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Lord, we pray that you would protect the people of Taiwan from the Communist Chinese government. Stay their hand, and give the EU and U.S. wisdom on how to prevent an invasion.
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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may embolden China to take Taiwan, a nation that the U.S. has long vowed to protect. This could start a war with China even as we are on the verge of war with Russia.

From CNN. China is closely watching the events in Ukraine to evaluate its own strategy towards Taiwan, the island’s foreign minister has warned.

“When we watch the events in Ukraine evolving … we are also watching very carefully what China may do to Taiwan,” Joseph Wu said during a press conference Monday….
“The danger will be that the Chinese leaders think that the Western reaction to the Russian aggression is weak and not coherent, and not having any impact. The Chinese might take that as a positive lesson,” added Wu while discussing additional steps that Taiwan is taking to help Ukraine.
Asked if he is concerned the crisis in Ukraine makes it more or less likely China will make a similar move, Wu said the world has seen an “expansion of authoritarianism,” pointing to the joint declaration issued by China and Russia last month….

Allied democracies

Wu’s comments Monday echoed remarks he made in an interview with CNN last year in which he characterized Taiwan as a check on China’s ambitions.
“It’s about Chinese authoritarianism trying to expand its own influence … Far beyond its borders, even into the Western hemisphere,” Wu said in June 2021. “They want to exercise their authoritarian rule and impose the authoritarian international order.”
On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Western governments that Russia’s war will not stop at the borders of his country — and an attack on freedoms in Ukraine will affect the rest of the world….
But Wu, Taiwan’s foreign minister, on Monday noted that democracies around the world have come together in support of Ukraine. “I’m sure that will be a factor for the Chinese to take into their calculus,” Wu added….
“(China and Russia) share two primary strategic interests,” said Steve Tsang, director of SOAS China Institute at the University of London. “One is to take the American global leadership down a notch or two. The second is to make the world safe for authoritarianism.”

A different dynamic

Beijing has dismissed comparisons between the situation in Ukraine and its own claims on Taiwan, with Wang reiterating on Monday that “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the Taiwan question is entirely China’s internal affair….”
“If China were to gain control of Taiwan, this more than anything else would help it establish regional hegemony. Chinese leaders understand that to the United States the stakes are different and its response would likely be very different,” said David Sacks, a research fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
Key to that may be the stance of one of Washington’s most important military allies, Japan.
The country has taken a firm line on Taiwan in recent years, noting the situation surrounding the island is important for Japan’s security, according to a government defense white paper released July….
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang on Monday reminded Tokyo of the sensitivity and importance of Taiwan in China-Japan relations, calling the issue “foundational” to mutual trust….

Share your prayers for Ukraine and Taiwan in the comments.

(Excerpt from CNN. Photo Credit: Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash)

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Jessie L.
March 10, 2022

I know God said Nothing is impossible With God! Your almighty hand is always doing your perfect will according to your purpose. Praise your holy name, You never slumber or sleep!
Hallelujah! 🙏🌺🌹❤️🌺🌹❤️🙏
We decree that Ukraine, Russia, and all nations will submit themselves to the Lord in a new way. Amen🙏🌺✝️🇺🇸❤️

Shpend Shyti
March 10, 2022

God Bless nations who stand for freedom!

Nancy Berkey
March 10, 2022

IFA should stay out of politics, just pray and preach the Gospel.

Marsha Bashor
March 10, 2022

I pray for Taiwan, for the protection of its people from the communist China government. Dear Lord why are these large countries wanting to overtake a small indefensible country, especially when they are not taking care of their own people and mistreating them enormously. They are downright cowards controlled by the enemy, it is so disheartening to watch! I pray for the people of Taiwan that they be saved by you! I also pray for the Christians in China, deliver them from evil Lord.

Dr. Fannie Finney
March 10, 2022

Father, I pray for your strength to rest upon all the believers and everyone. Father help them to trust you forever. Father, because
you are a strength, that will keep them strong. It is not by might or
power, but by your spirit, that they shall prevail. You will teach their
their hands to war and fingers to fight, they shall remain strong in
you. Send, Father the Warrior Angels to fight in this war protecting, and shielding them and their homes from danger.. We
stand in prayer with them in Jesus Name, Amen!


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