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Lord, we pray against these vile antisemitic incidents, both on Cornell's campus and elsewhere in America. Soften the hearts of every American toward the plight of the Jewish people!

Antisemitism has festered in the weeks following Hamas’ initial attacks.

From Daily Mail. Cornell University students raging against Israel have ‘convicted’ their college president of genocide during a mock trial they held over the weekend.

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The Cornell Coalition for Mutual Liberation occupied a campus building on Friday, chanting anti-Israel slogans before holding a ‘mock trial’ of University President Martha Pollack, for ‘complicity in genocide,’ as the university has ties to Israel.

Just weeks ago, a student was arrested by the FBI after he threatened to shoot up a kosher dining hall and called to kill all Jewish people at Cornell University. The terrifying ordeal has not halted anti-Israel sentiments on campus, however.

The protesters were joined by many other students for the ‘die-in’ – as well as the university’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. …

The organizers wrote on social media: ‘As of 1pm on Dec 2, still no update from the University. We will continue the occupation until we have a meeting time with Cornell CFO Christopher Cowen.’

During the ‘trial,’ the students found President Pollack ‘guilty’ of genocide and apartheid because the university does business with Israeli-backed companies.  …

The group demanded the university comply with a student Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions resolutions – and said that the school ‘is implicated in Israel’s breaches of international law.’ …

Last month, New York Governor Kathy Hochul ordered state police to boost patrols of college campuses after a series of horrifying threats were posted to an unofficial Cornell University messaging board. …

One post, which threatened sexual violence against Jewish women, read: ‘The genocidal fascist Zionist regime will be destroyed.’ …

[Another post], posted by someone with the username ‘kill jews,’ threatened to ‘shoot up 104 west,’ which is the kosher dining hall on campus. ‘Glory to hamas!’ wrote the user.

Other messages warned campus Jews that ‘jihad is coming’ and told them they are ‘human animals’ who ‘deserve a pigs death.’ …

Cornell President Martha E. Pollack wrote a letter to students about the threats.

‘Threats of violence are absolutely intolerable, and we will work to ensure that the person or people who posted them are punished to the full extent of the law,’ she wrote.

(Excerpt from Daily Mail. Photo Credit: JASON CONNOLLY/AFP via Getty Images)

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December 7, 2023

Dearest God, we rebuke the horrors of the things that are being done by attacking Jewish people so viciously and unfairly in the mighty loving and just Name of Jesus!!May all families slow or stop the use of the electronics in their homes and start communicating with each other. May the older family members start talking with the younger members about God’s will and God’s way and family values. May the families of believers make church involvement and family prayer important priorities. May families of believers speak out the truth ( there’s only one) and why it’s true with courage as did Joshua. Joshua 1:9 “” Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,for theLord your God is with you wherever you go. “ There are more of us and we all can touch those that are doing wrong that we know of that are near to where we live. Let the TRUTH of God prevail !!! Go God’s army, GO !!

Noemi Moyet
December 7, 2023

Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, let those who hate God run for their lives. Psalm 68:1 Father let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I declare guardian angels and warring angels protect and fight for your people against the enemy all over the world. God, continue to give the IDF leaders wisdom and discernment to continue the battle in the middle east. Father, bring confusion into the camps of the enemy within the USA, that they will turn on easch other, and their plans for destruction will not come to pass. Amen

December 7, 2023

If they do not like the beliefs of the President, they can leave school and go to a university that hates Israel as they do.
We know this is purely demonic activity and we need to continue as the body of Christ to pray against these acts and stand with God’s people.

Linda Kay Rice
December 7, 2023

Lord, we know from history that trouble for Jews means you are drawing them. Oh Lord, draw!!!

December 7, 2023



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