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Lord, let our nation’s leaders be granted wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

In a controversial passage in Plato’s “Republic,” Socrates introduced the idea of the “noble lie” (“gennaios pseudos“).

A majestic fiction, he says, could sometimes serve society by persuading uninformed citizens of something good for them.

Ever since, many prevaricators have used the excuse that they lied for the common good.

Take Dr. Anthony Fauci, our point man on the COVID-19 epidemic.

Fauci misled the country about mask-wearing during the pandemic by claiming they were of little use. But he argued that he lied so the public would not make a run on masks, deplete the supply, and thus rob medical professionals of protective equipment.

Fauci also told “noble” lies about the likely percentage of the public needing to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. He kept raising the bar — from 60 percent to 70 percent to 75 percent to 80 percent, to 85 percent.

Apparently, Fauci feared a lower figure, even if accurate, might lull people into complacency about getting inoculated.

Fauci also lied about his own role in routing U.S. aid money to subsidize gain-of-function viral research at the Wuhan virology lab — the likely birthplace of COVID-19.

Either Fauci was hiding his own culpability, or he believed the American people might not be able to fully accept that some of their own health officials were promoting the sort of research that was partially responsible for more than 700,000 American deaths.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has serially lied about the number of undocumented immigrants who have crossed into the United States. He falsely claimed mounted agents were whipping migrants. He fibbed about the purported lack of federal data of apprehensions, detentions, and deportations. His assertion that the border is secure was a joke.

Apparently, Mayorkas believes the public would go ballistic or his own administration would be roundly despised, if he told the bitter truth about the border: by intent, the Biden administration has apparently deliberately left it wide open.

And it will likely allow 2 million undocumented immigrants into the country in the current fiscal year.

Lots of other unelected federal officials lied over the past five years by claiming or implying that harming the Trump administration was in the public interest.

Former FBI directors Andrew McCabe and James Comey likely misled the nation. McCabe admittedly lied that he did not leak FBI information to the media.

James Comey lied under oath on multiple occasions in congressional cross-examinations and claimed he did not know or could not remember basic facts about his own role in promoting the Russian collusion hoax.

Apparently, Comey and McCabe believed that by being less than truthful, they might better emasculate Donald Trump. And that result would be beneficial to America. . . .

Ditto John Brennan, the former head of the CIA. On two occasions he lied under oath about the agency’s monitoring of Senate staffers’ computers and the deaths of civilians caused by U.S. drone assassination missions along the Afghanistan border.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley lied for days about the details of an accidental drone strike that killed innocent women and children in Afghanistan.

Either Milley is now lying when he says he warned Joe Biden about the disasters to come in Afghanistan or Biden is lying when he denies hearing any such advice.

Many of the details of Milley’s conversations with authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa as reported in their recent muckraking book were abjectly denied by Milley.

The list of such lies could be vastly expanded. . . .

In truth, in most cases there was nothing noble at all in their lying. They simply spread untruths to protect their own endangered careers by masking their own wrongdoing or fobbing it onto others.

In other words, “noble lies” are rarely spun for anyone’s interests other than those of the liars themselves.

How are you praying for this nation? Let us know in the comments below!

(Excerpt from PJ Media. Article written by Victor David Hanson. Photo by Getty Images)

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November 2, 2021

I just heard that there is a special coming up that shows EXACTLY who Anthony Fauci is and what he is, and has been, responsible for. It will be on Blaze T.V. Their investigating team is AMAZING! They cross every “t” and dot every “i.” They back up every fact! It will be an expose on Covid (and Fauci) in 2 weeks! Should be VERY, VERY, informative about what has REALLY happened! Fauci and his “noble lying” will be exposed, more than we ever thought!!

Beverly Rush3w
November 2, 2021

We can tell that the tables are turning on Fauci as he quickly becomes the scapegoat for the failed and misdirected Covid-19 public health emergency.

He along with others who trust in a Godless science are becoming dumbfounded and unable in their own human reasoning to bring about an answer to a problem only the help of God can solve.

But Fauci has not displayed the kind of person who would say, “Sorry let’s stop and find another path.” He is a deceived person who will continue deceiving our nation as long as he can, to his own destruction.

Let us pray that Fauci’s deception will end suddenly and soon. Justice would be served if he and others were held responsible for misleading the American public and for commiting crimes against humanity.

However, in his folly and in the fear of his own demise, please God have mercy on his soul in finding the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

November 1, 2021

Because of the LIES, this one man, Fauci, has spewed over and over, only the Lord knows how many have DIED!! There are treatments for Covid but you’ll NEVER hear them from him! He’s too busy touting his Covid shots which makes him lots of money! He has caused great fear over America because of his LIES, which, in turn, has literally turned our country upside down!! What he has done is criminal! I agree with Senator Paul, that Fauci should be criminally charged!! Now, Fauci is going for the 5-11 year old innocent children, to give them the shot!
I call Fauci the highest paid liar in government, because HE IS!! There is nothing this man won’t do for money and a T.V. appearance!
Biden, Mayorkas, Milley, Austin, Comey, McCabe, John Brennan, are ALL liars! Most, if not all, LIED to Congress! It used to be criminal to lie to Congress!
No country can continue to thrive, with LIARS like this in charge of the government and our healthcare, military, etc.! In fact, these kinds of “leaders” will, and are, destroying our country!! We need to pray these liars out of office!! God can remove them in ways we can’t comprehend. He is more than able to do exceeding, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think! May God have mercy on America!

Lori Meed
November 1, 2021

God’s word is crystal clear about lying: liars do not inherit the kingdom. Every description of good leadership in scripture includes integrity. May God reveal every lie and grant us leaders whose hearts are those of servants and shepherds – men and women of integrity.

Karen Secrest
November 1, 2021

We have known by the leading of the Spirit that Faucie was financially involved in all the WHO and China disasters. We know military leaders are culpable and dishonest making our armed forces less than ready to face opposition.
The list goes on and on since history shows us there is an element in our society that has openly be directing their energy to destruction for 90 years.

However, you need only look at China today and know the demonic destroys. The Chineese have lied about everything we are concerned with today.
The Chineese have so many sick with virus and disease, air pollutions 3 to 4 k is the least. Others have decimated the work force so factories are closing. Many of the slaves are being routed into other areas of farming and livestock since vast acres have no food and are starving.

The Chineese are the worst polluters of the earth as they have a major share of rare earth elements used in electronics, etc.
This leads into the nonsense of chip shortage. Well check with Apple. They have been dancing with high tech in WuHan for years.

Now for those who have ears to hear: Fear thou not; for I AM with the. Be not dismayed, for I AM your God. I will strengthen the. Yea, I Will help the. I Will uphold the with the right hand of My Righteousness.
Isaiah 41:10
So Be It..

Lydia B. Miller
November 1, 2021

Call people to repentance!
In your light Jesus, evil shall be exposed.
Lead those who are in darkness, lead them into your truths.
Those that have hard hearts, call them to repentance, or take them out of government positions.
God we cry out, raise up and give us leaders that are righteous.


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