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God, we lift up our nation before You. We pray that America would repent, and that we would once again be characterized by our love for You and Your commandments.
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What does the Bible say about nations that would force women into violent situations?

From WORLD. The Senate’s Armed Services Committee has voted to advance National Defense Authorization Act for 2025. Among its “Major Highlights” is requiring women to register for Selective Service under the Military Selective Service Act. …

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But the significance of women in the draft is no mere social evolution; rather, it’s a cultural indictment. And its precedent goes back to a biblical era of moral chaos, one that demonstrates the connection between a nation’s spiritual decline and the vulnerability of its women.

Consider the Book of Judges.

The book’s narrator opens with the story of Achsah, daughter of Caleb whose life of faithfulness culminated in military success. In chapter 1, Achsah is depicted as a woman of honor and agency. …

As Israel’s era of decline continues—a span that may have occurred in just two generations—women are gradually placed in violent and vulnerable circumstances. With each passing scene, the narrator portrays the women of Israel as increasingly nondescript, progressively anonymous in otherwise detailed accounts. …

Then comes Judges 19.

The Unnamed Concubine, the legal wife of a Levite, was abandoned by her husband, surrendered to a mob of “worthless,” lecherous men who gang raped her to the point of death. She had no name. … She had no agency. …

And here the ancient narrator reveals a lesson within the lesson: We can measure a culture’s spiritual health by the degree to which that culture protects its women. …

How did the state of women in Israel spiral from an honored daughter to a nameless commodity? By the state of the nation spiraling into depravity. …

That our nation’s leaders would subject women to the draft is nothing to celebrate; it’s certainly no reflection of gender equity and social advancement. It is, however, an alarming diagnosis on our spiritual, moral, and cultural health. We’re a deeply unhealthy nation.

How do you feel about the National Defense Authorization Act for 2025? Share your prayers for our nation and its spiritual health below.

(Excerpt from WORLD. Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Wesley Farnsworth)

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Tammy Backus
June 24, 2024

It might be that I just turned 60, but I don’t like the thought of drafting our women into service. If they wish to volunteer & join, then that’s different. Our nation has a declining population problem as well as a spiritual decline.

    Darlene Estlow
    June 24, 2024

    I am well over 60 and I completely agree with you.

June 24, 2024

Interesting article. For years I have thought Israel was ‘ahead’ because of their law every young adult needed two years of military training, thinking that was d/t their nation being surrounded by God’s enemies, the suddenness of attacks, the need for even the house wives to know/understand, having had training on how to respond, assisting in protecting their families. As a mom, to understand warfare. Perhaps I have blinded myself to the part the women are assigned to face the enemy head-on. As for us, Americans, there is no debate on the continuing downfall of our leaders, administrative and spiritual integrity, into a deepening moral morass. The question is: Why the demand for women? Do they think women draftees would be more likely to blindly follow any, all unholy orders?

June 23, 2024

Thought-provoking, intriguing article. We need to pray for our nation and ourselves as individuals in these perilous times.


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