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Lord, we pray that You would put a stop to this funding. Strengthen our border, God, and solve this crisis!

Why is the UN funding illegal migration, and how much do U.S. tax dollars contribute?

From Center for Immigration Studies. Casa INDI shelter director Jose Jaime Salina Flores was recounting the recent case of an immigrant mother staying with three daughters at his facility who demanded that Flores help arrange a UN raise above the 6,000 pesos a month the UN already gave her on a debit card (about US$300) and which she thought insufficient while she planned the journey over America’s border.

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But Flores recounted in a recent interview with the Center for Immigration Studies what he told her and why her sense of entitlement so irked him.

“I said, ‘Tough! Millions of Mexicans wish to earn that amount of money per month right now — working — and she’s having it for free when she’s not paying anything for shelter, food, and medical attention,” the Casa INDI shelter director, otherwise a passionate advocate for migrants, recalled, his voice rising in anger. …

In his irritation, Flores would find unlikely common cause with some of the few Americans who know about this UN cash giveaway program, which is widespread and provides tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of immigrants on their way to illegally cross the American southern border.

In late 2021 and early 2022, the UN program drew outrage among advocates of regular immigration law enforcement, including congressional Republicans of border states, after they learned, in part from Center for Immigration Studies videophotos, and analysis, that UN debit cards and vouchers for transportation, shelter, and medical and legal advice to gain asylum “protection” all along Latin America’s migration trails were easing travel in the most voluminous ongoing mass migration in American history. …

But as White House border policies drive the crisis into a third escalating year, the same UN-led constellation of non-profit migrant advocacy groups have posted plans to keep this hemispheric-wide, migration-sustaining cash giveaway program going in 2023 and in 2024, according to a revealing planning document recently published online that has drawn scant, if any, media attention.

The “Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan” for 2023-2024, coordinated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM), both of which receive substantial annual U.S. taxpayer contributions, calls for a quarter of the $1.72 billion it wants for 2023 — some $450 million — to go directly as cash or cash equivalents to “migrants and refugees” on the move throughout Latin America. …

Above all else, the UN investments in migration support activities this year now matter because they may well have just become the central linchpin in a new, unconventional White House border management plan to essentially “legalize” hundreds of thousands of immigrants annually before they can attempt illegal crossings so that they can instead be escorted into the country through official ports of entry, with pre-approval, as CIS reported here in November. …

Republicans Ready to Rumble over U.S. Taxpayer Funding

House of Representatives Republicans, especially some in the right-wing Freedom Caucus, are not the only ones spoiling for a political confrontation about non-governmental organizations facilitating mass illegal migration over the border. In December, Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote Attorney General Ken Paxton asking him to investigate whether non-governmental organizations unlawfully assisted mass border crossings that overwhelmed the El Paso region. …

But recent outrage over revelations that U.S. tax money is being funneled through UN agencies and affiliated NGOs to facilitate mass illegal immigration has breathed some new life into an old movement to cut off U.S. tax money to UN agencies. How much the U.S. contributes annually and how that money finds its way to the UN’s 15 specialized agencies is difficult to see due to highly opaque accounting at several junctures. …

The new UN strategy document, however, says the United States and the U.S.-supported UN are far and away the largest contributors to the new response plans, with a combined funding of more than $765 million in 2022.

Of that, the U.S. gave $391.5 million.

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(Excerpt from Center for Immigration Studies. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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January 16, 2023

I find it interesting people who believe in Jesus and what he championed for, would fight against humans in need coming to a better situation. And then the pray for a secure boarder, that in a sense is a waste of prayer. Shouldn’t people pray that the situations to change in the countries where these humans desperately try to leave? Pray for better governments & services in those countries? Pray for better weather in those countries? Pray for more jobs and less crime in those countries?

Also, if we are to truly tackle the immigration problem, we will need to take a hard look at what we do as Americans that contribute to the problem. Sending guns South of the border, then our citizens demanding drugs sent North. If we weren’t buying, they wouldn’t be sending.

Just my thoughts

Ken Budz
January 16, 2023

Lord please help the illegal aliens situation. Your ways are higher than our ways. I trust You to do what is best for everyone involved. We need a secure border where drugs and crimes do not continue to happen. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Susan S.
January 16, 2023

The House of Representatives should defund these UN agencies and religious organizations that are helping these so called asylum seekers. They are invaders and very arrogant. They come in here illegally and scream “we are not criminals”. Yes, you are. I am all for real asylum seekers such as Christians that are being persecuted in Moslem majority countries. I would like to help all the poor in other countries but we cannot afford to let in all the people that want to come here for a better life. We are already 31 trillion dollars in debt and have many poor American citizens that need assistance.


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