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Lord, we thank You for answering our prayers for Israel to have the weapons they need to defeat Hamas.

This is answered prayer! At the IFA 50th conference and gala, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann shared that the U.S. was refusing to equip Israel with bombs strong enough to destroy Hamas tunnels under Gaza. We prayed and God answered — late last week officials announced that the necessary bunker-buster bombs would be provided to Israel. 

From The Wall Street Journal. The U.S. has provided Israel with large bunker buster bombs, among tens of thousands of other weapons and artillery shells, to help dislodge Hamas from Gaza, U.S. officials said.

Have you taken your place on the wall?

The surge of arms, including roughly 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells, began shortly after the Oct. 7 attack and has continued in recent days, the officials said. The U.S. hasn’t previously disclosed the total number of weapons it sent to Israel nor the transfer of 100 BLU-109, 2,000-pound bunker buster bombs.

The airlift of hundreds of millions of dollars in munitions, primarily on C-17 military cargo planes flying from the U.S. to Tel Aviv, shows the diplomatic challenge facing the Biden administration. The U.S. is urging its top ally in the region to consider preventing large-scale civilian casualties while supplying many of the munitions deployed. …

Unlike in Ukraine where the U.S. has published regular updates on some of the weapons it has provided to support Kyiv’s fight against the Russian invasion, Washington has disclosed little about how many and what types of weapons it has sent to Israel during the current conflict. U.S. officials say the lack of disclosure is a result partly of the fact that Israel’s weapons come through a different mechanism, including military sales. Israel also is one of the largest recipients of U.S. military aid, receiving $3.8 billion every year.

Israel resumed its offensive in Gaza on Friday after negotiations to extend a weeklong cease-fire broke down. …

The arsenal of artillery, bombs and other weapons and military gear have been used by the U.S. in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Libya, among other places, usually to target large groups of gathered enemy forces. In Gaza, by contrast, Israel is battling militants who are among civilians in dense urban environments. …

‘Maximum damage’

President Biden initially expressed full support for Israel and its military campaign to destroy Hamas after the Oct. 7 attack, but the soaring civilian death toll in Gaza has caused the administration to shift in recent days.

Israel’s military says it already takes precautions to protect civilians, though in the initial days of the war its air force also said its strikes were causing “maximum damage.” Israeli officials have also said they have a limited capacity for precision strikes because its forces are stretched thin.

More than 15,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Gaza since the war began, according to the authorities in the Hamas-controlled enclave. The number doesn’t distinguish between civilians and combatants. Hamas killed more than 1,200 Israelis, most of them civilians, during the Oct. 7 attack.

Among the munitions the U.S. has transferred to Israel are more than 5,000 Mk82 unguided or “dumb” bombs, more than 5,400 Mk84 2,000 pound warhead bombs, around 1,000 GBU-39 small diameter bombs, and approximately 3,000 JDAMs, which turn unguided bombs into guided “smart” bombs, according to an internal U.S. government list of the weapons described to The Wall Street Journal by U.S. officials.

The BLU-109 bunker buster carries a 2,000 pound warhead and is designed to penetrate a concrete shelter. The U.S. military also used the bombs in the Gulf war and the war in Afghanistan. …

The U.S. has also sent Israel roughly 57,000 155mm artillery shells—a key munition the U.S. has also provided Ukraine since the 2022 Russian invasion—along with thousands of other artillery shells and various small arms. …

Share your prayers and scriptures for America and Israel below.

(Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: designer491/Getty Images)

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Elizabeth Brewer
December 6, 2023

Thank you God for your help for the Israeli people!

Genesis 12:3 – I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you; and the entire world will be blessed because of you.

December 5, 2023

Thank you Father for overriding the far left politicians and allowing Israel 🇮🇱 to have the needed bombs!!! Thank you for helping Israeli people to win this war which is really going to help God’s people the Jews to retain their land and their God-given country. Praise you Lord !! Keep working to help Israel have the complete victory. May the opposition to Israel fade away in the light of the truth !!! As to innocent Palestinians, Jesus has been appearing to them in dreams!! He loves all people and will take care of them.

Larry Hebble
December 5, 2023

I am concerned about innocent Palestinians.

    Nancy Berkey
    December 6, 2023

    I pray for God to protect the Palestinian Christians. I pray for God to reveal Himself to the non-Christian Palestinians. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen ☦

Marsha Bashor
December 5, 2023

Thank you Lord God we are able to help Israel, and we are still supporting them and their efforts with weapons and ammunition. I pray that our weapons will wipe out the enemy completely, and Israel will be the victor and soon!! Amen!

Sharion H.
December 5, 2023

Israel has been one of our finest allies, faithful and true friends of the United States. I believe that the war will be shortened by giving 5,400 BLU-109 Bunker Buster 2000# warhead bombs to open up those tunnels where the terrorist Homas are hiding. Also add 5,000 MK-82 unguided dumb bombs and 3,000 JDAMs which turn unguided bombs into guided “Smart” bombs, according to an internal US government list of weapons.
This has been an evil, barbaric work of a demonic cult-terrorist group and they need to be destroyed because no one and no nation will be safe from them repeating their acts of terror until they are put down.
We have more than done our share of help to the Ukraine. It’s time the EU do their share. We truly don’t have the money to support two nations and Israel and the entire middle east will benefit from our help. We must always be well prepared for any attacks on our soil so enough is enough for the Ukranian people that are, so we hear, buying mansions and fancy cars in other nations with the billions we keep sending to Ukraine. Any monies MUST be accounted for and never left to the leaders honesty!

lydia waddell
December 5, 2023

Give Isreal anything she needs to fight her enemies and Irans proxies.

Lori Meed
December 5, 2023

Praise the Lord! He has heard the cries of His people. He’s training their hands for war and their fingers for battle. We continue to cry out for a supernatural manifestation of the power of the most high God on behalf of his people. We continue to cry out for Israelis and Palestinians to be saved. We continue to cry out for the protection of the idf, the medical personnel, and all those in this battle. We continue to cry out for the wisdom from heaven for those in leadership both in the government and over the idf. Thank you Father that you neither slumber nor sleep and are watching over Israel to guard her. And we praise you and thank you in Jesus’s name, amen.

Bo Ehrig
December 5, 2023

To the river to the sea, Israel needs to destroy Hamas.
Then go after hezbola, houties, and Iran.
We probably will have to wait until Trump gets into office to make all this happen. As we know Obama is running Biden and he hates Israel and America.

Grant Windholz
December 5, 2023

Thank you Lord for American backup for Israel! Through prayer and weapons I pray Israel COMPLETELY DESTROYS ALL OF HAMAS!!

Nancy Rife
December 5, 2023

Praise the Lord!!!

December 5, 2023


December 5, 2023

Father God I ask for you to enter into the hearts and minds of those who are elected officers to do right by the Jewish people and for “WE THE PEOPLE,” say YES to Isreal 🇮🇱🐝

Chuck Cohen
December 5, 2023

First, please know that the numbers of “civilians” killed is what Hamas has said, and they have proven to be liars in every area of their war against Israel and the Jews. In fact, they include terrorists killed by the IDF in those figures – and terrorists are not civilians.
Second, “children” include teenagers who as you know from living in America can be as vicious and dangerous as adults and the Palestinians have raised them to hate and kill as many Jews as possible.
Third, of that $3.8 billion military aid Israel gets from America, Obama included a clause that says about 80-90% must be spent on weapons and munitions which are made in America. So that money goes to support America’s military industry, and therefore it is a win-win deal for both nations.
Thank you for praying for us in Israel as this is a very hard time, what with so many people groups and nations basically asking us to have a ceasefire with Hamas.
In Israel’s modern history, ceasefires have worked out like this: we cease and they fire! Oy vey!
Blessings from Jerusalem to all of you precious intercessors.
Chuck Cohen
Direct, Intercessors for Israel

    Mary Beth
    December 5, 2023

    Agree! The Wall Street Journal is not a news source I would fully trust, anyway. Thank you for your perspective, and faithfulness to intercession for Israel.

      Ms Mary
      December 5, 2023

      Notice how they said negotiations broke down. Actually, what happened was, Hamas broke the cease fire agreement.

        December 6, 2023

        Yep, Hamas refused to give back some women hostages. Is anyone wondering why?
        I do praise and thank our gracious miracle making G-D, moving stone hard hearts to give is a miracle.
        I am also praying more of those in Hamas’s grip will repent, be saved! let hostages go! Come to the Light, all hostages will be released and soon! That the people, civilians, moms and dads in Gaza, West Bank, will come to see the Light, the truth of how Hamas and such, use them, civilians, as shield’s, as fodder for a losing war!
        That each civilian will say yes to Jesus! There are radio stations proclaiming the Gospel in Arab lands, people call in, asking questions or simply to worship with another Christian soul. And that those Christian’s in harms way will grow in boldness and strong perseverance…and that we here, living in safe, cushy even situations will listen closely to our Poppa G-D on how He would have us help in HIS ministry for such a time as this!

December 5, 2023

Heavenly Father we pray you help our sister and brothers in China. Who are having another pandemic. Lord help us to stop it .2 chronicles 7:14 Amen

December 5, 2023

Lord I pray for your intervention so that Israel and Hamas come into agreement. Not human weapons but the angelica war fair 2 chronicles 20 Amen


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