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Father, help us to make no provision for the enemy to attack and give our nation wisdom and discernment.

Heaven sees the demonic manifestations on the earth, but the Father is RESTRAINING heaven’s hosts. Here’s why…

Wanda Alger has been a field correspondent with Intercessors for America and written for Charisma, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and The Christian Post. She is an author of numerous books, including “Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God.” Follow her blog at Credit: Getty Images.)

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2175 People Prayed
23246 People have read this article

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  1. I pray Luke 12:1-5. Jesus is telling the governing of Israel that there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed in government. I agree with Wanda totally that God is waiting on us and to join in the Corporate intercession for our NATION AND FOR THE RIGHTEOUS JURIST TO BE SET on the Supreme Court.

  2. We pray against all forces of evil Lord and know that there is nothing to fear… for we fear God the Father and Him alone! No weapon formed against will prosper!!! We stand firm on your solid WORD and know that you fight the battles for us…for the BATTLE has already been won sayeth the Lord God Almighty! Be still my brothers and sisters and know that HE ALONE IS GOD ALMIGHTY AND LORD!!! AMEN!!!

  3. amen sister….that is what the spirit is saying to me also….we are in agreement.. Once the president steps
    into his second term….the Holy spirit said to not stop praying….keep going….there is much work to be done! there is world wide prayer at this time but I know the Lord wants more….We are believing the Holy
    Spirit is moving in a greater way then we know….many are coming to him during this time. these are awesome
    times to live in…to see the word fulfilled…Amen

  4. Wanda, I usually don’t agree with many Christian leaders in the way they lead to pray, usually because they are introverted prayers for themselves. Many pray for peace and prosperity and sadly, this is what many people want also.

    But your vision and understanding of the scriptures are very honest and true. You are praying what God wants us to pray for in “this time” we are in. You’re focused on defeating the evil principalities that are attacking right now all around the world.

    I was reminded last night about the Tower of Babble. They were wicked people with a wicked goal in mind. God looked down and said because they are of one mind, one voice, one vision, in unity… there is nothing impossible for them to accomplish. We must go down and change their language so that they are no longer in UNITY.

    If we Christians were to learn this principal, to be of one mind, one voice, one vision, in total unity and agreement on what the word of God says, the if the wicked can accomplish anything by being this way, How much more can we Christians accomplish with God’s word and authority behind us?

    I applaud you for listening to the Holy Spirit and relaying these revelations to the people. To get them to come together in unity and prayer, to fight against the powers and principalities of Satan.

    If the Pastors in America would get hold of this revelation and get out of their fear of losing their 501-C, just imagine what we could do here in America and around the world. If the Pastors of every Church in every State would come together with their congregations and stand up publicly against Abortion, against pornography, against filthy TV shows, against our Judges making homosexuality and gay marriages legal, we could STOP the immorality that has run rampant in our country. The sheep NEED the Shepherds to lead them. This is God’s principal, if there is no Shepherd, the sheep scatter and are vulnerable prey to the enemy.

    If Churches & Christians began to pray like you are saying, we will begin to see miracles frequently once again here in America. Look at the prophecy of Joel about God pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, you sons and daughters, old men, handmaids etc. Look at who He said he was going to use to speak His message to the world… and then look who he does not speak of using. I hate to say it but many Pastors, Teachers, Theologians, Eschatology teachers, the big name Evangelists… it does not say they will be used. But He does say He’ll use your gardener, your mechanic, the young boy who mows your yard, the old men, the young men, your sons and daughters.

      1. I couldn’t agree more!!! Let us pray in unity for the Lord to pierce the Pastors hearts and get rid of this 501c and truly trust GOD ALMIGHTY for all the results!!! That is what FAITH truly means… TRUST HIM in all situations and circumstances… even if it doesn’t make any sense… GOD KNOWS ALL AND SEES ALL… AND IT IS HE WHO DELIVERS US FROM ALL EVIL AND COVERS US WITH HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD!!!! THANK YOU LORD ALMIGHTY!!! Awaken your BODY Lord that they/we may see clearly and KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD… and you ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE ON THE THRONE!!! AMEN…AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

  5. Lord we thank you for who you are.We worship you and gloryfie your wonderful Name.May you show all the nations of the world that you the only God who deserves the worship.Lucifer is not the God he is a created creature and he has no power unless he permitted by your people . Ashamed the evil one by your power through your son Jesus Christ.Lord we love you and we honour you.Bless President Trump for he is a man after your heart. Just as David had trusted you I pray you put trust in his heart to love you and trust you more.We cover him and his wholehousehold with the Blood of Jesus.Let the Lord rise and his enemies scatter in Jesus Christ Name.

  6. When the quarantine started the Lord lead me to Joel. The 2nd verse caught my attention, Has anything like this happened in your lifetime or your father’s lifetime? A locusts plague was upon them. Then as I read on, 3 times it was said to call everyone to fast, pray and repent.Joel 1:13-14,2:12-19. I believe the whole body of Christ needs to come together in unity to fast, pray and repent and then God will heal our land. It needs to be called by the spiritual leaders of our churches as one voice. Through us fasting, praying and repenting of our evil ways God refines us. He has used COVID to put me in time out so that I can focus on Him instead of running here, there and yonder. Once we, the whole Body of Christ, do this I believe COVID and the unrest in our land will be taken care of by God Himself and He will receive the glory. Thank you for your word, Wanda!

  7. Thank you sister Wanda Alger for service to the King of Glory, the Lord Jesus Christ. God has given us power and authority over the enemies of God BUT I decree in Jesus name that corporate pray be stirred in the hearts of His church. That unity in the warriors of Christ arise and we ask for heavenly strategies to clear the hords of evil out of our homes, the streets, the government of this nation, even in our economy, education and medical/pharmaceutical industry. Strengthen us oh Lord to march down our communities with showing Your power and love. Praise God! Hallelujah! To God be the Glory! Amen!

  8. Yes, LORD! Open our churches and may we come together in unified worship. Cast out fear in all parishioners. Bring the dry bones together, bring all the working parts of the body of Christ together in orderly fashion, out flesh on us so we can reach the world, and above all cause us to live by breathing your breath into us. The breath of your Spirit. Open up the stadiums for corporate worship! Open up our gathering places and more. We who are called by your name humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. Lord help us to be in communion with you. We long to hear your voice. We long to push into you and hear what you are saying to us in this hour and in this day. We wait for you. We have been stretched, we have been tried. Find us faithful. We wait with eager anticipation for our marching orders; we wait for you to move on our behalf. We bind Jezebel, Leviathan and religious and political spirits trying to hinder us. May Donald Trump KNOW he won the upcoming election because of YOU. May he acknowledge YOU and give YOU ALL the glory as well as his family, staff, counselors, and campaign workers. We thank you for raising this man to change the atmosphere in America so many may be reached with the Good News of your great love. We want to be changed, we want our world to change. Send me, equip me, and go before me. Speak, Lord, your servant hears. We pray in Jesus’ name Amen.

  9. Sweetheart, JESUS CHRIST NOR THE APOSTLES CALLED OUT “Leviathan nor JEZEBEL Spirits! I pray that we as INTERCESSORS REALIZE how easily the enemy beguiles us! Even in the New Testament GOD USES POLITICIANS TO SAVE THE APOSTLES! To “study” about the Ephesian 6:12-19 *Principalities, Powers and Spiritual entities,”* is EXACTLY WHAT THE WITCHES AND SATANISTS DO! I believe in INTERCESSION PER THE WORD OF GOD ONLY! I have a close relative to has encountered visits from demons and now involuntarily bites their own tongues! I will DO BATTLE IN THE SPIRIT AND YET, I RECALL PASTOR LESTER SUMMERALL, and his experience with Demons! We ARE NOT ALL CALLED to do that as a Ministry! Follow me as I follow CHRIST, I Corinthians11:1. Be ever so careful that the GOSPEL YOU TEACH HAS FACTUAL PROOF from GOD’s WORD and not just Man! Revelation 1-3:22. These references occur for a REASON! GOD WANTS TO “REVEAL” HIS LOVE FOR THE CHURCH BY REMINDING THEM WHAT PLEASES HIM MOST AND THAT THE LACK IN THESE AREAS!

    1. The Apostles called out and delivered spirits, but they didn’t give us their names or their levels of dominion. I agree with you that God is immensely concerned with leaders and justice (politics, but that word isn’t used in the Bible.) Half the Old Testament is about what this king or that king did and how God reacted to it. It is silly and dangerous to try to split the church from life on this earth. We seaparate from sin, not the rest of life

      1. I agree. I think about in Mark 5:9 how Jesus came in contact with the man who was possessed from the region of Gerasenes. The possessed man came towards Jesus, and the demons knew who He was. Jesus commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. Jesus asked the demon his name, and he said Legion for we are many. I also think about Mark 3:27 and Ephesian 6. Through a word of knowledge in prayer, the Holy Spirit can give us insight, wisdom, and strategies. Praise God, He gave the saints of God a lot of spiritual weaponry! 🙂

  10. Father in Heaven thank you for telling our sister what our part is in this battle. Thank you Father that you are willing and ready to fight. Thank you that your army is prepared. We do want to see YOUR Glory and YOUR Might and YOUR Power displayed through your people. Wake your people up from their sleep. Open their eyes and ears to your thunder. Shake their foundations and stir up their spirits so they cry out to you for help to YOU our savior and redeemer and Mighty God. Save us by Your Name. Vindicate us by Your might. Hear our prayers and listen to the words of our mouth. Strangers have risen up against us. Violent men seek after our souls. They do not set God before them. You Elohim are our helper. You are the supporter of our soul. Let evil return to our foes, and silence them with Your truth. We will Praise Your Name YeHoVah and give you all the glory and honor, for you will deliver us from our enemies and build us up in YOUR FAITH. We will mount up with wings as a eagle. We will not grow weary. We will wait on YOU LORD because YOU will renew our strength. YOU our Elohim will bring bloodthirsty, deceitful men down and they will not live out half their days. But we your people will trust in YOU. In the name of the living Word made Flesh. Amen

  11. Dear God, today I put my trust in You and cover myself with Your full armor to guard me, my family’s lives, and our nation’s freedoms against attack. I put on the belt of truth to protect us against the lies and deception of an ungodly cancel culture that seeks to erase Your existence. Help us to boldly speak the truth in love and to put on the breastplate of righteousness to protect our hearts from temptations, and to strengthen our hearts to overcome all challenges. I repent from the shedding of innocent blood, declare the appointment of righteous leaders for the defunding of abortion and the overthrow of the Roe Vs Wade evil law. I put on the gospel of peace on our feet, so that we’re ready to share Your grace to whoever You send us to. I pray that we choose to walk in the peace and freedom of Your Spirit and not be overcome with fear and anxious thoughts but instead take up your shield of faith so that we will extinguish all the darts and threats hurled our way by the enemy. I believe in Your power to protect us as we trust in You. We put on the helmet of salvation, which covers our minds and thoughts, to remind us to be thankful of the price You paid to forgive us, to set us free by the grace of Christ Jesus. I take up the sword of the Spirit, Your Word, which is alive, active, and sharper than any double-edged sword, has the power to demolish strongholds, and I speak it forth, declaring triumph over evil and for Your will to be fulfilled in our lives, in our nation, the defenders of Your beloved Israel, and of liberty throughout the world.
    Help us everyday to intentionally put on Your full armor. Forgive us for the times we’ve been too busy to care, or trying to fight in our own strength. Thank You that we never fight alone, for You are constantly at work on our behalf, shielding, protecting, strengthening, exposing the deeds of darkness, bringing to light what needs to be known, covering us from cruel attacks, even when we’re unaware, You are there, ever faithful watching over us. We thank You, give You the praise and glory for Your mercy, and offer this prayer in the powerful name of Jesus. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, Amen.

    1. Myself, my husband, sister, and brother in law plus friends are planning to be there! We are pleading the blood of Yeshua ove ourselves, r Washington DC, and the event! We want to see God Honored and Glorified! ❤️

      I’m so grateful and Praise God for online corporate worship with Ecclesia that is ALIVE! I’ve been joining Glory of Zion for months. It may be far from us but it’s like we are there!

    2. Read The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn. It has just been released. God is speaking to His people and we must turn and repent on behalf of our Nation! This book will rattle you like nothing ever has.

  12. Ok church we have a challenge to stand up. Shout out the glory of our Lord. He is staying His. hand for us to pray like never before. Are we going to move in faith or hide till this is. over? This is the beginning of a move of God so the world will know that HE ALONE IS GOD!

  13. The number 2 is the number of agreement. 222 is God in agreement with His purpose in and through His people. Three is also the number of God Himself, the Trinity. He is fully in back of us. The battle is the Lord’s. He will show forth His glory through the prayers of His people. But He will not share that glory with another. Wanda indicates He is waiting for us to pray and act. The number 4 is a number of transition. 444 (three 4s) God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’s transition indicating that when we pray according to His Will/Word in this season especially He, Himself will and has already begun to transition the spiritual battle around. The re-election of Trump will only be the beginning of this transition. The prayer must continue with the same intensity of this moment. But the agenda’s will advance into this decade as needed change will take time and godly stratecy.

  14. Thank you. This was conformation for what I felt the Lord was leading us to do on Monday, at our Church’s prayer gathering. I have forwarded this video to others in our prayer group. Thank you, again. Blessings.
    Cindy A.

  15. I’m blessed to be part of a group of 20-30 women in Oro Valley, Arizona, who’ve met for 19 years for three hours every Monday morning to worship and declare Scripture as intercession over the lost/deceived/blinded/bound/unbelieving. We’ve had angels in the room with us,and we’re going to keep on interceding, via Zoom for the past four months and soon again together, because we passionately long to see those strongholds and demons fall under the Living Word of God and Blood of Jesus and Fire of God’s Holy Spirit, for God’s Glory and Victory!

  16. This is war, guys!!! Do you realize that you are called for war, you are called for battle. Christians are to fight and you are to jufdge angels and people. This is basic for a Christian, you are making God my Father greatly angry. Do you think He is happy with you. NO!!!! o out and fight,for the battle is God’s.
    Am I the only one in this p;anet that has fought demons, spiritual wars for most of my life? Do I have to fight alone forever, Do something please help me fight. I have sent diaster after diaster on the world since Agnes, do I have to send more diasters to wake up the church. I am not happy with the church and God is not happy either. Change your view and see the power of God you have and fight the war. You can do it,go for it baby.

  17. As I listened the Holy Spirit stirred in me to keep taking action, to keep fighting and to keep standing. Thank you for sharing this. I am so encouraged and stirred by it. Blessings to you and your ministry.

    So often I read posts that have no “help” in them.
    This is postive to the maxx and I deeply appreciate it.
    Living in the Greater Seattle area for the last 50 years I have seen 1st hand what rotten politics can do.
    I am praying daily for God to visit us. I believe He is now, although most can’t see it.
    Pray for Seattle – Tacoma (and all of Washington State) please.
    God bless you and keep you on fire for HIM forever.
    Julie B.

  19. Just this morning, the Lord brought out this Proverbs 18:1 to me and this is my post on Facebook from that. I felt that I needed to share it because I’ve been hearing this same thing – that the faithful need to rise up and do the work of the Lord! I love how God speaks to His children!!

    “”Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment.” Pro. 18:1 This verse really jumped out at me this morning. God can’t use you if you’re hiding out at home without a legitimate reason. Don’t be so afraid to die that you stop living. Be wise, not fearful! #faithoverfearalways”

  20. I was awoken at 3:33 AM this morning too. I looked at the clock and thought how odd, but Jeremiah 33:3 came to mind: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3, God’s telephone number.

  21. Excellent insights–so on-target, and encouraging. Amen and amen! Our little group SO resonates in agreement with the need and Divine Charge of the Corporate anointing. ONLY in such UNITY can certain things be revealed and then RELEASED, to the Glory of God. Thank you for affirming what we have been receiving. We look to the LORD for strategy to go forth in obedience, love and His POWER.

  22. Confirmation to me!! I’ve been hearing for months that we are to get out in front of the fray. How? By worship in the streets…together, by gathering together and singing aloud …in our churches and homes, by reading and sharing His Word…everywhere our foot treads. It is His church, His children, that’s us, His Bride that He’s waiting on to get the job done. And He goes with us! I too saw the many more that are with us, then those against us in the battle(2 Kings 6:15-17). This is not a political fight, it’s spiritual and we have the upperhand!

    Father God, thank You for giving us, your Son’s Bride, the wisdom and power to go forth in this battle. We have just to look to You and obey where You lead us. You hide nothing from us and have freely given us all we need to walk in victory. It is by the power of Jesus’s blood that we even have the strength, power and love to move out and follow You! All praise be to You, our Creator, our Father, Our Papa, who loves us and makes a way where there seems to be no way. You NEVER leave us nor forsake us. You are Emanuel, God with us and we say “yes” to You now. “Yes” to Jesus our Conquering King, “Yes” to Holy Spirit our Teacher and Confidant. We say “Yes”. And we stand together for those on the other side, who don’t know You, for those whom You love and are blinded by the darkness. Reveal Yourself to them Papa. Remove the veil from their heart that they might see You and know You like we do. By the powerful name of Jesus we stand in agreement in these things, amen!

  23. Psalm 89:15 says “Blessed are the people who know the festal shout.” I looked up festal shout and here is what I found: A festal shout says “I know who my God is, so my enemy doesn’t stand a chance.” A festal shout is a war cry, a loud shout of joy. Let’s have a festal shout because we know who is the Almighty, the LORD of Hosts, the God of angel armies is with us. There is a shaking, but we have a God who created everything, and the heaven and earth are His. He is the Almighty and His faithfulness is all around us. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. We cry out to Him for help.

  24. Thank you for that clear charge to get together to praise and worship Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords.
    I could not agree with you more Wanda!

    How can I order your book and study guides?

  25. Thank you, Wanda! I agree! I have been praying “publicly” on line for the Lord’s intervention in these cities. So thankful for the young people gathering and praising Him…baptizing young ones! Hallelujah! I agree; we need the fear of the Lord to fall on our land! Amen and hallelujah!

  26. Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, Lord of Lords, thank You for the message in Isaiah 49, reminding me, hrough Your servant Wanda,that He waits for His servants on earth to be a light in a dark world. You say,”I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people”. Thank You, Lord, for strengthening and comforting Your people in these perilous times so we can “rise up” to serve You and others, bringing the message of salvation, “to the ends of the earth”. Thank You, Lord for patience shown towards Your Church, Your people. Thank You, for, “engraving us on the palms of Your hands”. Embolden Your people to serve with confidence and assurance as You go before us. Amen

    1. TY for sharing Wanda. Great Word. Power n Authority in Corporate Worship n Gathering. Let the songs of Gods People be
      released n the sound of the Shofar Blast as we approach Rosh Hashanah. Arise Church. 🙏

      1. Yes Barbara…I sounded my Shofar in my yard this morning and shouted praises to our glorious Savior and King. Jesus! Yeshua HaMashiach! The King is in the field this month of Elul. I am participating in RoshHaShana, Roah Chodesh 72 hour prayer. Looking forward to Day of Atonement and the joyous praises and extravagant worship Of our Lord of Lords at Feast of Tabernacles

  27. Wanda!
    We agree! I have posted this video and agree in prayer for the Church to ARISE!
    We agree that He is worthy of our praise and our unity!
    We throw off fear, in the Name of Jesus!
    We pray for Holy boldness to overtake our hearts and souls!
    I pray we see the scheme of divisiveness and reject it, in Jesus’ Name!

  28. Pray for the churches that are staying closed to open. Pray fervently for the churches in California and other states where there are fines imposed for meeting. Pray for us to obey God rather than man. Satan’s workers here in America fear this happening because they know the power of God shows itself through His people.

    1. Linda please share how your church has been doing this. I’m at a loss, not hearing messages that relate to what’s going on in the world around us, not encouraging us on how to do what God is waiting for us to do. Are your messages online?

      1. Hi Cathy, go to Facebook and watch our services. We are meeting in person but still showing online.
        Our church is Oak Brook Community Church in Oak Brook, IL. One Sunday we were moved to worship the entire service. It was amazing. The last two Sunday’s our pastor preached on the Armour of God. We are fighting a spiritual battle and we must be equipped to fight! I agree with Lplummer, you should look for another church that is filled with the Holy Spirit. God bless you for your heart!

  29. 🙏🏼🕊Yes, God bless you!
    Dear Father God Almighty, You give us authority, so Forgive us where we fail, strengthen us to do Your work, to bring glory to Your Holy name. Father, as we march around our own homes, properties, communities, schools, businesses, let us proclaim it all for You; that Your justice, Your mercy, Your truth be over them all. LORD, we bind this evil to silence, we rebuke it, in the name of Jesus, by the power of His shed blood, and the Holy Spirit, we pray this for our country, and for the countries of the world. In Jesus name we pray, Amen✝️

  30. I’m just thank God now that I opened up to your video this morning and listen to your testimony this morning. I started with this from the link on the intercessors of America site. I’ve already shared this with a member of my small group. Thank you Wanda thank you Jesus

  31. Amen! I so agree God wants his people to gather together to pray to worship and then we will see the power and His presence. I am intercessory chairman of my prayer group. In May when we were still locked down I knew we needed to gather together. I asked my pastor if it was OK and he gave us the go ahead. Wow there is a new anointing on our prayer group.
    My church has been open since May and our services and worship have been amazing. It is so important to gather together.

  32. I just happened on your site by mistake, your video. I found it very interesting. Found out things I didn’t’ know. The fact that God is restraining his angels that he could be sending down to fix this. But he wants us to do it. Thank you for listening to the Father.

  33. Thank you for providing such clarity and conviction, Wanda. It is easy to feel disparity and disorientation during these difficult times. You have reminded me of the power that resides within each one of us through the Holy Spirit. You have sent out a trumpet call for men and women of God to stand united to allow the light of the Lord to shine through us to bring Him Glory. Hallelujah! Thank you for lifting the fog of disillusionment! I look forward to corporate fellowship with fellow believers all over the world in order to answer the call to faith and action! God bless you and your ministry.

    1. I believe that our president fears God as evidenced by the way he upholds God’s will in our nation – specifics? He promotes what God promotes: Life-that is he is anti-abortion (Deuteronomy 30:19), he seeks truth – truth is of utmost importance to God because His enemy is a liar (John 8:44). I know Donald Trump is not perfect – no human is. We cannot depend on any man to do all perfectly not even ourselves; but God can use someone who is yielded to Him and aware of the need to honor God and to lead the nation in His way.

    2. I hit “amen” by accident but I do not agree with you whatsoever. None of us are in a position to cast stones against this man. I pray that the influence of your heart be purged and refined in the image of Christ.

      This President honors God every time he removes funding from the institutions that practice Baal worship in the name of “healthcare and planned parenthood.” My prayer is that the veil of deception in this category alone be removed from the hearts and eyes of professing Believers. Woe be to practitioners and their supporters who bring harm to the little ones. Every abortion robs God of leaders and prophets of His creation … stealing, killing and destroying the minds of the weak and easily influenced mothers and fathers looking to hide from their own sins. May God show mercy as their sins are revealed to them and they repent.

      Passion … God is not pleased with abortion and this President gets it.

      This President has sin in his life. Name one person who doesn’t. That is your challenge … to stop being blinded by a good word of an Intercessor for the hatred one has toward the subject of the intercession.

      This President is not superhuman but he sure has more intolerance heaped upon him than any other public figure in present history and it is the prayers of the saints that keep him standing where I would surely falter.

      I join with countless praying warriors to bind the religious spirit in the church, the workplace, the home and in the world that the work and words of the enemy will be made void and come to naught.

      I pray that those who are dispatched to do evil in our cities do not reach their destinations nor be further empowered by their father of lies. May they awaken from their drunken stupor and realize the folly of their debauchery and repent.

      In the name of Yeshua Hamashiach, our Messiah, amen.

      1. Ronda Orchard, I agree with what you’ve said about our President and what you disagreed with Catherine Newman’s comment. It looks like Ms. Newman is a democrat and stands with all that their party stands for… and it is against God and His commands. I simply cannot see any person calling themselves a Christian and then them standing up for all that God calls evil. In essence, they are standing up against God Himself.

        I want to be very clear here on what I agree with and what I disagree with. This comments section needs some improvement on making it clear who we are replying to.

        1. All I can say is that the church by the method of tolerance has corrupted the sanctuary of the living God. Time to clean house and bar the wicked influencers from taking the word from His house.

    3. Our President Trump is the most, probably the only true prolife President we’ve had. He protects the unborn, he protects Christians. He asks for prayer, has a Godly woman for a spiritual advisor. He honors God. Did you happen to see the video of his roundtable in Kenosha? He stopped the discussion and asked a pastor to pray. He’s making sure Christian students can express themselves on secular campuses. On and on thanks be to God!
      God, in the name of Jesus open the eyes of the blind, especially those who call themselves Christian!

    4. Catherine, I can so relate to your angst, as I believe many of our faith can. It is only through the leading of the Holy Spirit that I have resolved my conflicted heart concerning our president. In my times seeking the Father’s wisdom and will, I was strongly impressed with a need to take an honest look at those, in his word, that God chose to use in achieving his will. From Genesis on, he often called flawed individuals – selfish, deceptive, weak, greedy, arrogant, murdering, ignorant human beings – to move his ultimate desire for a New Eden along. I was reminded over and over that God’s ways and mine are not the same. I don’t profess to understand the man, Donald Trump, but I did not, nor will not, pray or vote for him because of his endearing character or personality. I choose rather to support the integrity of his promises kept and trust God to do what he will with the man. As a redeemed sinner, I know that all things are truly possible with Christ who strengthens me! Blessings in your search for peace.

      1. Penny Huddleston, you have just publicly declared that you will not obey God as He commands us to pray for “those” who are in leadership over us. The Bible says that all who are in a place of leadership has been placed there by God. If we rebel against the leadership that God has placed over us, we are rebelling against God Himself. You place yourself in a dangerous position to publicly declare that you “choose” to rebel against God and refuse to do as He has commanded you to do. You’re not rebelling against President Trump, you are rebelling against God.

        1. Mr. Adams, I apologize for any lack of clarity my words may have conveyed to you. My intent was to encourage my Christian brothers and sisters who, like me, have struggled with Mr. Trump, the man of words, verses President Trump, the policy maker. I shared how the Holy Spirit had led me to revisit the biblical history of God’s choices in leaders and realized, afresh, the imperfections of man do not nullify God’s wisdom or will. Perhaps, upon rereading my comments, sir, you will realize I wrote that it is the peace of God and the president’s integrity as a promise keeper that garners my support of him in both prayer and vote…not his personality or personal character. As to my “public” declaration of rebellion against our God, I trust him to allay your concerns. Blessings in your search for peace.

          1. Penny Huddleston, you were very clear in your words and I’ll quote them to you…

            “I don’t profess to understand the man, Donald Trump, but I did not, nor will not, pray or vote for him because of his endearing character or personality.”

            If you didn’t mean to say that you refuse to pray for your President as God commands us to do, then if I were you, I would delete my first comment where you say you will not vote for him or pray for him.

            Penny, I’m not trying to be rude to you, but when you say something and everyone can easily read it for themselves, then you reply and say that’s not what you meant… You couldn’t have been more clear in your original comment.

            I’m just saying, If you’re going to publicly say you are a Christian… then publicly say you refuse to obey God’s commands to pray for those who are in leadership and that all that are in that place have been placed there by God, what do you think people are going to think? You give the un-saved people the opportunity to mock Christians, Christianity, and God.

        2. I believe Penny H. was not clear in her phrasing, but as believers, we are to correct people gently and seek to understand. (First Cor. 13) What she was saying, (and I really had to parse her full statement to figure it out) was she was not praying for President Trump because of his endearing character or his personality, but because she trusts in God to do what he will with President Trump.

      2. May I possibly assist by clarifying your statement? You seem to be saying (from my perspective), The decision I make to pray for President Trump is not based on his endearing character or personality, but is based on the trust I have in God to do what he will with the man, and President Trump’s choice to uphold the promises he made. A little different phrasing can make the difference between communicating what you really intended, and sometimes the exact opposite. (As I learned when I used an inappropriate word that did not mean what I thought it did- at least in the context it was used in) Please reply if you see this.

        1. Thanks Penni B., for taking the time to dig deeper and helping to keep others from calling Christians hypocrites by trying to explain what Penny H. meant and was “trying” to say.

          It is hard to understand why so many continue to speak evil of and continue to hate President Trump. God has used him in spite of his short comings and kept the democrats from signing over America’s sovereignty to the U.N. He is against a One World Government. He is helping to change laws to help keep Christian freedom.

          Every one of us served Satan until we gave our lives to Jesus. But once we did, we became completely different people. Once we were separated, but now we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We who have been forgiven for so much, how can we continue to dislike someone who has become a brother or sister in Christ. They may not be changed as quickly as others in their Christian walk, but God was patient with us and we should be patient with others, no matter who they were B.C. Again, thanks for your help as a peace-maker. Mac

          1. Glad to be of assistance. As a former wall builder (in the bad sense), it took a very hard providence to straighten my head out. The Lord took his wrecking ball to the wall, and used the ball as a bridge. By God’s grace, my wall building days are over, unless there are good reasons to build one for protection- and then these walls will enfold and protect rather than isolate. Those who want more of the story can reply and I will be happy to share more.

        2. Penni, what a blessing your sweet grace is to me. Yes, in my rush to offer Catherine grace, I did a poor job of using my words. Thank you, Father, for the words spoken in love and understanding by my sister, Penni. Bless her as she has blessed me. Forgive me for anyway I have dishonored you with what I wrote. Search my heart Lord and keep me from the influence of this world’s divisive ways. Let your discernment, compassion, and forgiveness be my truth and your glory my purpose. In the Master’s name. Amen.

          1. Thank you! If you or Peter Adams would like more information on my comment to him, I will be happy to share it. (the white comment right above yours)

            May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, Oh Lord, my rock and my redeemer! Amen!

            (this is Dan Peek, formerly of America, singing his song Redeemer)

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