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Father, we thank You for the godly leadership in Tennessee that honors You. Bless this state, God, bless Gov. Bill Lee, and bless all who participate on this day.
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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has declared this Friday to be a “Day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting.” Let’s pray that this day be powerful!

From Christian Headlines. Tennessee’s governor has signed a proclamation declaring Friday, September 30, a “day of prayer, humility, and fasting.” …

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Following is the full text of the proclamation:

WHEREAS, we acknowledge God’s sovereignty and the need for God’s grace over our state and our nation; and

WHEREAS, we walk humbly together with God in hope so that we may act with justice, kindness and love, no matter the circumstance; and

WHEREAS, we seek forgiveness for our many transgressions so that our hearts and our minds may be renewed; and

WHEREAS, Scripture tells us that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord, and the Lord gives wisdom freely to those who ask for it; and

WHEREAS, the people of Tennessee acknowledge our rich blessings, our deep transgressions, the complex challenges ahead, and the need to pause, to humble ourselves and to seek God’s guidance for the days ahead;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bill Lee, Governor of the State of Tennessee, do hereby proclaim September 30, 2022, as a voluntary Day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting.

Will you be participating in the day of prayer, humility, and fasting? Share your own prayers in the comments below.

(Excerpt from Christian headlines. Photo Credit: Office of the Governor of Tennessee)

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September 30, 2022

LORD JESUS, Touch our state, Tennessee, with a mighty wind of revival. Give us wisdom to follow Your instructions in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Thank You for giving us a Governor that is that loves You and Tennessee! Amen.

Kevin Thompson
September 29, 2022

Prayer is our most effective defense against the evils of our world today. I pray for unity in our nation in our political parties and our citizens that we may once again be the UNITED States of America. Amen!

Michael Page
September 29, 2022

My God ,I thank you for our God fearing leaders in Tennessee. It makes me glad to know that You and Your established word is not just a process or falling on deaf ears, but allowing Christian values to be seen , heard , and felt . Bless Bill Lee and all leaders ,help them to stand strong and to do Your will , overcoming the evils in our world . May God bless our Leaders and our great state of Tennessee. Amen .

Tammy Phillips
September 29, 2022

Praying for our Governor, his wife and family. We are praying that he makes righteous decisions for our state. We trust that He prays and believes the Lord when He says, “I will instruct you and teach you the way to go with My eye upon you.”

I our Governor in his call on September 30. TO Go be the glory! AMEN.

Please also be in prayer for our team “COVER TN IN PRAYER” as we go pray and declare across the state next week from cities east to west and north to south, and I border states.

Mina Holmes
September 28, 2022

My prayer is many other governers will follow your leading.

    Jessica Renshaw
    October 20, 2022

    I am daring to believe this for California. I pray California will someday lead this nation in righteousness, that God’s kingdom will come and His will be done HERE, that we will have no other King over our state but JESUS CHRIST!

Susan CC
September 28, 2022

This is beautiful, truly. As they humble themselves before Him, may God richly bless Gov. Bill Lee, his family, his colleagues, and his constituents. May this day be a “birthday” for Tennessee. I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Juan Ordonez
September 28, 2022

God bless Tennesse, its people and its government. May the spirit of God grant them wisdom and discernment to conduct the Tennesse’s people’s life according to Father God purposes and for the glory of His name. May this be a ligth to follow for the other states and countries, the mighty name of Jesus we pray for Tennesse peoples and government, Amen.

Jay Zollar
September 28, 2022

Fantastic!! Way to go Gov Lee! May God Bless Tennessee!


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