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Lord, we pray against schools' attempts to force woke politics on children behind their parents' backs. Protect the rights of every parent in America, and keep this evil gender ideology out of our schools!

Not only have schools forced boys and girls to share sports teams and locker rooms, they’re now even forcing them to share beds! Save us from this perverse madness, God!

From Fox News. Christian parents from Colorado have complained to their eleven-year-old daughter’s school district after she was allegedly forced to share a bed with a biological male on an overnight trip, according to a letter on Monday.

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The Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom sent a demand letter to Jefferson County Public Schools on behalf of the Colorado parents, alleging that its policy of “hiding information from parents and lying to students is unconstitutional.” …

The parents – Joe and Serena Wailes – said they discovered that JCPS assigned their daughter to share a room with a biological male who identifies as a girl without notifying them or informing their daughter. …

“She was uncomfortable about the prospect of sharing a bed with a male student,” the ADF said. …

“The school chaperon asked the Waileses’ daughter if they could merely move her to a different bed rather than a different room,” the ADF said. …

“It then took the girl and her parents multiple requests to get her moved to another room. And even then, chaperones told the girl to lie about the reason for her move because of the district’s overnight rooming policy — a policy that violates parental rights and student privacy by rooming students based on gender identity while hiding that information from other parents and students,” the ADF’s letter said. …

“Parents, not the government, have the right to direct the upbringing and education of their children, and that includes making informed decisions to protect their child’s privacy,” ADF senior counsel Kate Anderson said. “Schools should never hide information from parents, yet that’s exactly what JCPS officials did here.” …

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: MuiZur on Unsplash)

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Judith Walters
December 6, 2023

I Applaud the Christian Legal Group Alliance Dfending Freedom for standing up for the girl and her parents by sending the demand letter to the Jefferson County Public Schools
on behalf of the Colorado parents, alleging it’s policy of hiding information from parents and lying to students is unconstitutional…….

This woke agenda is destroying our Beautiful America and our people with this leftist ideology conceived by godles evil people to brainwash our children and young adults with all kinds of perversions, immoral activity and crazyness, bad is good, and good is bad, to further confuse and disrupt logical thinking. There is so much more to say, but where is the moral outcry ? Almighty God help us, You are our only hope!!!!!!!

Bela Marosi
December 6, 2023

This crime needs to be investigated by police and the perpetrator given a long jail sentence plus mental rehabilitation treatments. He should never be allowed to work in a school again.


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