I Prayed have prayed
Father, help our hearts and minds to be stayed on You. We trust You and know You are in complete control. Thank You for fighting for us and for our nation.

We know that this is a long video but we thought that it was really valuable. We have excerpted some bulleted notes for you below.


  • The Democrats nominated an odd individual. They chose him. They pushed the other candidates out. Rallies were invitation only.
  • Trump had massive rallies.
  • Elections in America are close because we are a divided country.
  • You Can’t win 49 states anymore. You can win 30 or 35.
  • For the first time in my lifetime, we had a media that disappeared on us. They refused to cover the story. The biggest story of the election was documents proof from the candidates on the kid, that I was the bag man for dad. It was not covered. Refusal to cover it and then digital media censored it who referred to it.
  • This is not a two-party plate.
  • On the one side you conservatives. On the other said you have democrats, the elites of the culture, media, Hollywood, Broadway. This is a threat to our democracy.
  • When the founders talked about freedom of the press they assumed the press operated outside the government. They are applying a critical lens to the government. We need the people to educate what is true and false.
  • There is no existing media like that in America today.
  • Conservative media is considered rebel media, it’s small and doesn’t have the same kind of reach.
  • 150m Americans who get NPR and CBS and NBC will never even know this exists.
  • Ultimately a democracy is about freely exchanging information
  • Every single tweet put out by Trump now carries a warning label. They’ve gotten even more emboldened. So they block the NY Post story.
  • Everyone who has a large following like me has a Damocles sword hanging over our heads.
  • What do we do when the other side has the big megaphones of our culture?
  • It’s not about Trump, it’s about every election.
  • This phenomenon will continue
  • We still don’t have the culture.
  • Election Day Trump was up 600K votes
  • Data mining operation to figure out what your target is late at night. Magically Biden produces the exact needed number of votes. He got just enough.
  • And in some areas, a 138K for Biden and Trump 0. I’m not a statistician. This would be like one guy won the lotto 7 times in a row.
  • Let’s step back and outline the scheme.
  • Can the Trump Team show that something is terribly wrong from any rational person? Something systematic?
  • Covid made this feasible
  • We can make an end-run around the voting.
  • Let’s just mail out tens of millions of ballots.  In Democrat districts, they can’t count the votes in one day. Could it be common core that they can’t count there?
    You create a system where you blockade how these mail in ballots are counted. Block the verification. Other theories by Sidney Powell argue that there are computer programs that allocate and redistribute votes. If there is systematic evidence of cheating, all hell is going to break loose on both sides.
  • They know we will play by the rules. We will not do to them what they are doing to us. Their strategy has always worked in the past. This is why they are discombobulated by Trump,
    This strategy has worked and would have worked with any other candidate than Trump. The only person who these tactics haven’t worked on is Trump.
  • We the left, can knock down your statues. We know you would never knock down ours.
  • Even if you controlled the deep state. You would never lock up Jack Tapper or Jim Acosta. You wouldn’t do it.
  • Their assumption is they can get away with it.
  • Biden is sitting in a canoe not manning the oars. Other people marketing him. When Biden was on the stage debating, someone else was manning his Twitter. This is a manufactured Biden being produced and marketed by other people. I think this was the understanding from the outset.
  • The socialism we are dealing with now is unique in 2-3 respects.
  • People on the left: Don’t try to saddle us with socialism. We are not into the old authoritarian socialism of Mao, Lenin and Castro.
  • We want democratic socialism. Socialism ratified by popular consent.
  • In fact it’s a democracy that gives moral authority to the idea of socialism.
  • First of all, I grew up under democratic socialism. India is a democracy. It’s been one since 1947. There’s nothing NEW about democratic socialism.
  • The second point to realize is that taking a vote and getting majority consent in no way alters the moral content of any transaction.
  • Do I want to be robbed by one guy or a gang?
  • We don’t want the socialism of Cuba or Venezuela. We want Scandinavia. I call this Sven Socialism because every third guy is named Sven
    It’s odd but the left says it’s not a horrible place to live. Copenhagen, Oslo is not the worst.
  • What’s wrong with this Scandinavia socialism?
  • They are capitalist in wealth creation but logistics in wealth distribution.
  • Corporate tax rate of 20%
    No min age
    No wealth tax
    No inheritance tax
  • They do not kill the goose that kills that lays the golden eggs. We need a big pie for sharing.
  • When the Scandinavians have a big welfare state.
    Nothing like soak the rich.
    They stick it to the poor. Take your check, cut it in half and give it to us.
  • This is not the socialism the left
  • Let’s rob Peter to pay Paul.
  • They don’t knock down statues in Scandinavia
    You don’t see the attempt to divide society that you see on the American Left
    Socialism is inherently about division.
    It is about taking society and driving a wedge right down the middle. Setting two groups against each other.
    And then picking your group to defeat the other.
    This is Marx
  • Powerful people never give up their stuff without a fight. It has to be taken from them
  • So let’s divide society like this. The evil capitalists. And the workers who are the majority.
    So it’s the rich and the poor.
  • Interestingly in America now, if you notice, their real divide (there is a class divide) but there is also a race divide.
    And a gender divide. And a transgender divide and a divide over immigration.
  • For Marx, you divide society one way, rich against poor.
    For the left, you divide society in many different ways.
    Rich against poor, Black against white, male against female, straight against gay legal against illegal.
    And what’s the point of it? The point of it is to create so much division in society, that through of it all, you can get a majority coalition of oppressed victim groups.
    That’s how you get the democratic majority.
    And once you have it. You turn around and loot the other 49%
  • Socialism is a theft operation.
  • Figuring out how you can get to a majority that will authorize you to confiscate.
  • It’s very important to drill down to the moral core of this because there are some Christian progressives. They think it’s authorized by the Bible.
    This kind of socialism is an assault on the conscience. The annihilation of conscience. Socialism tells you how to be a thief and feel good about it. You are not stealing from the other guy you are merely retrieving your own stuff.
    What happens when evil masquerades as good?
  • Socialism is not just about confiscation
  • Many of them care more about abortion than minimum wage
  • To their economic socialism. Cultural Marxism
    It is not about money
    It is about conformity
    Forcing a regime of conformity across society.
    Let’s control education.
    Then lets control entertainment
  • The left has been fighting the culture war without resistance for years
  • Who are the villains
  • The bad guy is never an Islamic terrorist.
  • They never make movies about the world we live in
  • There is an attack on the church.
  • They are working on the reshaping of the American mind
  • They want sports now, the NFL, NBA
  • We want the Christian baker-they are trying to terrorize everyone
  • Don’t you even dare, because we can destroy your life
  • Digital censorship.
  • It literally is Twitter, a 24-year-old in a man bun
  • I posted a quote of Biden “Antifa is only an idea”
    The warning was “Lacking context”
    There’s no one to call. The guy in the man bun is in a dark room
    You are living in a twilight zone, kooks are deciding what goes out on the digital platform.
  • But It’s a private company
  • But the airwaves belong to the public
  • They came to us on the basis of a big lie
  • We want legal protection. We are like the phone company
  • We have this platform. To connect people.
  • Congress gave them legal platforms.
  • They turned on us
  • Imagine if the phone company pulled this.
  • We are going to be listening to your phone calls. Regulating what you say, we are listening for hate speech. (How we determine that)
  • Only two phone calls for you a week
  • This is what these digital platforms are doing.
  • We’ve been very negligent for letting this get away from us
  • There are reasons for being optimistic. We are creative people
  • Truth is a very powerful weapon.
  • Armed with the weapon of truth, with wisdom, be ye wise as a serpent because we are among them.

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Lawrence Unger
December 12, 2020

I thought I tended to agree/like DD’s long messages. I’m coming to conclude that he is telling me what the enemy has and is doing and how hopeless our situation but offers no definitive solution. He mentions the power of truth and our creativeness. I do not want to read these messages.

Lord, i pray that Your faithful will remain in Your Word, with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! Lord, two scriptures stand out to me at this very moment: John 14:26, the Comforter will teach you into all things and James 1:5-6, if you need wisdom ask God He will give it liberally, and don’t waver in thinking on asking …

Lord, teach us precisely what we your faithful need to know, provide us Your perfect wisdom in these days ahead in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Janet F.
December 12, 2020

I love Mr. D’Souzas work and seek out his videos. I find his voice to be thoughtful, well-prepared and cogent.

In addition to the above bullets capturing D’Souza’s main points, D’Souza acknowledges systemic voter fraud, then places confidence in future elections to remedy current election outcomes. If election fraud, along with pre-election riots and bullying, is effective, those strategies will permanently replace election integrity.

His comments about intentionally creating an infrastructure to support a Christian minority subculture echo Rod Dreher’s thoughts in The Benedict Option. When he mentioned creating academically superior, uncompromising Christian colleges, my thought is that Christians needn’t start from scratch. Rather, they could support carefully screened existing Christian colleges to become what is needed and wanted.

We all need to stop giving our money to corporations and other entities that hate us and God, even if it is inconvenient, and pray as though we are on the precipice — because we are.

December 12, 2020

I will disagree with only one thing. With vested authority, I would gladly lock up Acosta, Tapper or others who have willingly gone before America and spewed lies with no facts. My guess is it probably goes much deeper than that – beyond lying. These people are very good at hiding the payoff $$$ they receive just like certain politicians in DC hide the payoff $$ they receive. Those same politicians make laws to protect themselves should they get caught. That is why the “ethics committee” that the DC click has going is nothing but window dressing.
I would love to see Americans have an independent committee for ethical dealings that would be made up of common people reviewing these politicians with the power behind it to remove, jail or permanently disbar them from ever holding office again. That would be powerful & long overdue.

    December 13, 2020


Anne Nohl
December 12, 2020

Well written article which clearly outlines the evils and reality of the attempted socialist takeover of the United States. However my one concern about this article is the author mentions no solution to this attempted destruction of America.

Prayer is a powerful tool we are using to push back this evil and with prayer our Lord will show us how to be wise and preserve this God blessed Republic. Our charge starts with prayer/fasting and will continue with the wises of plans. Fear not; The Battle belongs to the Lord and His soldiers are growing in number daily.


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