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Father, we pray for our tax rates. Bring them down to a fair level, God, and keep our government from taking any more than they truly need.
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Are you surprised to consider that income taxation may be unjust? I love when God lays a particular burden on my heart for prayer.  I have learned when He does, it is because He wants to move in that area. Therefore, when He began to urge me to research payroll taxes and how exorbitant they have become – I was excited! I knew He wanted to change some things. Yes, He can do the seemingly impossible and He does that through us and our prayers.

The first payroll tax was introduced by Abraham Lincoln during the U.S. Civil War. The reasoning behind it was to help finance the cost of the Civil War. Once the war ended, the tax was repealed. However, once that door had been opened, Congress tried to implement another payroll tax later in the 19th century. This time it was to help with the government’s deficits. However, the U.S. Supreme Court deemed the tax unconstitutional as our Constitution forbids taxation without proportional representation. In the eyes of the Supreme Court, the 1894 income tax did not meet that requirement. Our Constitution alone stood in the way of implementing another income tax. But the government didn’t stop there. Instead, they continued until they passed the 16th Amendment which allowed an income taxation for the American people.

This early income tax, which passed in 1909, was much like current income tax today. It was based on a percentage of a person’s income. While income tax is still similar today, the percentage being withheld has increased exponentially. What began as a 2% income taxation back then, has now increased to 37% and above as of  2021.

We, as American citizens, love our country, and we are happy to help fund it. However, the constant rising income tax percentage withheld has gotten out of control, to the point of unfair and unjust. Throughout the Bible God forbids employers or others from withholding the wages of His people. The government is doing just that and it’s not right. God, Himself, requires 10%. No government entity should be allowed to require more than our God.

Owen Zidar, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, wrote an article for the New York Times in which he stated, “We’ve become reliant on payroll taxes, and a goal of a tax overhaul should be to reform and reduce them, permanently.” I totally agree with this statement.  The income tax system needs an overhaul, one that will permanently reduce what the government is now withholding from our wages.  So, what do we do?  We pray.

James 5:16 says, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

The Amplified Bible says it like this, “The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].”

The time to pray is now. Even as I completed this article, CNBC announced…”President Joe Biden is expected to propose a new minimum tax that would largely target billionaires when he unveils his 2023 budget, according to a document obtained by CNBC. Called the “Billionaire Minimum Income Tax,” it would assess a 20% minimum tax rate on U.S. households’ worth more than $100 million. Over half the revenue could come from those worth more than $1 billion.”

God wants to intervene in the area of unjust and continually increasing income taxation. Will you join me in prayer today and participate in the tremendous power released in our prayers?  Will you join me in an agreement and watch the burden-removing, yoke destroying anointing of God change the government income tax system, once and for all?


Father, You told us to put You in remembrance of Your Word so that we may reason together.  You also say, “where two agree, as touching anything,” that You would be in our midst and that You would hear us and answer our prayer. Therefore, we come before You today, reminding You of Your Word and standing in agreement for You to move on our behalf (Is. 43:26, Mt. 18:19).

Your Word says leaders are not to rule over us with severity or oppression. However, the government is most definitely ruling with economic severity over Your people in America.  Father, we ask that You look on our situation and intervene on our behalf. Your Word says, “Woe to those who issue unrighteous decrees and record unjust and oppressive decisions.”  Father take note of their unjust actions as they now require between 25% and 50% of our wages in taxes which they then spend on ungodly and unwise areas. Lord, we don’t agree with their actions and yet, it seems, we can do nothing in the natural to stop this increasing theft.

So, we ask You to put a stop to it according to Your Word. You said You would contend with those who contend with us and fight against those who fight against us (Ps 35:1).

We ask You to stand against and contend with the unjust taxation and deal with it according to Your Word. Hear the cry of Your people, just as you heard the cry of the Israelites when they were oppressed by the Egyptians.

The government has become an oppressor enslaving our nation to debt as they withhold a large portion of our wages for their own plans. Hear our prayers and deal with them accordingly. May our prayers come before Your ears, Lord of Hosts, as we ask for justice.

We love our country and are happy to help fund it. However, even You only require 10% of our income, which we are honored to give for it all belongs to You.  Father, we ask that You do not allow our government to demand more of our wages than even You ask. Their demands are unjust, and we ask You to put a stop to it. Put them on trial today in the courts of heaven and bring forth justice to Your people.

We declare this day that the government shall no longer oppress God’s people. They shall no longer be able to withhold unjust amounts of our wages. We declare exorbitant taxes must cease now. 

We declare that our wages will be returned and released back to us now, according to the Word of God for when a thief is found he must restore seven-fold. This has been pure theft. You said those who oppress Your people unjustly are in pursuit of extinction and will come to poverty. Father, fulfill Your Word in Jesus’ name.  Let Your justice run down like water today where unjust taxation is concerned. Bring forth justice regarding this and cause our taxes to be a fair amount from this day forward in Jesus’ name.

Scripture References

You shall not rule over him with harshness (severity, oppression), but you shall [reverently] fear your God. (Lev. 25:43AMP)

Woe to those [judges] who issue unrighteous decrees, and to the magistrates who keep causing unjust and oppressive decisions to be recorded. (Is. 10:1)

The Lord stands up to contend and stands to judge the peoples and His people. The Lord enters judgment with the elders of His people and their princes: For [by your exactions and oppressions you have robbed the people and ruined the country] you have devoured the vineyard; the spoil of the poor is in your houses. What do you mean by crushing My people and grinding the faces of the poor? says the Lord God of hosts. (Is. 3:13-15 AMP)

[But] look! [Here are] the wages that you have withheld by fraud from the laborers who have reaped your fields, crying out [for vengeance]; and the cries of the harvesters have come to the ears of the Lord of hosts. (James 5:4)

Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven. (Col 4:1)

Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness and his [upper] chambers by injustice, who uses his neighbor’s service without wages and does not give him his pay [for his work]. (Jer 22:13)

At that time, I will put you on trial. I am eager to witness against all sorcerers and adulterers and liars. I will speak against those who cheat employees of their wages, who oppress widows and orphans, or who deprive the foreigners living among you of justice, for these people do not fear me,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. (Mal 3:5)

You shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether one of your brethren or one of the aliens who is in your land within your gates. Each day you shall give him his wages, and not let the sun go down on it, for he is poor and has set his heart on it; lest he cry out against you to the Lord, and it be sin to you. (Duet 24:14-15)

You shall not cheat your neighbor, nor rob him. The wages of him who is hired shall not remain with you all night until morning. (Lev 19:13)

He who oppresses the poor to make more for himself or who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty. (Prov 22:16)

The acquisition of treasures by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor, the pursuit of death. (Prov 21:6)

He who oppresses the poor to make more for himself or who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty. (Prov 22:16)

“As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid, so is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly; In the midst of his days, it will forsake him, and in the end, he will be a fool.” (Jer 17:11)

But let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream. (Amos 5:24)

What are your thoughts on this? Please share in the comments.

Author Kim Potter is a writer and the founder of A New Thing Ministries, which sends a daily teaching to thousands of people all around the world. Her articles have appeared on The Elijah List, Charisma, Spirit Fuel and iBelieve.com. Kim’s message is one of hope. She speaks to the heart of those who have grown discouraged or disappointed by the circumstances of life, imparting hope. To receive her daily inspirational writings, go to www.anewthingministries.com. Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash 

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Victoria Z
March 31, 2022

Father in the name of Jesus, cut the waste in our government, expose the fraud and unnecessary spending, especially the enormous amounts of money awarded to ridiculous special interest groups and put a decisive end to that, may you intervene somehow in our Congress and Senate to agree that rificulous spending simply must stop immediately! Father you are our only hope to accomplish this as we know all too well our politicians are just men and only you can accomplish the impossible. Father we also ask that our taxpayer money would not fund drug pipes or abortions or art or anything ridiculous or anyone sinful in your sight. Reform our government now and raise up moral ethical people to run it who truly want the best for America and Americans. We thank.you and praise you for hearing.our prayer doing these things we have asked in Jesus name.

Mary Duffie
March 31, 2022

We need the FairTax in this country! Do away with the IRS, and only have a consumption tax on new goods and services!

Nicholas Bickel
March 31, 2022

I have an idea that as long as our government financially funds organizations such as Planned Parenthood with federal tax dollars; anyone, who for the practice of their religion, who does not wish to fund an organization that either provides or supports abortion on demand in any way, should be allowed to file for a total Federal Income Tax exemption based on the “Prohibiting the Free Exercise of their Religion”, as stated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Barbara Janicki
March 31, 2022

Seems to me that was a grievance of the American colonists – excessive taxation from “the crown” without representation they said, it led to tea in the harbor and the Revolutionary War to gain our independence from Britain. Now we need to set ourselves free from our own government – we have allowed taxes to get out of hand and our government is not a good steward of the money we give them, so much waste, corruption, unnecessary expenditures, remember funding for “transgender education in Afghanistan” as an item in a previous huge, proposed budget before Congress? We are funding abortion around the world, Planned Parenthood here at home, Iran in their pursuit of nuclear weapons, the Paris Accord, the very corrupt WHO, paying people not to work, Congress gives itself raises, so much unnecessary spending, it needs to be exposed and eliminated. So much government money for particular social programs never reaches any intended recipients – we are better off giving our money to local charities and local programs – we shouldn’t be required to give government so much of our income – it kills incentive to work when you don’t get to keep and benefit from all your hard work – that’s why communism isn’t sustainable. Prayers that we elect leaders who will return us to government of the people, by the people, for the people – where our voices are heard, taxes are not a crippling burden to ordinary citizens and our economy is again free. Government should not tax and therefore control every aspect of our lives. That is not the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

John Gibson
March 31, 2022

As a nation we have turned from God, as a people we allowed this to happen. I continue to come before the Lord asking for Him to forgive us and heal the land. May we rise up as a people and take back the land. He is moving, will we follow.

Catherine Green
March 31, 2022

Yes!!! Fist bump!

Jayne E Hayden
March 31, 2022


Thank you for your obedience to Holy Spirit, and your heartfealt prayer.

Kathy Coffey
March 31, 2022

Thank you for this call to prayer about this situation of being unfairly taxed. I agree that God’s kingdom should be receiving more than our government. I agreed with you in prayer! Thank you so much for the many scripture references by which we can continue to agree and declare together! It is so helpful to me, someone who is growing in this area of intercession. God bless you!

Sheryl Dawson
March 31, 2022

The unjust government wants to own our bodies, take all we own which the Lord bequeathed, and oppressed us into slavery. I pray for mercy and the Lord’s justice.

March 31, 2022

mercy God for us!

Greg Newell
March 31, 2022

The Book called “The Law that Never Was” by William Benson, where he documents that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified, not going through protocol to pass into law!


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