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Lord protect our government workers and their families. Stop attacks on their homes and offices and expose any potential attacks.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) workers are facing a rapidly escalating series of threats, including protesters menacing their children and shots being fired at their offices, amid a rising tide of anti-ICE rhetoric from the left fueled by congressional Democrats, media voices and presidential hopefuls.

Footage published Tuesday by Breitbart News shows protesters in Florida from groups such as Never Again Action and Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward County threatening workers and former employees of the GEO Group, a private contractor used by ICE.


One protester threatened the family of GEO Group’s former general counsel, John Bulfin.

“We know where all your children live throughout the country … John Bulfin you have kids in [bleeped out], you have kids in [bleeped out],” the protester yelled. “We know everything about you and you won’t just be seeing us here.”

“We know where you sleep at night,” another protester shouted. “We know what kind of dog food you buy your dogs.”

“We’re not actually joking,” the protester said before shouting the location of where Bulfin lives. “John Bulfin you go to [bleeped out], you go to church on [bleeped out], you live on [bleeped out] the road. We are not joking.”

Another can be heard yelling: “When immigrant bodies are under attack, what do we do?”

“Fight back,” other protesters responded.

Breitbart reports that the footage was taken a day before shots were fired early Tuesday at an ICE office and GEO Group office in San Antonio, Texas, in what the FBI has called a “targeted attack.”

The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. at an ICE building where two floors house administrative and executive offices, according to the San Antonio Express-News. The outlet reported another shooting occurred at a separate facility where an ICE contractor is located.

“All of the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs said. “This is no question a very targeted attack. It’s not a secret facility, you can go online, it’s [the address is] out there. So they did some research, they knew what floors ICE was on, they knew what buildings they were and they hit those.”

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services acting Director Ken Cuccinelli tweeted out pictures of the bullet holes.

The incidents are the latest escalation in anti-ICE sentiment that has shifted from calls to abolish the agency and claims that it is “caging children” to threats and violence within the space of a year.

Last month, a man was killed by Washington state authorities when he threw incendiary devices at both an immigration center and nearby propane tanks. In Colorado, protesters demonstrating outside an ICE facility replaced the American flag with the Mexican flag. Also last month, protesters were arrested after trying to storm an ICE building in Washington, D.C….

(Excerpt from Fox News article by Adam Shaw.)

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Ken Budz
August 15, 2019

God help those who protect our country. Lord please watch over these people. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brenda D
August 15, 2019

If MY people who are called by MY NAME. .. will REPENT and turn from their wicked ways. THEN I WILL hear from heaven and heal their land. Father GOD in your mercy forgive us fir fomenting and giving place to the spirit of lies and hatred. We cry out fir your mercy and grace to turn us back to you.
In JESUS name I pray. Amen

Carol Hedrick
August 15, 2019

Father, shut the mouths of the ones who are spewing out hate against our ICE agents and law enforcement. Let their hate speech return back to them. Father, just as You closed the mouths of the lions in the den with Daniel, I ask that You send angels to do the same to the hate mongers who open their mouths to incite hate and rioting.
Father, I ask You that You send Your warring angels to protect the ICE agents and our law enforcement men and women wherever they are located throughout this country. Let no weapon formed against them prosper. Protect, protect, protect.

I ask in the Name of Jesus Amen

    Cristina Conlon
    August 15, 2019

    I Agree with Carol. I also pray the blood of Jesus over every ICE agent and their families. I also cover with the blood of Jesus every door, window, parking spaces in their homes and offices “against powers, and principalities against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Ephesians 6:12 in Jesus Mighty Name.

August 15, 2019

Pray these attackers are arrested for being “Illegal Combatants,” &/or terrorists. That Pres. Trump brand the radicals as Terrorists, that are threatening ICE agent’s families.

August 15, 2019

Dear Heavenly Father. I PRAY THAT DEMONIC PLOTS FAIL AND DEMONIC PEOPLE FLEE! I STAND in agreement with others for that hedge of protection to surround EACH and every worker, their families, their property, and their friends. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST OUR BORDER WORKERS, OR ANY OF US FOR SUPPORTING THEM, WILL PROSPER! LET THE DARKNESS BE EXPOSED BY THE LIGHT! LET THE ENEMY FLEE! Resist the enemy and he shall flee! WHAT IS BOUND IN HEAVEN IS BOUND ON EARTH! Violence and threatening is bound in Heaven! THE devil HAS NO AUTHORITY ON OUR EARTH! THE devil IS UNDER OUR FEET! HE IS DEFEATED! We bind those demonic strongholds in peoples minds. We ask you LORD to touch their hearts and show them how they are being DECEIVED! Let them come to you in repentance and salvation! LORD, ONLY YOU KNOW HOW TO TURN LEMONS INTO LEMONADE! IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS I PRAY!! AMEN AND AMEN!! THANK YOU LORD YOU HAVE HEARD OUR PRAYERS!!

    Sharlene Royalty
    August 15, 2019

    Thy kingdom come Thy will be done. Amen to every word prayed, in Jesus name.

Mike Guidera
August 15, 2019

I pray for the safety of these brave men and women enforcing our laws and trying to keep a good prospective on this difficult situation. Lord, encourage them every day as they go out to the chaos. We pray against the deception the evil one has sown into our media and government that promotes the false notions that ICE is oppressive and immigration law is somehow unfair. We pray against the perversion of sound immigration law that has been twisted to become a political agenda to only get votes for one party. And we bind the witchcraft, the power ,that is used to further these lies on the unsuspecting American people. Lord we cry out to you to break these demonic forces that have caused so much havoc, pain, and chaos. Forgive our nation for straying so far from You. We look to You for mercy and grace. Show those of us willing to do Your will, our place in restoring out nation.

August 15, 2019

Yes & Amen to every prayer posted!

Alan K. Veasey
August 15, 2019

Where are the grand juries investigating these felonies? We need justice. Raise up a standard of righteousness against them Lord God.

    Barbara J Struble
    August 15, 2019

    Justice, yes and Amen. Felonies or treason???

Dorothy Ter Horst
August 15, 2019

Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling attacks on men and women protecting our borders and our cities. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground, in Jesus name, Amen.

August 15, 2019

Heavenly Father, as we see times in our nation, are growing darker and darker, our hearts pour out to those who are doing the jobs that You have annointed them to do. I pray Your protection around ICE and others at the border who are being threatened and attacked. My heart aches for those who have such courage to stand for our country and to protect our country from those whose main objective is to destroy our land and to hurt Americans. thank you Lord for Your mercy and Your guidance for those in such dangerous positions. Bless their families and keep them safe. Strengthen their hearts through every trial they are faced with. I pray Your hedge or protection and I plead the blood of Jesus to surround them. Be with President Trump as he is constantly under attack. Lord, whoever is behind these threats and attacks, I ask that they turn away from the evil they are doing and repent in their hearts for their actions. I thank You precious Lord for your kindnesses and your compassions that fail not.

Linda Ward
August 15, 2019

I live in El Paso, Texas. I have friends with family members who work for Customs and Border Patrol. These are good people who show up every day to do a very difficult job. The harassment they are receiving is unwarranted and each of us need to do what we can to show them support. Mail cards and share these kinds of articles. Most of all let’s continue to pray for them and their families and for Congress to act so our Border will be secured so this insanity will stop.

Lloyd King
August 15, 2019

Father, I pray for those who work for and are somehow connected with ICE. They are enforcing the law of the land that all must obey. Please guard, protect, and encourage each of them. Those who oppose Your servants oppose You. Let the world see that You are in control and that You are protecting Your servants. In the strong name of Jesus, Your Son, and our Savior, Amen.

Natalie R Ibe
August 15, 2019

Dear Lord Jesus, enough of our citizens that are journalists, like Andrew Breitbart, and police officers have been poisoned or shot, murdered in our streets for trying to get to the truth about what is happening to our children or enforce our laws. Lord Jesus, please help us rise up as your church to pray for and to support those who are telling the truth and enforcing our laws. Wake us up, Lord, and give us discernment to see through the propaganda, the misinformation, and the outright lies that are being spread through the media and help us to seek Your face and to look for the answers ourselves to what has happened and why. We cannot afford to support the wrong people any longer because with their power they are destroying this country and covering the kidnapping, torturing, and killing innocent children. Bring them to justice, Lord, and bring to justice anyone who is threatening those who are trying to protect our citizens, in Jesus name.

August 15, 2019

Heavenly Father,
We cry out to you for help. You know who the workers are that are protecting our borders.Thank you for what they do to follow the rule of law and protect this nation. You know the threats of violence and actual violence that has occurred against them. I pray that the people who are inciting these mobs would be accountable for their actions.Please reveal the truth about this situation and may people of courage stand for the truth and for righteousness.
We ask you for mercy. We ask you for help in time of trouble. Only you can change hearts and minds. Strengthen the hands of those doing the hard work at the border. Help them to utterly depend on you. Help their families to turn to you as the One who is our strong tower, defender and protector.
Please help our president and those who work with him on this to have wisdom and take the appropriate action.

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