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Father, we pray against this effort from Big Tech to obtain our private information. Preserve our privacy, Lord, in all aspects of our lives.

Big Tech may have even more access to our personal lives and secrets than we had originally thought. We must pray over this issue.

From The Epoch Times. Data is the new oil. Every second, a person creates roughly 1.7 MB of data. Not surprisingly, there is a concerted effort from Big Tech companies to mine data flows and drain us dry.

Let the IFA community know how to pray for you.


One such company is Meta, more commonly known as Facebook, a company known for violating users’ rights repeatedly and without remorse.

According to a recent Markup report, a tracking tool installed on dozens of hospitals’ websites “has been collecting patients’ sensitive health information—including details about their medical conditions, prescriptions, and doctor’s appointments.” Rather alarmingly, this sensitive information has been sent to the data gurus in Silicon Valley.

Last year, as you might recall, Facebook changed its name. Different name, same problems. The change was merely aesthetic—more marketing savvy than a change of actual substance. In reality, Meta appears to be no less trustworthy now than it was prior to the name change. After all, the unethical and downright illegal behavior that was so rampant a few years ago is still going strong today.

This brings us back to Meta Pixel, the abovementioned ad-enabling tracker. This tracker has been used, up until very recently, to send “Facebook a packet of data whenever a person clicked a button to schedule a doctor’s appointment,” according to the Markup team.

Such data packets create an “intimate receipt” of a user’s activity. Moreover, all the data sent is connected to a user’s IP address, a unique string of characters that identifies a device’s address. The tool, as authors at Reclaim the Net have noted, “redirects patients’ private data without consent.” This is a blatant violation of both state and federal laws.

I’m sure some readers will be shocked—and for a good reason. Right now, your hospital, including Mark Zuckerberg’s hospital in San Francisco, may very well be sharing your personal data with Facebook/Meta, a known violator of user privacy. Sadly, this violation has been occurring for years….

Big Tech, Big Medicine, Big Data

Nothing is sacred anymore, not even your medical history. We are in the midst of a data-driven revolution. By 2030, as authors at WPP, a London-based tech company, have cautioned, “data will define the relationships between things, people and places, and decide much of our experience….”

Make no mistake about it; Big Tech companies are using our data against us.

What’s being marketed as “care” and “assistance” is much closer to exploitation. Profit is the aim, and the only way these companies can make a profit is by collecting your data and exploiting your insecurities, your deepest desires, and your deepest fears….

How are you praying for privacy and against the invasive plans of big tech? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash)

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Darlene Estlow
July 4, 2022

Father, may we persevere in praying for our nation to come to you in repentance. Give us wisdom in dealing with technology. May these organizations that delve in personal information and collect data, be blocked. We pray you would stop this action. Thank you for Meta and what they have revealed and done. Strengthen and protect those who are working throught this information. Thank you for them.

Jennifer Head
July 3, 2022

It is terrible how things are being done with the capabilities via electronic devices — as the personal information of non-agreeing persons is purportedly being mined —

July 3, 2022

Father God we do ask that you protect our privacy at all costs. Father we ask that you would move in the hearts and minds of intercessors in their spirit to pray specifically for justice and for the healing of the Nations for privacy in this new and vast and fast digital age we ask that you would show us if there’s anything that we could be doing in the physical to protect our privacy like having vpns or using a private browser we just asked for you to help us to stay up to date on what we can do to protect our privacy in Jesus mighty name!

July 3, 2022

You shall lay hands on the sick, and they Shall Recover! Let’s take our GOD at HIS WORD and pray for healing so hospitals aren’t needed! GOD will show us how! Also if someone does go to the hospital for any reason, trust in the LORD with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding; in all of your ways acknowledge HIM, and HE will direct your paths in JESUS NAME! Amen!


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