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Lord, prepare our hearts for this holiday. Bless this time we spend with our loved ones, and for those who cannot, we ask that You would comfort them and that they would feel Your tangible presence.
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Listen to the videos below and play them in the background as you eat your Thanksgiving dinner, while you cook, or as you clean up around your house! Choose one of these videos to play as you prepare for this Thanksgiving holiday, and be blessed!



(Photo from Unsplash.)

Which was your favorite of these songs? Let us know in the comments!

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Dee Falzarano
November 25, 2022

Thank you!!! A beautiful gift! Played them all day.
God bless you.

    Jessica Renshaw
    November 25, 2022

    Playing them today (25th)! Bless you for thinking to do this for us all! So relaxing and such a blessing!

Sheila Steck
November 24, 2022

Loving it all!!!! Thank you so very much for making this available! God bless you all and know we are thankful for IFA. What a God-send you all are!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Brian lynch
November 24, 2022

My favorite song in this medley- Give Thanks. What a beautiful blessing for this season!

Brian lynch
November 24, 2022

Once again, Father God, I want to thank You for ALL of Your blessings. You are so good to me, and to all my loved ones. I thank You that You will continue to pour out Your blessings on all of Your children. In Jesus’ holy, mighty name.

Iris Stripling
November 25, 2021

The first and last videos of Thanksgiving music were unavailable. Can they be re-programmed or whatever needs to be done to make them available?

Donna Kotecki
November 27, 2020

Love them all! What a great gift to us! Thank you!

Nadine Cowey
November 26, 2020

“Hymns of Thanksgiving and Worship” was my favorite. It was soothing. Favorite song on the album is hard to say a number of them were in the favorites category: “We Gather Together”.

November 26, 2020

Thank you so much for providing this awesome music! So thoughtful!

Luz Hunton
November 26, 2020

Thank you so much for putting these videos together. I loved the second one, Relaxing Hymns…..
God bless you!
Looking forward to the Christmas ones.

Sheila Brock
November 26, 2020

Thank you for the gift of beautiful music today. I enjoyed the Hymns On Piano & the Jazz.
It has been my honor to join the IFA in prayer this year. I found your site the end of June this year and have joined in several fasts and many, many prayers.
I can’t imagine
going through this roller coaster year without such special prayer warriors and encouraging Barnabus’s among you.
Thank you for being iron that sharpens iron.
God Bless all of you !

November 26, 2020

We really enjoyed the Vintage Thanksgiving music it brought back so many wonderful memories!😊👍

Daniel Jacobs
November 26, 2020

I played the hymns of Thanksgiving while we ate our thankful meal. A great blessing to remind us where all our blessings come from.

Nadine Lutrick
November 26, 2020

Thank you for the wonderful, joyful music! Especially love the vintage!!! Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!!!! There truly is so much to be thankful for!!!

November 26, 2020

Thank you for this. I loved the vintage music. I’m thankful for IFA and all intercessors around the globe that haven’t given up on praying. May the Holy Spirit continue to give you supernatural strength. God bless you all!

Judy Berneske
November 26, 2020

What a treat! Just what was needed for this beautiful Thanksgiving Day. My favorite (so far) is the hymns of thanksgiving and worship. I love the piano music. Many thanks for this Thanksgiving gift!

    Mary Davenport
    November 28, 2020

    Thank You! Thank You!
    This was a gift this morning as we gathered, cooking eating, and all giving thanks! It is good to sing praises to the Lord!!

November 26, 2020

Vintage was the best! Thankful to Jesus, for all that He did at the Cross! Happy Thanksgiving
everyone! And thank you IFA for all that you do!

Antonia Silva
November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving IFA family. I love the vintage music!!! I am thankful that no matter what, God still reigns and He is so ever watchful over all of us! He loves us with an everlasting love!

November 26, 2020

Thank you for this wonderful, nostalgic and cheerful music. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

November 26, 2020

I’ll be home for the Holidays Bing Crosby. Last mile home. Good also.

Enjoy Sentimental Journey. The Medley Song is great! Liked the very first song – Do not know the title.

Thanks so much for this. Pictures are Fabulous!!

Jensina S Printz
November 26, 2020

Good Morning IFA and Happy Thanksgiving from the Printz Family here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!

Momma Printz here baking our turkey, before my 6 little ones awake, and came across this article with music links. I have forwarded the classic one to about 20 people already and will be listening to all during our family meal, as suggested. This is going to be the BEST Thanksgiving ever! Thank you so much for posting this music-this is encouraging me so much this morning! I also just listened to Dr. DAVID Turley on YouTube and I am convinced “The Best is Yet to Come!” I highly recommend listening to all when you get a moment. GOD IS SO GOOD!


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