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Lord God, we pray that You would keep Taiwan safe.

Yes, China Could Invade Taiwan

  • On October 1, China celebrated its National Day by sending fighter jets, bombers, and other warplanes in menacing formations off the southern end of Taiwan.
  • The flights continued day and night for the following four days, with one massive formation of 56 planes testing Taiwan’s air defenses on October 3.
  • In a speech during this mock “air assault,” Chinese President Xi Jinping described Taiwan independence as a “grave lurking threat to national rejuvenation” and insisted that, while China wanted peaceful unification, “nobody should underestimate the staunch determination, firm will and powerful ability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty.”
  • The immediate reaction in Taiwan of these provocations was bolstering political support for President Tsai Lin-wen. But Taiwanese leadership is worried.

(Excerpt from 19fortyfive.com.)


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Marsha Bashor
November 2, 2021

Oh God in Heaven, protect Taiwan from the evil one. Let that small nation come to you in the threat of being taken over. Confound and foil the selfish plans of China. Put them in their place.
In Jesus’ name I pray.

Allena Jordan
November 1, 2021

Father, protect our allies. Lord, raise up military leaders all over the world to protect this little nation. Lord, stop China’s overreach and empire-building. Tear down godless leadership everywhere. Protect and defend the helpless. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

November 1, 2021

Father, how are You using China to bring about Your glory and good purposes?
May revival break out in Taiwan. No one knows Your mind but we know Your heart is for none to perish, no not one. Give voice to Your people like one crying out in the desert repent for the Kingdom of heaven is near
In the name of Jesus, Amen


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