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Father God, we pray for free and open communication throughout media.

From Breitbart: The White House indicated Tuesday that Spotify’s attempts to address what they described as coronavirus “misinformation” on podcaster Joe Rogan’s interviews was not a strong enough response to the freedom of speech controversy.

Spotify announced a decision Sunday to include content advisory warnings on Rogan’s interviews about the coronavirus pandemic with sources dissenting from the government narrative about the virus…


“This disclaimer, it’s a positive step but we want we want every platform to continue doing more to call out misinformation and disinformation while also uplifting accurate information,” she continued.

She said it was a “fact” that people who were not vaccinated were “six to eight times more likely to die” from the virus that people who were vaccinated and boosted…

In a social media video addressing the controversy, Rogan promised to include more balance on the issue of the coronavirus and the vaccines so that all sides of the issue could be explored.

“I don’t want to just show the the contrary opinion to what the narrative is,” he said. “I want to show all kinds of opinions so that we can all figure out what’s going on, and not just about COVID, about everything, about health, about fitness, wellness, the state of the world itself.”

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(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Sheryl Sperling
February 4, 2022

It is so apparent that ANYthing that disagrees with mainstream “truth” or “science” is labeled “mis/disinformation” and subject to censorship. Where is our freedom of speech and opinion? There is an abundance of science to back the reports being broadcast.

February 4, 2022

I very much appreciate the courage of Joe Rogan in posting excellent interviews with Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone, two superb authorities on the covid crisis. They are must-see interviews! However, Joe Rogan is not a believer himself – that’s where we come in! He’s getting a taste of truth about a very important issue, but we want him to have the full Truth: “YHWH, you are the God of all truth. At every turn may Joe Rogan be confronted with the best truth of all: Yourself! B’shem Yeshua (In the name of Jesus), Amen!”

February 4, 2022

Can you hear that dirge? It’s the funeral of free speech.


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