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Father, raise up more states that would take a stand against this evil. May we be led by Your Word and truth.

. . .Arkansas lawmakers on Tuesday made the state the first to ban gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender youth, enacting the prohibition over the governor’s objections.

The Republican-controlled House and Senate voted to override GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of the measure, which prohibits doctors from providing gender confirming hormone treatment, puberty blockers or surgery to anyone under 18 years old, or from referring them to other providers for the treatment. . . .

. . .  The Arkansas House voted 72-25 to override Gov. Hutchinson’s veto of HB1570, a bill that prohibits gender affirming treatment for transgender youth. . . .


Share your prayers for more states to take a stand like Arkansas. . .

(Excerpt from Citizen Free Press.  Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Shirley Gue
April 9, 2021

Praise The Lord, thank You, Jesus, for causing all of the states in The USA do the the same thing. For Your glory, honor, and fame and for our youth’s sake. Amen.

April 8, 2021

Shame on Gov. Asa Hutchinson!! He knows better! Thank God for Arkansas’s Republican Legislature that overrode that veto! Gov. Hutchinson, and other governors, need to understand that “we the people” are the only ones they need to represent! Big corporations do not represent “we the people’s” values. In fact, at this time, it seems like corporations don’t have ANY values, other than “woke” global values.
I am thankful that God continues to shed his light on people, corporations and politicians who are not honoring God and who don’t care about the people they’re supposed to serve! “Woe to those who call good, evil and evil,good!”

    April 8, 2021

    Governor Hutchinson wanted on Walmart’s board! Walmart was pushing for that Bill to pass, so the governor went along! Many of us are probably going to be shocked when God continues to show us who we can trust and who we can’t. I’m guessing that list is going to be LONG!!

April 8, 2021

Gov. Hutchinson tried to walk the line “too much” in appeasing everyone but thankfully he was rightfully denied. Do what is right… not what is expedient or portrayed as “woke” at the time. Hopefully, the governor will take heed and learn from this.
Many people in office today need to understand that this nation that was formed and established as a republic must represent the voice of everyone but “especially the vast majority of voters”. That is how our nation was set up. The push to satisfy the concerns, whims or temporary confusion of transgender “narratives” is tragic and especially when we realize that transgenders make up less than 1/2 of 1% of our population. What’s worse is certain voices within our government at every level give these confused individuals a greater priority than the important things that should come first!!
Lord God, continue to work on the hearts and minds of our leadership at all levels so that our nation can return to honoring Your commands and Your word. Amen.

    April 8, 2021

    Correction on my percentage (%) listed in my previous comment. It’s actually 1/8 of 1% of the population. Sorry for the error. (In other words, its even less than previously stated or what they want us to believe!)

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