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Father, use the Maricopa County audit and the work of Cyber Ninjas to bring revival to the church of Christ in America.  And from that revival bring forth salvations upon salvations rolling across from sea to shining sea until this nation is reclaimed, reformed and reactivated as mission-critical in the Great Harvest that is coming upon the earth.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Will the Lord bring more out of the Maricopa County forensic audit than cleaned-up election processes?  If Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan’s prayers are answered, nothing less than revival will flow from the months-long, careful and exacting work.  Logan joined Pray with America’s Leaders on Sept. 30, along with Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase to discuss the much watched and disputed forensic audit.

“I truly feel like the entire audit, I was carried through prayer,” Logan said, thanking IFA’s intercessors.  “I was very aware of all the people praying all the time.”  The team installed a prayer wall at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum; over the course of the project, staff and volunteers added poster board upon poster board to collect all the prayers and Scripture.  “I am amazed at the high correlation between believers who are seeking the truth and who want to be involved in election integrity….There were so many Christians there. And they were there just to honor God,” Logan said.

The prayer was needed as the audit revealed significant and disturbing discrepancies about the Arizona election.  Logan shared three key findings:

  • The numbers from various sources (canvassing; official voter lists; mail-in ballots) didn’t match.  As Logan said, something so important as voting should balance, just as your checkbook and accounts do.
  •  More than 23,000 mail-in ballots sent to invalid addresses were included in the vote, despite the fact that mail-in ballots are not supposed to be forwarded.  This discrepancy alone exceeds the Biden margin of victory (less than 10,500) in the entire state.
  • Maricopa County election officials deleted data that should have been retained, making the audit more difficult to complete.

Many questions remain, but responsibility for answering them is now in the hands of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.  Especially important:  Resolving the issues surrounding the mail-in ballots, Logan said.  (Cyber Ninjas was unable to work further in this area because the Arizona Senate had excluded canvassing from the project’s scope.)

From the start, Logan found himself immersed in the maelstrom of mainstream media.  “It was really frustrating to see all the news articles calling me a grifter…negative partisan…there to manipulate the results…paid to change the results,” Logan said.  “I’ve lived a life of integrity that people usually comment on.”

In fact, Logan endeavored to run the audit in a transparent and thorough way.  “Integrity was really important to the way that we did everything,” he said.  “In making sure that we’re accountable in the way we put our processes and procedures together, 24/7, live-streaming.  That was extremely, extremely important to us.”

Intercessor Cheri Tuttle confirmed the careful work, telling IFA’s Gloria Robles  (Arizona Audit:  Eyewitness Testimony of the Power of God at Work, Aug. 17) “…there was such a positive atmosphere, the peace of God was there.”  The tone was set early on, according to Tuttle, as Logan met with staff and volunteers to emphasize the importance of living above reproach and of individual and national repentance.  Tuttle shared how impressed she was when Logan spoke about listening to the Holy Spirit.  Recounting one prompting that he unfortunately ignored, Logan laughed:  “About a week before the audit, I felt like I was supposed to buy a megaphone.  And I was like, ‘Why? I don’t need a megaphone. What do I need a megaphone for?  Sure enough, I’m at first day of training, it would have been very helpful to have a megaphone.”  You can hear more about Tuttle’s audit adventures on an IFA prayer call here.

Chase, the senator from Virginia, visited the audit site and resonated with Logan’s goal to conduct an audit above reproach.  “I knew at that point that he was a believer,” Chase said.  “So I knew we were in good hands and I left the audit thinking ‘okay, he has the mind of Christ.’”  Chase said she and other states’ legislators are hearing how frustrated their constituents are that truth — specifically about the election — is not widely disseminated in mainstream media and society.

As a conservative in a liberal-dominated state, she has first-hand experience of the pressure to silence her views about the election.  So when the final report was presented in Arizona, Chase was onsite to hear the findings for herself and her constituents.  Encouraged by the results in Arizona, Chase has started an election integrity caucus comprised of several like-minded state legislators. The caucus is digesting the Arizona audit reports for application to their own state election processes.

Chase thanked Logan for persevering despite obstruction from several quarters.  “Unfortunately, in the book of Revelation, … It says in the end times, those things which they call good are evil and evil good.  And here we are,” Chase said.  “Every morning I get out of my bed, I [say] ‘Well You didn’t come back today, so I guess there is still a lot of work to be done.’”  Among that work, exposing Virginia’s risk-limiting audit, which requires only nominal ballot checks.  With the registrar of one of the counties she represents, Chase took what she called the “Fraudit” public, revealing its short-comings and pushing for a true forensic audit.

That work is a real battle, as Logan and Chase attest.  Earlier in the interview, Logan shared, ““There were so many days, where I privately got on my knees and was in literal tears as to the weight of what was going on and in prayer.  I could just tell that people were praying for us.”  Later, Logan shared, “When you step into this, everyone is out to get you.  Everyone is out to make you look bad.  There’s a lot of…spiritual warfare…that seems to happen in the middle of it.”

Logan continued, “I don’t fully understand why this audit is so pivotal in what is happening to our country right now. But it is in the spiritual realm.  It’s not just in the physical realm.  It has a core impact on where our country is going.  And I’m truly believing for revival.  I don’t know how revival comes out of an audit, but that’s what I’ve been praying for!”

Logan’s prayers are being answered.  He beamed with joy as he shared with IFA that at least five people working on the audit gave their lives to the Lord.

Those lives saved won’t be the only lasting result of this work.  As Logan marveled at God’s provision and responsiveness to their needs, he was reminded of the Old Testament memorials to the Lord’s goodness.  “There are always those moments in your life that become your pile of rocks in your faith,” Logan said.  “I feel like this audit is a very, very big one for me.  I will be telling my kids and my kid’s kids about the time, the faithfulness that God had in meeting every possible need that we had over the course of the audit.”

Logan still seems awed that he was chosen for this work.  Likening himself to Gideon, he didn’t feel up for the task, but like that sheepish Biblical warrior, he knew God would equip.  “Probably, if I thought I could do it more in my own might,” Logan said, “I may no longer be qualified.”  He credits every achievement to the Lord.

But the work of the audit is not finished yet.  Prayer is still essential.  Among the needs:

  •  For Arizona AG Brnovich, Logan, Chase and others working on election integrity.  For courage, protection, perseverance, victory over the spiritual warfare.
  •  For truth, transparency, righteous resolutions of outstanding questions, especially related to mail-in ballots
  •  For appropriate actions on the part of the 22 states whose legislators are making serious inquiries about the audit.
  •  For wisdom for Logan as to the role Cyber Ninjas might take in additional audits.
  •  That the right people come forward to help.
  •  For the elections in Virginia.  For removal from office of those obstructing election integrity efforts.  For the Lord’s best for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  For a smart ballot with a QRC code to be developed and adopted to decrease opportunity for fraud.  For constituents across the nation to reach out to their legislators to encourage them to join the election integrity caucus.
  • For the Church to do what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says:  Humble itself, pray and repent of wicked ways.
  • For more people to nurture their relationships with God through prayer.
  • For revival and salvation to flow from the audit and the election integrity efforts.

See the entire prayer call with Logan and Chase here.

Will you agree in prayer that God would bring election integrity and revival?

Author Joyce Swingle is an intercessor and contributing writer for Intercessors for America.  With her husband Rich, Joyce share the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through drama and speaking.  Joyce also has performed on stage and screen.  Prior to going into full-time ministry, Joyce worked for about 20 major magazines and now works in pastoral ministry and Christian counseling. She lives in New York City with her husband Drama Evangelist Rich Swingle. (Picture Credit: Getty Images.)

3182 People Prayed
11063 People have read this article

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  1. Lord, i pray that the paper ballot system wil be re-instated and that the electronic system of corrupt dominion machnines,or Any, electronic system,.. will be completely done away with.

  2. Always remember that when a nation turns away from God, He ALWAYS preserves a righteous remnant! And that is what He has been doing with many others joining in by standing in the gap! Since I have been praying for so many years for revival and another Great Awakening, and have not only not seen that happen, but the apostasy of the churches and people has gotten way worse, that I have become very discouraged until recently. Each time I bring it to the Lord, He reminds me to not lose heart. Just two days ago, I asked for a word, and received this one: “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary. So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all men,and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.”~Galations 6:9,10

  3. Just read Maricopa mailed the mail ballots This is concerning.At this point if they mail ballots for our local elections My question is will I get 1 ballot or 8 like last time JESUS IS LORD Amen

  4. God has given His Word for all that we need to know in this life. Audits will mean nothing unless we follow God’s word given to us in 2 Chronicles 7:14. It states, “IF MY PEOPLE, WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME, SHALL HUMBLE THEMSELVES, and PRAY, and SEEK MY FACE, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; then WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN, and WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.” WE are looking for the world system to get us out of a mess that brought us to it in the first place. I am thankful for those who gave their lives to Christ.
    Jesus is the answer for the world.

    1. Very true that audits will mean nothing without prayer. But we are called to stand for righteousness and speak against corruption. It isn’t depending on a world system to work for righteousness and revealing corruption.

      1. Yes. But look at the mess this country is in. God is the One who raises kings and God is the one who deposes them. I have read where it is said that God anointed Donald Trump and placed him as president. My question is what power on earth can remove God’s anointing? How could any person remove what God has put in place? The God that I serve is Most Powerful. Besides, He created man. No one but God himself. BLESS HIS HOLY NAME! REPEAT 2 CHRONICLES 7:14.

        1. I just heared about that today,I think it may have been on the IFA live prayer,..about David actually being the righteous(anointed) king,who had been thrown out into the wilderness- with Saul mucking about in sulk mode,..etc- a fitting comparison in my thinking

  5. I am confused, wasn’t it the cyber ninjas who said, Joe B. won and by more votes? Am I missing something. I just saw on our local news last night the repeated story, as our state is asking for an audit.

    1. Sheila, I believe Cyber Ninjas basically said that, yes, Biden “won” by 10,457.
      BUT also they brought to light
      *the 17,000 duplicate ballots
      *the 34,448 who voted more than once (some of them 3 times)
      *the 23,344 ballots from those who had moved out of Maricopa
      *additional thousands of absentee ballots “verified and approved” as having matching signatures – despite having either NO signature, or merely an illegible scribble
      *the 9,041 voters who returned more ballots than were sent to them
      *and the fact that all computers used to tally or certify the election were insecure – and thus open for anyone in the world to change numbers, reassign them, etc
      Basically, the numbers don’t match what we’ve been told.

      But God will not be mocked. He is the God of just balances. He is truth!
      Lord, help us!

    2. I agree,it seems like in all the confusion,that either people,that being anyone at this point,are either caving to political correctness out of not really knowing what to say,or have just become is so apparent that there is a spiritual pall of darkness overshadowing’s kind of like..”if those days had not been shortened..” (even the elect would not be saved)- It seems that the demonic effect of the media is saturating everything..remember who the prince of the air is…

  6. I watched a few minutes of C-SPAN this morning concerning the AZ election, audit, etc. From a few mouths of the “expert officials” in Maricopa, they did 2 very expected and noticeable actions. They lied right away (multiple times) and they tried to discredit Cyber Ninja’s firm. Continue to pray for the truth to come forward and for these people to be exposed who willingly believe the lies they are telling. Some of these Maricopa and/or election officials appear to just be driven and controlled by fear.
    We truly pray for personal and national revival Lord. We desperately need You Lord and your intervention in our nation.

  7. Dear Meg, thank you so much for your heart and sharing what the Lord spoke to you. It brought me to tears. Hearing from God is PRICELESS. The words are soo comforting. Our God REIGNS and HE is GOOD all the time. Thank you Meg.

  8. We agree that AG Brnovich, Logan, Chase and are successful in achieving election integrity.
    We are thankful for the courage, protection, perseverance You have given to those pursuing Your will, and for their victory over the spiritual warfare of truth and the exposure of mail-in ballot fraud. We pray for the 22 state legislators to also conduct audits with the same protocol and guidance from Cyber Ninjas and with divine protection from God. Bring together the right people to help Lord. Thanks for the removal from office of all those obstructing election integrity efforts. We declare God’s chosen to be elected in Virginia for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. We say yes, to smart ballots with QRC codes to be developed and adopted to stop fraud. We pray for requests and petitions across the nation be sent to all legislators to join the election integrity caucus and that all 50 states also participate. We pray for the Church to humble itself, pray, repent and turn from all personal and national wicked ways (2 Chronicles 7:14), and for revival of our first love for God, and for salvation to flow from the exposure of evil demonstrated by the audit to the revelation of God Who in contrast respects our personal freedoms, and Who freely gave His Son to free us from sin. We declare that America’s righteous destiny to share the gospel flood across the nation and overflow to all nations for the greatest worldwide revival of history. In Jesus mighty name, so be it.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with this beautiful prayer, and have been praying for another Great Awakening for about 20 years, which I now believe is already happening in some parts of the country, and pray for such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to sweep through this nation with a cleansing fire that there will be multitudes of people being saved, as well as many of the most wicked people in power having their hearts changed.

  9. The anointing of God is incredibly powerful here!!!
    I’m crying as I’m reading this article. What an INCREDIBLE Man of God Mr. Logan is!!! WOW… for such a time as this!!!
    And I know the anointing is thick at the audit location as is evident by the salvations! Praise the Lord!!! Revival is NOW!!!
    Thank you Lord for all your mighty Warriors. Thank you for protecting them in every way. Lord, you reign and every knee will bow to you. Thank you Lord that we’re seeing the fruit of your goodness! Hallelujah!

    An aside, the Lord spoke to me as I began praying for the AZ Audit. He said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this from A to Z!”
    Wow this was a Powerful word from the Lord!!! I could literally hear and feel His heart behind His words. He was NOT messing around!
    So it’s incredible to hear this update on How our God works in Power and Might!!!
    We serve an Awesome God!!!

  10. I have been in a constant state of prayer for the 2020 election for over a year. I usually have confidence and trust that there are more safety nets to protect our votes. With the virus coming in from China and the way the left was using it to bring in “voting by mail” for everyone and throwing out verifications of the ballots, I found myself feeling worried around May 2020 that something very evil will come upon us. I am certain that the election was stolen from the people. It was totally evil. I have prayed for truth and justice to prevail. It has looked like the opposite has been happening over the past 11 months. I am still praying and I still believe completely that God will deliver us from all evil. Everyone, we must never waiver from our belief that these audits and things brought into light are from God to deliver us from this evil. I accept all that we have gone through. I believe that we will continue to chip away at the lies and deceptions. We will be, once again a nation that is the light of the world. We will see great things all around this glorious nation. IN GOD WE TRUST. It is all in God’s hands. May God show us the way to a wonderful end to this horrible hoax that has been done to us. God save America.

  11. Heavenly Father , I pray that the election audits Will bring revival to the Church of Christ in America. I also pray that the revival will brig forth Your salvation to many people until this nation is reclaimed and reformed. I pray for a Great harvest that may be coming upon the earth. In Jesus holy and precious name, amen!

  12. A lot of progress is happening in the election process and the audit in Arizona. We continue to pray diligently for the process to be restored 100 percent.
    Where there was injustice,Justice needs to take place. We pray for a cleansing process specifically, in all the swing states and here ever there was election fraud!

  13. There are more of us, than are of them !
    We are an army that is marching forward, we take our instructions from Him.
    We are gathering together, binding our hearts together in love and through prayer.
    His army is a powerful force that no evil shall over take . He is the great I am and we are His children who walk in His name and power. We are the salt and light to the earth, may the glory of God shine forth , even in meetings where the people are fighting for election integrity, and all political meeting. The Spirit of Jesus is showing up in these meetings , He is exposing the evil and calling people to repent! He is the great I am, He can take down the principalities in high places!And we are engaged with The one who has all authority and we have a huge role to fulfill. May we not forget who He is in us and that we are the army that is going to make a difference.(For too long, too many Christians fell asleep at the wheel and now we are suffering the consequences! Don’t despair because God is still for us and not against us, He does not want one sparrow to fall to the ground, He cares about stolen elections , He cares about those in poverty, He grieves deeply and the earth groans for His redemption to draw nigh, and things are happening , some
    behind the scenes that we cannot see! Praise God, He is able and we need to do our part!
    An Army of God is rising out of the ashes ( a deep sleep, apathy etc) and they are repenting!
    God is transforming His bride and redemption is occurring in American lives, an in all countries.
    What the enemy has intended for evil, God is able to redeem.
    Many are searching for something more than
    materialism, an just a way of life. Life is empty with out Jesus, so in their search they find a God who loves them , a God who is King and above all else.
    I am concerned about the condition of our country, however I am also grateful for all the prayers of my brothers and sisters. Where two or three agree in prayer, in my name , it shall be done! It may not always happen as we hope, we still have hope in CHrist Jesus. He promised He will perform miracles, signs and wonders! Thank-you Jesus !

  14. After hearing the preliminary findings in July and the final hearing a couple of weeks ago, I could tell Doug Logan was a believer by the way he shared Scripture and his heart. It was thrilling to hear him speak openly about his faith on Pray with America’s Leaders!

    Also, Senator Chase’s enthusiasm for the Lord and righteousness was so inspiring!

    Lord, I pray for more courageous believers to rise up to declare truth to our society which is so swayed by lies! Wake the people up to the ways the UN’s Agenda 2030 is being rolled out before our eyes, and bring Revival and Awakening!

  15. The really good news is, that with God, all things are possible. Very interesting and thought-provoking article, Joyce. It appears that the audits are gaining momentum. As long as these are done with integrity and transparency, they will continue to confirm what we already know- that the Nov. 2020 election was rigged.
    Lord, please , use the audits and their results to be a springboard for revival. You know how desperately this nation needs this to happen. Thank You and praise you in advance. In Jesus’ name.

  16. Lord, thank you for your word. For your word has NEVER ever been voided. And your word has set this captive free.

    Your salvation is raining down. This I know. Because it’s raining down … on me.

    Your word reminds me that I am not alone. We are not alone because you are in the fire and our trials with us. Your son, pleads on our behalf. May we be found in your presence, receiving your pardon fresh over our lives this day as your word reaches the masses. I pray so many will be justified and redeemed as YOUR Word continues raining down over this drought stricken and blighted nation. Amen

    Oh Lord, thank you for your word, that creative breathe that sets every begging life free.


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