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Father, please put a stop to our government's funding of this group. Keep our money from being used to fund divisiveness in Israel, Lord!
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This is very concerning. We should pray not only for Israel, but also for own government and administration, that they would respect God’s people.

From Washington Free Beacon. The U.S. government has been funneling taxpayer money to the left-wing group bankrolling protests against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Israeli funding documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

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The documents indicate that, since 2020, Foggy Bottom has sent over $38,000 to the Movement for Quality Government (MQG), the Israeli nonprofit stoking nationwide anti-Netanyahu protests that have seen protesters clash with police and target Netanyahu’s family members. MQG is seeking to takedown Netanyahu’s government over his support for major reforms to the Israeli supreme court that would significantly limit its power. The organization petitioned Israel’s Supreme Court earlier this year to oust Netanyahu, claiming he is unfit for office due to ongoing investigations into allegations of political corruption and bribery.

The State Department, which confirmed the funding, calls the group a nonpartisan organization, but its work opposing Netanyahu raises questions about how the group was able to obtain U.S. funding. … Given the Biden administration’s chilly diplomatic relationship with Netanyahu — which includes repeated criticism of Israeli settlement construction and the decision to launch an unprecedented FBI probe into Israel’s anti-terrorism operations — the U.S. funding to MQG has come under new scrutiny.

“The State Department should never fund foreign partisan organizations in allied democracies,” Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told the Free Beacon. “If the shoe was on the other foot, the Biden administration would accuse Israel of interfering in our elections. Congress should absolutely review the State Department’s potential funding of partisan politics in Israel.”

The State Department downplayed its funding for MQG and would not answer questions about whether U.S. funds could have been diverted to the organization’s anti-Netanyahu activities. …

The State Department described MQG as “a respected, independent, non-partisan, grassroots non-governmental organization committed to promoting values of democracy, transparency, good governance, and civic participation.”

The United States provided funding to the group beginning in 2020, near the end of the Trump administration. …

The State Department typically allows its grantees to self-report how the money is used, meaning there are few guardrails in place to prevent it from being spent on other causes, according to Gerald Steinberg, founder of NGO Monitor, a watchdog group that monitors these issues. “Few if any funders even attempt to monitor the actual use of grants,” he said. …

Grant information shows that MQG received grants of around $10,000 to $15,000 dollars in 2020, 2021, and 2022. In each of those years, the State Department was listed as the group’s sole foreign donor. …

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(Excerpt from Washington Free Beacon. Photo Credit: Canva)

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April 12, 2023

Lord, this is just another ploy to weaken Your chosen Nation. I am grieved that Biden is participating in this tactic. God blesses those that protect and stand with Israel. This is a very dangerous direction for our country!

March 28, 2023

Abba, dry up the funds being used to support those who oppose you and your people. Expose and remove those in the United States government who are behind this wicked scheme. Protect Benjamin Netanyahu and give him wisdom understanding counsel might and the knowledge and fear of you. Send your warring angels with their chariots of fire to protect Israel. Give her prophets divine intel to combat their enemies. Fight for your people as in times of old. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and bring glory to your name! We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

David Ortiz
March 28, 2023

“I prayed to the LORD and said, ‘O Sovereign LORD, do not destroy them. They are Your own people. They are Your special possession, whom You redeemed from Egypt by Your mighty power and Your strong hand.’ “

Peg B
March 28, 2023

Heavenly Father, we come to You seeking both forgiveness and wise counsel. Thank You that You are the source for both. First, we acknowledge that our own government entered into an egregious act by funding Movement for Quality Government. This act helped fund strife/discourse in Israel. Please forgive us and bring to account those who misrepresented our nation. We also ask that You would send the Holy Spirit to rebuke, then counsel, those responsible in our State Department. Sever all bonds of misalignment and permit no further alliance. Instead, let us seek Your wise counsel, move according to the prompting of Your Holy Spirit and be a blessing to the nation of Israel, as she has been and continues to be a blessing to the U.S. Thank You for answered prayer. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

    Bettie Ann
    March 28, 2023

    The present administration in US has a “terrific” talent in creative writing skills!!! They adore writing that SOUNDS favorable, but if everyone does not take time to READ in its entirety what they put forth, it has the opposite effect….OOOPS, THEN it’s too late to make changes! A K A : DECEITFULNESS to its uttermost!

March 28, 2023

We don’t know what to do, O LORD, but our eyes are on You, for we know the battle is Yours, and the victory is Yours. We praise You, O LORD, for Your mercy endures forever.


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