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Lord God, thank You for answered prayer, for revealing truth about the 2020 election. We pray that the illegal ballot trafficking would be prosecuted and convictions would result--of the traffickers and the organizations who paid them.
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The movie 2000 Mules depicts illegal ballot trafficking in the 2020 election in parts of 5 states. Frequent IFA guest Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote analyzed millions of minutes of video and cell phone data to track “mules” illegally stuffing ballot boxes. This is the proof you may have given up on finding out. The scale of these individual crimes is staggering. Stream the movie Saturday. Find out more at 2000Mules.com

From American Thinker. Last year, Mollie Hemingway wrote a book about the 2020 election.  Its title was Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.  It is a comprehensive story of the numerous ways the left orchestrated the Biden win.

A few weeks ago, David Bossie released his film, also titled Rigged.  It exposed the scheme perpetrated by Mark Zuckerberg: “Zuckerbucks” in the amount of $400M to fraudulently ensure a Biden victory.

This week brings the release of Dinesh D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules.  This film exposes and explains how paid “mules” in numerous states stuffed those drop boxes that Zuckerberg paid for with many thousands of ballots faked or harvested.  Using geo-tracking of cell phones, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote and Gregg Harris uncovered two thousand people who were paid via a variety of leftist non-profits to stuff those drop boxes, over and over again.

The film is a shocking exposé and reveals yet another complex and devious way certain leftist non-profits cheated to win.  There can no longer be any question that Trump handily won the 2020 election and that the most criminal methods in American history were employed to steal his victory from the American people. . .

The elephant in the room is this: why has no DOJ investigation been mounted, given the overwhelming volumes of evidence of election fraud?  Why have the courts dismissed each case without even looking at the evidence?  The only answer is that the DOJ, every other federal law enforcement agency and the corporate media are corrupt.  They are all agents of the Democrat party.  As Dennis Prager often comments, truth is not a left-wing value. . . .

There are volumes of evidence, proof, actually, that the 2020 election was grossly fraudulent.  Who among our numerous law enforcement agencies will go to bat for the American people?  Someone has got to go to prison.  Every American needs to see 2000 Mules.

Find out more about what’s going on in Georgia with the evidence uncovered there. Read more at Uncover DC.

Have you seen the movie? Share about it in the comments.

(From American Thinker. Photo credit: Getty Images.)

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Romance Garcia
May 12, 2022

Father, let there be an understanding between our leaders and the people of this nation. Remove anything that may cause misunderstanding between our leaders and threaten the peace of this country. Let our leaders seek your day and night so that they can manage to lead this country the right way. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Cindy Benson
May 12, 2022

Everyone in America NEEDS to see this movie. If you haven’t already, you need to begin to pray for the upcoming elections so that God will hear our prayers and intervene on our behalf. Voter fraud is real and we need prayer warriors to pray so that we can save America and return to our Christian values and principles that it was founded on.

Marta Gallegos
May 8, 2022

Biden is destroying our Nation faster than proof of fraud election is happening May FATHER GOD protect all of us that want JUSTICE JESUS IS LORD AND IN CONTROL AMEN 🙏

Ronald D. Johnson
May 8, 2022

When will movie 2000 Mules be shown ?

May 5, 2022

Yours truly has not yet viewed 2000 Mules but she was convinced long before voting time that there was monkey business happening with the 2020 Presidential election. Dear Lord, I pray that you will raise up many who have not yet committed their lives to you and that you would raise up many to turn back the tide of evil not limited to but including the 2020 election. I pray that those who participated in perpetuating this fraud will be brought to justice, in Jesus mighty and precious name, amen.

Joyce Bell
May 5, 2022

I am American citizen conservative republican, I would bet my life on the fact that president Donald Trump did win the election .some one NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

James Greer
May 5, 2022

I promise you we the Prophet’s/Prophet carrier’s have been told by our Abba, Father, Pappa,Daddy ALL ALL ALL will been revealed. We have prayed since 2015 for the removable and replacement of ALL who is in authority down to local positions. Sept 2012 the Kingdom age began. Justice ⚖ WORLDWIDE has to be revealed for the Kingdom Age to mature and Grow. Many will be Shot for TREASON WORLDWIDE. EVERYTHING WE SEE NOW IS ALL IN THE WORD. We have prayed for all of them for salvation and the window is almost closed for them. Its all in Exidous we are at moment where Pharaoh army (deep state) is in the Red Sea ready for God to release the water on them.. God told us many things soon to be exposed but not all things because WE wouldn’t even believe it. Famous churches, leaders are also involved with the deep state. Exposure will go back 2,000 yrs. Christianity will soon cover the Earth..1 Billion Souls Revival. All examples are given in the word just like NOW AND the example NOW will be given also a 150-200 yrs for the REAL END TIME RAPTURE..Go study and u will see every generation believe just like we do today..I never thought in my 40 yrs I would ever make a statement like this..Satan has used this to deceive the church and become lazy..no more. I promise we all will soon see this like it or not..THE KINGDOM AGE HAS STARTED..God bless you all my brothers and sisters. A few more things must happen but the #1 thing is FEAR NOT!!!.. its the opposite of faith (love) we get free energy, their wealth, cancer no more and more.

Pat Bates
May 5, 2022

Yes, I saw 2,000 mules at a movie theater near Atlanta on Monday, May 2. The evidence is irrefutable. There can be no doubt if a juror saw this evidence that he would have to say guilty as charged. The data proves that the presidential 2020 was stolen by well planned and wealthy thieves. The two senate races in GA were also stolen which means Biden as well as Warnock and Ossoff are sitting in the seats of government illegally. Almost none of the bills passed in Congress passed legally then. Nothing Biden did- mandates, Stopping keystone pipeline, allowing 3 billion illegals in USA etc is legal. Help us God bring to light all those who are involved in these crimes or are refusing to bring the truth to the light to the American people. Mark 4:22

Betty Lough
May 5, 2022

God Bless your efforts to make us aware of election fraud in its worst form! I pray that they have a monumental affect on our America! Thank you!

May 5, 2022

I want to recognize and congratulate these people personally for the effort it took to put this film together.

The truth has been coming out since the end of the election and it will continue to be uncovered. But, as you said, who will do something about it. Taxation without representation is a serious breach.

Sharion Hayes
May 5, 2022

I heard Mr. Biden say we pulled off the biggest scam ever. He was jumping around but was it pulled off? Only if we let Mr. Biden stay in office and not in a prison cell? I was shocked that Colorado ripped off 29,000 my county’s Trump Votes so they could be BLUE? Or not carry Trump? And who voted for that communist governor of Colorado? No one in my county. We send people to other nations to supervise of their elections and here we are worse than them?

Ernest Cooper
May 5, 2022

Barbara hits it on the nail head. With out the proper law enforcement (ones who OBEY the precepts of the LAW) we will never see anything done about this.

Barbara Janicki
May 5, 2022

I have always thought that truth would be enough – enough to right wrongs and set us free from serving false narratives, like lockdowns work (not only didn’t stop the virus but inflicted tremendous harm on all age groups and society, way more than the virus did or could do) or the vaccine will stop the spread or the election was the freest and fairest in history. I have believed the election was stolen from the very beginning, as proof continues to be uncovered (which means it first had to be “covered up” by the media, making it necessary to uncover it) it amazes me that people are not outraged and want something done about this stolen election. Outrage is so fashionable right now, but of course only “approved” things merit our outrage at present such as criminals being put in jail and actually prosecuted for their crimes or someone using the wrong pronouns or someone not being allowed to use the restroom of their gender choice – these merit our outrage. It is truly concerning that the DOJ and other agencies will not do their jobs based on these uncovered truths. Our nation is being destroyed right before our eyes by the policies of those in power. I thought the truth would set us free, but they are refusing to act on the truth revealed. We are becoming China, evil is emboldened to operate in the open without fear of reprisal. What hope is there for the mid-term elections if cheating is allowed because everyone looks the other way? Prayers for people to receive truth when it is revealed – and that it would lead to action. Prayers for those bold enough to come against these illegal wrong acts during the 2020 election, and to prosecute those involved. We need God’s intervention as never before. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

May 5, 2022

I have not seen this movie, but I am firmly convinced that Biden was placed in the Presidency, rather than being elected in an honest fashion. The people behind this- Zuckerberg and the rest of the Globalist Elite- are the REAL cuplrits, not the unscrupulous 2000 Mules. Yes, they played a part in this fiasco, but the billions of dollars that were poured into this scam is the real issue at hand. The people who bought this election NEED to be prosecuted. Our nation’s future is on the line here. If we cannot have honest, fair elections in this country, we are doomed, and the Globalists will get their way. Dear Lord, please, by Your mercy and grace, please make a way for our nation to return to honesty and integrity in all that is done, especially our elections.

Lori Callahan
May 5, 2022

I am praising God for the men and women He has armored up “for such a time as this”. They have not given up on finding the truth and have been working all this time on our behalf and that of our County. They are true warriors, with the hearts of David. God will reveal all things and this movie is one way He will do it.

Judy Thomas
May 5, 2022

My husband and I saw the film last night. So well done and left NO doubt that the 2020 election was stolen.
Wish that every voter would see it. Was amazing at how much evidence was presented.


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