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1218 People Prayed
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You are TRUTH, Father God. May we always seek truth, speak truth, and support truth!

In CBS’s post-acquittal media interview with Trump impeachment attorney, Michael van der Veen pushes back hard when the anchor interviewing him twists the facts–not once–but several times. His response is priceless–and truthful. “When is even a little falsifying evidence okay?” Watch this interview and share your thoughts below! Uphold the bold truth-tellers like Van der Veen in prayer!

1218 People Prayed
6585 People have read this article

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  1. I support not only what this Attorney Michal van der Veen told the press, but also what he did! He conducted himself with dignity and clearly dug in and got the evidence needed for the trial. Whether it was for the President of the United States or a poor man, the truth is what matters. and this attorney proved his case.
    In this case there appears to be an immoral bitter hatred, envy and yes jealousy of this President. This attorney knew he could show that Impeachment would not be forthcoming, he cleared his client!

  2. Thank you Michael Van der Veen for your voice! I’m sharing this every social platform possible , so others can learn what it looks
    like to take a stand for truth in the face of your adversary, the enemy , which is the media. The MSM is the enemy of the people and the arm of baal, sending out lies to destroy.
    I will be praying for this man. And asking for God to bless him.

  3. Hello Intercessors,

    I am tired of the fake news, truly exhausted. I say we should bring our despair to our Lord, to the cross. His blood is what sets us free. When we have done all to stand, we stand. Let us bring our petitions to God in the mighty name of Jesus, asking God to reveal both the truth and the lies, and for justice to be served. I stand on the following Words God promised us. Let us rest in the truth of our Lord and our God, and let Him bring us the victory. Rest in Him. Trust in Him.

    John 8:32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    John 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

    Ps 145:8 The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth.

    Ex 20:16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    1 John 2:21 I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

    PS 54:5 He will repay my enemies for their evil. Cut them off in Your truth.

    We praise you Lord God Almighty, in Jesus’ mighty name, victory is ours, in truth. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you Lord.

  4. I applaud Michael Van der Veen. He spoke the truth and she couldn’t handle it as all the liberal media does. I pray more people see this and realize the fact that liberal media has been deceiving people of the truth. I know there are many people that don’t know there are other ways to find out the true news. Such as Newsmax and Victory News. God Bless Michael Van der Veen. We need more like him.

  5. The main stream media have proven time and time again that they are not worthy of free speech; since when does free speech give anyone the right to lie; these people should be prohibited from free speech, without documentation to support their comments; they are heard by millions, who have no way to discern the truth of their statements, hence the unfounded beliefs of those who hear them. if I make an untrue statement, based on my belief or feelings, only my immediate friends or acquaintances hear it, but these, so called experts, are heard by millions, and can doctor anything to their own interests. They need to be censored and fined for untrue statements they make.

  6. It is horrifying the boldness that the deceptive media is TRYING to sway the public with. Let the TRUTH be exposed so that there may be honesty and peace not division in our great United States of America!!!

  7. Yes!!!! The media is only to report the facts and not their opinions!!Media can cause problems with the public when they don’t broadcast the facts. When you start mixing your opinions with news coverage, then it becomes “yellow journalism”
    I am surprised that some news anchors were not taught this in Schools of Journalism. You set yourself up to be sued with biased opinions. Former President Trump’s attorney was absolutely correct in calling out about the legal obligations to not ever tamper with evidence as unconstitutional!!

  8. These people have no soul in my opinion. They are evil to the core. What they are trying to sell is so far from the truth its sickening. And it’s been going on since 2016. This is just another attempt to destroy our President. President Trump. Another losing attempt. God Bless Donald Trump.

    1. Actually the media bias as been going on way before 2016. Remember how they CODDLED Obama? And now they are coddling the demented usurper. So at least around 2008. The media has ZERO credibility now. I’m shocked she let this well spoken attorney talk as much as she did.


  10. What happened to an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth. He does not even want to continue conversing because truthfulness is of utmost importance. The twisting of words is an old ploy of the enemy and satanic wiles are becoming so commonplace and acceptable. Good for Mr van der Veen for cutting in and speaking up to take authority by standing for truth. Michael van der Veen does a great job concluding that we should unify (left and right), my prayer is that all men would be born again and come to the greater knowledge of truth.Michael van der Veen does a great job concluding that we should unify (left and right), my prayer is that all men would be born again and come to the greater knowledge of truth and that those that are saved will use their authority in Christ to stand for truth and come against twisted plots. Lord forgive us for being complacent and help us become United through your power. Amen

  11. Lawyer van der Veen, in his reply to the very obvious biased “reporter / interviewer” questions – exposes an important point over and over… the problematic shift that has grabbed a hold of our nation, our legal system, our government and those who will do anything to complete their hatred. What would that be?? The fact that too many have grown comfortable with the idea that lying is okay. That cheating is fine. That any means justifies a selfish and godless end. That moral absolutes are whatever we “think they should” be. This attorney revealed, indirectly, that we are sin sick in our pursuit of destroying another person, their family, another party or those that differ in their beliefs.
    He hit the mark when he talked about lying. Lying is deception, deceiving, dishonesty, etc. Something that God hates and that many within the political or legal system have grown overly comfortable with in order to try and fulfill their unquenchable lust for power and temporary satisfaction.
    *”God help our nation and the people. We have grown comfortable with behaviors and attitudes you detest… with things you have commanded us to not do. We are weak and sinful Lord. We need you Lord to change us because we cannot do it on our own. All of us, no matter who we are or what we do — need an outpouring of your grace and your holy spirit. Forgive us Lord for our sins. Save us Lord – save this nation that was dedicated to you so long ago for your glory. In Jesus name we pray amen.

  12. Praise the Lord for a man willing to speak the truth! At great risk to himself and his family. I will indeed pray for this good man with the courage to speak truth to power.

  13. Michael van der Veen is absolutely awesome and yes, he leveled this woman with a truth bomb for sure. His exasperation is what many of us are feeling and his moment to express counted for us all. Thank you sir for expressing (without hesitation) the thoughts and feelings of most Americans. We all know the media is representing the minority… I pray the lies and deception of all these “outlets” becomes like an “albatross around their necks.” May this man and all who speak the truth be protected and may their numbers grow exponentially! Amen

  14. No truer words were spoken by Mr. Van der Veen, with regard to the slanted bias of the media. I believeALL of us can take a page from his honesty in speaking up and defending truth. God Bless him, God help our leaders & God Bless America!

  15. Wow, my husband was tired of hearing my replay of this as I really wanted to LISTEN intently to hear and see between the lines. I am so thankful that we had an attorney with the guts and honest integrity to say what I believe the majority of Americans think and would want to say on the network media stations. I believe he spoke truth! Thank you Mr. Van der Veen, God Bless you! I might have a different take on this interaction, though. I saw this woman differently in some ways. I purposefully do NOT watch much news, so I can’t speak as one knowing all the names and ins and outs of news media. I have no idea who the news anchor/woman is. I do think she was not of the same category as most in “The liberal mainstream media” that I have ever seen. I thought she was actually respectful. She didn’t actually say that she thought the doctored (so called) evidence of the prosecutors or house managers was OKAY…However my gut sense is she has to do her job per the liberal news agenda and was fishing for words to affirm the liberal agenda’s take on the impeachment trial, which would have to insinuate that doctored evidence was minor. I believe Mr. Van der Veen had had enough of the deceit and lies regarding this trial and sick of people believing or insinuating that lies are okay, when they are NOT! I thought he actually spoke over her at this point… to which in this case, I have no objection at all as Mr. Van der Veen spoke for so many of us that are usually the ones being spoken over with lies. He gave us a voice, that would be seen/heard where normally it wouldn’t. I am so thankful for the brave and honest work of this man…I ask the Lord to overshadow him with His love, favor, and protection… and be his Jehovah Jireh… his family’s too. I also pray for this woman, the news anchor. I have been praying for years regarding all those who have been sucked into lies and working unaware of the deep dark deception they may have fallen into. Perhaps she is someone who has compromised some of her beliefs to advance in her career as so many have done. I certainly don’t know…but I pray Holy Spirit will draw her to Himself and she would say yes…and one more would be plucked from the kingdom of darkness and be propelled into the light of the Kingdom of God!

    1. I stand in agreement with you regarding praying for her too. She is not the worst we have seen, but in my opinion, she was very slick in trying to appear unbiased and innocent. In my opinion, I think she knew exactly what she was doing. She was trying to underplay the criminal act of doctoring evidence. Notice the slight change in her speaking tone and the look on her face when she says “the doctoring”. I believe her intention was to mock.

      I believe he saw right through it and as you indicated was fed up with the all the underhanded deceit of the media.

      God Bless. I respect your heart for this person and hope she is blessed to see the truth.

      Sadly, Van der Veen has said he had around 100 death threats and his home has been vandalized. Praying for the protection of this brave man. Praise God for his work here!

      1. Thank you for your response EAN,I am sure you are right in your opinion as the Bible does say something about satan coming across such as an angel of light…more deception. I am making an effort to pray for my enemy (the very lost), the deceived, those who hate us because we love God.
        As for Mr. Van der Veen, he is a precious and brave soul, obviously discerning. It is the Lord’s supernatural protection over him, his family, and property that I will keep praying for, as it is no surprise that he has been targeted for his bravery and strong unrelenting stand. United we all stand in the power of HIS might. Blessings

    1. I agree, I hope Ifapray resists communist Chinese buyouts. The radical leftists are destroying conservative forums, I’m worried about the shift we’ve seen to the left lately.

  16. Our wonderful President Trump is innocent of inciting insurrection. I pray for the truth to be utterly exposed that the Democrats altered the videos and the President’s tweets. I pray for the safety of President Trump and his family. I thank President Trump for his great work as President. I look forward to continued work toward making America great. It is obvious that the Biden administration is working to take down America. God is great and does great things using His followers to accomplish good.

  17. The level of hatred is terrific, just as it was when Jesus was on this earth. His enemies were not satisfied until He was dead. What short lived satisfaction. He resurrected! He won! This present time is just like that. Satan has not changed his plans. He still wants to replace God and has recruited tons of followers, BUT he is desperate. Time is becoming shorter and shorter and he knows this. Therefore, the increase in hatred as he leads his followers to be more and more evil. WHY ARE WE WORRIED? The battle has already been won for us by God Himself!!! God told us to occupy until He comes. He also said that He wants no one to parish. So, we occupy by knowing Jesus personally, reading HIS WORD; meditating on it; learning from it; memorizing it; spreading the Gospel; and doing good works as Jesus would do until he comes for His church. Let’s get excited! JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!

  18. The hosts of “news shows” are not journalists. They are talking heads who read off a script running on a teleprompter. When the person being interviewed goes “off script” with the truth, the talking head is thrown into confusion and becomes very frustrated.
    Lord God Almighty we pray that these so called news anchors will be found by you and convicted by Your Truth.

  19. Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for people like this who still have the moral courage to stand up to the deceit of the media and the mob mentality of the left. May he be an inspiration to us all to speak and defend the truth and insist our accusers do the same. Bless this man and all who are standing up. For truth and justice in this dark time. In Jesus precious name I pray O’ Lord, Amen.

  20. Thank you MICHAEL for having the GRACE from GOD to speak the TRUTH …. I would like to see his (TRUMPS) team to pursue the issue of “who stopped the police from being on the spot while the attack was happening “… probably you will find it is the same person who brought them to the capital after the assault on the WHITE HOUSE …

  21. Father thank you for the truth. Thank you for truth tellers like Mr. Van der Veen. I ask that you
    protect and give favor to all those who proclaim and uphold the truth. Give them boldness and all the resources they need, Lord to carry out your will. In the mighty name of Jesus

  22. Good for him for speaking truth! Too bad the interviewer didn’t have the guts to really listen to what he was saying and validate what he was saying! That shows that she had an agenda to spew her ideas and to twist whatever was being said. Like most media, they take thoughts or a word totally out of context and weave their lies. What’s sad is that there are a lot of people out there that believe that garbage talk. DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA without doing your own research! Pray for wisdom and pray for discernment that God will reveal the lies & manipulation behind their rhetoric.

    God, please be with Mr. van der Veen and the entire Trump team and protect them and their families. Continue to give them courage to speak with boldness and truth.

  23. Thank you Father for giving this man the heart to speak the truth. May you continue to guide him and ALL of government officials who are supposed to be protecting the rights and freedom you have bestowed on your people in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  24. Father, I thank You for the holy boldness with which this lawyer for truth confronted this news media anchor. I pray he would continue to express truth with Your hand of favor upon him and that the citizens of this nation would rally toward You and Your righteous government. Father, You have graced President Trump with a righteous voice to counter the lies of the enemy of truth according to Your promise to me. You said “I will silence the voice of the enemies of truth in a way that will astound the unknowing and turn their hearts home to their Creator, be assured of that” – so I rejoice and thank You. “Truth spoken will stand forever but lies survive only briefly” Proverbs 12:19. Thank You for exposing the accuser of the brethren. May the ears of Your sheep be opened and eyes see how faithful You are to Your word. I believe Your awakening is happening more and more and hearts are being turned back to You. Jesus, I thank You for coming into this cosmos to declare the power of truth again and again. Thank You, Eternal One for making America great again, to You be the glory. Father, I thank You for this lawyer’s wise words spoken to finalize the impeachment hearing – I believe it was Your heart being spoken against the tyranny of darkness’ foray. Now, people have the opportunity to agree with You or reject the truth You have so faithfully spoken. I believe truth is resounding in the atmosphere more and more, let those words be repeated again and again until every ear that needs to hear it comes to grips with truth and reality for this nation’s sake. I declare RIGHTEOUSNESS exalts this United States of America and truth will prevail. I declare “the wrongdoers are overthrown but the house of the right-living remains strong.” Prov. 12:7 I declare Your wisdom: “Wrongdoers are soon boxed in by their deceitful talk. But the one who does right escapes from trouble unharmed.” Prov. 12:13. I declare with You from that place in Christ Jesus “The right-living are not overcome with calamity” Prov. 12. Your words will not fall to the ground but they will faithfully bring forth what You have ordained. Thank You for Your ministering angels being sent on assignment to carry Your words to fulfillment. I bless Your holy name, Lord Jesus.

  25. “There is nothing hidden which shall not be revealed.” Bible
    These left-wing Liberals will do anything to be on the top, even if it means lying, cheating, stealing and faking.
    Van der Veen is right about telling the truth and doctoring evidence. They switched the date a year ahead of time on one of their “supposed” document for evidence. And we’re all tired of the bias of the media. The media wants to make news, not report news.

    Lord, I pray for these situations. The Truth sets people free. (Jesus) We so want the truth to come out and it is.
    All people sin and fall short of Your glory. (Bible) All means all. I pray that all people including myself and these
    radical media outspoken people will listen to their own words, examine their own hearts and see if there is not
    wickedness there that needs to be uprooted. We all need to fall on our faces before the God of the Universe and repent of our own sins instead of trying to curse others for their’s and we need to come together as “One
    Nation Under God” again. That, oh Lord, is our biggest problem: disunity. You know that “A nation divided
    against itself shall not stand,” because You wrote that in Your Word to us. May we all wake up and try to be
    people who obey You first, and let go of all animosity and try to “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”
    Apart from You, this is impossible. Hatred and dishonesty, greed and power-grabbing, consorting with our
    enemies and bribery will never unite a nation. Only God’s methods work. The methods He teaches us in His
    Word. I pray people will wake up and that a great revival will sweep our land before it is too late, and we become “one nation gone under.” In the precious Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen

  26. The reporter’s behavior during this “interview” was reprehensible. So typical of the liberal media and their twisting of the truth to fit their narrative, which is nothing new. I thank Almighty God for Mr. Van der Veen who is asserting the truth, even in the face of the manipulating, dishonest media. Kudos for him! I pray that more people like him will speak out for the truth. Lord, please protect all the people who have the courage to speak out the truth. Please let those in our media see the error of their ways, and repent quickly. In Jesus’s name I pray.

  27. Wonderful! What an honest man. so refreshing.Praise the Lord! Please rise up more men, Lord, that will speak out and speak the truth. Please help us turn our nation around and come together. Thank you thank you Lord and bless this man of integrity.

  28. He had good points. Valid points. She wanted clarification. This is what happens when people talk on top of each other. I think we could all improve our listening skills. Especially now with all the division. LordMay it begin with me.

    1. I agree with you. The talking over each other is childish, and symptomatic of what is wrong with our media, and our country. The reporter asks a question, then, because she doesn’t like the answer, starts to talk over the man that she is interviewing. This needs to stop.

    2. My opinion is that she didn’t want clarification, she had an agenda and he wasn’t going along with it. Like almost all media, she was not after the truth. She was just parroting the talking points, trying to spread disinformation. Thank the Lord that there are still a few people who will dare to stand up and speak the truth!

  29. My continuous prayer is for truth to prevail. As those with courage and wisdom push back with the truth, I pray more eyes will be opened to the deception and lies that are widespread. Only the Lord can win this battle; He is able to work through those who bravely confront the lies. Jesus is the Truth and we need to share the Truth and truth against lies whenever possible.

  30. That was amazing. Thank you for posting this. I am proud of the Michael van der Veen. I feel the same way. Just report the truth. God Bless him. I didn’t have the stomach to watch any of the trial.

    1. “I didn’t have the stomach to watch any of the trial.” Your honest — and understandable— feeling is what makes the role of the media all the more powerful, and they know it. They know that many, if not most, Americans will not have the stomach, or the opportunity, or the desire, to carefully observe events firsthand, and so instead they will turn to the media to get information. Many people don’t realize that what the media really provides is actually indoctrination. Praise God for courageous and honest people like Attorney van der Veen. Let’s pray for him and his family, because he is being bullied and receiving death threats.

      1. He just said in an interview that the word “Traitor” was spray painted in front of his house. It’s revolting and disgusting but Americans need to be fed up right now in order for change to happen.

        1. This is what the Scripture is referring to, when it says that the righteous are as bold as a lion. Unfortunately, the list of people who are being persecuted for their standing strong for the sake of the truth, is growing longer by the day. There are: poll watchers; and social media whistle blowers; and members of the Trump administration; and doctors and scientists who disagree with the “narrative”; and nurses and caregivers; and conservatives in the entertainment industry; Missouri and Kentucky Senators; and more. Let’s all continue to pray for their protection and courage. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind!

          1. We (the body of Christ) need to be bold and courageous as well. TRUTH prevails and WE need to speak it continually and exclusively.

  31. Wow!!!!!!! 😂

    That was incredible!

    Poor Mr. Van der Veen. Seems like he has been shocked and baffled by all the constant lies and deceptive behavior of these folks. Praying for blessings, guidance and protection over him and his family’s lives.

    Praise You, Lord for those that stand by truth no matter what!

    1. I believe Christians across this nation are praying that truth will be revealed as well as lies and deception will be revealed. This interview very likely is a part of the answer to those prayers. May we all listen to what the Spirit want us to pray about the things going on around us. Lord help us to be people of faith.


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