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Father, thank You for this wonderful event! Use this gathering to bless and unify Christians across the nation!
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We received the following in an email shared with us by an intercessor. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

From Lou Engle Ministries.

The Table – National Communion Celebration

July 3, 2023 | Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is the National Communion Celebration? More than 300 leaders in the Body of Christ will gather at Independence Hall for this historic celebration. Thousands more will join online from their churches, homes, and communities. Our focus is singular: the Table of the Lord, where Jesus’ body and blood declares forgiveness, freedom, healing, and reconciliation.

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Why the Lord’s Table?

The Lord’s Table has been a place of healing and hope for centuries. It is where we celebrate and proclaim the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection to forgive our sins, heal our diseases and reconcile us to God and his people.

This is the year of The Table. This is the year the church unifies under the body and blood of Jesus. This is the year we gather in homes across America, proclaiming the Lord’s death to ourselves, to Him, to one another, and fearlessly to the enemy.

Please Join US!

Three ways to get involved:

  1. Live at home: Host a table gathering and stream the event live at home with your family and friends!
  2. Live in your city: Host a table gathering and stream the event live at a church or gathering place in your city!
  3. Live in Philadelphia: Join us in person at Independence Hall, PA

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(From Lou Engle Ministries. Photo Credit: by Debby Hudson on Unsplash)

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June 29, 2023

What time is this on or available to participate?

Darlene Estlow
June 7, 2023

Father, use this gathering to strengthen and challenge, not just the leaders, but each person who participates. You are doing a tremendous work and we praise you for it. We pray it would continue and many in our nation come to you!

Karen Secrest
June 7, 2023

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Lori Meed
June 7, 2023

In January, at the Ascend event in Philadelphia, Peter Louis spoke passionately about the unity of the Body of Christ which occurs at the Lord’s table. My prayer is that the entire nations joins in. This IS NOT an event just for Philadelphia. That location is intentional as the birthplace of the nation and the City of Brotherly Love but the event is national in impact.


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