that put Jesus on the Cross and will be the first to be conquered and dominated by those that hate them – the liberal democrat.

  11. We have known for years that there are people both inside & outside of D.C. that seek to disrupt, tear down and induce failure through their devious and hell driven agendas. We pray that those people and their deceptive hearts & agendas will be exposed continually and made publicly known. We command that every effort to conceal any devious plan will be destroyed – that no matter how hard they try, it will fail. We pray that the end result of their exposure will lead to salvation in Jesus Christ. We pray that your perfect will be done on earth and in our presidents life and let it be that the name of God will be glorified now and throughout history. Amen.

  12. In the 20 days since he declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, President Donald Trump has repeatedly lied about this once-in-a-generation crisis.

    On Taking the Pandemic Seriously
    When: Tuesday, March 17
    The claim: “I’ve always known this is a real—this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic … I’ve always viewed it as very serious.”
    The truth: Trump has repeatedly downplayed the significance of COVID-19 as outbreaks began stateside. From calling criticism of his handling of the virus a “hoax,” to comparing the coronavirus to a common flu, to worrying about letting sick Americans off cruise ships because they would increase the number of confirmed cases, Trump has used his public statements to send mixed messages and sow doubt about the outbreak’s seriousness.

    When: Thursday, March 26
    The claim: This kind of pandemic “was something nobody thought could happen … Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened.”
    The truth: Experts both inside and outside the federal government sounded the alarm many times in the past decade about the potential for a devastating global pandemic, as my colleague Uri Friedman has reported. Two years ago, my colleague Ed Yong explored the legacy of Ebola outbreaks—including the devastating 2014 epidemic—to evaluate how ready the U.S. was for a pandemic. Ebola hardly impacted America—but it revealed how unprepared the country was.

    Many, many more.

    In the name of God, pray from Trump to resign now.

    1. Anyone that believes that the Atlantic is a valid news source really needs to reassess their journalism beliefs. Don’t come on this site to encourage our president to resign when he is doing the best possible job he can despite Democratic efforts to destroy him. If anyone should resign, it should be almost every Democratic leader and you from commenting on this site. If you don’t want to encourage and pray for the president and his administration, then you have truly come to the wrong site and we ask that you leave and refrain from commenting.

      1. I was walking down the street yesterday, and passed by this fellow who was yelling down into a manhole.

        Perplexed, I asked him what he was doing, and he said “Quiet! Listen! Every time I yell down into this hole, there’s a guy down there that yells the same thing back, and he sounds just like me!”

    2. Seems like your name fits you; stormy. I prayed for Obama because God’s Word says to do so. It isn’t a suggestion. He spent eight years driving our country to its knees and that is where I plan to stay praying for my President Trump. The liberals tried to to do the same thing to do to President Reagan. He couldn’t be bought either. I pray that God will give President Trump the wisdom of Soloman and he will surround himself with Godly men and women who want the best for our country. I pray that the people who really love our country will pray and support him. President Trump, Philippians 4:13 says; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Psalms 23 will give you strength and peace. Please feel the prayers of millions and millions of Americans who are praying for you and your family. This has to be difficult for them as well. Now Heavenly Father, I ask You to bind satan and cast him into the first pit. In the most Holiest and Precious Name Jesus Christ My Savior, Amen

    3. You lack of respect for our duly elected and God appointed President betrays you. Our President needs your prayers issued through the Love Jesus has placed in your heart.

    4. Stormy, there are alternative news agencies and programs that report objectively. Please consider: Judicial Watch, One American News, Black Patriot Conservative, Lou Dobbs, Fox, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon-War Room, #N3, Laura Ingrahm, Candace Owens, American Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale University, Prager University, Breitbart, Rutherford Institute, etc.
      ANYONE’S discernment would be fried by:MSNBC, NBC,ABC, CBS, CNN, and PBS.

    5. The day before “Pandemic” was screamed from the WHO, Bill Gates dumped millions into the WHO, while previously pushing for this declaration. The US funds the WHO with $58 Million tax dollars and Bill Gates is it’s next largest donor. The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was a top member of the violent Ethiopian Terrorist party TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front). There are many financial strings trying to call the shots and not for our health or well-being.

    6. In the name of Jesus, we lift President Trump up to the Lord in prayer and thanksgiving for such a time as this. Father! We rebuke any spirit from any source coming against our President, Vice President, with tools and fiery darts from the enemy. Please expose anybody or anything by the light of Your word who comes against anyone trying to do the right thing for people in our country or around the world. You will judge their deeds as well as our own. Protect President Trump from all evil in Jesus Name, amen.

  13. We believe in you. Praying for you and family. Trusting God to make America great through you. God has purposed you in the white house for such a time as this. Be encouraged God is for you and so are we.

  14. Praying divine protection continues to cover our beloved President Donald J Trump and his family and that no weapon that has been formed against him will prosper and every tongue that has risen against him shall be condemned.

  15. Dear Mr President,

    God has chosen you to lead us during this most difficult time. Thank you for all of your hard work. My prayers are with you, your family, and your administration each day. May you continue to make wise choices as we move forward and, hopefully, out of this difficult time. God be with you!

  16. Father, we come to you today with humble hearts and want to ask Yeshua to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and that you will create in us a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within us. During this time we ask that the golden bowls of incense (prayers of the saints) from Rev 5:8 that President Donald John Trumps great aunts cried out 3 times a day for hrs. in a little cottage in the Hebrides isles for the nation to know You would come to fruition These prayers inspired by the Spirit of the living God would become effectual and activated in President Donald John’s life to empower and lift him up to see beyond the schemes of the enemy to destroy the works of darkness in those around him. During this time of Passover we thank you for breaking the death assignment upon this nation and we speak abundant life and revelation of the love and the fear of the living God. Remove from your people every unclean thing , the sins that so easily have beset us. Thank you for filling President Donald John Trump to over flowing with the Spirit of the living God and revelation of what your plan and purpose is for this nation. As he opens his mouth you will fill it with your words the enemy cannot stand against. He will become so assured of what you have made him for that no demon in hell, no principality will stop him from completing the assignment you have given him. In Yeshuas name Amen

  17. GOD showed me before President Trump got office that He is the cyrus I didn’t even know anything about cyrus But I knew God was showing me ! I pray for our Great President Trump and GOD’S WILL BE DONE !!! Everything that is written in His books in heaven shall be done in Yeshua’s Mighty name psalm 139 ! I plead the blood of Yeshua Hamashiach saturates President Trump and surrounding Him is Gods warring Angel’s and protect Vice President Pence and their families we activate their Angel’s assigned to them to keep them in all there ways ! Praying psalm 91 over them ! I ask Yeshua to place a fiery hedge of PROTECTION surrounding them I pray for them Shalom Perfect health and I pray a supernatural energy to strengthen them each day I pray for GOD TO GIVE THEM DREAMS AND VISIONS HOW TO RUN THINGS GODS WAY ! I PRAY THEY ARE FULL OF THE HOLY GHOST PRAYING AT ALL TIMES DOING THE PERFECT WILL OF THE FATHER !
    Let the wicked fall into their own nets, Whilst President Trump And Vice President Pence withal escape.safley ! Keep them from the snare of the fowler

  18. Lord God I pray for President Trump. May he turn to you in all decisions, may he turn to his pastor advisers for wise council. I pray in Jesus Name that you would come against all the evil designs being devised against President Trump. I thank you Lord for all the wonderful prayers previous to mine & lend my heart felt AMEN to them.

  19. Praise God for the revelation!!! Mighty Word… I decree n declare: Let God Arise & Every Enemy Be Scattered. Lifting up our President in prayer. Let no weapon formed against him prosper n every tongue spoken against him not prosper.
    GOD has called his people to pray, seek his face & turn from wickedness. Call a Fast…a solemn assembly. Jeremiah say call for the “Mourning Women”!!!!


    1. Praying that the Father’s name will be hallowed and exalted and He will get all the glory! May the world be delivered and may the world rulers give all glory to God, especially President Trump. May God’s kingdom come in our midst. May the Church arise in love, joy and peace, such that the world sees God’s glory and come into His kingdom. May God’s will be done completely on earth as it is in heaven. Fill us all with your Spirit today, speak to us through Your Word so that we have the wisdom and strength to do whatever you have called us to do this day. Forgive our sins and give us a heart of forgiveness to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. We do pray for those who are sinning against Your people. We pray that they will be humbled and will repent. Lead us not into temptation. Lord, open our eyes to the schemes of the enemy so that we will not be deceived. Holy Spirit, strengthen us and guide us in all righteousness for the furtherance of Your glory and Your kingdom. In Jesus name, amen

  21. Praying for President Donald J. Trump, his family and for V.P. Mike Pence and his family; for all the team working and handling this unprecedented global chaos. God certainly chose you and you each for a time such as this. God works for His own glory with a few good men to bring His purposes to pass. The same Holy Ghost move over our President and his staff members. God can see far beyond our limited view. I pray that these few be empowered just as You our God moved over; Moses, Joseph, David, Daniel and many more examples found in the BIBLE. Pray a true repentance fall over every individual globally, change our hearts. Stop the abortion business which you hate, whatever you do to we deserve and more. Stop the evil as Sodom and Gomorra. Your purposes will be right & true.

  22. During prayer a few days ago, I saw caves. They were dark and each cave had 5-6 people. They were plotting and planning and it was evil. There were people in there who wanted to get out but were unable because of their alignment with evil people. I prayed that they would have the courage to leave the caves. I saw one leave a cave and it turned into an office. I think people are meeting in offices in our government plotting destruction. Some don’t want to be there plotting anymore but they don’t know how to leave.

  23. I believe that President Trump definitely could become all that you have described. I hope so! I pray so, and it bears witness with my spirit that this really truly could be the wonderful outcome for him and the nation. GOD is SO ON THE THRONE. That I know because of everything in the Word of God.

    I do not usually write stuff like this, but here goes.

    However, about a week ago, God deeply tugged on my heart and impressed upon me, and I wrote about it in my journal: that we were (are) not even half way through this crisis yet, and this He was telling me so that I wouldn’t become uneasy — and also a sense that He was drawing me (us the Church) into a deeper cleft in the Rock as this heartbreaking time passes through. I feel that carrying peace. He spoke to me through John 7 — Jesus’ brothers wanted him to go up to Jerusalem at the Passover with them, but He said, “My time is not yet here, but your time is always opportune.” And he let them go and then went up later, “but as if, in secret.”

    This is when God began to open my eyes to the idea that Jesus will reveal Himself openly and powerfully, but He is waiting. Because the time is not yet right, hearts are not yet quite open enough (yes some are) but MANY many many more will be as this crisis settles in deeper and deeper, otherwise people would just go back to life as it was and not be changed. BUT, when it IS the right time, the voice of God will begin to come through the Church, as well as other ways.

    It goes on to say in John 7:14 “But when it was now THE MIDST of the feast, Jesus went up into the temple and began to teach. IN THE MIDST — we haven’t gotten to the half way point yet, the middle mark of this Covid-19 outbreak. I think it makes biblical sense that the mid mark could be Good Friday, the darkest day of the whole crisis, very sad. BUT, we all know that the Resurrection follows. And Light will break forth, when people’s hearts have been sufficiently prepared. It makes no sense for God to give the FULL outpouring of His message until we are ready to die. Does this make sense? Maybe it is just God speaking to my life personally, or just giving me the heads up so I’m not in the dark. God is so good to give us Light on the path ahead of us!

    Then in John 7:37 it says: “Now on the LAST day, the great day of the feast, Jesus STOOD and cried out, saying, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.”

    So it may be that the darkest day, Good Friday, will be followed by a great “parting of the clouds,” Easter Resurrection, and the Voice of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and through the church will be able to be heard, really heard, by multitudes suffering through this. The Resurrection of Christ was the beginning, the BEGINnning of a new day, HOPE for the transformation of the whole world. It was not immediate transformation, but it began and it was like streams trickling throughout the land, from one person to the next, to whole villages, to whole countries.

    And what Wanda’s word said about there being much that we are BEING PREPARED for that hasn’t happened yet, AMEN, sadly, YES. God impressed that upon me a while back as well — these birth pangs will increase in intensity and frequency. And not for us to fear, as Psalm 46 tells us.

    “God is working something deep within our hearts to prepare us for what is ahead.” YES. And it’s hard to think of anything AHEAD at this time, while we are working our way through this tough time, but that’s definitely what God is impressing upon me, there is a FUTURE and we are being prepared for it, to be ALL that Christ wants us to be to the world around us, in our own “world spheres,” that He SO LOVES and gave Himself up for.

    and YES I do believe it is a DIVINE SET UP !

  24. I understand the decision changes being made in the natural by the White House staff as this situation continues to change daily. However, we need a miracle! We can still pray for breakthrough by Easter. Yes, it may be a “long shot” in the natural, but it is not a “long shot” for God. Remember, there is no time in Heaven. God is not on our clock. Therefore, I will continue to pray that COVID19 will pass during Passover season, and that we will be rejoicing and giving God the glory on Resurrection Day!
    2 Corinthians 4:18
    While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

  25. This is exactly what Jeremiah Johnson said.

    Prophetic Dream on 3/30/20
    Last night in my dream, I found myself at a White House briefing with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. The President was making an announcement to the United States regarding COVID-19. As he began to encourage the people with a message of hope and promise, suddenly, Dr. Fauci turned into a big rat the size of a human being. Alarmed, I ran to the side of the stage and saw a line of men dressed in fine clothes, many of them not American, who were standing behind the doctor handing him large sums of cash.
    God spoke to me immediately in the dream and said, “Even now, there is a plot to turn the President into a political puppet when I have given him a prophetic anointing to decree with authority. The month of April will determine the re-election of Donald Trump as there is a satanic agenda being loosed upon the USA to cripple the economy and turn the people against the President. There are timeframes that will seek to be stretched and moved far beyond My plans”, says the Lord.
    God continued to speak to me, “Watch the states! COVID-19 has opened up the door for great division and mutiny in the United States. Governors will oppose the President in the days ahead and there will be a great spiritual battle for this nation. You must understand that this battle is concerning ‘authority’. You must pray that Donald Trump does not receive any counsel except by those whom I have sent to him. For I will expose every agenda and every plot of the enemy in the coming season. Jezebel will be thrown down in Washington DC. That controlling, conniving, divisive, and seductive spirit that comes to castrate this President will not win. They could not impeach him, so now they will attempt to publicly assassinate him through trapping him in his words and speech. He will decree and then they will try to disarm. What comes out of the mouth of My people in these days will determine many days and seasons, says the Lord.”
    I woke up from this dream and God speaking audibly to me at 3:30 am. I was gasping for air and immediately received an open vision in my bedroom of a muzzle being put on President Trump. I wrestled in the spirit realm for several hours fighting for the authority that God has given him to be manifested in the United States. I then wrote down several prayer points that I would like to share now for your consideration” …. Jeremiah Johnson Ministries Facebook

  26. As I read through the comments/responses it is evident that a nerve has been touched within the realm of evil. Therefore, we must not respond with powerless emotions, rather let us declare in faith that God is sovereign, this world is His possession, & He holds/impacts/directs the future. Let’s partner with Him in intense, continuous prayer & declare what He is birthing. Jesus is Lord ! Do not stop pressing in to His presence.

  27. Not sure I would put Kim Clement’s “prophecies” anywhere in anything at any time, but I would not discount the notion that something spiritual may be happening here. I do believe our culture war is only the physical manifestation of the spiritual war taking place beyond natural visibility. And, I’ve wondered too if the president’s frustration at not being able to control and fix this isn’t something that wouldn’t wind up humbling him and driving him to the Throne.

  28. The bigger picture: Pray that GOD would break the power of rebellion and witchcraft in this land. Asking GOD to please search our own hearts to see if there be any wicked way in us. We can be really blind to our own faults and failings. In the words of Robert Burns: “Would that GOD would grant us the grace to see ourselves as others see us.”
    Jesus prayed that we would be One, but before we can ever be one with each other, we need to become ONE with The LORD. Our unconfessed sin separates us from GOD and from one another.

  29. In 2008 I had a dream that left me with a strong sense of dread. In the dream I was standing with a friend by a pasture fence beyond which sleek cows were feeding on lush grass. I remarked to my friend “I’ve noticed a lot of crows lately.” Just then a huge flock of crows surrounded and carried off a beautiful red cow; I was shocked by this, but before I could say a word a terrified black and white cow ran past followed by a group of crows flying in the shape of a cow, cawing and mocking as they flew.
    I awoke with a terrible sense of dread, understanding that the prosperity we enjoyed would lose its substance and, under the influence of the taunting crows, would become a sham.

    About a month ago during a Bible study group’s visit I was reminded of this dream and the crows. The word “corvid” came to mind and a friend verified it was a designation for the crow family. It occurred to me that removing the “R” from crow and corvid yields “cow” and “Covid.”

    I’m moved to pray that the President’s financial advisers be led to make recommendations that will preserve the true value of the nation’s labors.

  30. To the one who wrote this, STOP with the “ifs”. That is not the power of our Christ. Make bold declarations with NO apologies. And it is not Easter that is important it is rather PASSOVER! Look at that word again: PASS – OVER! That was the word from Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets. This is THE season of our Passover! There is resurrection power in that statement and standing and declaring it over a nation, a world in peril. This is NOT the end. The Best is yet to come! You ain’t seen nothing yet!!

      1. Let’s not forget Pastor Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye. Also Pastor Jimmy Swaggert as they help lead the charge. Also President Trump’s dad., Fred who was arrested in Jamaica N.Y, in 1926 as a KKK rioter . Let’s be honest about our motivatations. We live in a country where everybody is allowed to believe what they want to believe, but not impose their beliefs on others. Spiritual wickedness in high places. There were some very holy people in those southern baptist churches in the 1800’s, who stood by while black people were brutalized and dehumanized. Some of you hide behind your beliefs as this country runs concentration camps on the southern border and separates children from their parents who are seeking to make a way out of no way. I wish I could be there when you face St. Peter and your names are not in the book of life and you ask him if he could just take another look! Thank God , at least you people are Free, White and 21.

  31. Read John 4:6-29 where Jesus is enlightening the woman at the well who was confused about the place of worship. Jesus told her in John 4:24, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” We should be worshipping God in ‘spirit and truth’ everyday, not just on Sundays. Sure, Resurrection Sunday is a beautiful time of remembrance and reflection of Jesus’ Resurrection, but is it less important on any other Sunday? “And the angel answered and said unto the women, ‘Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come see the place where the Lord lay.'” (Matthew 28:5-6) Can’t assemble on Easter? No problem. The True Church is made up of believers all over the world. Hallelujah anyhow!!!!

  32. I believe we must pray against spirits of anti-christ, Marxism/Leninism, socialism, moral relativism, and Islam. We must pray against immorality, deceit, and greed. We must pray for spiritual laborers of all kinds. May the Lord bring in a massive harvest of souls!

  33. Lord we pray that every rat go into their own traps and are removed. The traps set by them, are set to destroy Your plans and works. So we pray that every hex, vex, voodoo, curse and witchcraft be bound up and sent back to the sender. We declare Ps. 91 over our President, our Nation and our selves. This trap to destroy our economy, broken in the Name of Jesus. Those rats that set those Traps, that they would lose every penny and that great exchange of wealth that has been prophesied will come to pass. That those rats that set traps to put in bondage Your people, shut down Your houses of worship and stop prayer meetings, those rats will find themselves caught and bound up in their own traps. We declare Freedom in Christ Jesus. We declare No Fear, in the Body of Christ. Only boldness, the boldness of Christ Jesus. Heal Your servants and all that call upon the Name of the Lord. Lord, just like the First Passover, we hide way in our homes, to seek You, as this plaque passes over us. We declare it gone by Resurrection Sunday. The Blood of Jesus covers us, our homes our Nation, in Jesus Name Amen.

  34. In the Bible, God told Nehemiah to build a wall to protect God’s people. When Trump came into office, he surrounded himself with preachers and an evangelical council. He was trying to build a wall to protect us, just like Nehemiah was building a wall to protect God’s people. But, in trying to protect us, the “swamp” of DC rose against him. Likewise, Trump called for a National Day of Prayer for COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago. When he called for a National Day of Prayer, he again had Democrats rising against him.

    Representative Tlaib went so far as to tweet “F the National Day of Prayer”!!! Our President has been trying to protect us since he was sworn into office, but he has all these rats to contend with. Thank you for this post today that confirms all our President is up against.

      1. That’s right. We must pray against the rebellion in this nation.
        Lord give our President wisdom, discernment, favor and we bind muzzle and gag the the enemy rebellion in Jesus name.

    1. Oh Abba Father forgive us of the great sin against you. Have mercy on us Lord. Cleanse the heart of this nation. Bring down the evil one who is out to kill,steal and distroy. In your Holy Name Lord Jesus we declare you are life and life is in your blood. We pray your Holy blood Lord Jesus over every womb. We command every evil spirit that has an assignment against these little ones to be null and void in Jesus name Amen.

  35. WOW – Words Of Wisdom! Thank you Wanda for your prophetic words of Yehovah’s Love and Light. We are in complete agreement. May the Peace of Yehovah’s Love and Light shine upon everyone to the limit that they can bear and reveal that which is hidden in the heart of their souls. May everyone come to be aware of God’s Presence that they may choose aright in the Light of His Love. May the rats in the White House be transformed into faithful servants of Yehovah, Yeshua Ben Yosef HaMashiach, and the Triune Spirit of Truth. May they be enlightened to the Truth that they were created to be.

  36. The Lord has impressed upon me several things during this time: 1) Proverbs 4:19 “But the way of the wicked is like total darkness. They have no idea what they are stumbling over.” These are the ‘crafty and conniving’ Chinese Leadership who are resorting to their last play of death and economic destruction in order to bring down America. They will fall, in an unexpected surprise, but only if we rise to new levels of prayer NOW “The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” 1 Cor.1:25, 2) Anticipate (be hopeful) and pray for Law #1 of Unintended Consequences (Merton 1936): Positive, unexpected benefits! The author affirmed this impression in her title ‘Divine Setup’. Horray! and 3) The angels of the Lord have already been battling for us in the heavenly realms for some time! But as in Daniel 10:13, the Holy Spirit implores us: “Rise up in fervent prayer now more than ever. The multiplied prayers of His people will turn the tide and win the spiritual war for the soul of this Nation.”

    1. Thank you for that, Julianne. I couldn’t find that quote of Daniel, but as I looked at his prayer in chapter 9 to use as a template, I couldn’t get past v7: “Lord, you are good and right, but we are full of shame today—the people of Judah and Jerusalem, all the people of Israel, those near and far whom you scattered among many nations because they were not loyal to you. 8 Lord, we are all ashamed. Our kings and leaders and our fathers are ashamed, because we have sinned against you.”
      As, we are NOT [even] ashamed. I’m in tears. I’m struck by the urgency. I’ll be fasting until Passover.

  37. This is sooooo good! I am completely onboard with praying in the plans and purposes of God in this season! He will use everything for His good. I’ve never been more hopeful. Thank you!!!!

  38. I think God can still use the word spoken by the President. We don’t own the words God give people. Once released the Lord is in charge of not letting it fall to the ground void. The churches doors may not be opened on Easter until it sees what God is trying to teach His Church. The first Passover was spent by obedient believers in individual homes. While they sat behind blood marked doors. Exodus 12

  39. Amen! In agreement with you! Yes , we join hand in hand , spirit with Spirit and the word! We speak the word ! Isaiah 54:16-17 , Isaiah31:4-5
    For thus the LORD has spoken to me:
    “As a lion roars,
    And a young lion over his prey
    (When a multitude of shepherds is summoned against him ,
    He will not be afraid of their voice
    Nor be disturbed by their noise),
    So the LORD of hosts will come down
    To fight for Mount Zion and for its hill
    5 Like birds flying about ,
    So will the LORD of host’s defend Jerusalem.
    Defending, He will also deliver it;
    Passing over , He will preserve it .”
    Thank you Father that You send Your word and You are in control !
    Thank you Father that you turn everything around for our good and You knew what You were doing when you set President Trump in place ! Empower him , strengthen him , explore him to trust and strengthen his faith Father , like Moses ! That he would put the staff in his hand and lift it up to You ! Open the heavens and pour out over Your enemies! You have given him favor and put him in place ,that we join together with the Most High to possess the kingdom ! Thank you Jesus that You are going to do this ! That we will stand back and watch the salvation of the LORD ! Amen !!!
    You’ve got this President Trump!

  40. I will continue to pray for President Trump, his cabinet, Congress, Governors, Mayors, and all of our elected officials and health care workers. We are commanded to pray for our governmental leaders in scripture. I will pray for them, but I will look to Jesus, who is the only wise God, and King of the universe. My hope and trust is not in Washington, DC. My hope is securely in the Lord Jesus Christ who is our hope of glory, and the Rock of our salvation.

    If you have communication with the President, please ask him to call the nation to fast and pray. I have not heard him do that yet. And please remind him that humility is the call of the day. No one is in charge except Jesus… neither him nor the virus.

    Father, I thank you for your tremendous love for us. You are the only one who can truly make a difference in our situation. Please grant our president and leaders wisdom and courage in these trying times. We need them to humbly seek your face. Please place a hedge of protection around each one and their families, and all those on the front lines caring for the infected. As we inch closer to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, Lord, I am reminded that as a believer, I’m not strictly blue or red, but a blend of both. I am purple, just like the color of the robe they placed on You: “Must Jesus bear the cross alone and all the world go free? No there’s a cross for everyone and there’s a cross for me.” Thank you Lord for being You. Thank you for still sitting on the throne. Thank you for being in the midst of this with us. Thank you that things are as well as they are. Thank you for keeping the virus from doing greater damage. In Jesus’ name, I pray! Amen!

  41. I am in agreement with you for the rats (pressure around president Trump concerning the Easter deadline as well as other events). I have recently repented for not being a voice alongside his! I have also been challenged its not too late to see a miracle to the end of the Covid-19 threat by Easter! I know Passover has been prophesied by some reputable national prophetic voices as well! God I thank you that You are in control! This virus is subject to You! Thank you for the good plans You have for this nation. To You Jesus be All Glory and Praise and Dominion and Strength And Riches forever and ever! Amen!

  42. Our prayer group just prayed over the prayer points that Jeremiah Johnson had posted yesterday. He also had a dream about rats in the White House! Thank you, Lord, that You are exposing those who have evil intentions towards our President and this nation. We pray for supernatural protection, wisdom, discernment and stamina over him, his family and his administration.

  43. Abba Father – My prayer stands the same as it did when Trump first began running for President. Transform him from a Saul to a Paul on all levels of his life. Use him for Your glory Lord for such a time as this! May Your voice be louder then ALL the others. May President Trump listen & follow Your still, small mighty voice. Heal our land Lord. Amen 🙏🏽

  44. The rate of growth and maturity in Christ is directly related to the intensity, pressure, and testing inflicted on us by trials and tribulations. God uses times like these to purify ourselves with fire. The “heat” burns off the impurities and pushes us to surrender to God. I so agree with Wanda. I have never in my lifetime seen such a constant attack unleashed on our country as I have seen over the last 4 yrs. When the enemy rises up the people of God rise up also in wisdom, discernment and power in the Holy Spirit. The enemy has been unleashed but so has the power of God. We have the same Spirit in us that raised Lazarus from the dead. The Holy Spirit is available for those who seek and are willing to take a risk and have the faith to use this power. It’s one thing to sit in a pew and hear some one talk about it, but so powerful when it actually manifests and is used break the back of the enemy.
    I pray dear God that You show us all how to surrender all to You, so that You may empower us with Your Spirit. I pray for a release of the gifts of Prophecy, Miracles, Healing, and all the gifts of the Spirit, to be used to confront and defeat this onslaught of the enemy.

    I pray for our President who is between a rock and a hard spot. I pray he looks up to You dear Lord and finds You in this time of trouble. I pray He encounters you and empower him with wisdom and revelation. I pray protection over him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Visit him in a powerful way as You have other leaders throughout history. Show him his sin, then show him forgiveness, then fill him with Your Holy Spirit. Baptize him, and fill him till he is bursting with Your presence. Transform him to see in the Spirit and understanding of all around him in a new way. May he come to rely on the Word of God and draw strength from it. Lord surround him with wise counsel and do not let him be led astray. Give him a vision of exactly what to do and that “knowing” that passes all understanding.

    Lord, be glorified in what is about to happen. May all Your promises come true. May we see in the natural what Your Word has promised us. The reaping and sowing, Your justice served concerning the wicked, and many other promises that David spoke about in the Psalms. Lord, work all this out that demonstrates Your sovereignty over this earth. We praise your name.
    Our God is an awesome God,
    Who reigns from heaven above,
    With wisdom, power, and love,
    He is an awesome God.

  45. Eph 6:12 “12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
    Our Father I pray for the President’s protection and discernment to always be alert, trust but confirm on anything that will be brought to HIS attention; to trust his instinct! I pray for you Lord to expose and disarmed the enemy! That you give him your Peace, health and strength! That the forces of darkness will flee as your Presence is hovering over Washington! You are watching and exposing the truth! No matter what the enemy has against the President, you will turn it against each other! Mr. President we are praying for you and your family! Thank you for the hard work as our Commander in Chief for this Nation, selected by God! This is a Divine Setup! In Jesus name I pray! Amen

  46. Thank you, President Thump for your God-given and God-inspired leadership!!! God bless you and your family and your White House teams and The United States if America!!!!!

  47. Lord we just come to you today in agreement that whatever darkness is hiding in the White House in the government in the US Capitol… whatever the voice of confusion is doing all will be made clear. Those who have ill intent ai

    In their hearts will have the light shine on them, and the enemies plans scatter… and those who are growing in you would be open to a deeper relationship with you. Praying specifically for President Trump who has been willing to do the right thing since he has gotten into office when it pertains to sustaining life, like defunding planned Parenthood, and for cutting a lot of the waste, as well as a pointing conservative judge.. he has also been encouraging people here in USA to begin manufacturing and producing and creating here again. He was put in office for such a time as this and I pray that he and his family will know the Lord and He will be president over the next four years to help in crisis , If that be Your Will Jesus name amen.

  48. Thank you for this encouragement and directive to pray. I saw our President change and we must hold his arms up and pray his mind, will and emotions conform to our Lord’s and be obedient in everything
    God has called him to do. Expose the rats and exterminate them. Come Holy Spirit and hover over our President Trump.

  49. As I prayed early this morning with a small group of believers in a city park, I stood beside the lake and saw something there I haven’t seen in almost 20 years of living in this community–a “rat,” a muskrat swam right up feet from me and crawled out onto a rock (fully exposing it’s identity). I’d heard and read Jeremiah Johnson’s dream just days ago. I began to pray about rats being exposed in all arenas of public life, and I got the word “i-RAT-icated!” As I watched, the muskrat returned to the water and swam all the way across the lake out of sight. Lord, expose and “i-rat-icate” all forces opposed to Your divine plan in this season. I praise You for Your glory. Bring wise counsel to the leaders You have placed in position “for such a time as this.” Amen.

  50. We must claim Easter Sunday as the day we are set free. Set free to worship the Resurrection of Christ our Lord. He will remove all obstacles and we will lift our voices together April 12,as we sing to Christ our Savior & King, “Lift High the Cross.” Claim it and proclaim it as if it is done!

  51. Contend LORD, with those who contend with President D Trump. Take up shield and armor, arise and come to his aid. May those who seek his life be disgraced & put to shame; may those who plot his ruin and the ruin of USA be turned back in dismay. May they be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the LORD driving them away; may their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them. Since they hid their net for him without cause and without cause dug a pit for him, may ruin overtake them by surprise – may the net they hid entangle them, may they fall into the pit, to their own ruin. Glory to God in the highest! Psalm 35:
    …But you are a shield around President D. Trump, O LORD; you bestow glory on him and lift up his head. To the LORD we cry aloud, and he answers us from his holy hill. Psalm 3:3

  52. God Bless Donald J. Trump everyday, and especially in this time of crisis. May Jesus fill him up. May the Holy Spirit Guide him. And may the supernatural power of our Almighty God give him wisdom and protection from any and all demonic attacks. May our president feel God’s presence as our strong prayers fill the Heavenlies for his continue courage and perseverence as our leader. We remain vigilent and trust always in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  53. Wanda, you are always right on target! The phrase that has been weighing on me recently (from the “wrestle not against flesh and blood” passage (Eph.6:12), that describes our immediate enemy so well, is “the rulers of the darkness of this world”. These dark rulers, and their dark plans and deeds, can only be exposed and dispelled by Light of the world, Who is Jesus. (John 9:5) But we who name His Name, are His Body (the Church). As long as we are doing His will, WE are the Light of the world (Matt.5:14), by means of doing those “good works” He has prepared for us to walk in. If we ask Him to make us instruments of His Light, He will do so. He will set before us things we can pray, say, and do that will expose the works of darkness.

  54. Lord, foil the signs of false prophets and make fools of diviners; overthrow the learning of the wise and turn it into nonsense. Carry out the words of your servants and fulfill the predictions of your messengers. Isaiah 44:25-26

  55. Pray they are exposed & purged from the White from the government Federal and State! Not only that but the spiritual forces behind them are purged, which would be the principalities, powers, & world rulers.

  56. I thank you for encouraging God’s children to pray, pray, pray! God is setting the stage (God is always in control), for His Son Jesus Christ to come into the hearts of all who will accept Him as Lord and Savior. Get ready church for God’s outpouring of Justice of which this world has never seen! We are having the opportunity to lead so many to Christ in these troubling times. I also have dreams and visions and God’s Army is moving across the world! It’s pretty amazing!

    Ephesians 6:18
    And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

    Luke 8:17

    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    God has a mighty plan and We Win!

  57. Thank you for sharing you dream. I believe the Lord has revealed critical information . Hopefully many believers will respond with prayers unceasing. As we move toward revealed, apparent victory may we properly prioritize with faith in the lead, follwed up with our feelings, all immersed with selfless acts of God directed service. Psalm 42;1

  58. Dear Father,
    We pray that the President will have godly counselors who are loyal to him, as Hushai the Archite was to David (2 Samuel chapters 15-17), and that you will turn the counsel of the “Ahithophels” around him into foolishness. We pray that he and his counselors would have the wisdom of Solomon and Daniel. Thank you for protecting our President with a “George Washington” anointing, that he is a father to this nation, and he will have a deep, reverential, personal relationship with you. Please keep him focused and discerning; don’t let him waver or be led astray. Please fill him with your Holy Spirit, Lord. You have appointed him, and we believe you will keep him strong in you and in the power of your might. We trust you, Lord. We give you praise as we wait expectantly to see what you will do next (Isaiah 64:3-4). Thank you, in Jesus’ name. AMEN!

  59. The dream Wanda had sounds very similar to the dream Jeremiah Johnson, another prophetic voice recently had too. Lord, we ask that NO weapon that is formed against our president succeeds and we bless him and those godly advisors around him to see and lies or deceptions or manipulation that is going on by the enemy!!

  60. I told my Daughter that by Easter there would be enough medical breakthroughs that we would have a hold on this virus. When we celebrate our Lords resurection, the Lord will resurrect the world. I was elated when the President said Easter. I believe our President will see for himself the miracle working power of God and so will many others. Spiritual Warfare is very important let’s continue the fight.

    1. Dear Haydee, The Father has heard your prayer and answered it, The vehicle is a Jewish physician who treats a community of Hasidic Jews about 50 miles north of NYC. (Don’t be jealous: the age of the gentiles is over. The Father is beginning to shift His dependence back upon His Chosen People.) This is the first stirring of Deliverance. Watch and rejoice!
      God Bless You ! Keep praying! As long as we are on this earth we must serve the King!

    2. ‘I pray for Pres. Trump, for God to open his eyes and heart to Himself. Prayers to protect him and prayers for evil to be thwarted and righteousness to prevail. God be with this generation! These children living in a godless nation with no hope or loving examples, or maybe not even given life. Praying for our nation to repent and turn to Him!

  61. Thank you for sharing your dream! I believe God speaks through dreams. President Trump is our president for this hours. My husband and I watch the daily press conferences and have commented to each other and others the transformation we have seen in him. I agree totally with what was said in this article, “how we respond in this season will determine our readiness and ability to succeed in the seasons ahead.” May our prayer be “Holy Spirit, help us to respond as You want us to”.

  62. This vision aligns with the dream Jeremiah Johnson had a few days ago. As I prayed over President Trump my sensing is that God wants to do some things for our president that will confirm things he’s heard about the Lord but never experienced. Just like the patriarchs of old it took an encounter with God to see Him as He is. All of us are works in progress and the Holy Spirit is committed to our growth. Let’s agree together that just like King David, President Trump will truly know what the “Fear of the Lord” is. David understood certain truths about the Lord before he became king because he had experienced them. President Trump will understand certain truths about the Lord because He will experience them also. This is going to be EPIC!

  63. Yes Lord fill President Trump up with Holy Spirit like we fill up our cars with gasoline. Lift up our Moses Trump & our Joshua Pence on one side & our Caleb Carson on the other side to hold his arms up. Praise in this time of Hope. I the precious name of our Savior amen

  64. I’m praying for all demonic strongholds be brought down and captured, and that God’s plan and purpose be established on earth as it is in heaven. I’m praying for the Holy Spirit to eradicate the coronavirus. Take it back to its root and destroy it completely. I’m praying for every Arab and Jezebel spirit to be exposed and brought to justice in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  65. About a week ago my husband had a dream that he was in a large arena and President Trump was there. He had approached him and anointed his head with oil. The President was “slain in the spirit”. The security arrested him for touching the President. He “woke up” and told them to ‘let him go’. Then everyone began singing “Hallelujah”.
    We are faithfully praying for President Trump and look to the Lord for His grace to be on him.
    (1Cor3:6) “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but GOD made it grow.”

  66. Psalm 119:
    It was good for me to be afflicted
    so that I might learn your decrees.
    The law from your mouth is more precious to me
    than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

    I have been praying for President Trump to become a Spirit-filled man of power for the world to see since he was inaugurated. And I continue to pray for him and all of our leaders and the world’s leaders.

  67. Oh Lord, You’ve placed in my heart to pray this plague be Stopped on Easter Sunday at the beginning of the time zone in the Pacific and spread healing thru every time zone. You stopped plagues in the OT – You can stop this one and on the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for Your Glory! Thank You, Lord thank You, You are Praised!

  68. Today is thur. 4/2/20……… my focus has been for the “Task Force” by name intercession.
    Since it’s assignment,I had a “spiritual check “ of 2 Ivey individuals in this appointed task force.
    As I daily fast and intercede, I got a visual picture of 1 mouse…..then another day another mouse.
    It bothered me because spirituality I knew it symbolized something evil.
    I ran it through my husband and of course confirmed . Anyway
    ,the direction I currently have is to “crush” the curve not flatten it….for Pres. Trump to have extremel discernment with the task force advise from the presented Models” and exposure of the underlined evil plans /it’s dismiss from this virus.

    1. Well Raquel, your prayers paid off. Jeremiah Johnson had a dream about a (rat) that was the word used. Similar in animal groups. Dr. Anthony Fauci. My reading shows me that Dr. Deborah Birx is really not any better. Fauci admires Hillary Clinton and is tied to Bill Gates’ Foundation. Dr. Birx is also somehow.

  69. We pray daily for you Mr. President that God will divinely direct your path to fulfill His Promise and Plan. We pray that God chosen people will be your influencers for the good of America and the world at large. May God be your Guide. God bless you and God bless America.

  70. Believe in the mighty name of Jesus, read His Word every day, proclaim His victory over death and disease, put on the armor of God. Stand firm and trust in the Lord! No weapon formed against us shall prosper.
    Isaiah 35:4 says “Say to those who are fearful-hearted, Be strong, do not fear! Behold, your God will come with vengeance. With the recompense of God, He will come and save you.

  71. Lord, I do pray that any rats would be exposed and removed. I pray you protect President Trump from bad advice or anything that would be harmful for our nation. Give him divine wisdom and discernment. Place those around him who have your heart and anointed by your Spirit for advising and working for and with our President for the betterment of our nation.

  72. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling attacks against President Trump and our nation. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground in Jesus name, Amen.

  73. We stand strong in prayer hand in hand, lifting up our president for wisdom and strength. Pulling the rug back and exposing the enemies plans as we keep our eyes and our hearts on you.

  74. Wow. Thank you for sharing. Yes and Amen. In the name of Jesus, we step on those demonic rats. Thus far and no more. In the name of Jesus, go back where you came from. Abba, stir the hearts of Your prophetic intercessors. I call forth declarations from heaven to come out of our mouths. That we as Your people step into the full authority and power You have given us. I stand in agreement with my sister and with Kim, that the next four years President Trump will lead this country in the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, You are so good. In this hour let Your people lift up Your name everywhere we go. Keep us united as we war, worship, and intercede. Love You to pieces Abba, my Jesus and Holy Spirit. Thank You.

  75. I get very concerned with these types of things- a shut- in is to spare us from disease. If people die that don’t know the Lord – that is the end. We should be celebrating the resurrected Christ every day in our quiet time. Yes corporate celebrations are glorious but many go to church that single day and forget God the rest of the year. This great pause incites something deeper in every man. Dreams have a place but beware if they become ‘this faith the Lord’

  76. There is a something about this request based on a dream and directives how to pray that gives me a slight concern. Perhaps because it is used a a strong basis. We must be careful not to engage the same controlling spirit in our own prayers. Yes, the President is facing a strong spiritual adversary as we are as well.

    1. Dear Celine,
      I understand your concern that we not get into controlling prayer, or witchcraft, in our prayers. See Luke 10:18-20. Jesus has delegated His authority to us, His disciples, to “tread” upon the works of darkness. Years ago the Lord gave me a dream that showed me a spirit working against my marriage. I kept asking Him when He was going to do something about it. One day He stopped me mid-sentence and said, “When are YOU going to do something about it?” When I did that, casting that spirit out, amazing change happened. When we use the authority He has given us we are not coming against people, but against the works of the enemy. He has commissioned us to that very thing. We are to “Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might.” That’s why we are called His Body in the earth. Wanda is accurate in her dream and interpretation. I hope this helps you. Blessings

      1. I understand these spiritual concepts and gifts. Gifts or dreams can be subjective and worthy of evaluation no matter who the source or track record. It is the way it is being used, particularly attacking a person who is working with the President. We all know there are traitors in the White House. There is no need to attach imagery of a rat with a person. These gifts will pass. We are commanded to pray. Salvation for the world is the great commission. God is sovereign and will judge, even our works.

        1. The “imagery of the rat” isn’t about a person. It’s about a demonic being influencing people.
          Jesus used imagery! Luke 10:19 “Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.”

          1. Celine, your concern is noted. Thank the Lord that He has exposed the demonic spirit on the Dr. and that President Trump will not take any advice he gives our president that is not of God. Then pray for Dr. Fauci’s soul and Dr. Birx’s soul as well.

            Just like God turned Joseph’s bad situation into good, He can change both of them and bring them to Jesus to be saved. That is what I am praying. Of course, the Holy Spirit draws them to Jesus.

  77. Dear ones,
    Wanda Alger has hit the nail on the head! Her article confirms what I have been getting for days,from Ephesians 2:10-13 ~ the crux of which is this ~ that Now! No More delays! The body of Christ must arise and fast and pray as never before! This is what continues to be put in my heart ~ from God’s Word in Ephesians “…that the manifold wisdom of God might be made known BY THE CHURCH to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places.”

    Yes, NOW is the time for God’s people (His church) to arise in warfare prayer as never before! We must declare to those “principalities and powers in heavenly places” who are trying to destroy America, that
    we are “One nation UNDER God” and that they must cease and depart in Jesus name, from all their activity
    of trying to destroy, nullify, or dislodge God’s truth!
    God has great plans for our nation!
    Psalms 68:1 “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!”
    Blessings of His most extraordinary kind for America, “for such a time as this”, Anita

  78. I give thanks to our father in heaven for His true followers your prayers are amazing and He hears them. Jesus had such a gift of changing the hearts of many and they immediately changed their ways and followed Him. My prayer is for the truth of the scriptures be prayed and lived so the rats turn their thoughts and actions to God the almighty creator of heaven and earth. Our nation is so divided Lord we need to all change our ways and follow you. Amen

  79. I am reminded of
    II Chronicles 20 where
    Jehoshaphat cries out, “I know not which way to turn, but I KNOW my God is there.”

    Dear God, Have mercy upon President and those who surround him with wise counsel. We ask that Satan would be bound and the the Holy Spirit loosed to bring forth wisdom and guidance. May the deeds of darkness be revealed to those in authority. Grant divine wisdom to President Trump. Lift up his weary arms and those who are attempting to give wise counsel. Protect them from Satan’s ploys. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray!

  80. Father God, I thank you that what the enemy meant for evil, to kill, to steal, and destroy Your work in our nation and in the Presidency of Donald Trump will come to nothing, as You in Your great mercy and grace will turn it around for good. Thank you for Your great setup for victory that no one will be able to deny it. Father arise over our nation, let Your glory be seen and Your enemies scattered.

    I pray and declare that the time is up for those in the Legislative branches that are corrupt and desire to destroy our nation and President Trump. I ask for the exposure of all the corruption, the workers of iniquity, any plots or plans against our country and President, will come under Your divine justice now, today in the name of Jesus and that President Trump will be vindicated from all the horrific lies that are being spread by media and political opponents.

    Father, I speak grace and peace over President Trump and America. I pray and believe for the voice of truth, salvation, revival and restoration to be proclaimed and heard across our land in Jesus name. Thank you Father that You are good and Your mercy endures forever! American will be saved! I decree and declare and it is established that we will have have victory after victory in Jesus name.

  81. For well over 4 years, the Holy Spirit has prompted me to pray, every day, that He shine His light for darkness cannot stand in His light. I didn’t understand it then, but prayed it none the less. Then when things like Antifa rose up, I thought it was about crime, then when the Russia hoax was created, I thought it was about that. When it became apparent that our government workers and even senators and congressmen were engaged in corruption, I thought it was about that. Now, I think it’s about it all. Our God is so good. I urge every spirit filled prayer warrior to pray that prayer every time you enter into prayer.

  82. Through it all, we want God in His Great Mercy, Graciousness, and Patience to be Glorified! Father as we cry out to you and repent for the sins of ourselves and our nation we desire You to be Honored. You are the Worthy one! ThankYou Faithful Father that Your light, which is the light of men is working to expose, clean, and give life where it has been dark and dormant! Your beautiful light! I ask that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory May give to President Trump the spirit of wisdom and knowledge in the revelation of Him! Eph.1:17.

    Nevertheless He saved them for His Name’s sake, that He might make His mighty Power known! Ps 106:8

  83. It is the time of the celebration of PASSOVER. The time when he passed over every door that had the blood on the doorpost.

    I decree with many others that…

  84. Thank You Lord for setting our President in place, for preparing him for such a time as this. Thank You for guiding his steps.

    Recently he made a declaration for a release from this corona scourge by the day we celebrate Your resurrection. He called it an “aspiration” we call it a proclamation of faith. Now, at the direction of the doctors he has adjusted, extended, that “aspiration.” Perhaps that was wise, to do otherwise would have only caused more angst; a deeper divide. In his position, he had to stand in the gap of this rift. However, we, Your people, we the people, hold fast our profession of faith.

    We repent for allowing this rift. We failed to stand with our president, some ministers failed to comply, they continued to defy the President’s directive, they gathered by thousands, opening the door of division and cracks for rats. Forgive us Lord. Help us to unify and with one voice, one heart, one mind, one accord, with the mind of Christ. Lord, we ask for mercy to triumph over judgement. We listen for You, as the whole world has paused, as the silence in heaven before the trumpets, let Your Voice be heard in all the earth.

    We’d like to see, this scourge, this virus, be put to death, by the time we celebrate You, the Resurrection and the Life.

    Come Lord Jesus, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

  85. I pray for our president and Vice President that the LORD will protect them and fill them with the HOLY SPIRIT. Protect them LORD, put a hedge around them. Give them wisdom and faith to do what you want them to do. May GOD bless them and cause his face to shine upon them and give them peace. AMEN

  86. it’s not about a virus ur missing the point at least 200000 elite pedaphiles are being indicted and the 5 million kids worldwide are being saved wake up people GOD SHUT THE WORLD DOWN SO OUR BRAVE SOLDIERS AND ARREST THESE SATANIC SCUMBAGS PEOPLE NEED TO BE HOME SO THIS WILL WORK EFFICENTLY THE GREAT AWAKINING HAS GOT THE GREEN LIGHT THESE PARASITES WILL BE IN A COURTROOM BY GOOD FRIDAY ONLY MIGHTY GOD CAN PULL THIS OFF AND TRUMPTY DUMPTY IS WASHED IN THE BLOOD NOW HE HATES SEX TRAFFICKING ETC. THE TWO SHIPS LOOK AT THE NAMES MERCY AN HOPE that’s for the children not for the flu victims yes people are dying and that is sad but avg age is 78 the numbers dont lie the fake news is bought an paid for by satan’s agents WAKE UP SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER THE ENEMY DOES NOT SLEEP MAGA

  87. Yes praying & fasting for our President Trump, and the rats be exposed, I too had a dream about an infestation …..weeks beforethis came out …. praying the Word over this situation in Jesus mighty name & the blood over us as well!🙏♥️

  88. I strongly agree with Wanda Alger “that the controlling spirits working by remote would come to light…These strongmen must be expelled and forever disempowered for the sake of our children.” I have been praying and interceding for quite some time regarding this very issue. My spirit agrees that this must happen and I believe that it will for the sake of this nation and it’s future. Proverbs 28:2, “A nation that has moral rot within its gov’t topples easily. But with wise and knowledgeable leaders, there is stability” (NLT) This controlling spirit must be destroyed in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

  89. Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, here we are to humble ourselfs to you and give you all Glory and honor, you are the only one, the King of Kings, our Savior.
    ABBA we pray for our president DJ TRUMP, his family and the leaders in our nation, for your protección around all of them. To break any demonic assignment against him, against our nation. The darkness be exposed as we speak your word ABBA. As a children of your covenant, full of your love, with the authority you gave us, we Proclaim The manifestación of Your poweful light, love and Resurection of Jesús Christ, YESHUA HAMASHIAH upon all of this situación, and the enemy will be exposed and go away through 7 doors. Father thank you because everything that seems demonic setback is being SET UP FOR GOOD. Gen.50:20-21. In YESHUA’s name. Amen

  90. Lord we pray a fire of protection around our President Trump and our leaders .We ask that You Lord expose the plans of the enemy and bring them to light . Let the works of the enemy become null and void for No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Not Prosper!Give our leaders a stragetic plan to prevail above our enemies. Give wisdom for our county to lead us out of this wilderness . Father Your Word says we have not cause we ask not . Bring provision to feed the people .Bring provisions to the medical field give them creative ideas and give them the peace that surpasses all understanding. We Praise You Lord for You made heaven and earth and spoke the “Word” into exsistance and nothing is to hard for You . We humbly ask for forgiveness for our sins of our country and ask for healing of our land . Have mercy Lord on Your people . In Jesus Mighty Name Amen


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