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Lord, thank You that this bill was passed. Put an end to this culture's attacks on speech, truth, and even reality.
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Idaho has now created legislation protecting school employees from punishment or disciplinary action for using non-preferred personal pronouns. Praise God! And may other states follow this example!

From The Christian Post. Idaho Gov. Brad Little has signed into law a measure designed to prevent public school employees from losing their jobs for referring to trans-identified students by names and pronouns aligned with their biological sex as opposed to their stated gender identity.

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Little, a Republican, signed House Bill 538 into law Monday. The law seeks to “ensure that no person in the State of Idaho is compelled by any governmental entity in the State of Idaho to communicate statements that such citizen believes to be false.”

The measure passed in the Republican-controlled Idaho House of Representatives in a party-line 58-11 vote and the Republican-controlled Idaho Senate in a 25-9 vote last week.

While all Democrats in both the Idaho House and Senate voted against the bill, two Republican senators broke from their party to join Democrats in opposing it. The legislation, set to take effect on July 1, implements “a prohibition on any governmental entity in the State of Idaho from compelling any public employee or public school student to communicate preferred personal titles and pronouns that do not correspond with the biological sex of the individual seeking to be referred to by such titles or pronouns.”

The bill declares that “a government employee, regardless of the scope of such employee’s official duties, shall not be subject to adverse employment action for declining to” refer to trans-identified individuals by their preferred pronouns and a name that does not correspond to their biological sex.

The bill’s protections extend to employees of public schools and public institutions of higher education. Students at such educational institutions are protected from “adverse disciplinary action” for declining to address people by names and pronouns that do not match their biological sex.

The measure prohibits public school employees from “knowingly and intentionally [addressing] an unemancipated minor student by a name other than the student’s legal name or a derivative thereof, or by a preferred personal title or pronoun that is inconsistent with the student’s sex, without the written permission of the student’s parent or guardian.”

Individuals who do face adverse action for declining to refer to trans-identified people by their preferred name and pronouns despite the new law are given “a private cause of action for injunctive relief” provided that they seek legal recourse within two years of the violation of the measure taking place.

“No one should lose their job or face punishment at school for declining to say something they believe is false,” Matt Sharp, senior counsel with the conservative religious freedom legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, said in a statement Tuesday.

“Forcing individuals to say things that are untrue — such as inaccurate names, pronouns, and titles — imposes real harm on the speaker.”

“In no world is it acceptable for schools to force good teachers out of a job all for the sake of promoting gender ideology to vulnerable children,” he added. “Now and always, there are only two sexes—male and female—and denying this basic truth only hurts kids. With this legislation, Idaho is rightfully stepping into the gap to protect children and freedom of conscience.”

Sen. Mary Shea, a Democrat opponent of the bill, believes the law will make Idaho subject to more litigation.

“This language — it may seem harmless to you. It’s going to be cannon fodder for the litigation that’s already filed against Idaho,” Shea said, according to The Idaho Capitol Sun. “It also could be a new civil rights case the first time an Idaho citizen is denied rights or privileges because of these definitions.”

“And they will be struck down,” she continued. “If you’re treating people unequally, they will be struck down.”

Sen. Dan Foreman, a Republican supporter of the bill, contends the measure is common sense.

“The seminal documents of most major religions profess that the almighty created two sexes, two genders — whatever you want to call it,” he said, according to The Capitol Sun. “This bill supports that conclusion.”

Teachers have faced disciplinary action in other parts of the country for declining to refer to trans-identified students by their preferred names and pronouns. In Kansas, middle school math teacher Pamela Ricard was suspended for referring to a trans-identified female student by her given name and using female pronouns to address her.

A lawsuit challenging Ricard’s suspension identified the teacher as a devout Christian who “holds sincere religious beliefs consistent with the traditional Christian and biblical understanding of the human person and biological sex.”

In Virginia, French teacher Peter Vlaming was fired for declining to address a trans-identified female student with a male name and pronouns due to his religious beliefs about gender and sexuality. In California, students were suspended for “misgendering” a trans-identified teacher.

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(Used with permission. By Ryan Foley from The Christian Post. Photo Credit: vkbhat/Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro)

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April 21, 2024

Thank you, Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus for Senator Foreman, and all who know and proclaim there are only two sexes–male and female, and it is “common sense” to acknowledge
this truth. I rebuke in Jesus’ Name those who refuse, motivated wrongly, to deny “common sense”.


Ann Shaw
April 12, 2024

Hallelujah and praise God

April 11, 2024

Praise GOD!

Carol Sanders
April 11, 2024

Pray for Missouri Senate. They remove Conservative Christians from all committees. It’s run over with snakes laying in the weeds. Father God shine Your light of judgment.

Mayra Valera
April 11, 2024

Praise the Lord Almighty who is seated on the mist high throne and his eyes has the power to destroy evil as His word says I pray He continues revealing and exposing all the evil operating among those who reject His ways in this country so we freely continue spreading the Word here and to all nations The power of His the name of Jesus name in which this nation was built prevail over any other name that fights to be established In Jesus Name I pray
Darkness did not prevail agaist the Light

April 11, 2024

Dear Lord, Thankyou for shining your Light of Truth onto the population of Idaho and for releasing them from the lies and blasphemies of trans”isms”.
Please now guide us into spreading this enlightened word so that ALL Americans ( and indeed ALL the World ) may also be brought back into the true light of Your Words.

Zoe Ella
April 11, 2024

Trans people deserve respect and inclusion (not ostracism) for who they are – trans people , not the boys or girls belied by their bodies. They have a difficult row to hoe, and it does not help them to affirm the lie that they are a sex they are not, even if they strongly feel that way. Someone might strongly feel that they were Marie Antoinette returned, but that is not a reason to ostracize or argue with them or force them to not feel that way. One does not need to agree with them, however. They have a kind of handicap. Transgenderism does not respect them; instead it causes resentment by requiring other people to tell them a lie.

Rev. Vernon York
April 11, 2024

It’s about time! This nation has gone insane. If someone wants to be a dog cat or a goat or anything other than what they were born as they have a right to be stupid. Stupidity is not against the law. However this ridiculous trend to force everyone who is not stupid to go along with these demented individuals is outrageous! Thank God For Idaho!


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