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Lord, strengthen Your servants facing persecution overseas. May their sufferings produce a blessed and abundant harvest.
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Nicaragua is targeting several pastors and missionaries as reported on IFA’s Pray With America’s Leaders webcast. They now face a combined $1 billion in fines, as well as 12–15 years in prison each.

From Mountain Gateway. The Nicaraguan courts found 11 Nicaraguan Mountain Gateway pastors guilty on charges of money laundering. The pastors were not allowed to be physically present during the proceedings; they were only allowed to attend over a video livestream. At the time of the sentencing, all 11 pastors received sentences ranging between 12 and 15 years. In addition, the pastors were each fined over 80 million USD. Between the 11 pastors, they were fined almost 1 billion USD.

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Prior to the trial, the judge held the 11 Nicaraguan Mountain Gateway pastors (Walner Omier Blandón Ochoa; Marisela de Fátima Mejía Ruiz; Marcos Sergio Hernández Jirón; Harry Lening Rios Bravo; Manuel de Jesús Ríos Flores; José Luis Orozco Urrutia; Álvaro Daniel Escobar Caldera; Juan Carlos Chavarría Zapata; Juan Luis Moncada; Orvin Alexis Moncada Castellano; César Facundo Burgalin Miranda) without access to their families or their attorney.

The pastors have been held since December 2023, when the Nicaraguan National Police arrested the 11 pastors, canceled Mountain Gateway’s (operating in Nicaragua as Puerta de la Montaña) registration to operate, and seized all of the ministry’s assets in the country. The Nicaraguan Attorney General also filed charges against three U.S. citizens, Jon Britton Hancock, Jacob Britton Hancock, and Casandra Mae Hancock, who have been serving as missionaries in Nicaragua since 2013. The three U.S. Citizens were not in Nicaragua at the time of the arrests of the other pastors.

“This is not the outcome we hoped for, and it is heartbreaking to know that people who we consider family are sitting in prison for sharing the Gospel. We trust that God is in control of this situation and have faith that He will have the final say on this all,” said Jon Britton Hancock, Founder and President of Mountain Gateway.

Mountain Gateway has always strived to operate under the laws and policies of Nicaragua while maintaining a respectful relationship with the Nicaraguan government. The charges and convictions of the Nicaraguan pastors are baseless, and the appeal process has begun in the Nicaraguan judicial system. Mountain Gateway will do everything in its power to resolve this through all available legal and diplomatic channels in the U.S., Nicaragua, and internationally.

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(Press Release from Mountain Gateway. Photo Credit: seechung/Getty Images)

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Christopher Persaud
April 13, 2024

Society on the whole continues to degenerate and travel along a path of self-destruction. At the head of humankind’s wickedness is the devil. More and more, ungodly people seek to chastise and destroy Christians and your chosen people, the Jews.

Deliver us from your enemies and let people everywhere know that you are God, and you will direct the eventual course of history.

In Jesus name I pray,

April 12, 2024

Lord, You have presented yourself as the advocate, our defender and protection, our hope and that we are to pray to set the captives free. Amen so be it.

Ann Shaw
April 12, 2024

Sorry, we ask that God protect his children.

Ann Shaw
April 12, 2024

God knows the truth weak God to protect his children.
In Jesus’s name Amen

April 11, 2024

Father in Heaven, I pray for the convicted Nicaraguan pastors. Please change the hearts of the Nicaraguan jailers and authorities as you did when Paul and Silas were imprisoned . I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

April 11, 2024

Father we ask that you release these pastors from prison as you did for Peter (Acts 12 13-25) and for Silas and Paul (Acts 16 25-34). I know you are able and I know that you will bless those who are spreading your word and the gospel to the ends of the earth. I pray they will use what time the are locked up to minister to the other prisoners and guards and that there will be a mighty move of souls saved for your Glory. In Jesus Mighty Name we pray.

April 11, 2024

Father, in the name of Jesus I ask for Your Divine Justice that prevails and set them free of ALL charges and they recovered everything taken from them.

April 11, 2024

Oh lord ,we stand in Jesus mighty name we pray that they will be set free .

April 11, 2024

For as surely as the earth brings forth its shoots,
and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth,
so surely the Lord God will cause rightness and justice and praise
to spring forth before all the nations
[through the self-fulfilling power of His Word].
Isaiah 61:11 Amplified Bible.

Maryhelen Rios
April 11, 2024

Save these pastors Lord. Come Holy Spirit. We rebuke the plans of the evil one to hold these missionaries in prison.

April 11, 2024

In Your mercy and power will You vindicate these precious pastors. Cover their families with Your peace and protection from further persecution or harm. Give the leaders of Mountain Gateway wisdom, discernment and brilliant legal and governmental resources to do battle in behalf of these pastors. I ask fir supernatural intervention on their behalf. Release them as You did Peter from prison.
Give these pastors courage and protect them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as they walk through this ordeal. In the Mighty and Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

Joanne DeBord
April 11, 2024

Thy will be done, Lord. Send your angels to comfort and encourage these prisoners. Where man is limited you are not. Hear our prayers, dear Lord, and be glorified.

Allena Jordan
April 11, 2024

Lord, just as You did in Paul’s days in prison, give these pastors joy and songs to sing. Then, shake the prison doors and open them wide. Let fear fall upon all government officials because of Your actions to release these prisoners. Change the hearts of those bent on evil practices against the righteous ones. Thank You. Amen.

Lisa Foti
April 11, 2024

Abba, we stand in faith with those praying across the globe, that You sent Jesus to set captives free. We pray for the freedom of these 11 pastors, as well as, the people of Nicaragua! Father, set them free from religious bondage, political corruption, deception, and control. What is impossible with man is possible with God! We declare every weapon formed against these brothers as useless, null, and void! We pray for protection of their minds, bodies, spirits, wills, and emotions, as they go through this trial of their lives. Strengthen their inner man with MIGHT from above. DELIVER THEM FROM EVIL, Father!
We pray for their families and church congregations to press in as never before and to receive unprecedented comfort, strength, and wisdom, from the Holy Spirit. We pray for an increase in power and anointing for the Body of Christ and a revelation of Yeshua, our Good Shepherd of Jew and Gentile! Come, save Your people!


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