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Father, we pray against ESG and its antibiblical policies. Protect us, our finances, and our nation, Lord.

As more and more corporations go woke, many are wondering what the new acronym “ESG” means, and how it affects American citizens.

From ESG Hurts. ESG is short for environmental, social, governance…

  • Advocates on the Left commonly describe ESG as criteria for making strategic investment decisions to aid environmental or social causes one cares about…

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ESG is a political tool used by progressives to advance Leftist ideology in businesses and financial institutions. From requiring NASDAQ-listed companies to appoint board members based on race and sex, to requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be reported, ESG is destroying our free market and threatens both American interests and our cultural fabric of freedom, choice and liberty.

ESG policies are a thinly veiled attempt to radically transform corporations into social justice warriors. Pro-ESG businesses support the Left’s “woke” culture war to redefine gender, promote critical race theory, and cancel conservatives….

Under ESG, traditional American energy like oil and gas is punished as part of the Left’s climate alarmism. Customers pay higher prices and receive inferior goods and services as companies become more focused on “social justice” than meeting the customer’s needs….

As businesses suffer and underperform, investors will lose out on profits and gains. This affects every American saving for retirement with stocks in a 401k or pension. Millions of state employees and individuals in the private sector will be negatively impacted….

ESG hurts everyone.

How are you praying against ESG in our nation? Share this article to raise awareness of ESG policies and the hurt they cause.

(Excerpt from ESG Hurts. Photo Credit: Benjamin Child on Unsplash)

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Gail Segars Rainey
September 4, 2022


Victoria Z
September 3, 2022

I work for a worldwide corporation which I wont name but because there are so few of these types of companies you can probably guess which one. They have stepped up on promoting staff to boost the numbers of transgenders, gays, and minorities. The big boss over the dept i work in is transing from male to female and is out on leaves more often than IN doing “her” job as i assume the leaves are for treatments. “She” uses the ladies room and often bursts out in song singing church hymns in there. I would like others to join me in praying for “her.” From the first day i met her her when I was a new employee, not knowing her at all or hearing about her at all, i instinctively felt she was a man, and i felt guilty thinking it, until i found out she was! she has always been a nice person to me and vice versa and i feel for the confusion and satanic influence she has probably been under which have been driving her to this radical transformation believing God approves. I do feel as Jesus stated that no sin is unforgiveable except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and i fo npt judge her, even Jesus said he came to save not to judge, I give her to God, to Jesus, to deal with in His great mercy and wisdom and to lead her to Himself.

Father we pray for “K” and ask you to intervene, speak to her spirit every way possible, lead, guide, direct, and help her to have a true relationship with you, not religion or deception.

Father we pray against these quotas that take job opportunities from deserving people only because they are straight or the wrong race, in companies where there are numbers to meet of minorities, gays, and transgenders. Father intervene so that the best and most qualified with the best proven work ethics are promoted not someone lesser who simply fills a desired superficial criteria.

In Jesus name we thank you for hearing and answering our prayers on this topic.

Barbara Janicki
September 3, 2022

“climate change” – (formerly called weather) provides the smoke screen behind which those in power do what they want to get done – they just use “climate change” or saving the environment as the justification for far worse things they are doing to us, our country and the world. The covid virus is the most recent example of this phenomenon, using the virus as the excuse (they would say the reason) they shut our society down, businesses, churches, family gatherings and all, there was a huge transfer of wealth from the working middle class to the idle elite, the virus was an excuse for mask mandates and vaccine mandates and more people losing jobs if they didn’t want the experimental, for emergency use only vaccine – all that to say the “cure” has inflicted far more damage to date than the virus ever would have if treated with the same protocol the medical community had used in the past ie. not vaccinating over natural immunity for one. but I digress-
This is the same – the consequences of their actions in the name of the environment, as you said in this article, will be far more harmful to us, than the CO2 we all breathe out, which the plants use for photosynthesis, to make our food and give off oxygen. It is a perfectly designed system, but that is not a surprise as we know the Designer/Creator of this earth and the universe itself. (ever think that’s why they wanted us masked – to cut down on CO2 emissions?) pretty soon they’ll be banning us along with cars that use gas –
California is passing laws requiring electric vehicles and at the same time saying individuals are not to charge these same electric vehicles – their power grid cannot support it. Where does the power come from to charge electric vehicles? FOSSIL FUEL! Why not just put the fossil fuel directly into the car and bypass the battery and the charging station? Both of which will need to be produced/built at great cost to the environment and no power grid can support the charging of so many electric cars, which do not eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel – but these batteries are horrible for the environment. But it has never been about the environment. It is about control. When people have electric vehicles, their mobility is limited and if the government controls the power grid – then no one can charge their cars if it is shut down. Several years ago, during an ice storm, our power was out for more than ten days. With small children, we packed up and drove an hour south to my parents, to wait until power was restored. Glad we didn’t have an electric car then.
Time to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. Oil and gas are naturally occurring fuels for us to use wisely – these solar panels and wind turbines – all made in China, do their own damage to the environment. Toxic chemicals in the panels and the turbines killing bird life and taking up valuable land. Why would we want to be dependent on China (a huge polluter) for our energy if we are reduced to wind and solar? Prayers that we would be winsome and wise, but awake, as we refuse to give up our God given freedoms in the name of climate or a virus or anything else. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

    Don Loucks
    September 3, 2022

    Barbara – I am in complete agreement with your analysis – but I think more of our readers would read it if it was a little less verbose – it causes those that could benefit from your great truths to skip reading it – just an opinion.

      Barbara Janicki
      September 3, 2022

      thank you – I will try in the future to be more brief/concise/succinct – I guess I feel I should give examples or explain to back up what I say – but I will try!

        Susan Nelson
        September 3, 2022

        I for one appreciated Barbara’s
        clear explanation so that I can pray with more understanding. It was helpful and I would recommend anyone who needs more insight to take time to read her comments.

        And yes Lord we ask that You would would make us wise in these ever changing times. Help us to be discerning and take time to educate ourselves about hidden agendas. May people in the church and beyond have eyes to see the truth and may justice prevail in our land.
        We pray this in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

    September 3, 2022

    Barbara, I read everything you said and in complete agreement. Your analysis is spot on! We live in the deep south where hurricanes and tornadoes causes evacuation and I can only imagine the horror of thousands of electric vehicles stalled in the middle of I-95 or I-85 when the power goes OUT and it will go OUT! It appears that all the power companies have gone WOKE since none of them have come forward to speak on this subject.


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