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Father, we ask You to impart wisdom on this issue. We ask that citizens voices will be heard and will prevail.

Democrats continue to press in liberal states to authorize non-citizens to vote, with two Vermont cities becoming the latest flashpoint in a legal and political battle that will define who may legally cast ballots…

The cities of Montpelier and Winooski, both with populations under 8,000, have approved allowing non-citizens to cast ballots in municipal elections for mayor, city council and school board after Vermont’s Legislature this summer overrode GOP governor Phil Scott’s veto of a bill allowing non-citizen voting in those communities…

“The Vermont Constitution requires U.S. citizenship as a qualification of voting,” the Republican National Committee, the state GOP and several citizens argued in lawsuits filed last month challenging both communities’ plans.

Congress voted in 1996 to prohibit non-citizens from voting in federal elections, but state constitutions vary on the issue, opening the door for some communities with diverse populations to push the envelope…

But its move, coupled with other states dabbling with similar ideas, has Republican leaders in some states seeking to change their constitutions to forever ban noncitizen voting to keep future Democrat-controlled legislatures from lowering the threshold just by passing a law…

“Non-citizens are slowly gaining voting rights,” the Pew Charitable Trusts declared in a recent report on the trend…

Now Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles are also moving forward with plans to allow foreign citizens to vote in local U.S. elections, Pew added…

On the flip side, voters in Alabama, Florida, Colorado and North Dakota have voted to amend their state constitutions to mandate ballots be cast only by U.S. citizens. Maine attempted a similar amendment movement but failed earlier this year…

“Democrats are trying to dismantle the integrity of our elections,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said recently. “In addition to attacking widely supported safeguards like voter ID, Democrats also want foreign citizens to vote in American elections….Unlike radical Democrats, we believe that our elections should be decided solely by American citizens.”

Do you think state constitutions should be rewritten to allow non-citizens to vote? Share in the comments below.

(Excerpt from Just the News. Article by John Solomon. Photo Credit: Getty Images).

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Lydia B. Miller
October 14, 2021

May the righteous rise up and fight for election integrity!
God may you spirit rise up in this land to convict evil doers of their selfish desires, pour out your spirit on all flesh in Vermont.
Bring conviction and birth humility in the hearts of people.
Open the eyes of the blind!
Call the remnant in Vermont and all states to rise up and fight for what is right in the eyes of God!


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