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Lord, continue to empower Kirk Cameron as he tells his story to children and points them to truth. Open more doors, especially where they’ve been shut to him by those who prefer to promote anti-Christ agendas. Woo these confused ones into your kingdom and sanctify them.
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Kirk Cameron updated Victory News on his tour of public libraries with his book As You Grow. He was initially turned down by more than 50 libraries which hold Drag Queen Story Hours. Cameron said many of the libraries told him, “Our people don’t align with your values.” The reality is that whenever he is allowed to share the libraries are overwhelmed with thousands, as was the case at his reading in Scarsdale, NY, last December, as we reported.

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Cameron’s next stop is Seattle’s Central Library. Pray the Lord draws those He desires to inspire.

Cameron’s newest book, Pride Comes Before the Fall, will be released on June 1, just in time for Pride Month.

In the comments, post your prayers for Kirk Cameron and the children he’s reaching, whose souls are on the line.

(Footage from Victory News and IFA Contributing Writer Rich Swingle. Photo Credit: Rich Swingle)

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May 31, 2023

We applaud kirk we are a free country and he has no malice for us!

May 31, 2023

Dear Lord please forgive our nation. We need to turn from our sins and repent. Father, please save our land and protect these innocent children from this evil. Lord, I pray that heavy burning coals are placed on the heads of the individuals that are trying to push God out of this country and prey on our children. Open the eyes of America to see what is really happening in the spirit world. I pray the Holy Spirit will cover these children and protect them from hearing and seeing what this ugly spirit is bringing forth. This is spiritual warfare at the highest. Please protect Kirk Cameron and give him favor to continue to share the truth. This country was founded on the word of God. Raise up more Christians to have the courage and strength to speak the truth against this wicked spirit that is against the word of God. Lord, we plead the blood that you shed on Calvery to cleanse our land in Jesus mighty name Amen!

Penny Marrone
May 28, 2023

Thank u Father for this patriot for our country and for christ. We ask protection around him the blood of Jesus . We ask for favor favor favor for him to go thru the right doors to bring his message of truth. Our children need to know truth and our history. We ask that the education system teach truth. We bind CRT and call for all children to be taught reading writing arithmetic science and history. Like we were taught years ago. We ask that you go ahead of Kirk and make a way for him in Jesus namr

Ann Shaw
May 28, 2023

Almighty Father, help all of us to be bold in our faith. We must be bold about stating that we trust in your purpose and plan for righteous living. In Jesus’s name Amen

Curtis Guhl
May 28, 2023


Victoria Z
May 27, 2023

Father, we pray for Kirk and Candace Cameron, and thank you for their celebrity influence and strength in you to stand true to their convictions in Hollywood and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as overcomers, Continue to open doors for them and empower them with your wisdom, love, humility, and gifts of your Holy Spirit to stay true to you and your gospel. Father we ask that you open doors for Kirk to read his book in Canada as well, and raise up others in other nations to do similar. Father we need to reach youth at an early age, and families, and celebrities, our enemy has been working overtime providing entertainment that glorifies and promotes greed, selfishness, immorality, LBGTQ+ agendas, magic, which craft, and even Satanism in all levels of media and schools, and has plans for LGBTQ+ carnivals. We need to make sure we are countering enemy efforts and bringing your message of light, love, and respect and desire for humility, purity and holiness. Thank you for Kirk’s courage and holy audacity, may we all catch your holy fire to spread your word in truth and love, making a positive difference for your kingdom bringing light into the darkness. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers.

Janet Goodwin
May 27, 2023

I pray you’ll have bold courage..

May 27, 2023

You are awesome, doing the Lord’s work. During Adoration and Rosary at
Church, we pray to the Lord and Mary to protect the innocence of our
Your children. Keep up the good work. The Lord will triumph.

Marsha Bashor
May 27, 2023

Dear Lord please give Kirk Cameron open doors to all school
libraries to be able to reach many children with your truth, give him your guidance and strength. Bless his efforts for the kingdom, and bless the children of our nation, bring them to you. Thank you Lord🙏🙏

Christine Stott
May 27, 2023

Lord, continue to empower Kirk Cameron as he tells his story to children and points them to truth. Open more doors, especially where they’ve been shut to him by those who prefer to promote anti-Christ agendas. Woo these confused ones into your kingdom and sanctify them.

Raymond Via
May 27, 2023

Lord protect Prophetic voices and Kirk Cameron as they speak the truth in Jesus Holy Name Amen.

May 27, 2023

Father, open people to the truth. Thank you for raising up Christian missionaries. And give us wisdom in how to reach the lost and show them the truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen

May 27, 2023

Thank You Father for the Kirk Cameron and others that are pushing back with Your Word! Continue to open doors to not only young children, but also to the teens and young adults. Let Your Word spread like wildfire to those under the age of 30. Great things are being done, please continue the spread of Truth, Love, Salvation. Lord not only are You touching the lives of the young, but You are also letting the older generations know that we are a part of Your plan also. Thank You for releasing Your love to all peoples. Let not hearts be deceived, but eyes and ears opened to You! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Amen.

Peachie Barry
May 27, 2023

Heavenly Father I Thank You for providing a Beacon of Light, Hope and Truth through Your servant Kirk Cameron to Your precious little children. Continue to be a hedge of protection for both Kirk and the children in Jesus’name Amen.

May 27, 2023

FATHER, I pray YOU will open every door to every library in this country for Kirk Cameron to visit and speak! Open every heart, every spirit, every mind, all ears and all eyes to the message YOU speak through this mighty man of GOD!!!


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