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Lord, our kids need protection. We as a nation are hurting them with our ideologies and agendas. Remove the scales from the eyes of those who approve of the transgender movement.

In April 2016, my then 14-year-old daughter became convinced that she was my son. In my attempt to help her, her public school undermined me every step of the way.

Throughout my daughter’s childhood, there were no signs that she wanted to be a boy. She loved stuffed animals, Pocahontas and wearing colorful bathing suits. I can’t recall a single interest that seemed unusually masculine, or any evidence that she was uncomfortable as a girl.


The only difficulty she had was forming and maintaining friendships. We later learned why: She was on the autism spectrum. She was very functional and did well in school, helped by her Individualized Education Program (IEP), a common practice for public school students who need special education.

At her high school, my daughter was approached by a girl who had recently come out at school as transgender. Shortly after meeting her, my daughter declared that she, too, was a boy trapped in a girl’s body and picked out a new masculine name.


Our school kept parents in the dark

She first came out as transgender to her school, and when she announced that she was a boy, the faculty and staff — who had full knowledge of her mental health challenges — affirmed her. Without telling me or my wife, they referred to her by her new name. They treated my daughter as if she were a boy, using male pronouns and giving her access to a gender-neutral restroom.

When her mother and I first found out, our feelings of helplessness and astonishment made it difficult to get through each day. But I feel my daughter is a victim more than anything else.

In an IEP meeting just after she told us about being a boy, I told the school that our wishes are to call her by her legal name at all times. The social worker present at the meeting stated that we have that right to make that request, so I assumed school staff would follow our directive. I followed up that meeting with an email, but later learned that my request was ignored and school staff continued to refer to her by the male name.

We met with the school district’s assistant superintendent, who told us the hands of school personnel are tied and that they had to follow the law. But there was no law, only the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleagues” letter of May 2016 that said schools need to officially affirm transgender students. Just three months later, in August 2016, a federal judge in Texas blocked the guidelines from being enforced. And in February 2017, the Trump administration rescinded the Obama-era guidelines, leaving it to the states to set their own policies.

I also learned that the ACLU has sent threatening letters to schools stating that it is against the law to disclose a student’s gender identity, even to their parents. But this letter appears to misunderstand federal law. The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires that schools allow parents to “inspect and review” their child’s education records as long as the child is under 18.

My daughter told me that the school social worker was advising her about halfway houses because he thought we did not support her. The social worker confirmed this when I scheduled a meeting with him to discuss it. This felt like a horrifying attempt to encourage our daughter to run away from home.

We had our daughter evaluated by a psychologist approved by the school district. He told us that it was very clear that our daughter’s sudden transgender identity was driven by her underlying mental health conditions, but would only share his thoughts off the record because he feared the potential backlash he would receive. In the report he submitted to us and the school, he did not include these concerns that he would only share in person.

A national policy epidemic

In my attempts over the past several years to get help for my daughter, what I have learned has shocked me.

The National Education Association has partnered with the Human Rights Campaign and other groups to produce materials advocating automatic affirmation of identities, name changes and pronouns, regardless of parents’ concerns. In 18 states and the District of Columbia, including in my home state of Illinois, there are “conversion therapy” bans, which prevent therapists from questioning a child’s gender identity. No wonder my daughter’s therapist would only speak to me off the record.

Some agencies, like the New Jersey Department of Education, warn school districts to “be mindful of disputes” between children and their parents over gender identity. The department’s “Transgender Student Guidance” document refers educators to the state’s “Child Abuse, Neglect, and Missing Children” webpage, suggesting that school staff might be encouraged to report parents if they disagree with their child transitioning.

When parents are willing to go along with their child’s transitioning, the process can move at a frightening pace. Doctors with the Endocrine Society rewrote the guidelines for treating young patients who say they are transgender in order to give hormone treatments to children younger than 16 years old. Even more concerning, surgeries such as mastectomies and orchiectomies (the removal of testicles) are performed on teenagers.

Parents are afraid to speak out

Through all this, I’ve learned that I’m not alone. Many parents just like my wife and me are often afraid to speak out because we are told we are transphobic bigots, simply because we do not believe our children were born into the wrong bodies.

When our daughter returned to high school to finish her senior year, I contacted the principal to let him know I expected her legal name to be used at graduation. Once again, the school refused to honor my request.

Now, thanks in large part to my daughter’s school, my daughter is more convinced than ever that she is a boy, and that testosterone may be necessary for her to become her authentic self.

She turned 18 in late June and life-altering, dangerous testosterone injections are just one “informed consent form” away. She can turn to any one of Illinois’s 17 Planned Parenthood clinics for cheap and easy access. No extensive mental health assessment will be required, and there will be nothing I can do to stop her.

(Excerpted from USA Today, article by Jay Keck.)  Keck is a part of a group called the Kelsey Coalition, which helps parents and families who are experiencing the harm of transgendering of their kids.

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Mary Brokaw
August 23, 2019

Major medical institutions and experienced, medical experts have said that gender dysphoria is a mental illness and that people who suffer from it generally suffer from other mental illnesses. How can institutions and parents encourage this instead of getting these people (especially children) help. Celebrities and activists are influencing society, government and our children and leading them astray. I pray for revival in this country and this world and that God will lead us to truth and show us how to help.

Heather M Peterson
August 17, 2019

Father in Heaven, Have mercy on us for our sinful choices… Choices that gave the devil strongholds, that darkened our minds and caused unclean spirits to invade our bodies. Now we are held captive by the enemy and our children are paying the price for what we have done. Have mercy and forgive us for any complacency and apathy we had as our friends, family and neighbors fell deeper and deeper into sin and we did not fight for them. Forgive us for our part as we gave ourselves over in various ways. Hear us now, Father, as we cry out to You. Do not turn away in anger but in Your mercy for Your Name’s sake let Your redeeming power save us from complete destruction. As we suffer and cry out to You, help us to desire Holiness, purity and goodness, cling to what is good and reject what is evil. Fill us with the zeal to cleanse our dwelling places as Jesus cleansed the temple of every unclean thing. Let us return to You and Heal our land, we pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

August 17, 2019

Oh Father,
There are no words for the vile nature of this situation. We cry out to you. Please bring this situation into the full light and help people to stand together to combat this. Help parents to see the harm in this and to realize that even if they aren’t personally dealing with it now it puts all parents and families at risk. Please help churches to join together in prayer against this injustice. Wake us up to the danger we are in as a society. This issue alone could destroy the very fabric of our nation. The nation is built on families. And Lord, you instituted the family and it is under attack. Please show us what to do. Please encourage and strengthen the families to keep fighting for their children. Have mercy!

Emma Van Iwaarden
August 16, 2019

God in heaven, have mercy on the children of America who are being led astray by NEA, Planned Parenthood and psychologists. These organizations have no solid moral underpinnings and are lead by the spirit of Jezebel. God in Heaven help those parents and grandparents of at risk children to join the battle for truth. I pray for parents to become wise and not naive over what is happening in their children’s schools.

August 15, 2019

Jesus please open the eyes of the blind. Let these kids realize that they are who they were created to be in Jesus & know they will not win the battle against God & His plan. Let them see that it is Jesus that they need & His transformation to the Gospel. Holy Spirit please draw them to Your Word which never changes & let them find healing for their brokenness. Please help the parents to know how to love their children without compromising the Truth & never give up in Jesus Name.

August 15, 2019

Transgender is a spirit, not a mental state, so if you befriend a transgender you may well inherit that spirit.
It is caused by the Harlot Church [pray against the present church system], That is the church that doesn’t follow the Spirit, but instead loves knowledge & their soul, the church ran by Master Pastors instead of everyone has a song, a word, a teaching, a hymn, a prophecy: Revelation 17: 4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. 5 The name written on her forehead was a mystery: babylon the great
the mother of prostitutes
and of the abominations of the earth.
6 I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.

Joan Bartruff
August 15, 2019

Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name, I rebuke the demonic powers that have made inroads into our society at all levels. Deliver our children from evil. Amen

M. J. McFalls
August 15, 2019

Dear Lord, step into this horrible situation with your almighty power and might. Our own parents never dreamed this could be, and we can barely imagine the nightmare we are in. Rescue this young girl and so many other children in the same situation across our nation Block by the power of your spirit the satanic plot to separate children from their parents that causes a permanent fissure Open the eyes of the school district employees and authorities to see Satan behind it all. Restore the rightful authority of the parents Amen.

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