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Lord, heal our land. Thank you for protecting our nation.
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Think this is the worst year to be alive? How about the year 536?

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August 25, 2020

I was alive in 1941 just before the May Blitz when bombs were dropping all around. My father was killed. Another family member was captured by the Germans and placed in a concentration camp.
My uncle fought the Japanese in Burma where he served as a medic. He suffered terribly.

At home, always, there were long lines for food, and much of our clothing was made at home either sewn on the sewing machine or knitted–everything from socks to sweaters to hats and gloves. Nothing was ever wasted. Every piece of fabric was re-purposed. Money, no matter how much, could not buy anything without coupons . . .

And the people prayed, night after nights as bombs filled with gas were dropped on the towns and cities, the people prayed.

Praying to GOD was the ONLY way to get through all those desperate years.
I can recommend it!

    August 25, 2020

    Would we know how to pray if the same happened to us now?

      August 26, 2020

      Dear Cathy,

      Today, would be a good time for us to learn; and a good time for churches to return to the practice of a Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, where we can learn to pray in accordance with GOD’s many precious promises.

      It would also be a good time for somebody to publish a Little Book of Biblical Prayers for the children of this world, so that they could become acquainted with our wonderful LORD JESUS who loves them so much.

Dottie Drake
August 25, 2020

We stand in faith believing :that the Blood of Jesus is covering every single city, town , village and home in the USA. We expect and receive total and complete blessings all over this nation ; that is truly One Nation Under One GOD! We declare and decree that ALL evil plans and schemes of the evil ones all across this nation will be destroyed, defeated and dethroned by the Blood of Jesus. We declare and decree that Jesus Christ sits on the throne of USA. Amen

Laura K
August 25, 2020

Be encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ.
This is an exciting time to live in and be a part of.
This is a time to let out lights shine before men.
This is a time to assess how we will respond to the things that are before us.
Are we ready for the fight?
Are we ready to give our all for Jesus as He gave His all for us?
The enemy is at the door as he has been throughout history.

Lord I pray for courage for we, Your children, that we would put on the armor you have given us. I pray for boldness to stand in the face of everything that is happening and that lies before us and to stand for Jesus and to stand for Your Word in the face of opposition.

Lord I declare my allegiance to you and ask for the courage to make my stand when even more difficult times approach.

Loretta Paradise
August 25, 2020

Wow! No new thing under the sun. Lord, build our hearts, minds and spirits where You want them to be. Help us to recognize our place in all of this history, even up to when we went to bed last night. Let us not take this life for granted. Show us what to do. Father, through all of what is going on; show us HOPE. Show us how to give Your HOPE to others. Don’t let us fall but hold us up to be Your hands and feet. Help us to be wise with Your wisdom. Show us how to save our families and our nation. This is a request from not just here in the States but around the world, for this prayer is prayed in every country by your people. Do not let us forget who we are in You. You are a lover and a fighter. Help us to balance the two for both are needed. Thank you for never leaving us. Help us not to give up or give in. In the Precious Name of Jesus.


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