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Father God, we ask that You would protect us from the darkness that is attempting to steal our freedom out from under us. Lord, we pray for revival and it starts with us!

With the advent of the deceptively named “vaccine passport” concept, coronavirus vaccines have quickly turned from savior hailed by an American populace desperate for a return to some semblance of normalcy into a cudgel with which to beat the vaccine heterodox into submission. Add the relentless desire for Big Tech to collect all data it can suck into a rapacious corporate maw to be digested into more profits and more power over our lives, and you have a perfect storm of tyranny.

Currently, the COVID-19 vaccines are not U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved, but authorized only for emergency use. As an investigational product, the statute governing emergency use authorizations provides that the recipient be advised of his or her option to accept or refuse administration of the vaccine, something a DC District court considered in a 2003 case that ruled against forcing soldiers to take the then-experimental anthrax vaccine. . . .

President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine development program was unprecedented. It normally takes several years for FDA approval of a vaccine and several phases like an exploratory stage, clinical trials, and quality control. . . .

Some had the disease and survived it with antibodies. Some have physical limitations that do not allow inoculation, and others have religious and moral objections. For example, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was developed using a retinal cell line developed from an electively aborted fetus in 1985.

A Right to Be Left Alone

We have a constitutionally implied fundamental right to privacy; various guarantees in the Bill of Rights “have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance…creat[ing] “zones of privacy.” Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479, 484 (1965). The right to privacy encompasses everything from what we do in the privacy of our own bedrooms, to how we educate our children, and to what we choose to insert into our bodies.

The right to privacy also incorporates a right to be left alone, a concept dating as far back as an 1890 Harvard Law Review Article by Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis, in which they noted that our laws are universal and eternal, “grow[ing] to meet the new demands of society.”  . . .

Being forced to carry sensitive personal health information on apps is highly problematic from a privacy standpointNew York recently launched the Excelsior Pass, the first state-administered digital health app, touting that the app is encrypted and voluntary.  . . .

One can only hope that New York would heed the warning of those concerned with privacy and overreach for Excelsior, but like the doomed poet in Henry Wadsworth’s title by the same name, it is unlikely. What’s more likely is that an elite fixated upon separating the “good” vaccine takers from the “bad” vaccine skeptics will use forced health-care data disclosure to engineer a form of vaccination apartheid affecting every aspect of our freedoms in society.

COVID-19 passports would also exacerbate the digital divide between classes; those with access to technology and those without.  . . .

Even the World Health Organization resists a COVID-19 vaccination passport, saying that “At the present time, do not introduce requirements of proof of vaccination or immunity for international travel as a condition of entry as there are still critical unknowns regarding the efficacy of vaccination in reducing transmission and limited availability of vaccines. Proof of vaccination should not exempt international travelers from complying with other travel risk reduction measures.”

And what of HIPAA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act applies to “covered entities” such as health-care providers, health-care clearinghouses, or other organizations that would be involved in the transmission of protected health information, or PHI.  . . .

My Body, My Choice

A police officer is allowed to stop a person based on reasonable suspicion that a person involved in a crime, using “specific and articulable facts” and not merely upon an officer’s hunch. In 2013, there was much controversy that New York was using stop and frisk to racially profile people, stopping many black men for no articulable reason.

Several years ago an Arizona law was decried nationally (and challenged) for mandating that persons suspected of being in the U.S. illegally were required to show proof of citizenship. . . .

Now, faster than you can say “my body, my choice,” Americans are supposed to accept that the government, private employers, and businesses such as airlines and Costco may stop you and demand that you show your COVID-19 papers? Where are the civil libertarians?  . . .

Another straw man argument trotted out by the left to justify vaccines is that they are required for children’s admission to public schools. Yet no school in America requires an experimental, barely tested vaccine as a condition to entry. Even if it did, parents have a choice not to send their children to public schools.

We are talking about adults making individual choices, and those choices must include the privacy of medical decisions made by families.  . . .

COVID-19 passports are government surveillance on steroidsCOVID-19 has seen courts sanction unprecedented abrogation of our fundamental civil rights, in some ways that may leave permanent scars. September 11, 2001 led to the PATRIOT Act, which in retrospect a growing number of constitutional conservatives now decry, for its expansions have been monstrous.

Americans should not so lightly give up their liberty for commercial expediency, elite orthodoxy, or even illusory notions of safety. If we do, what downward ratchet on liberty will the next crisis bring? . . .

Share your comments on the dangers of these vaccine passports in the comment below!

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Article by . Photo Credit: Canva.)

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Carol Baird
April 18, 2021

Yes, I am against vaccine or health passports of any kind! I believe they violate HIPPA and are unconstitutional. Nobody and I mean nobody is going to inject that experimental vaccine into my body! I am not against vaccines as I get a flu shot every year and the two pneumonia vaccines every five years and I also got the Shingrex vaccine two years ago. But I have major conerns about these covid vaccines because I believe they rushed them out onto the market too fast!

April 11, 2021

Since the pharmaceutical companies have no liability, by law, why would anyone want an experiential drug of any kind?? It’s an experiential drug. Who wants to be a guinea pig for pharmaceutical companies!? They’re getting billions of dollars and have NO LIABILITY! What a deal!! Also, why should anyone believe doctors, like Fauci, with his record of changing the rules every other day! Plus, he has made lots of money from at least one of the pharmaceutical companies! CONTROL and MONEY……..sounds like what’s going on in every area of our country, doesn’t it? Look how this administration is “using” Covid as an excuse to implement all kinds of restrictions against us!
By the way, We DO have PROVEN drugs that have dealt with, and can successfully deal with Covid, if the doctors will prescribe them.
Right now, I believe FEAR is the biggest enemy we have! People I know, that were once level-headed, calm, peaceful, nice, people have been completely overtaken with an unnatural fear like I’ve never seen! It has been over a year since some people have gone near their family, their children, grandchildren, for fear of Covid! The thing that concerns me so much is the CONTROL that fear has had over Americans! We have watched our country be destroyed over FEAR! We have watched the suicide rate rise, school children LOSE mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, people calling one another awful names, businesses being destroyed, families divided, etc., etc.!
If you read the Word, you know, God does NOT give a spirit of fear, He gives power, love, and a sound mind. So, as believers, we KNOW where that fear comes from. God tells us over and over in His Word, FEAR NOT!! We’re in deep trouble, because of the spirit of fear! We, as a country, have reacted to Covid with overwhelming fear! It’s time we, with God’s help, turn this around. Nothing is impossible with God!!

J. H. H
April 10, 2021

The vaccine passport is ludicrous and tyrannical! This wreaks of the Chinese Communist Party Point system where you are controlled by the government on where you can travel or what kind of job you can get. The experimental “Covid-19 shot” is not a vaccine at all, it is “gene therapy” and will not keep anyone from getting or spreading the virus. Do some research! Look at Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s warnings about probable mutations of the virus and the problem of the RNA technology in adjusting to new strains. There have been thousands of deaths and serious side effects already but you won’t hear about those on the mainstream media outlets. The therapeutics, Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are extremely safe and successful. Keep them at home to use when you need them and follow the directions of a independent minded physician. You can get them through America’s Frontline Doctors. Don’t give in to the constant drumbeat of fear fomented by the media!

Barbara Hesch
April 9, 2021

Vicky, I just got over the virus about one week ago and even though I felt terrible, I tell everyone it was a bad flu. Cough, fever, headache, sore throat and lower back pain. I am 70, thin frame and eat healthy food. I did not want the vaccine and glad I didn’t get it because I wouldn’t have been able to get the Monoclonal antibodies infusion treatment which the doctor said helps people get over the virus quicker, but they can’t give it to you if you’ve gotten your first vaccine shot. Another thing I just learned. If you already had Covid you do not need to be vaccinated. Many people don’t know they had the virus and could have a very bad reaction if they take it. I feel like you do. Glad I got the virus. There is too much fear out there driven by the media. God Bless.

E Hatcher
April 9, 2021

You already need proof vaccines to travel! No conspiracy here. Do not want one don’t then do not participate in activities where you need one.

April 9, 2021

My prayer is that our spiritual leaders would wake up & come together to form a spiritual alliance in agreement with the Word of God & address our national leaders about the issues that have been going on in this nation. It’s good to pray & we are doing that & now it’s time to act. it’s time to cry loud & spare not. So Father, stir the hearts of our spiritual leaders to come together as one voice to address the injustice & unrighteous actions that have been rampant in our nation to the point that there is now a push to enforce the use of vaccine passports to identify those who have chosen not to be part of an experiment. Your Word says righteousness exalts a nation & sin is a reproach to any people. Father touch the hearts of our spiritual leaders & grant them boldness & favor as they exercise their religious freedom to assemble together & speak out for righteousness & justice to return to our land. Give our spiritual leaders divine guidance & strategies so that they move out on your timetable & not their on. Let a clarion call go forth that will stir the hearts of our spiritual & national leaders. Let your voice ring out through the righteous, to restore the years that the cankerworm, the locust, the caterpillar & the palmerworm have destroyed in our land. Let true revival break forth in our nation & the works of the kingdom of darkness be destroyed in our land in Jesus Name Amen

Yvonne Pendleton
April 8, 2021

Sadly we have been warned of the hazards of this vaccine. We have been around this mountain&now are doing same thing…just another mountain only the same. When will we get it? What does God have to do to open our eyes?

April 8, 2021

This proposal or implantation of this passport is a page out of Communist China playbook. Scare, enforce, control. We have to tread lightly or we will soon have very little, if any, personal freedoms left. Stay out of the line that leads to that door, please.

Cecilia Crawford
April 8, 2021

Absolutely NO to covid19 passports. Complete violation of our privacy and security. It is a control device disguised as a health care system.

April 8, 2021

The great generation associated with WWII are almost gone & many of their children. The newer generations have always believed there is a pill or shot that will cure all ills. They have no idea what natural immunity is & it’s all about science to many of them. They choose science over Creationism without really understanding either. Always science & yet our students perform worse each year in science and math as a whole!
Sadly even science says children are unlikely to get COVID but “little dictators” choose to mask them as early as age 2 instilling fear & even abusing special needs children & their families. The so-called count of those who supposedly succumbed to COVID is far fetched-as many state dying with it is not synonymous to dying from it. In addition, many elderly were “set up” & placed in Petri dishes from nursing homes to COVID hospital wards. The media has never addressed the inadequacies of recording deaths but only accentuated the numbers out of naivety or chosen ignorance.
I have not had influenza since grade school but retired from education including years teaching special needs. No, I have no plans to take the vaccine. I choose not to participate in a research study especially when I am not even given the opportunity to choose the vaccine. If I can participate in choosing treatment protocols for all other health issues including my cancer, why would I blindly agree to an unproven vaccine with a growing number of side effects that would negatively interact with other previously identified health issues such as blood clots & high blood pressure. It is totally ludicrous that it would be suggested. God gave each of us a free will & wisdom if we will only ask Him when making ALL decisions. Furthermore, it is sad men & women who are certified doctors be given the “cancel culture” treatment because their education & experience disagrees with blanket vaccinations. God help us through these tyrannical times.

    Rita J West
    April 8, 2021

    Father God, I thank you for the Word of life. In all thy ways acknowledge me and I will direct thy path. Thank you that I have the antibodies already in my body and did not have a very bad case of the Covid-19 virus. I have acknowledged you and do not feel the peace to take the vaccine, you are my protector and I will continue to abide in your Word of Life, as I BUILD UP MY NATURAL COMMUNITY AGAINST THIS VIRUS AND OTHER DISEASES. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, let God be true and every man a liar. Whom the son set free is free indeed.

April 8, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray and ask please protect us from the darkness that is attempting to steal our freedoms out from under us. Lord I sincerely and fervently pray for a revival also and it really does start with us. Help us have a spirit of revival in our hearts also. In the precious and holy name of Jesus I pray, amen.

April 8, 2021

The next phase of Government control. Businesses will be forced to push or enforce mandates. The non-compliant probably will not get to travel, attend social gatherings, buy or sell. The mark of the beast will be presented very similar to how the vaccines and the vaccine passports are being handled. Sometimes I wonder if we still live in the U.S.A. No longer the land of the free.

Dan Moylan
April 8, 2021

agree 150% my family will never take this vaccine let alone one where we are the long term “lab rats”
we take immune system boosters for years and I have not been sick in over 25 yrs because our God-given immune system works when it is kept strong that’s why he gave it to us. What is disheartening to me is the number of Christians we know who live in fear of a virus that has a 99.5% cure rate when they should know better than anybody how God designed our immune systems to operate. Stand strong in the Lord the truth will eventually come out God bless

April 8, 2021

Like fascist Nazi Germany, the Federal government will push businesses to enforce mandates, so government can look like it is not responsible when the non-compliant can not travel,attend gatherings,buy or sell. This is a great conditioning run up to having a mark on your forehead or on the back of your hand. Same threats for noncompliance, if you take one, why not the next?

Chris Wilkerson
April 8, 2021

Interesting perspective. I often thought and said Patriot Act and the creation of the massive Homeland Security Commission was in fact trading our freedom for a false sense of safety. Trusting government who has yet to prove they know how to serve all the American people is dangerous. Regardless of political side, preserving freedom is our fight.
Thank you for writing this article.

    April 8, 2021

    I find it interesting that my computer will not allow me to click “amen” on this comment regarding the “patriot act.”

Vickie Skelley
April 8, 2021

I actually thank God I had the virus. Why? I refuse this vaccine. Now I can say I have natural immunity andI listen and read doctors and virologists who say that is much more a robust immunity. Except for a hand full, the news is propaganda to instill fear. You hear of all the tragic deaths. Over a years worth and it is sad. But you don’t hear of the millions that had COVID-19 and survived, most like myself, a nasty cold flu that took about a month start to finish for my natural God given immune system to fight off. Thank You Jesus. The brunt of it was the first 2 weeks cold symptoms with intestinal and stomach disturbances and fatigue with also headaches. It was odd for symptoms would disappear one day and then return another. This led me to go get a test after self quarantining two weeks almost. That was Christmas time and January. I am fine now. My husband also it appears got it. He was not well for a week fatigued and feeling very ill. For him to lie down for days means he is not well at all. But he is fine now. He is 65 and has mild pill and diet treated Diabetes. Numerous friends and family also got it. Most mild symptons but some bad cold like me, sinus infections or strep. The headache was common. Yes masks worn but it does not matter. That’s a joke. I hardly went out being retired and it was winter. I did go to church when they opened but social distanced and wore masks. The only family member that ended up in the hospital was near 70 and overweight. The doctors I listened to said weight plays a big part. I am somewhat slim, 62, eat healthy for the most part. I believe that my faith and my life choices play a part but that does not mean there are not exceptions with COVID-19. Some die who are in good shape. But that’s rare. I’m so sorry for those who lost loved ones no matter what disease they died from. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. The wages of sin is death scripture says. I believe COVID-19 is being used to bring America down into tyranny thru exaggerated fears and false reporting. Many decades ago Communist dictator Krusuev said “Your children’s children will be under communism and we will have never fired a shot”. My friends you must see what is going on. This is a takeover of our country and a dismantling of our liberties. The media is complicit. Half of America is blindly listening to these experts such as Fauci who is inept to say the least and possibly being the tool to deceive so many. God bless Senator Rand Paul who accused him of theatrics after getting vaccinated and still wearing two masks. The same man, Fauci, in March of 2020 who said masks were useless against a virus and people should not wear them. This same man was in the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and wanted the country shut down till a vaccine was found for AIDS? I read this from a doctor who worked with him and wrote a book exposing him. A vaccine was never found for AIDS!!!! Fear is the tool. The elites are using it and it’s working. Don’t believe it? How many masked up people walking alone or alone driving in a car or riding alone on a bike do you see daily? These same people mask up their poor children as young as 2 when all the science data proves children are not as affected by COVID-19 or carriers. They do not care what science data says because CNN and MSNBC are their experts. The blind leading the blind. SMH. They are the blind following the elites orders and they will do whatever they are told no questions asked because they are in a fear state giving their common sense and reason abilities away! Even putting a possibly harmful experimental nonFDA approved vaccine in their body even their child if they could. This is where America is at!

    Barbara Hesch
    April 9, 2021

    Vicky, I replied to your comment but you have to read it among the comments. It didn’t go directly to you.

      Vickie Skelley
      April 10, 2021

      I am sorry, but I do not understand. I only see this comment. I have none other.

        Barbara Hesch
        April 10, 2021

        Vicky, you have to read the comment I posted for this article under my name. It’s addressed to you. Sorry for the confusion.

    April 10, 2021

    That same Fauci said in 2005 article that HCQ drug that p.Trump used, it’s effective if taken early of the sickness
    Also said it’s effective in prevention of covid & other viruses.Now he is saying opposite.Can’t trust this guy

Jane Langston
April 8, 2021

If vaccine passports are allowed to gain traction and should this become a mandatory way of life, then we will no longer be living in a free nation. America is on the brink of becoming a totalitarian society.

I have already made a firm decision to not take this vaccine nor any future vaccine. The events that continue to propel our nation in the wrong direction does not alter nor change my decision. My faith and trust is solely in our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Jesus daily supplies all of my needs.

    Laura K
    April 8, 2021

    In agreement with you Jane. Nor will I be dictated to and take the vaccine; and have said so from the outset.

    Vickie Skelley
    April 11, 2021

    Amen. Many red states and even some liberals are fighting it. Thank God for our great constitution. Unfortunately I live in a blue state where a vaccine identification is being put in place for large gatherings or be tested 3 days before. If it gets out of control I may have to find a way out but that’s not in the cards now. The left wants to destroy all our rights using Covid. And we know why right? So far SCOTUS is keeping things back but the BIDEN administration may attempt to stack the courts by executive order because he is evil. Shame on all who voted for him. It astounds me how many Christians are taking this vaccine no questions asked. It’s an occult one editorialist called it. The Covid Occult. They believe all the experts even when science speaks otherwise. They follow them as if they are a god. Sheep’s to the slaughter. SMH. Those of us who use our brain and question the safety are called conspiracy theorists! Well we are not we are just using discernment. Warning signs all over.

Brittaney Hudgins
April 8, 2021

Father God,We thank you that you are on the throne! You see all the evil plots and plans of the wicked. I pray Holy Spirit you open the eyes of the people to see the adgenda of the enemy. I pray you continue to expose and thank you for the gift you give your sheep of discernment. We hear your voice and bow down only to the one true living God. The spirit and the bride say come Lord Jesus, we need a move! Bring in the end time harvest. Your kingdom come Lord. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Let Heaven come 🙌👑✝️🕊️

April 8, 2021

In addition to J&J being made using those aborted fetal cells, I believe the top two, Pfizer and Moderna” used testing methods that were suspect as well.

“ We are talking about adults making individual choices “……

Yes, but DC passed a law allowing CHILDREN to make their vaccine decision exclusive of parents. Unless I missed something and the ridiculous law has been revoked.

Father, help us navigate our decisions with your wisdom, especially how we vote, and our expectations for government. Protect our children we plead.

    Vickie Skelley
    April 11, 2021

    The left have been trying to remove all parental authority for decades. I experienced it in the 90s. My son had a bad fall. The arrogant doctor ignored me and spoke to my 7 or 8 year old asking him to make decisions. I was shocked and I did not tolerate it. I knew it was this evil spirit that wants to remove parental authority. I had no doubts. My poor little boy looked at me in such confusion when the doctor asked him do you want Novocain to numb the pain for the stitches or not? That arrogant no good doctor ordered my dear sister in the lord to leave also. I was incensed but just focused on my child but I was furious. I may have written a complaint to the hospital. That would be something I would no. We have to be proactive. All it takes for evil to succeed is for us to do nothing. Actions behind the prayers. Now they are going after our children in schools with critical race theory pitting children against the parents. We all better wake up to what’s going on!!!! Satan is moving at warped speed to get his one world order in.


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