I Prayed have prayed
God, we ask You to come and hover over America, birthing Your purposes in our generation.

When we look around America today, we know that we are in a crisis; we’ve reached a tipping point. In the last election, many Christians got out and voted; however, many spiritual leaders across this nation have been saying one thing: “We’re concerned the church has gone back to sleep.” I know some of you have a similar concern in your heart.

Our national elections are coming up. The Christian turnout for these elections will reveal whether we are truly going to be able to turn the nation and fully establish cords of righteousness, or if we’re going to slide backward.

I want to encourage you. If you believe that abortion is sin, and if you believe that the blood of more than 60,000,000 aborted babies is crying out from the ground of the United States, would you get out and vote? If you believe that human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child exploitation must be abolished, and that we could do it in our generation, would you get out and vote? If you knew the racial divide could be healed a little deeper, would you pray, and would you vote?

I’m asking you to do both—pray and vote. Pray and act. I’m asking you to join us, as we prayer walk America, as we cry out for the nation. We know that God wants to do extraordinary things through our prayers. If we will pray, God will act.

We have developed this very important website called “Pray in Unity.” Here, you can sign up to adopt your block in prayer. You will also find a daily devotion covering all kinds of topics related to the future of a nation that acknowledges God.

It’s a 40-day season, beginning September 25 and continuing through Election Day, November 3. You will be praying in unity with thousands of other intercessors from across America. We will be saying as one, “We are asking God to come and hover over America, birthing His purposes in our generation.”

Would you join us? Watch with us and Pray in Unity. We’d love for you to participate. Let’s turn the tide!

We have made it easy to participate. Just CLICK HERE and sign up for daily emails with each day’s devotions for the next 40 days, starting September 25, 2020. Or view the PDF of all the devotionals HERE.

Dr. Cindy Jacobs is President of Generals International.

Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. (Philippians 2:2; NASB)

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Lincy pandithurai
September 28, 2020

Me And my Esther Prayer group joining with you in this 40 days of prayer

Lois M Smith
September 25, 2020

Please listen to Terry Bennett 9-20-2020 message at the last is important to hear: Start at 148 min. listen to it, civil war is at hand, because they are against Trump and will do all they can to destroy what they can not have. The Democrats are up to no good, and God is going to deal with the evil in this nation, if we chose Him. There will be 15 states that will withdraw from the Union of the United States. Terry Bennett list them from the word of the Lord. youtube messenger of shiloah (No Spaces).

Karen McClure
September 25, 2020

I have been pleading with God for our nation and will continue!
I am so saddened by what is happening in America!!😢

Anne Schultz
September 24, 2020

Most Glorious Yeshua Ha Mashiach [Jesus Christ] we [the Church] are Your bride. The Bridegroom protects his bride. Your bride is being attack We are crying out to You for help and deliverance. From Psalm 143 Hear our Prayer, O Most Holy GOD, answer our plea, because You are faithful to Your promises. Our enemies are chasing us trying to catch us and knock us to the ground. They want to force us to live in the darkness like those who have no hope. They try to make us afraid [but You said ‘Fear Not for I AM with you”.] You promised Isaiah 54:16 You will live under a government that is just and fair. Your enemies will stay far away; you will live in peace. Terror shall not come near. If ANY nation comes to fight you, it will not be sent by me to punish you, Therefore it will be routed, for I am on your side.’ We remember the glorious miracles You did in days of long ago. We reach out for You. We thirst for You as parched land thirsts for rain. Come quickly, LORD, and answer us. Let us see Your kindness to us for we are trusting You. Show us where to walk, for we humble ourselves and sincerely pray. Save us from our enemies, O LORD, we run to You; Help us to do Your will, for You are our GOD; for Your Spirit is good. LORD, saving us [your Bride] will bring glory to Your Name. Bring us out of all this trouble because You are true to Your promises. And because You are loving and kind to us, cut off all our enemies and destroy those who are trying to harm us for we are yours. Bless our protect our Wonderful President Trump and all his family, Vice President Pence and all his family and all of our brothers and sisters in Yeshua Ha Mashiach Who are in leadership in our government and all of our brothers and sisters in Yeshua everywhere. We thank you for THE VICTORY!! And we thank Your that all those who are planning evil against our President Trump and godly leaders ‘will NOT prosper … Let their plots boomerang and let them be destroyed by the very evil that have planned for all of us and for America and Israel!!! Preserve America’s freedom for our children and grand children {even unto a thousand generations.] Let us bring truth to America and Israel and let Your Light shine through us to all nations. We speak ‘PEACE ~ SHALOM’ over the election and America and Israel!

valerie Wheeler
September 24, 2020

WE sang God bless America in school,now it’s time we sayitas a prayer. it’s urgent

Darlene Estlow
September 24, 2020

Father, as we repent as a nation for our sins, may we see your hand of mercy touch our nation with righteousness. May we as your people honor you with our lives, living to your glory.

September 24, 2020

Heavenly Father, Hear my Prayer that David of old prayed to you. You said David was a man after your own heart and he did desire to walk in your truth and your ways. As David prayed to you so do I Father. Deliver us Father from our Enemies. Set us on high, away from those who rise up against us and our nation. Deliver us from workers of iniquity. Rescue us from bloodthirsty men. For behold, they lie in wait for us. Defiant men stir up strife against us in the cities, not for our transgressions or sin, Father. For no guilt of mine, they run and set things up. Awake! Father! Help Father! Look Father!. For You Are Adonai. The Elohim of America. Rouse Yourself to punish all the nations. show no mercy to any iniquitous traitors in America. They return at evening, in the cities snarling like a dog, prowling about the city. See, they are spewing with their mouth, swords in their lips. After all who is listening to them. But You, Adonai, are laughing at them. Your scoff at all the nations. O my strength. I watch for You, for God is my strong tower. My God in His lovingkindness will go before me. God will let me look down on my foes. Do not slay them, lest my people forget. With Your power shake them and bring them down, O Lord our shield. The sin of their mouth is the words of their lips. So let them be caught in their pride, and for uttering a curse and a lie. Consume them in wrath, consume them till they are no more. Let them know that God rules over America and to the ends of the earth. They return in evening snarling like a dog, prowling about the city. They wander around for food, innocent people. If they are not full, they stay up all night. But I sing of Your strength! Yes, in the morning I sing aloud of Your lovingkindness,. For You have been my fortress, a refuge in the day of my trouble. O my strength, to You I sing praises.. For God is my strong tower, my God of loving kindness. Amen

Sandra King
September 24, 2020

We need to take this time to see reality for what it is….a spiritual war! We need to see ourselves as true warriors for God,on the front lines of the battles. This is life or death! For every prayer promised but not said it is a bullet not fired into the camp of the enemy. For every prayer promised but not said it is another Holy warrior taken prisoner by the enemy’s camp. Our prayers ARE our defense and attack..the way God has given us and is expecting us to march into this war! This is REAL fellow soldiers !
Jesus fought and died for each of us. It is pass time to fight for heaven and earth. GOD HAS GIVEN US THE WEAPONS AND THE PROMISE OF VICTORY! NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

Mel Teoh
September 24, 2020

Heavenly Father:
I’m so grateful to witness so many people are praying for America. Thank You for this article. Thank You for Dr. Cindy Jacobs for her desire to lead 40 day prayer for unity.

Please unite us, the church, in heart, to pray for YOUR AGENDA to be manifested in America. Let Americans understand and realize that YOU ARE THE ONE that Make America Great Again and Keep America Great and Make America Save Again.

From 2020 on ward, let the Church realize that our main assignment is to pray .. and pray .. and pray for anything and everything. Let us not slumber or fall asleep anymore Father.

Your will be done in America.

Thank You for all the signs that You’ve shown since 2016 that You appointed President Trump to do what You want him to do for America. Please protect him and his family physically and spiritually. Thank You that You surrounded him with people like VP Pence, Kayleigh M, Sarah Sanders, etc. who I don’t know their name. I’m sure so many other Christians who love You, who put You first and foremost, who pray before they start working or their day. Father-God, protect this people and their family. Let them be a living example of who they are in You and those surround them want to know more about You thru their life.

Father-God, thank You for allowing President Trump for another 4 years assignment at the White House. Please allow him to have both Senate and House Rep with majority are Republicans who will support him not oppose him. Please allow Senator Collins, Romney or other who are so confused in their position or stand to step down and be replace with people who value YOU who want to advance YOUR AGENDA not their own agenda.
Please allow Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, AOC etc., etc. to step down and be replace with people who value YOU who want to advance YOUR AGENDA not their own.

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray and thank You. Amen.

Lois Taritas
September 24, 2020

I have prayer walked for years, college campus, police dept, mayor office bldg, schools.
I am going to walk polling places and pray! God moves when we put boots on the ground!

September 24, 2020

Yes, I agree that America is experiencing a perfect storm of crises. Yes, I will join you in prayer. However your list of crisis events seem to be somewhat out of order, andneed to be expanded: 1. we need to pray about continuing covid-19 infections and deaths. 2. We need to pray about the fires burning out of control in several western states.3. We need to pray for a safe, fair and peaceful election in November, and that God will give America His choice of national & local leaders for our country. 4. We need to pray for school staff, teachers, parents and students.5. We need to pray people who are still unemployed.6. We need to pray for gun violence in urban cities. 7. We need to pray for people who are struggling with poverty and inadequate income.8 we need to pray that the continuing racism and injustice in America that provoked the BLM protests across America and the world. 9. We need to pray that our churches will re-open soon. 10. We need to pray that Christians will focus more living out the truth of the Gospel, than political sectarianism. 11. We need to pray that a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19 will be produced soon.


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