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Father, we thank You for empowering our leaders to hold Google accountable. Keep Big Tech from violating our privacy, Lord.

When faced with a lawsuit, Google chose instead to settle. Is this a good thing, or are they avoiding an admission of wrongdoing?

From The Epoch Times. Google will pay $85 million to settle a lawsuit brought by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich over the way the company used people’s location data.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


Brnovich’s office alleged Google deceptively obtained user location data to “make billions of dollars in profit” in what the office called “one of the biggest consumer fraud lawsuits in Arizona history.”

The settlement represents the largest amount per capita Google has paid in a consumer fraud and privacy lawsuit of this kind, according to the attorney general’s office.

Brnovich began investigating Google in 2018 after reports that some of the company’s apps continued to track user location data even if they had switched off the location history feature.

The attorney general’s office noted that Brnovich, who sued Google in Arizona state court in 2020, was the first to take the tech giant to state court over “dark patterns,” or coercive design tactics, built into the software that are designed to manipulate users’ behavior.

“When I was elected attorney general, I promised Arizonans I would fight for them and hold everyone, including corporations like Google, accountable,” Brnovich said in a statement. “I am proud of this historic settlement that proves no entity, not even big tech companies, is above the law.” …


According to court documents (pdf), both parties decided to settle after assessing the legal issues to avoid the costs and uncertainties of a trial, which was due to begin on Oct. 24. …

What do you think of this settlement? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Alex Dudar on Unsplash)

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Victoria Z
October 7, 2022

i think if my data was breeched in NJ Mark Brnovich should let me know and give me my fair share$, lol !!

Father, seriously though…i am sure it was more than just Arizona residents! i have used google for years, who hasnt? it’s probably the #1 web search company. Thank you for the breakthrough Father, but may google be forced to compensate everyone, not just a select few Arizona residents and may it send a message to big tech that we the people are fed up and not going to victimized anymore by these and social media companies who think they are too powerful and shrewd avoiding accountability

Rev James Daffron
October 7, 2022

Not enough! Settlements need to be in the Billions to hurt Google & other leftist organizations for the damage they cause by blatant Violations of Personal Privacy & Political Censorship!

These services are not different from the Telephone or Television in kind. They serve to communicate and transport information. They should be regulated by the FCC and restricted by Far Left “WOKE” censors who have specific agenda and motives.

The First Ammendment should be applied to all communication!

    Rev James Daffron
    October 7, 2022

    make that not restricted by not restricted by “WOKE” censors

Robert Mitchell
October 6, 2022

85 million is a drop in the bucket to Google.
They just want to keep violating people’s rights.

October 6, 2022

While settling is good, it doesn’t fully expose the reality to all people but rather only to those who are paying attention. Praying that God continues to intervene and expose the darkness.

    Ellen Hoffman
    October 6, 2022

    I agree. So much settling going on in the courts. Big Pharma, big media corporations, big etc. The truth is being ignored by so many called news organizations. I sure hope it turns around, praying so. We need another great awakening!

Rose Rocha
October 6, 2022

Thank you Father God for this small win in Arizona. I know you are the great I am. There is nothing hidden that will not be exposed. Let us continue praying with faith that you will expose the darkness. Bless those who are taking the battle to the courts against these tech giants. In Jesus’ name I pray.

Gail Wood
October 6, 2022

I believe that they are crumbling. They have been given too much power like all big tech companies and eventually as we continue to pray and stay before God about them they will be destroyed by their own hand of wickedness and greed.
There is no way that any of us should be as exposed and vulnerable as we are because of these people and companies.
There are so many of them and most of them are woke as well.

October 6, 2022

Of course Google chose to settle – money is merely a commodity to them….used to control their employees, citizens, news media, outcomes, etc. Each day Google rakes in millions, so a payout of this sort is chicken feed to them. They need to be repeatedly sued. They work with Soros and every one of his deceptively named organizations to manipulate (another word for cheat or fraud or deceive) elections & news feeds/info. Google cares about their “kingdom of control”. Everyone needs to do ongoing homework on how much they control your search data & what info you “are allowed” to see. The whole element of truth & integrity is meaningless to Google, it’s CEO or board. Try to find a Christian or a conservative that is an employee of Google – you will get exhausted in that search. At Google, if you’re one of those, the first thing they want to know is how you passed their “screening process”. Because they don’t want the general population to know how deceptive they are 24/7/365. *Christians, please continue to pray for all truth to come forward… for every hidden scheme to be known & for actual/real justice & accountability to take place. Google can afford to continue paying fines & settlements for a long time – that’s irrelative to them. But once the hard core truth is revealed of how they operate in every dept. – it’s a whole different game. Please pray that the gov’t officials who have “allowed this ” to take place {kickbacks} will be removed and replaced with those who uphold existing laws to bring this corruption down.

October 6, 2022

It’s NOT enough to sue for a big settlement. That’s not justice, ; shut google down and bring the ring leaders to justice for their criminal wrong doing otherwise, nothing has been done to stop them from continuing on with their evil behavior. No one is given justice and everyone still suffers except those who settled for millions of dollars of tainted money (most likely drug money). Where is the justice? Father God bring all to justice who pervert Your justice and those who settle for less than justice. It is either right or it is wrong. No one has been stopped from this criminal behavior and most likely china’s money is behind all this. Stop this evil Father and turn it back upon those who pervert Your justice. Let ALL bow down to only You Father and You know all hearts. Amen

October 6, 2022

This appears to be a good thing, but where is the money going? What purpose does it serve, other than a slap on the hand of the offender?

I decree this money is marked by the kingdom, and everywhere it flows it will bring exposure of the darkness it seeks to hide. All glory belongs to GOD!

Lord, expose the deeper darkness in these systems, and free your people! AMEN!!

raleigh b Robertson
October 6, 2022

Google can afford this settlement just to suppress information they would have to show in a court case, God Bless Brnovich aqs the fight for freedom against WOK corporations lives on

Adrian Lee Steininger
October 6, 2022

It is time to hold big corporations accountable for their illegal actions. Bless this man who fought for our rights against a big media corporation?


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